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  1. I think the aim is to optimise the use of computing power. During drawing, until the mouse button is released, the appearance of the entire line is constantly calculated. It seems to be moving like a snake. The longer the line, the more calculations... Even the most powerful computer will not be able to handle this at the right line length. The program should calculate only the currently drawn fragment, not the whole brush stroke. Program should leave what he's already calculated in peace. Maybe only after releasing the mouse button whole line could be recalculated if it's necessary?
  2. Google translator answer: Yazdırmadan önce, tüm projeyi bir bitmap (rasterize) ile değiştirmeyi deneyebilirsiniz. Ancak bu, bu farklılığın Affinity'de görülmesi gerektiği gerçeğini değiştirmez ... English: Before printing, you can try to replace the whole project with a bitmap (rasterize) . But this does not change the fact that such a difference should be seen in Affinity ...
  3. Google translator version: Hello. I'm from Turkey. My English is not very good. but I will try to express myself. We're creating a colorful fund at the affinity publisher. When we add a transparent picture with edges to the edges of this floor, the transparent part of the picture is of different color and the bottom part of it is different. There's a serious problem. How to fix this?
  4. Same problem here. Windows7, CPU AMD-fx 8350, 16GB RAM. AD version Unfortunately, I can't go back to older versions that worked like a dream, because I already have a lot of 1.7 works. I can't open them in older AD versions. There should be an option to save in older format. Something like Corel Draw has.
  5. I have the same problem after upgrading to 1.7.x . Thanks for sending this to devs. Actually turning off the snapping significantly reduces this effect. Unfortunately, it still occurs when zooming but with much less intensity. Some kind laggy feel. My AD version
  6. Some time ago I reported a problem with copying images from a web browser. In the current version AD/AP ( this problem still exists. Is there any chance to fix it? link to the report:
  7. Exactly the same question bothers me. I do not understand what's the point to import of bitmaps as objects (image) by default. What's sense it is? By default, it should be imported as (pixel).
  8. RosomakPL

    Stocks-Tab: Unsplash not working

    AP on windows 7 - same here. I'm getting "connection failed" when trying Unsplash. Alo checked TLS and I have all versions enabled.
  9. Yes, this feature would be very useful. Dear developers, please consider this :-)
  10. I am using AP for painting (or trying :-) ) with a tablet. It would be very useful to be able to map a keyboard shortcut for the function of increasing/decreasing the saturation of the current colour and the function of increasing/decreasing its brightness. It would be nice to give the possibility of determining percentage step for which change is to be made after pressing this key combination. Another important thing is the possibility of enlarging the colour wheel (and other colour pickers) or adding a tool palette with a larger colour wheel. Currently, it is impossible to enlarge it. Choosing colours is inconvenient and not very precise.
  11. You're actually right. I am sorry for my mistake. Yesterday when I wrote post, this function did not work for me. Maybe some other problem not related to affinity. Thank you for the correction!
  12. I need keyboard shortcut to "change next blend mode" function. It would be convenient if in the layer panel, after clicking the box with the blend modes, you could change options using the keyboard arrows and see how the layer changes. Same as now after opening the list of blend modes and hovering mouse cursor over the options.
  13. After scaling the layer in pixel persona, an attempt to draw on it creates a brush-pixelation effect. Please note that this is a "pixel" layer. Already rasterized. The brush is being scaled too. Please see attached video 2018-11-15-18-44-49.mp4
  14. I found a recording program. It's not the one you asked but I'm hoping it will be good too. Here is the video record. Please note that I do not use the "copy url address" option but right one: "copy image: Different result each time: 1. drag-drop 2. copy picture and paste to AD 3. Picture displayed by google and method copy picture and paste to ad I would like this operation to work every time as in option 2. Pasted PNG image with preserved transparency. This is not on the film, but in the last option, using CTRL+V in Paint will paste the image. So there is a picture in the clipboard 2018-11-09-11-24-21.mp4
  15. @Callum Some time has passed. I wanted to ask if you were able to test the links that I gave in my second post? The first and second links were the same. Strange that you got 404 on the first one. I think that you have made a mistake by checking in a hurry. Did my post with explanation help you check the problem? Alfred, thanks for the hint. I still can't see this option. Maybe it's a language version. But recreating the activities I've described is trivial and I don't think it would require recording movies. It's just clicking on links and copying images. Nothing special. AlainP confirmed my observation. So my description was not so bad :-)

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