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  1. Hi, with Metal enabled on the attached file I am experiencing a weird behavior. As you can see, PDF exports with the attached settings (metal acceleration enabled) deforms embedded images on Affinity Publisher V2. The same export without metal acceleration doesn't cause any deformation. Attached you can find: my export settings, the file, some export examples. Mac Studio 32 GB RAM Apple M1 Max macOS Ventura 13.0.1 Affinity Publisher 2.0.0 Mostra Wiki Loves Puglia 2022.afpub Mostra Wiki Loves Puglia 2022 1.pdf Mostra Wiki Loves Puglia 2022 4.pdf Mostra Wiki Loves Puglia 2022.pdf
  2. Hi there, how do I get an effect like in the image, so that I can add text at the bottom because the image is dark there and then on the other side it's normal? Thanks in advance for your help. Another example:
  3. Oh ok @Dan C. Unfortunately, I haven't got a numpad. What shortcut could I possibly use? I've tried Command + è/+, Control, shift, the keys alone, but they are not working anyway. Is there any combination you would suggest? Thanks.
  4. @walt.farrell The interface has always been in Italian, I mentioned that one in English because Dan had mentioned it in English.
  5. Hi @Dan C, thanks for answering! If I set the shortcut for Photo > Layer > New Mask Layer, it works! If I set the shortcut for Photo --> Strumento pennello selezione (Selection brush tool?) --> Riduci dimensioni / Aumenta dimensione (Increase/Reduce dimensions???), it doesn't work. The set shortcut is in the screenshot. I have Affinity Publisher 1.10.4, macOS 12.2.9. I have MalwareBytes, but I don't think it may be affecting anything because the New Mask Layer shortcut works, it's only a selection brush shortcut problem I see. Thanks again!
  6. @v_kyr I confirm that if I try to modify the file in Photo directly, without using studiolink, I do not experience the issue.
  7. Hi, I've modified shortcuts for the Photo persona but they're not retained once I restart affinity Publisher. What should I do?
  8. @PaulEC The map is useful, easy to use and edit and based on official and accurate data. Isn't it Affinity Designer's fault if the app doesn't support CSS + SVG while browsers and viewers do? Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_municipalities_of_Apulia_-_Italy.svg
  9. @Wosven Okay, thanks. Do you know why aren't CSS styles supported? This is anyway a missing feature. (The map was found online and it's pretty handy :D)
  10. Hi, the attached svg is rendered as a full black monolith on Affinity Designer/Publisher, while it's rendered correctly on Chrome and in the Finder thumbnail. This problem is quite blocking and serious. Affinity Designer rendering: Chrome rendering: Finder rendering: Map_of_municipalities_of_Apulia_-_Italy.svg
  11. @Callum I don't see any attachment. Anyway, I had tried reinstalling the font and the categories disappeared also for me. Now exporting should work well (I'll check in a detailed way later).
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