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  1. Great! as far as you know, does any of the "under-the-hood" business - preferences, settings, add-on resources, etc - interact between versions? Thanks for the quick response!
  2. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere already... Wondering if v1.10 and v2 of the same module (Designer, etc) can actively coexist on the same computer. I'd like to be able to install v2 to start to become familiar with the new functions and UI, but really need to be able to continue working in the v1 space for active paying projects until I get more familiar with v2. I understand that v2 files can't go back to v1 app, but I'd only open my v1 files in v1. Thanks for any insight!
  3. Good to know - thank you. In this case, the app came from the Apple App Store.
  4. In case anyone has the same question, after a lot of digging, I located the AD export presets file here: User/Library/Containers/Affinity Designer/Data/Library/Application Support/user/file_export_options.dat This is on a new M1 iMac, OS 11.3, Designer 1.9.3 I copied my file_export_options file from my previous computer (MBP, Catalina OS, Designer 1.9.2) into the above location, and all of my custom presets were available. I spot checked a couple of them, and they seem to be functional.
  5. Trying to find storage location of Export Presets file (file_export_options.dat) in Big Sur (11.3) for Designer 1.9.3. I'm not finding it in previously referenced locations. My thanks to anyone that can get me to the right folder, and apologies if the information is elsewhere in the forum.
  6. Many thanks to @loukash for the 1.9 Groups bug workaround posted over in the MacOS Designer Bugs forum - a lot of keystrokes and dragging, but functional. Hope this is cleared quickly in 1.9.1! 🤞 <<Meanwhile, in your case the workaround would be: create a temporary object like a simple rectangle group this rectangle with "itself", that creates a "(Group)" layer in the Layers panel move your text frame layers in the Layers panel inside this "(Group)" layer delete the temporary rectangle>>
  7. Not to pile on here, but... the impact of any given bug can be wide ranging, depending on your situation - In our case, we are updating/revising flyers and promo decks weekly: constantly rearranging and recombining (yes - regrouping!) text blocks in designs built from previous versions. This font-size-glitch-on-grouping when editing a previously created doc causes a major headache and hit on our workflow until it gets fixed. I would jump back to 1.8 in a flash if I could... 😖
  8. Thanks for the suggestion - if I'd read your earlier entry more carefully, I'd have picked up on your tip. Fortunately I do own Publisher, although rarely use it. I tried roundtripping my file from Designer, and sure enough, it did the trick. Agree that it would be much simpler if Designer handled that natively, or it would simply put the current file name (or the export name) in the Title field, instead of the potentially problematic earlier version file name. I'm not on here too often, but always impressed by the active community and quick response.. does Affinity watch these boards, or is there a separate bug report thread elsewhere? Thanks again!
  9. As far as I can tell, it's not simply a problem of not being able to control the PDF "Title" on export - if you duplicate or "save as" an existing Designer file, the new file will retain the original "Title" in an exported PDF: Take a file "Acme Poster Design", save it as "Bill's Poster Design" to create a similar project for a new client - when you export "Bill's Poster Design" as a PDF, the Title is still "Acme Poster Design". Not helpful, and I'd rather not have to buy Acrobat just to post-fix what seems to be an export bug. This has been noted with Publisher recently in the forums, and in Designer years ago. My apologies if a fix or simple work-around has been indicated elsewhere.
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