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  1. Just like to add my thanks to all for the hard work that's going into these releases, much appreciated! Regards
  2. Agreed, done a couple of admittedly simple panos tonight and loading/stitching felt quicker. Don't suppose nudging will be added to crop tool any time soon, would be so helpful when working with large panos!
  3. just finished an edit session and also re-edited a couple of images I had a lot of stability issues with using .85. Very happy, this version feels like a release candidate Regards
  4. Thanks David, Not surprise really tbh, It really does feal like a bad OS update. I have a low spec'd machine so things do run slow, I'm ok with that, AP has for the most part always been rock solid for me. Actually got to the point yesterday where every time I clicked a command or double clicked an adjustments layer to open a dialogue the whole program was flashing (dissapearing and re-appearing rapidly) like crazy! I'll check my OS build version though and also re-install AP. The thing that really hacks me off is not having control over when MS mess with my machine, nothing Affinity can do about that, hope my previous rant didn't come over as that was meant to be more of a warning to others. Regards
  5. So anyway, Nutella and his merry band of morons decided to update my computer when I was in the middle of a batch process even though I've set what my working hrs are. I'm now seeing some strange letters in the top menu bar, they seem to have gone away for now but just curious as to what that is? More of an issue though is that I'm getting terrible screen flashing when loading an image I mean the whole program appears and disappears rapidly several times generally finishing with Windows Explorer which I've got open in the background opened on top of it. I've re-started my machine several times to try and stabilise it. I suspect the update. Not sure if this is a different issue but I'm also experiencing selection issues. Adding and removing from an existing selection using the brush tool doesn't seen to be working. I notice that RickG has posted what may be a similar issue? Could someone check this please as it seems like a super basic thing to have an issue with so again that makes me suspect the update or me just loosing the plot The other thing I noticed about selections is that having created one and doing nothing else except watch the marching ants the CPU is running away with itself. Is that normal? Thanks for letting me vent I actually really do hate MS now
  6. Ah 500px! I miss read, hope 85 works for you Regards
  7. Hi Rick, I'm using the lowest spec Lenovo (hence jokey bit at end of previous reply) running Win 10 64. I had applied two very simple macros (no resizing) on tiffs 1. Changing to inches 2. Adding denoise and sharpen adjustments saving as .afphoto A while ago I did a batch resize but that was on small jpgs so don't think that counts. 50px is very small though what is the start size? I can run a test. Regards
  8. That would explain how I managed an 86 file batch last night, only one thread , tortoise and the hare!
  9. The issue I've got is that to do really accurate editing you need an exact paste match, nothing to do with how other software works. Loosing that functionality is a mistake (frankly a big misjudgement imo). Please don't make it a separate additional command make it a preferences option if you really feel the need.
  10. Hi Rick, like this?
  11. I'd try that setting Ken but litteraly just after I posted I had a total main disc failure . So the rest of my day has been restoring from cloud to a new disc
  12. Hi, Batch processing 16bit tiffs with a macro that sets doc to inches and adds two adjustment layers then saves as .aphoto Just get spinners, nothing goes green tick and saves. Problem with batch process or my computer? Regards Edit: checked with release version, using same files and same macro (imported) :Release :Beta stays in this state
  13. Amazing amount of work getting done, great stuff! Got a few images to work on over the next couple of days (1600) here we go.....
  14. performance

    Oh that's good news!