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  1. Thanks for your time Dan C
  2. Thanks Dan C, I'am on a Mac desktop
  3. Hi all, anyone know if its possible to change the cursor colour in AF, thanks.
  4. Is it possible to use Topaz and other plugins in AF? I have the Nik collection but would like to add others.
  5. Thanks again HDVB. I can see that this works but it makes no sense. Its totally illogical to me to work from the bottom up but thanks again.
  6. Sorry this is lost on me, I'll keep trying though. Thanks
  7. Sorry not sure what you mean . I have done the first one while trying to add purple to the grass on the left. When I try to get yellow on the grass it goes back to B&W. Hope this helps Terry
  8. Hi again with another 'dummy' question sorry. Please tell me what I am doing wrong as I am tying to blend different parts of 3 images onto a single background layer? Each time I add a mask l am only able to blend parts of 2 images. Thanks for your help again.
  9. For those still interested, below is a screen shot of what I was trying to do. Thanks to all that helped.
  10. Hello again Michail. I've just tried your suggestion of, selection, new fill layer and gradient and it works very well for me. This is all I've been trying to do since the start of my question. Big thanks, you have eased my frustrations, regards Terry
  11. I say Photoshop because I am constantly trying to move forward but keep having to convert task which are shown using Photoshop. While AF is a very good processor I keep finding things missing from its menus. Thanks again for you advice, regards.
  12. By PS I mean ‘Photoshop’, thanks
  13. Thanks Michael, but I think i’m going to go the PS route.
  14. Thanks for your time guys, I'm going to PS as AF will not do. Regards

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