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  1. I disagree when talking about KEY functionality. I am not talking about ALL functionality. I am talking the basics of what your average PS user would deem important. One need not take my opinion alone as gospel on this. Look what others are saying on that subject in this forum. And that's why Serif needs to consider those voices. It's not about making AP a clone of PS. It's about making AF a tad closer to PS such that PS users can more seamlessly transition to AP without ripping out a lot of already thinning hair.
  2. At the end of the day, you cannot tell experienced Photoshop users to "use Affinity Photo very differently" or "you can't do that in AP" because that will only reinforce in their mind that Photoshop is still better. This is why we have people calling for improvements in AP. For people who never used Adobe apps before, none of this really matters. And even for some Adobe users, they don't care -- they are just happy to be free of the hated subscription model. But MOST PEOPLE will care, hence the best approach is to handle text anti-aliasing as Photoshop does. Then AP becomes a more natural and seamless design environment for the Photoshop user. Eliminating barriers to adoption of Affinity apps should be the primary goal here, not changing user behavior.
  3. Thank you for providing a small number of examples, but I’ve been posting in this forum for YEARS and none of my proposed future requests, despite the many follow-up comments of praise and Likes, have been implemented. It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of will. I don’t see the will. Hence my comments.
  4. Sadly, they couldn’t care less about what we say. If they had been listening to us, Adobe would now be scrambling to win market share back from Serif! Serif, please be nice to your paying customers and start implementing our intelligently thought out feature requests starting today! Many requests wouldn’t take you years to code. Most would require only a week to code. Just pause your current plans, implement some of our requests and make us all happy in the process, then proceed as planned. It really is that simple.
  5. The recent posts made me read through this poor multi-year old thread today from start to finish. I must say I don't know whether to laugh or shed tears at Serif's continued cold shoulder toward us who purchased Affinity apps and had some meager expectation of "ongoing software development." Perhaps if we asked for the world it would be unreasonable to expect Serif to accommodate, but we are talking about a Text Anti-aliasing popup menu. Serif, hire a programmer for a week to implement this popup menu so we can end this thread and your users can rejoice worldwide. Consider this post the much needed kick in your fanny to get that ball rolling. Thanks.
  6. Three full years have expired since I first posted about the need for that important feature. Nothing has happened. Some speculate that nothing has happened because I failed to post my request in this "Feedback for Affinity Photo" forum saying: "developers do not habitually follow that forum." So now that a link to my original post is firmly planted in this "correct" forum that the developers habitually read (apparently), based on my experience posting other feature requests and having no success, I simply cannot answer your question. What I do feel strongly about is this. The more Serif makes Affinity apps like Adobe apps in terms of key features, the more people will switch to Affinity apps. Yes, I really do think it's not too hard to convince people to break from an endless wallet-draining subscription. Even people who have never used Adobe apps can appreciate the goodness some of us are struggling to bring to Affinity apps. All it takes is for Serif to recognize that fact, order engineers to implement more of our important feature suggestions by a certain date, and then the world can rejoice. It's really as simple as that. Fingers crossed.
  7. I posted the following thread 3 years ago but not a single person until today advised me to post that topic in this thread, claiming that no one from Serif diligently reads this forum such that my post was sure to have been overlooked these 3 years. Seems odd to me, but fine. Here it is: I would advise Serif to just move that thread into this thread. I would prefer that since I don't want to lose all the supportive posts in that thread. For truly, it is more than just me who wants that dropper tool added to Affinity Photo. Thanks.
  8. I read your reply but my eyes glazed over when I read your "more patience needed" quip in light of the 3 years it's been since I opened this thread. Sorry, but three years is long enough (even for Serif staff to discover this thread). But more than that, Affinity Photo really is "PS on the cheap" insofar as it contains many similar features and is cheaper. That truth really isn't debatable. It's factual reality. There are more similarities with PS than not. It's just that some of us prefer AP to become even more similar. The eye dropper is a part of that. So rather than just defend the status quo (which has remained unchanged these last 3 years), please join us and jump on the bandwagon of feature requests that would help others even when you yourself are not helped by them. In that case, please use the string-pulling power of your 3,095 reputation to get this thread MOVED to the appropriate place in the Feature Requests forum, rather than tell me to make a new post 3 years later, which as you full well know would eliminate all the important posts in this thread. Moving the thread is better than starting a new one from scratch. Moving threads has been possible in other forums for years, so I must assume it's possible in this forum too. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance in doing that.
  9. I started this thread 3 years ago. It has been supported by numerous people as you can easily see. And yet, not a single thing has been done by Serif to add the dropper icon akin to what's in Photoshop. I've made numerous other suggestions in this forum through the years -- nearly all of which have fallen on deaf ears. I want to know why. (And please don't give me "no time due to work on Affinity Publisher" as an excuse.) At the end of the day, it's not the fiddly workarounds people flock to but rather the familiar. Serif, please add the dropper tool to Affinity Photo today. Adding more helps like that to Photoshop users is the fast track to getting more of them to switch to Affinity Photo. Three years is already much too long to wait. Do it to humor me. Do it to show you actually care about customer feedback. Do it for your own reasons. Just do it. Do it today.
  10. Absolutely! It would be proof Serif actually cares enough to listen to their customers needs!
  11. Let me get this straight... There is a button in Affinity Designer 1.7 now for LINKING external graphics? If so, please post a screenshot with it circled in red. Thanks.
  12. Agreed. Honestly, if Serif added even half the great ideas presented to them in this forum, Affinity apps would have kicked Adobe out the door long ago.
  13. I agree 100% with razorpig in that it is totally unacceptable after all this time that nothing has improved. If Affinity apps will ever become an Adobe substitute (and I've long hoped for that), they must continuously be improved. That's not happening now, nor has it in the last two years since my previous post in this thread. It's unacceptable and a crying shame.
  14. Or Affinity Publisher could just import IDML files, which is how Adobe handles InDesign files across older versions. Maybe that would lower than impossibility chance to only 55.125%.

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