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  1. Metin Seven

    Pink dragon

    Cartoony pink dragon 3D sculpture. Post-processed using Affinity Photo. (Concept: Dom Murphy)
  2. Metin Seven


    Thanks a lot, @tonyrambler, much appreciated!
  3. Metin Seven


    Don't we all know those nightly computing hours?
  4. A cartoony monster face, because monsters deserve attention too. Concept by Joey Ellis. Sculpting and rendering done in Blender 3D. Post-processing and fine-adjustment performed using Affinity Photo. More images: metinseven.nl
  5. Feline egg — cartoony 3D artwork (concept: Marija Tiurina) Post-processed / fine-adjusted using Affinity Photo.
  6. Metin Seven

    Death Motel

    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!
  7. Metin Seven

    Demon judge

    Better not be naughty, or you might face... Demon Judge!
  8. Metin Seven


    Many thanks, @affinity4Christ15, much appreciated!
  9. Metin Seven


    So much to shit on, so little time.
  10. Metin Seven

    The Pimp

    I guess I won't offer this to a shady club owner, just to be safe.
  11. Metin Seven

    The Pimp

    Hahaha, I'll take that as an original compliment.
  12. Metin Seven

    The Pimp

    I hadn't found the time to create something for myself for a while, but here's 'The Pimp'. I considered calling it 'The Pimpanzee' because of his ape-like features, but that would have made it too quirky I guess.
  13. Metin Seven

    Remove Black / White Matte

    Hi guys, I discovered an older topic about this, offering a solution by user @>|< , involving equations in Filters ➔ Apply Image, see this image: It'd be great if the Affinity developers could turn this procedure into a one-click solution, or even better: a non-destructive adjustment.
  14. Metin Seven

    Science-fiction novel cover design

    Hi @GarryP, You're absolutely right about the missing author. In this case it's just that it's more of an audiovisual project with three guys. So three names on the cover would be correct, but then again, there's only one writer. Confusing, haha. As a matter of fact, when I started this image, I had a music album cover in mind, with a square aspect, because there's also accompanying music, composed by one of us. But while the image progressed, a book cover aspect provided some more space. Have a nice evening, M7
  15. Metin Seven

    Science-fiction novel cover design

    Thanks @GarryP ! Good points. I've left out the author, because it's a joint project, but maybe it's better to share the cover without a title as well. The color scheme reflects a warm-cold contrast to emphasize the sunset. The spine, good question. To be honest I don't think this will ever actually be printed. It might become an e-book at most, or remain a personal exercise. Regards, Metin

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