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  1. Really should be the other way round though! It's easy to work around so I'm not too bothered but was this issue in the previous beta before the .4.693 release and no one noticed it? I doubt it for something so basic, that i find a bit worrying.
  2. So to play devils advocate for a mo, I don't think they should develop a DAM but partner with DxO or C1 for close integration. The develop persona, being kind, is very weak and for me goes hand in hand with DAM. Affinity Devs strengths seem to me to be on the artistic side which is really fantastic and long may it stay that way!
  3. Wouldn't fading the font make reading the text and therefore selecting another tab more difficult though? How about leaving the colours as they are but highlight the active tabs top edge with an accent line the same colour as the text? (white or black depending on the selected UI style) This way which tab has focus is clear and doesn't distract from any colour perceptions on the image Regards
  4. Apologies, please ignore (well it looked like it was being ignored anyway!) It's been a while since I've masked within a file with a B&W live filter on, the refine mask goes to black instead of that nice red! Maybe I should re-post as feature request would be nice if the mask colour remained consistent. Or maybe there is a setting for that? Regards
  5. Overlay not showing red mask, looks like black matte option Regards
  6. Happy 5th birthday A Team and best wishes for many many more!
  7. Haven't been to these forums especially beta for some time, working on images that aren't appropriate for beta, only been using the release version but just wanted to say thanks for these solid updates really appreciate the work you're all putting in to this product. TBH I'd have happily paid for a 2.0 release by now so to me this software is proving serious value for for money. I'm sure I'll get back to beta at some point but for now lovin release! Thanks again Serif Best
  8. PS How about buying out DxO labs with your winnings and shortcutting the dev for a DAM and save Nik
  9. Done! Was going to say good luck but I don't think your going to need it, more like well done
  10. Thanks for the lecture, really no need to state the obvious
  11. Ah wait I didn't read your original post correctly, I thought you got a blue screen which wouldn't give you any logs. Follow v_kyr's advise Regards
  12. Yip, didn't expect that to be the issue really just posted my experience as an example. Maybe start by disabling as much as possible Hope you get things sorted Regards
  13. Hi Bobby, +1 to the replies above I recently had issues with blue screening on windows 10 home when using AP. turned out to be an issue with my wireless mouse! Nothing to do with AP. AP just happens to be my most used application. There have been some pretty big updates to home edition recently and it's difficult to pin these things down when there is nothing in logs to go on. It's a pain!
  14. Hi v_kyr, I was aware of the many wishing this feature and that thread but I hadn't seen Patrick's last comment so thanks for the link. Interesting that he's openly asking for clarification rather that keeping it in house. I'm keeping everything crossed, it would be such a win for them. Regards
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