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  1. Sorry me again. I am trying to add a number of different (individual) gradients to the same image (ie one for the roof, one for the house front , one for the background etc) but each time I add a second pixel layer it knocks out the first one. Help again if you don't mind, thanks
  2. Thanks but can I ask this another way. Taking a picture of a house as an example, if I make a selection of the roof how can I add a gradient to the selection and then go back later and alter the gradient if needed. Then make a selection of the walls and do the same. I am looking to divide up an image into selections and work on them while they remain in the same image? Thanks for your help.
  3. Please tell me how to place a gradient inside a selection so that I can come back and alter the gradient later, thanks
  4. Hello all, please tell me how to send files back to LR after editing in Affinity Photo. I can send them over ok but not return them, thanks
  5. Just an idea for a request to add to future Affinity updates. It would be useful if you could always save the history with AF files as it always seems to ask if you want to. Just a thought regards
  6. Hi all, can someone tell me if it’s possible to load extra adjustment panels into Photo that have been externally purchased. I am wondering if it possible to purchase and load a Photoshop panel called B&W Artisan Pro by Joel Tjintjelaar. He offers a panel that can be used to help produce his fine art photographs but he only shows it in PS, if anyone has tried please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks toltec. I am not getting a result here. Does it need to be clicked , held down and then moved over a point?
  8. Hello Affinity. In the desk top version of AF should you be able to use the picker tool in the curves panel to match up with the various tones in an image? I was expecting that with the picker tool when clicked would show corresponding points on the curves line, am I missing something here. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your time Gabriel, its just that I was looking at a video and it showed it in PS. Not to worry as I am going to stick with Black & White adjustments as the Channels method puts my brain in a spin. Thanks anyway
  10. Is it possible to add the various B&W filters of yesteryear onto B&W images while going through the conversion process??
  11. It123

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hello Affinity, is there any chance that the Affinity Photo workbook will be published in paperback for electronic form ? Thanks for any reply