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  1. Final image of a clover flower Original image (size reduced for forum) Cropping, obviously (to my taste). Duplicated original image, cut out flower. On this layer I used "levels" adjustment to boost the black on flower. Next I used "shadows and highlights" adjustment layer to add some contrast. Finally used the "shadows and highlights" live filter to make final adjustments. On background, simple "curves" adjustment layer.
  2. Don't know that this will help, but couldn't you export as a high resolution PDF and then import into Affinity Designer? Might be worth a try.
  3. My generation, here in the U.S., are quite fond of these. Why? It's because of what they represent: Freedom. It's as close as you'll ever come to flying without leaving the ground. Loved my motorcycles, every last one -- including the one that threw me in 1978. I rolled almost 300 feet on the blacktop, but as soon as I stopped, gathered up my ride and rolled it off the highway. As far as photos, they are art the same as vector drawing is art. Not normal to get that quality straight out of camera, it takes a bit of adjusting. As with all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. Four images to make a point. Remember, the vivid light mode is one of the "special blend modes". This is by no means "artistic" but I did use a particular color to make the difference easier to see. Also, it isn't a true "fill layer" but a workaround to simulate it. Here is the original image. Here is the fill color. Copy both of the above images for use in your experiment. With the opacity of the fill layer set to 30% opacity, using the "Vivid Light" blend mode, here is our image. Now, here is the same image with the same fill colo
  5. That "Cogwheel" is the symbol for "Blend If" in Affinity -- which is totally unrelated to layer fill, although it can help with opacity. However, have you tried the method shown HERE by anon2? While not exact, it is as close as I've seen Affinity come to offering "layer fill" ability. Takes a bit of effort, but the results are much better than without. It's a workaround, but I was impressed that someone helped with this missing part of Affinity Photo.
  6. Let's try to bump this thread. Apply boot to post . . . BUMP!!!
  7. Are you sure you know the difference between :layer fill and layer opacity? I can tell from your video you have never used "layer fill" to your advantage because you do not understand it. All you are doing is knocking the color out of text and imagining that it is the same thing as fill. Dead, full on -- WRONG! 100% WRONG. Original Image (Layer fill is for PHOTOGRAPHS, not text or shapes) The second image has used the "work around" that comes close (but not exactly the same) to simulating "Layer Fill". Your "fill opacity" will NOT ac
  8. It does work perfectly when the user isn't dealing with effects of chemo. I had not made adjustments with the brush. Chose pressure to moderate both size and fill . . . then left both sliders set to "Zero" which isn't going to do anyone any good. No defect in software, only in this end user.
  9. Have Huion H610 that I would really like to use as it fits my desk and my hands well. It has the latest Huion drivers installed, latest firmware installed, and while it works even with Corel's Paint Shop Pro (I am the guy in the Corel forums who solved the pen and tablet problem for all the folks who were having the same problems with different tablets) but I cannot make it work in Affinity Photo come he** or high water. As far as Affinity Photo is concerned, I'm still using my mouse. All the shortcut keys work, the movement is tracked but Affinity completely ignores pressure. Makes it ne
  10. I would definitely choose another border. Perhaps use the entryway to the building as a border, mask out the unwanted parts then add your images. Are you wanting to make a flyer or a poster?
  11. is this the same place? If so, a sketch of their building or even a better photo would work to start. Text probably needs to read: "Welcoming back members and visitors starting May 2, 2021"
  12. First off, I'm a debt collector and skip tracer by trade -- so I'm not the most popular guy in town, or even on the block. Was looking at those glyphs(?) again a couple of nights ago. Wife walks in and looks at the screen for a second, then says: "Oh, someone you know from work?" Then she points at this one: "Must have made an impression on him. He flipped you off with both hands and circled it!"
  13. I am interested in this post as I do produce catalogs for one of my customers, and was thinking of making a pocket sized version for the current iteration. Currently, the end user downloads the catalog from her website and prints it for themselves. Has worked great for full size sheets, but this post has caught my attention. When I look at your PDF (from the original post) in Adobe Acrobat Reader, I don't detect any differences in page size as I scroll through. Does it not show up except while actually printing?
  14. Why try to reinvent the wheel? There is an A4 template that you can download for free entitled "occy-designs-cookbook_a4-aftemplate" which should get you on the road to where you want to be. On the upper right of the publisher UI there is a little green outline of a person. When you mouse over it it says "My Account". Click there and avail yourself of the free templates. Should be able to customize it to fit your needs. Edit: One more thing . . . why print to a PDF printer? Export as a PDF first. Then, if you still want to print to PDF, things should work as the export should be cor
  15. Very nice shot. Here in Arkansas we call them "lady bugs" and are good to have in the garden -- if memory serves.
  16. Thanks. I love honeybees, in fact, I do a website for a beekeeping supply business as well as their annual catalog. This was a young bee, likely one of his first flights. It was kinda cool that day and he was barely moving once he landed.
  17. I really wish we had "Layer Fill" in Affinity Photo, but fortunately, one of our members has devised a way to "almost" match the results for use in color grading images. Thought I would show a few examples of the my recent work before editing and after. All was done using Affinity Photo ONLY. I like to use color to change the mood of an image, and the use of a color layer with control over the fill (NOT the opacity - different animal) really helps. I wish Serif would bring that ability (and not a workaround that "almost" does the same thing) to Affinity Photo.
  18. Sorry, but this 63 year old man is very confused, and the following question is in no way critical of the OP and his image. Rather it is both an acceptance of my ignorance, and an acknowledgment of my being chemically altered by my chemo. (A short pause while I plant tongue firmly in cheek . . . ) When did symbols replace words in poetry? Also, is there a book I can buy to translate this? 🙃
  19. This is from experience with inconsistent PDF using text effects and "text on path" with designer: Export the finished page as a graphic (jpg, png, etc.) then import that graphic into your document. Otherwise, text on path will cause more headaches than you can handle because each time the PDF loads on a different device, it will present a different appearance to the user.
  20. Like the coffee image . . . been to the Cafe du Monde back home in New Orleans -- but the last time was before 1980.
  21. They want you to download and tell the artist thanks then tell them where you used it. Apparently they can't conceive that someone might just use their images for experimentation. Same from pexels and pixabay lately.
  22. Been having the same issue when printing from Publisher. I use to create photo business cards in small lots. Always a brown area between cards both horizontally and vertically. I finally gave up and went back to Page Plus for this project.
  23. Add a blank pixel layer instead of a fill layer, and all will work as expected. A "fill layer" apparently behaves a bit differently than what you are expecting. Tried both ways, the blank pixel layer is the better way to go if you are concerned about the order of filters. Otherwise, I would just stick them in a group and be done with it if I needed to use a fill layer.
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