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  1. Thanks for your quick answere, sir! If i exported a PDF document in Photo the metadata is exported as well. So why not in Designer as well? Exact this function is what i am missing and asking since 2018. Additionally it would be great if Designer can export PNG, JPEG etc. with metadata. So i am not used to take the picture and edit the metadata after each export. I would be happy if Serif take that panel inside Designer best regards!
  2. Hi there, since Affinity 1.8 it is possible to edit the metadata in Affinity Photo. Exactly this feature I had mentioned a long time ago. I wonder why the metadata panel is not included in Affinity Designer 1.8. Is there anything you can do? I ask again because I am not a friend of work-arounds. Or do I need to buy Affinity Publisher? (makes no sense to me, because I only need this feature) My old thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101472-set-pdf-document-properties/&tab=comments#comment-544049 best regards!
  3. It would be nice if it would be possible to set pdf properties such as author and title. I asked for the small but very useful feature more than a year ago. I would look forward to an answer this year best regards! Old thread:
  4. Well... Still no chance to set PDF properties during an export, right? :( it can't be much work. I'm a little disappointed, I don't think I'm the only one who needs it. hopeful regards.....
  5. Oh ... Question to Affinity development: Can you expect this function to be included in an update? That would be great! best regards
  6. I have already searched in the forum, but have not found what I was looking for. My Question: Is it possible to set the following PDF properties during an export? Document Author Document title If so, how? In the following picture you see the desired result. My Title and A. Author should be filled by affinity designer. Thanks in advance! best regards
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