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  1. Yet another example of where sticky settings or preferences would resolve a usability issue.
  2. That's common behaviour in windows and not 'ridiculous' actually it fits my workflow very well. Options are always good though.
  3. If your going to run a licensed copy of MSOS anyway VM or not what's the point?
  4. I disagree with the inference that serf devs don't care i think that's disrespectful. I also don't like users continually wanting AP to work like PS it has and should find its own way. Having said that it's clear that having a wander through these threads there are a relatively small number of long standing valid issues and feature requests, like the OPs, that do on the surface seem to be reasonably easy to implement, low hanging fruit if you will (I accept that is a dangerous assumption though!) Meanwhile how many hours were burnt on that astro module. I get the wish/need to widen the apps appeal to a wider audience, new sales. We all benefit from this even if we don't use a particular new feature but there is a danger that maintenance/improvement and addition of functionality to older features gets left behind. It's not just about driving new sales you need to keep existing users happy too. I'm 100% sure serf know their business better than me but as an outsider it does feel like the balance isn't quite right at times.
  5. Are you on a windows box using graphics acceleration? I'm not convinced it's stable i had it shut down on me today, first time that's happened in literally years
  6. Yeah, at last! Here's hoping the pano dialogue gets some love and an upgrade at some point too!
  7. Try turning off in camera jpg sharpening and compare like for like. Some cameras have strongly cooked jpg output
  8. Hi @FedericoAimar So I'm having exactly the same issues as you, the image is what I would call a bit of a doozy! Having processed the CR2 file several different ways I have no doubts it's a 16-8 bit issue which basically everyone on the thread worked out already but I do wonder if that 50f/1.8 is contributing to the problem as you can see faint radial 'shadows' on the CR2 The best I could I could come up with is to export as PNG in RGB-8-bit Pixel format (Export Persona) which gives you a 13MG file so not quite as bad as 80. No help if your print service only accepts jpgs though! (I didn't bother with adjustments as that's not the issue) Regards H
  9. Hi Frederico, welcome to the forum! Does this only happen with this image or all images? Looks like a fairly high dr situation. Would you be willing to upload the project file you have taken those screen shots of? The reason I'm asking is that I use canon too and export jpgs to print a lot, I've not had banding like that. Actually just for fun the original cr2 file would also be good so i could run it through my workflow and see what happens. Please excuse my Scottish! 😁
  10. Exactly there is absolutely nothing in elements that you can't do in AF and as a photographer good luck with start to end 16bit non destructive workflow and embedded ICC print profiles. Have to say it does feel like there is a certain amount of baiting going on here.
  11. Why do you want to put each part onto the base layer? That's destructive editing, very inefficient. I wouldn't build an image like that even in PS. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, forums can be quite frustrating at times when trying to explain things!
  12. Not at my computer at the moment but normal select brush to edges with refine doesn't work?
  13. Hi it123 I think it might be better if you stack your layers the other way round. Start with b&w as your base layer at the bottom of the stack then make your first layer visible and paint out what you don't want on it's mask. Then make your second layer visible and paint out what you don't want on its mask revealing what you want to see below. Keep doing that as you work up the stack. If you need a reference to the original layer as you edit it toggle the mask off and on. Remember the beauty of AP is just how much you can do non destructively. Anyway good luck with your light painting project!
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