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  1. Rather than just a reset, this time I completely shut down computer (Saturday) and after restarting this morning, was able to install both programs.
  2. I was putting off the update until a day I would have time to actually use the software . . . but I did download the update right after it came out. Today, started installing it on my laptop at work, and after doing all the slow process of updating, I get an "Installation Failed" message. Tried again, same thing. So, I logged into my account and downloaded the update again. Same problem: "Installation Failed". Of course, now I can't run the software because it can't find the executable. Anyone else have this issue with the software? I'm supposed to start a project Monday for my employer . . . so I'm really hoping someone here has had a similar issue and can point me in the right direction to fix this.
  3. Yeah, tried the restart -- always "run as administrator". I later had the same problem with publisher. In all instances, shows installed correctly. No errors. Setup.log SetupUI.log
  4. Looking through my old images, and decided this would be fun to play with using "selective color." Really gave the touch I wanted to the image by moving the background away and making the flower head stand out. Added a small amount of dodging and burning.
  5. Blended images . . .
  6. Smee Again

    Dorian - 48 Hours Out

    Just don't get in the way of them treasure hunters with their metal detectors. It can be dangerous to get between them and the beach.
  7. Smee Again


    Not sure why, but not working for me. Using Windows 10.
  8. Actually, I do a two step process as well except that I lay out the form in a design program then export to a graphic as most of my forms are produced by government agencies or local courts. Sometimes I open their form in the design program and export as a PNG graphic, other times I duplicate their form after scanning it in, then export as a PNG. Then I import the graphic to PagePlus, place the fields in the appropriate places with the correct formatting export and export as a PDF. It takes time to create, but the results save me hours some days.
  9. . . . and thus my statement began with "Perhaps." "Possibly but not certainly" or "maybe". Could have just as well wrote "One of many possibilities for the lack of response is . . . " but possibly implies all of that, so I didn't. Not upset, just disappointed. I have an old bit of Serif software that I hoped Publisher would replace --- but it hasn't yet done so. About the only thing I'm able to do with Publisher at this time is write. I don't design magazine layouts. I do speak in public and love to have my notes available --- along with needed reference material available at a click. From what I understand we can do this with Publisher IF we export it to a PDF. A PDF is usually fine on my tablet, but really isn't convenient on my phone. If I increase the font size, then there is the problem of overflow and I have to continually scroll back and forth. Very inconvenient.
  10. Perhaps the lack of a response is a sign that this is a no go. Since 90% of my work involves interactive PDF forms, I guess I'm stuck with PagePlus until I find another solution. That's strike 2. Strike 1 was no support for exporting epubs. Anyone know of a solution other than the two aforementioned programs?
  11. First image is the original image with only a small bit of sharpening, second is the same image after a bit of luminance masking and some HSL adjustments. Topped it off with a bit of dodging and burning. Not a great subject, but a good bit of practice now that I fixed the corruptied tablet drivers installed by Micro$loth's update about a year ago. Thought my tablet just wouldn't work with affinity . . . went to Huion and got latest drivers, turned off "Support TabletPC" which corrupted driver would not allow.. Works perfectly now.
  12. Thanks. I didn't crop it more because I thought it would have moved it out of context (to me anyhow). Love patterns, just don't work with them much. Thanks. Some of the ones I had that spring even had turquoise, cyan, and blue in them. They can be quite striking --- and then when you add just a touch of vibrance and saturation they can get wild looking really fast.
  13. Like playing with macro images, just not into expensive cameras. Took this at about 9:00 on a Sunday morning. Full sunlight, but the heavy growth behind this soon to be 3 headed flower literally looked black with very little adjusting. The L340 is completely autofocus --- or sometimes "auto-out-of-focus" might be a better description of this camera's ability. May post a few more of my macro images. I love looking for the unusual image. This one made me think of a three headed serpent. Thanks for looking.
  14. Smee Again

