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  1. Wow the goodness just keeps coming! will download and play over the weekend Regards
  2. Printer driver update? Just a thought Regards
  3. Bump ..... Please please pretty please
  4. In truth not a lot of that affects my workflow but it's fantastic to see the continuing work and commitment, great stuff guys!
  5. Hehehe Have to say though I'm in awe of these AD artists
  6. +1 lovely rework of the original image
  7. I prefer the AP image, good job!
  8. and imadio with their excellent hemi module by the look of it. AP officially recognised in their documentation. Regards
  9. That's interesting as I spend a fair amount of time processing panos! Are you saying that if I process the same files in the current release version and the current beta version I'll see a difference? Regards
  10. The exiftool is understandable and normal but not sure about the console window unless it's being used to spawn the exif exe Regards
  11. Hi Mark, Would you also be interested in files directly from phones? Regards
  12. Canon 500D OOC - Jpeg OOC - RAW Cannon 7D OOC - RAW Sony A6000 OOC - Jpeg OOC - RAW I sense a DAM coming on........... and I like it Regards
  13. Such a simple thing but having the pan and zoom tools double click behaviour consistent i.e. working in all personas is so good.... thank you thank you! I'm not sure if this is a bug or a change request but with regard to the Tone Mapping Persona when you make an adjustment to a brush overlay the mask disappears. How do you get it back to make a change to it? It's as important to see the mask when editing as it is to see it in the first place when creating it. I thought the first icon on the overlay was a mask visibility toggle but seems not.
  14. Hi High Desert, With the posted example I'd agree 500 is indeed 'excessive', TBH I'd cover that sort of image with three or four portrait stitches but that wouldn't be answering the OP's question really. 'Giga Pan' imaging is amazing when done correctly (and viewed with appropriate software!) imaging a cityscape or mountain range using a telephoto lens (appropriate focal length) to stitch up 100+ frames doesn't loss detail! https://www.willpearson.co.uk/interactive/gigapixel/infinitely-london/ Regards