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  1. Thanks for your reply. The original is at the top, upscaled with the straightforward Nearest Neighbour method to match the size of the other images.
  2. Hi, I love it that Affinity Photo includes pixel art upscaling algorithms, and I've got a kind request for some improvements. Many thanks in advance. Currently, the best pixel art upscaling algorithm in Affinity Photo is xBR, but there is an improved version of xBR called xBRZ, which is noticeably better, and makes the regular xBR obsolete / dated. Also, xBRZ can upscale up to 6 times, while xBR stops at 4. I've attached an enlarged comparison of my pixel art upscaled with both xBR and xBRZ (4 iterations).
  3. Alien Express Vector illustration in a playful cartoon style 🔗 https://metinseven.nl
  4. Retro cartoon style logo design for a plumbing company. 🙂 🔗 https://metinseven.nl
  5. Mecha / robot character illustration in a graphic design style. 🔗 metinseven.nl
  6. Geometric alien spaceship graphic design Hope you like it 😊 🔗 https://metinseven.nl #affinitydesigner #alien #spaceship #spacecraft #stars #fantasy #pattern #graphic #design #graphicdesign #geometric #shapes #lines #illustration #illustrator
  7. Hi @GarryP and @firstdefence, Thanks for your feedback, appreciated. I understand your points (pun intended 😉). I've created a fairly drastic remix of the image, making the shapes not-so neat anymore, and adding some extra grunge texturing. I personally like this more. It's more raw, more experimental, like a cut-out style.
  8. Idea factory. Hope you like it. 😊 It's been a while since I worked in this style. I'd love to work in this style more again. 🔗 https://metinseven.nl
  9. Hoi Margriet, 😉 I used to go to the Amsterdam-based Computercollectief computer-bookstore in real life, many moons ago. You might like to try a search in their webshop. Vriendelijke groet, Metin
  10. Thank you very much Margriet. Are you also from the Netherlands? And do you have a site as well, so I can take a look at your work?
  11. Thanks Kevin! Well, I've been solely using Blender for several months, but while sculpting this I realized some things would be easier using ZBrush, so I returned, and rediscovered ZBrush. 🙂
  12. Thank you! I'm always using the very latest Blender alpha version, in this case 2.9. Love to try the latest additions. CG Cookie, definitely! I already posted it there. 👍
  13. Thanks, @GarryP! Sure, here's the unprocessed, pure rendering. As you can see it misses the dynamism of the processed final image. That's what I added using Affinity Photo, as well as using the Inpainting tools to fine-tune some of the textured background. I've also added a slight grainy texture on the croc, to make him less separated from the grungy background.
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