    Macro . . . With A $99 Nikon

    Tiny orchid like flower . . . on a U.S. penny for scale. Once more, auto-out-of-focus keeps this from being as sharp as I'd like. The penny is approximately 3/4" in diameter (I believe that makes it about 2cm to you folks across the pond) and the width of the flower is less than 5mm. The most amazing part of this photo is that I actually saw it while walking. The dead mosquito on the right seems to have been stuck by some sort of sap.
  15. This has happened a few times to me with the latest version of AP. While masking an image, the brush will either decide to always be white or always be black regardless of which color I choose. The setup for this image is simple. Original background layer was duplicated. That layer was inverted with the blend mode set to "color" and the visibility of that layer set to 50%. This gives me a simple 50% grey layer to work on masking. After roughing in the mask, the brush color becomes stuck on black (this hides the grey layer). Unfortunately, that isn't very good for masking. Any ideas what is going on? cant_mask_this.mp4
  16. Thanks for your help. Then the problem isn't what I thought. After the aforementioned setup, I press "B" which should give me the brush tool. It shouldn't give me anything else, and it definitely shouldn't change on its own during editing.
  17. No, using the paint brush. There is no text in the image, no text layers. As you can see (larger pic would have been better, but uploading and space taken into consideration) a good bit of masking has already taken place. After a few minutes of masking work, this happens with or without any live filters as well as on other masking projects. It's just that last evening I was trying to throw off the day's anxiety by doing a bit of work that I enjoy. Not sure why this happens . . . the selection tools won't let me come even close with most images, so the only way to finish them off is masking. Well, if the selection tool isn't going to come close, I just avoid them altogether and completely mask the portions by eye. Then this often happens where no more progress is possible. Yes, if I restart the software and reopen the image things go back to normal --- sometimes just for a while, and sometimes I can finish the project. Shouldn't have to keep restarting the software to complete a masking operation. Windows 10 AMD 4 core Processor (don't remember number) MSI Military Grade motherboard (don't remember model) 8 GB DDR3 RAM 100+ GB free space on HDD Huion H610 tablet
  18. Smee Again

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo

    Beautiful work as always Patrick. Sometimes I'm not sure if it is just that the tool isn't capable of making the selections I think it should be able to, or if my mind just isn't capable of understanding its limitations. Give me enough time though, and I can mask out anything almost anything.
  19. Smee Again

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo

    +1 --- agreed.
  20. Smee Again

    Dodge an Burn

    Yes, thanks for the info. Instead of using "overlay", I do the same with "soft light" and prefer the control I see with this blend mode. Works better for Smee, however, your mileage may vary. Yes, had been a PS user, then after being disappointed with Serif's Photoplus (which may been more to do with my inexperience than the software's failure to perform), started using PSP. Didn't get into coreldraw as I could get the results I needed in Drawplus (yes, simple work was the limit of what I would attempt).
  21. Smee Again

    Print failure

    I use several different printers (epson inkjet, canon inkjet, 2 different brother laser printers) . . . Affinity photo, affinity designer, and affinity publisher all print correctly --- every time --- for me. Are you using a third party software to manage your printing? AMD processors on all my computers except personal laptop (seldom used, and doesn't even have affinity programs installed), windows 10 on everything.
  22. Nope. "Fill" relates to the amount of color. "Opacity" relates to how opaque that color is --- when dealing with the 8 special blend modes noted earlier..
  23. Tried this evening to choose the greenscreen portion of an image by choosing the color picker. As soon as I click on the image, everything turns the color that I click on . . . the entire image is now a monochrome green. Restarted program, same problem. It didn't work like that in the past. Before, selecting a color with the color picker then using <Select>/<Select Sampled Color> would do a great job, needing minimal adjustment. Now, the entire process is an exercise in futility!!! This is the first attempt to do this since upgrading, but it is really not what I need to have happen right now.
  24. Straight out the Nikon Camera --- jpg image. This Nikon does NOT take raw, png, tif, or any other format image. Here's what's happening:
  25. 1. This is a photo using a green screen. Therefore, there is no transparency involved at all. Thus there is no color used as a matte. 2. The image is a jpg. Once the color has been removed to my satisfaction a background will be added and then saved as an afphoto file. 3. Switching the foreground and background colors only change the color . . . from green to whatever other color has been selected . . . but it is still monochrome: "Now, instead of a green monochrome image, I have a red monochrome image."

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