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  1. Maybe you pressed "Tab" key? That is the shortcut to hide/reveal tools and workspace.
  2. You can export your asset library to a backup place. SO you do not loose it if you make a complete uninstall/reinstal. But... I also experience the page size changes and objects shuffle slightly around when exporting to PDF. I found that exporting to PDF4/X helped my problem. I have no idea what to make of it or if it's a temporary fix for just this document. I also have issues with colors on some assets changing from document to document even though they are exactly the same press cmyk template...
  3. Has this issue been resolved? I still experience FX parameters change when I copy/paste the FX from one shape to another...
  4. "You can also, after applying the brush in Designer, go back to Publisher, "Convert to Text Frame", and type the text." True, but as soon as one does that, you loose the option of changing the brush if I want another style of brush - Or am I missing something?
  5. I cannot seem to find a way to solve my problem. I made a shape in Apub and inserted some text in the shape. In Affinity Publisher you have the option through "Text frame" panel to change fill and stroke color of the shape. I now would like to add a brush to the stroke of the text frame but Brushes are not available in Publisher. No problem I think! I use the studiolink to ADesigner, but here there is no option of "Text frame panel". And I cannot figure out how to change either fill color or stroke color/type/brush of the shape that the text is embedded in, in Designer? The curios th
  6. This update also speeds up inpainting brush on Win10. Instant on small stroke! Thanks for working hard to better all the programs
  7. I have discovered a rather cumbersome workaround. I print the PDF through a third party PDF software printer. I get really nice quality and go from files size 120mb to roughly 5mb. But I loose the hyperlinks added to images. Then I open the PDF in publisher which it does really nice and smooth, add the links to the pages that I need, and then export the document using APu PDF export function and I get the good quality images and hyperlinks and the small file size... Tedious, but it's necessary as this is a portfolio I want to email to people/customers so small size is necessary and good image
  8. I also experienced extremely large PDF export with bad compression and quality in the file compared to exporting printing to a third party software PDF printer. Unfortunately links will not not included in print PDF function but only in export function. Any insights in a work around would be appreciated...
  9. @ashf If I open the same designer document in Publisher and press print it crashes. I do not recall if creating spreads based on Designer artboards or not makes a difference. But if I make a document in Publisher with multiple pages/spreads I have not experienced problems. Not sure what the issues are.
  10. @BofG I did not mean to criticize - and we agree on the need to take care of their user base, that has jumped ship from other programs t use this for the professional work.
  11. Give them some credit I am sure the development team is doing whatever they can to amend bugs and some bugs are more important than others. I think the amount of resources they have compared to the amount of feedback they get is not in favor of them. Bugs, requests for new features, running a business, making tutorials, answering our questions etc. The amount of work required for developing this suite of software is massive and from my point of view I am grateful for their even if it's not 95% fool proof, but I like it far better than the competition. Cheers
  12. Seems not. I just created a new document from scratch, and it works / so the LUTs are applied in the PDF print... although I am not sure the documents are made in the same color space. Will have to experiment a bit more. Strange
  13. Cool. I send it for you to investigate. I have tried applying the LUTs in different ways but it does not show up either way when printing or exporting. Thanks for speedy reaction and keep up the great work
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