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  1. You could try File - New Stack Add images Untick Automatically Aliign Images (although you may want to play with that setting) Untick Live Alignment In the layers panel ungroup the live stack group
  2. Great to hear everyone is getting a well deserved rest. Hope you all have a relaxing safe holiday and good new year. 🥳
  3. I don't know but going by the show your work off section graphic designers seem to have a big if not main influence in the direction of this software. I'm not saying I'm correct just throwing a thought into the mix.
  4. Just want to throw another thought into the mix on this. I'm not sure that photographers (the majority that seem to be calling for DAM) are the main users of AP. Actually I'm not sure serf see that user group as their main sales target. (Ref develop module) Maybe it's just not worth the effort.
  5. Plus they would typically be on a different monitor for the type of artists you describe in your previous post.
  6. I like how the tab sizing works as is. Don't agree with changing the colour of the active tab, adding a white/black, depending on app scheme selected, accentuation line to the top edge of the tab would do the job and be less distracting. I'm sure this has been discussed before.
  7. Good point, given the current cost the fact I don't use the develop module is really of no importance to me, my current workflow works.
  8. This whole topic has been discussed since forever. I'm also in the camp of them partnering with a tier 1 raw dev company not necessarily because of dam but simply because the whole dev module is just badly conceived i gave up using it years ago, things haven't changed. The obvious and possibly easiest choice would be dxo, both ux's are reasonably similar still no dam though. C1 is a superb product (with dam) but conceptually quite different in ux. Also very expensive if your a Canon shooter. Perhaps there might be enough in a deal to convince C1 to create a cut down cheaper version that is basically a plugin to AP and licenced to Affinity such that they are guaranteed income. I'd happily pay double what AP costs and have more upgrade costs to have that solution.
  9. I know shouting is frowned upon but.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEEESE! 🥰 I'm sure this has been asked for like a few years ago 😥
  10. Really should be the other way round though! It's easy to work around so I'm not too bothered but was this issue in the previous beta before the .4.693 release and no one noticed it? I doubt it for something so basic, that i find a bit worrying.
  11. So to play devils advocate for a mo, I don't think they should develop a DAM but partner with DxO or C1 for close integration. The develop persona, being kind, is very weak and for me goes hand in hand with DAM. Affinity Devs strengths seem to me to be on the artistic side which is really fantastic and long may it stay that way!
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