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  1. LOL. I am NOT "wrong." I do know the English language natively, so perhaps there is a translation error on your part. 🙂 "For years" & "6 years" are pretty much one and the same, my friend. It really is a long time in computer years. With that said, it doesn't matter if Adobe has been around longer than Serif. "Why not," you ask? Quite simply because we are NOT asking Serif to recreate EVERY SINGLE FEATURE of Adobe apps. You got upset and jumped to conclusions in thinking that was being asked of me and others like me. That was not and is not what is being asked. As such, any comparison between those 6 years and Adobe's app existence since the 1980's (even before Adobe acquired those apps), is largely irrelevant because we are talking about a simple few features here and there. They are key features though, which is why I keep pounding on them as people come across these ancient, spider-web laden threads originally started by me. Based on what you wrote, I seriously doubt that if I stopped what you call "whining" that you would respond in kind and suddenly stop bashing your fellow Affinity lovers over their strong persistence in asking for a few new features. Let's face it. We are in the same boat whether you like it or not. The fact we all have purchased and use Affinity apps puts us in that boat. Some of us have different needs though. It would be great if you could be more open-minded about that, but I realize some folks prefer to worship the status quo and avoid thinking beyond the box of features they already have. But here's the thing... If the existing feature set pleases you, great! I'm happy for you. I really am. But please don't bat the rest of us over the head for asking for more -- even during those times we ask for it repeatedly and even provocatively. If ultimately Serif does add more features that tickle Adobe users pink and bring even more them over to Affinity apps, those new features won't IN ANY WAY transform Affinity apps into the Adobe apps you seem to dread. Again, we're talking a few features here and there. That's it in a nutshell.
  2. I disagree profoundly with most of the above 3 statements, although the second half of the third sentence above does seem like an admission of sympathy toward your fellow Affinity app users, which I sincerely very humbly appreciate. But I must refute the other statements as follows... Is it “respectful” to boldly say that you "don't like" your fellow Affinity users repeatedly requesting something you yourself do not find necessary? (If one answers “yes“ to that question, then one must recant and admit that users asking for features which resembles PS must also be deemed "respectful." But if one answer is “no“ to that question, then one’s own statement about "disrespect" suddenly becomes null and void.) I personally feel we give Serif our biggest "respect" when we pay them money for their software. If one tries to argue with me saying, "Yeah, but we don't pay much," I shall boldly refute such by saying, "that is the fault of Serif, not you or I!" What if Serif approached us and said, "would you pay us a bit more for some of the features you have been requesting?" I have little doubt most users who want those features would say YES! And yet, Serif has never given us such an opportunity. They don't even engage us in the forums either, unlike other developers do. So all is left is for us to express our pain and suffering as best as we can in this forum, in hopes that someone in a power position at Serif will one day read what we write, then kick the engineers in the pants to get cracking on it! Yes, I can be provocative in what I write, but so was Steve Jobs with his people. Sometimes you have to be a bit forthright to clear stubbornness out of the way and make a little progress. Some will hate you for that, but many others will love you for the end result. Next, you said you are 100% sure about Serif's intentions. That is a bold statement. Yet you do not work for Serif as per your admission of being an "outsider." Again, I appreciate your saying "the balance is not right," as that plainly justifies all I have written to date. But the fact remains you made a very big assumption on the part of Serif which you really cannot be 100% sure about. But let's analyze that by considering just how many YEARS it has been since Affinity apps first came out... What headway has Serif made in dethroning the Adobe beast in all these years? Answer: Hardly any at all. Is there any clear evidence Affinity app users are growing by leaps and bounds? No, I cannot see that. That is not the fault of price though. That is not the fault of NOT having a horrid subscription model. Serif is brilliant in having made those decisions! I sing the name of Serif unto the highest heavens for that! That is why I am still here, my friends! I really do love Serif's creations. I just find them lacking in some areas and everything within my being screams out at me to voice those deficiencies. So what then is the problem with growing our user base? Is it that people refuse to use any software without the holy "Adobe" named stamped upon it? Doubtful. Is it that people want to continuing working as they always have, with a familiar set of tools, yet without that horrid and detestable subscription model? I cannot speak for everyone here, but in my own case, that is a resounding YES! And yet, for some users of Adobe apps, the feature set of Affinity apps is still incomplete. