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  1. Thank you so much everyone! This was a huge help and it looks like I am on my way to being Adobe free now 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, I am completely new to Publisher; I never used illustrator. I bought publisher because I wanted to support Serif, but I am wondering if I can use it to replace what I am doing in Adobe Acrobat. I currently use Acrobat Pro to create print ready PDFs of comic books. I really dont need any other acrobat functions and am trying to ditch it. Typically, I will generate a CMYK .tiff with the resolution/dpi desired, then import these into Acrobat. Acrobat takes on the res/DPI of the tif files and just assembles it into a PDF for me. Can Publisher do this? My main obstacle is that I don't see how to import images. I can manually open a tif in Publisher using right click, but besides that I am stuck when I want to add more pages. If I go to Document > Add Pages from File it greys out my tif files. I also have Designer, so if I am using the wrong solution here I am always open to ideas 🙂
  3. I understand Serif's reluctance, but I just can't let this go. I truly feel that a great option for not just myself, but many would be Linux. I am loving Ubuntu 20.04, and honestly don't to have anything to do with Windows ever again. I have gotten rid of it almost entirely in my home as well as 2 businesses. At this point, I may have to buy a new PC just to have a half decent Windows 10 box or Ubuntu + Win 10 barebones VM. I would much rather put that money into Serif's pockets. If you told me right now that I could pre-order a copy of Photo, Designer and Publisher (native Linux, NOT wine) for $200 each, I would pay it immediately. I am certain that I am not the only one.
  4. I fully understand the complexity of porting to Linux - you need to support various distros, and tech support could be challenging with so many variables - distroes, DEs, kernels, etc... I think that Ubuntu 20.04 LTS represents an excellent opportunity to create for an OS that will have a guaranteed 5 years of support, and which will form the base for distros such as Pop OS and Mint. It is not perfect, but likely an easier way to segue into the Linux World. But why would you want this on Linux? Or why would a user? Because, we want a stable, secure, high performing Affinity environment. This isn't about Windows, MacOS or even Linux, it is about your product. Think about the rise of apps. No one really cares if they are Android or iOS - they want a great, focused experienced. I want to use the Affinity Suite without distractions. I want Affinity more than I want any OS. I want to use your product effectively, efficiently, and without headaches. So why Linux? Because it is the lesser of 3 evils. I do not want the distraction of Windows update, pop ups, ads in my start menu (!), I want to work. I do not want to live in front of my computer, waiting for an update that cripples 800 million workstations, or that kills my performance, or takes away features. On top of that, I do not want the added support/license costs, and security issues. While macOS solves many of these issues, cost is certainly a factor. It becomes very difficult for a small studio or publisher (such as myself) to roll out multiple macOS workstartions. Especially when all I want is a web browser, google docs and Affinity. I think that I am not alone; people may not necessarily be after a catch all linux port, but rather a better Affinity experience, that doesn't come with strings attached because of the underlying OS. Look at what Steam did - they went as far as creating their own Linux distro. Do not be surprised if Adobe does the same down the road - an Ubuntu LTS based iso that boots into a barebones desktop optimized for their suite or products - essentially an App type experience on the desktop. That is not to say you need to go down this road, but supporting one distro (such as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), with an experience maximized for your products is in users' best interest. While it is easy to underestimate the interest in Linux, I would not underestimate interest for Affinity focused workstations. I am glad to discuss this further, and I am sure that many other Affinity users are as well.
  5. Hi, I could really use an Adobe Acrobat alternative. I imagine this would entail a tremendous effort on your part, but I feel like it is the last piece of the puzzle so I can ditch Adobe. In my case, I publish comic books/graphic novels, and need to assemble high resolution PDFs for digital distribution (iPad Pro, etc...) and print. My workflow isn't terribly complicated, but I do need a quick, visual way to add/remove/rearrange pages, while making sure that resolutions and colour spaces are uniform and preserved. My biggest issue is that many alternatives tend to compress my images down with no setting to avoid this (even acrobat pro is guilty of this to a degree). At this point, even a command line tool similar to imagemagick might do, but obviously a full acrobat alternative would be amazing, and I imagine that there are far more complex use cases out there for existing customers.
  6. No disrespect to this team, but I have never heard of them. if I had, I might have supported this, but it certainly does not look to be on the level of Affinity, and I would imagine that the existing user base of Affinity is easily 100x that of Akira
  7. @Patrick Connor - I understand, but look at the amount of replies here. Surely it is worth considering? No one is asking for a free ride - tell us how much.
  8. Time for my +1 and offer to crowdfund. I have bought Affinity on Windows, Mac and iOS, and I don't mind a seperate license and fee for each one, because it is worth it. However, Windows has become to big of a security hazard and simply is not reliable. I actually don't mind the UI etc... but I don't feel like I can trust it. I have never had that issue with Linux. I know Linux is scary with so many distros and a broad label, but one .deb and one .rpm would make a lot of people happy; hell, even just an Ubuntu release would make a huge difference. Come on Affinity - what is the number? Surely $500K, $1 million, whatever, would make it worth your while.
  9. Hi everyone I am getting a weird issue with opening some .eps files that I got from depositphotos.com, and was wondering if anyone had some insights. Basically, they appear all blurry and at a tiny size, and off center on a solid white background. I am just not sure what to do with these. These do come bundled with JPGs, but ideally I would like to work with the source eps files. I've attached both here as zips. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Depositphotos_60046425_original_vect.zip Depositphotos_133365578_original_vect.zip
  10. Hi, I am not really much of an artist - I just use photo and affinity to manage art assets for graphic novels which I receive from my illustrators, so this question might sound kind of silly. Let's suppose I have an EPS file and I want to select only part of it - maybe cut out a rectangular section - and paste this into a new document? I did see examples for using masks, but it seemed like the entire object was still there. Sorry if this is not specific enough, just looking to get some newbie guidance here
  11. I love your software (have affinity photo and designer on my mac, photo on my iPad and eagerly awaiting designer on it) and was wondering if any type of PDF solution is planned? Like an Affinity PDF which could serve as a replacement for acrobat.
  12. Great, thanks for the help, but I find that if I resize in another program, I can't even see the jaggies.
  13. I have had several issues with "jaggies" when scaling images down, particularly PNGs. if I save the file as a .afphoto first and then adjust it isn't too bad, but if I take a native PNG of say 5000x5000 and scale to 1500x1500, the results are very noticeable. Any ideas? Maybe I am missing something (which is entirely possible since I am so new to Affinity Photo; I've attached a low res copy of my logo which I was trying to scale)
  14. This might sound kind of silly, but it would be helpful if the save dialogue (where one actually browses to a save location) could be moved by dragging from the title bar or something similar. Thanks! -Rodolfo
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