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  1. You can download Windows 10 Update Assistant from Microsoft site and Update your system to latest win10 version.
  2. This bug always occurs when editing files created with versions before 1.9 Even if you copy text objects from the old document into the newly created document, the bug appears.
  3. Well, I have a solution. go to %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\ and rename the "1.0" to "1.0 old ver" and restart Publisher. This is work for me.
  4. Same thing. Win10 20H2. AMD Ryzen7 2700 \ 32Gb \ Nvidia 1060 6Gb
  5. 1. make symbol 2. make symbol float with text 3. copy text with symbol 4. create new document 5. try to paste it to new document 6. publisher will crush
  6. And the registration will be successful.
  7. So, from the entire Challenge i stood for 8 days (from 1 to 8 October), then i`m was heavily loaded and there was no time for challenge. But then I decided to finish it off slowly. I took the bar too high from the start, I did not estimate my strength and time. Now, if possible, I don't hurry up with challenge themes and just do it. Oh yeah, i started streams on twitch my painting process.
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