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  1. I'd try that setting Ken but litteraly just after I posted I had a total main disc failure . So the rest of my day has been restoring from cloud to a new disc
  2. Hi, Batch processing 16bit tiffs with a macro that sets doc to inches and adds two adjustment layers then saves as .aphoto Just get spinners, nothing goes green tick and saves. Problem with batch process or my computer? Regards Edit: checked with release version, using same files and same macro (imported) :Release :Beta stays in this state
  3. Amazing amount of work getting done, great stuff! Got a few images to work on over the next couple of days (1600) here we go.....
  4. (:

    I think last posted 1hr ago and not responded answers your question Patrick Regards
  5. Don't forget the Bat Boat!! (the Bat Copter was a bit rubbish though )
  6. Hi SimonR What version of AP are you using? there have been a few topics where that discolouration appears. Not sure if the latest .81 has the issue I believe it was reported in .80 though. Regards
  7. Cool I really like that! brings back a few childhood memories
  8. doh! too late I have a fair few panos just finished one of the Pantheon which was challenging!
  9. Just finished a 44" Pano,..... Lovely jubbly
  10. Because is the latest official (to buy) version, there hasn't been a new release since that. This is the beta program thread. Regards
  11. I'm an idiot! You are absolutely correct. I had it in my head that the picker worked differently thanks for making me rtfm
  12. I'm getting that too, was zooming around so much didn't notice until now. If you switch any layer off and on again it doesn't re-appear until you force a refresh like a zoom. Adjustments do show/hide unless they are under a layer. Still not crashing though yaaaaa!!!! edit: Yip, Inpainting tool definitely feels faster
  13. Thanks Mark, funny thing is your .81 release has been like a new release of life to my lowly computer I'm now thinking whether to bother it's that good! (naah I know I really need to upgrade) Regards
  14. thank you thank you thank you just finished several hours edit session and not one crash, solid as a rock and an absolute bleedin pleasure to work with love it!!!! what ever the heck you did you did good! (could do with the colour picker in the curves dialogue working though but I'm sure it's in the to do list some where) Regards