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  1. Why have they kept this a secret for 2 years? Did you read the post I quoted? Most of us here are professionals who need a tool to work. Not a toy that lacks basic features available in most competing solutions like .webp support or for example free transform. Therefore, no one will protest adding it in the next version. I will buy the license again. This is not a problem. I just don't want to wait another years for it
  2. Can we get back to the topic of discussion? Google is pushing the use of webp and whether we like it or not we will need to save files in this format more and more. I don't buy such powerful software to have to switch to other, competing solutions. We already got a promise a few years ago that this would be added to Affinity: Dear devs, what is going on?
  3. Currently for batch processing you can only select files from your hard drive as a data source. I suggest extending this to include the ability to use layers created in AP. Batch processing offers tremendous possibilities, and it is difficult to point to any single application of this feature. Using it to modify a number of layers with previously created macros can significantly speed up work that would otherwise require tedious repetition of a number of steps. I don't really understand your request. Do you expect me to list potential applications here? There is an infinite number of them. I think this feature will be appreciated by anyone who ever had to manually click on 50 layers in a "for yesterday" project... I present my idea on the attached screen. I marked options that in my opinion are worth adding in red: 1 - adding the possibility to use selected layers as a source 2 - adding the possibility to export the result of the whole batch process as new layers
  4. I would find it very useful to have a feature to add layers as a resource in batch jobs. This would give a number of new possibilities when working with layers and would speed up a lot of work significantly. Please consider adding such an option
  5. I've upgraded to version 1.10.0. Unfortunately, the problem persists and makes working with artboards difficult. Is it known when we can count on fixes?
  6. Ok, I have created movie showing problem. steps: [test 1] Open Designer File > new - checked "create artboard" Edit in Photo click on Artboard in layers palette press ctrl+a result: selection is ok [test 2] Open Designer File > new - unchecked "create artboard" Create 3 artboards with Artboard Tool (even not moving them) Edit in Photo click on every Artboard in layers palette and press ctrl+a result: selections are broken The program incorrectly sees the transformation area so Invert Pixel Selection cannot work properly 2021-07-06 07-30-00.mp4
  7. Ok, my story is: - I was working in Affinity Designer. - I created a new web/800x600 pixel document - I created 3 Artboards using the "Artboard Tool" - I placed them next to each other - I used the File / Edit option in Photo... - I created a pixel layer using "Add pixel Layer" icon in Layers palette - video starts from here I noticed that "Invert Pixel Selection" is not working properly in Affinity Photo After your comment actually, I noticed that when I : (working with file: after2.afphoto) - Delete the last layer, so that there are only 3 empty Artboards left - Select "Artboard2" or "Artboard1" in the Layers palette, - Press ctrl+a (to select all) it shows the selection of a virtual element, which does not exist. (attached image) I think that the problem is that Affinity Photo operates on bad coordinates which it receives from Affinity Designer. Perhaps the Information is not updated after moving Artboards and it's being passed incorrectly to Affinity Photo. So selections don't work properly.
  8. @Gabe Im sorry, my bad. But that only fixes problem #1. Sorry - obviously my mistake. Problem with "Invert pixel selection" remains. I attach the video and files. 2021-07-05 its still there.mp4 after2.afphoto start2.afphoto
  9. I have a problem with the "invert pixel selection" function. Actually there are two problems visible in the video I am uploading. 1. after filling the selection on the layer the view does not update and the filled shape remains invisible 2. after using "invert pixel selection" the selection is ruined and takes a strange shape I'm sending two AP files - start.afphoto - before test - after.afphoto - after test System: windows10, AP v1.9.2.1035 2021-07-05 11-13-57.mp4 after.afphoto start.afphoto
  10. Same here. InternalServerError shows when I click on the registration button. The problem occurs in all applications AP, AD and APub
  11. I really miss the ability to make adjustments to the Gradient Overlay shape. Can you please add such functionality to the Overlay Erase Tool? Or at least possibility to convert Gradient Overlay to Brush Overlay?
  12. Deselecting selected elements also deselects objects in collapsed artboards in the layer panel. I'm posting a video showing the problem: Affinity Designer 2020-07-06 13-37-19.mp4 First I press ctrl + a to select all objects Then I click on objects while holding down ctrl+shift to deselect a few of them and leave the rest of them selected Next, I press ctrl + a again to select all objects This time, I'm deselecting objects while holding down ctrl+shift but this time I'm clicking on layer panel (in Artboard1 EDITED) Here comes the problem. All objects that are located on collapsed artboards in layers panel are being unselected (!). Only those that were on the expanded artboard (Artboard1 OPENED IN...) stayed selected.
  13. Automatic renaming of layers and artboards When copying artboards several times, they are added with the same name. Often this ends up with many artboards with the name "Artboard1". Artboard names are for example important when exporting, so they should have unique names I need an option which, after selecting layers or artboards, would allow me to give them a name with consecutive numbers like CustomName 01 CustomName 02 CustomName 03 ... It is very uncomfortable and time consuming to manually edit this for 30 artboards.
  14. I'm sorry, I closed the AP and AD and running all again. Currently dragging and dropping works again. if I run into this problem again I'll let you know and I'll make video. Thank you for checking and I'm sorry for bother
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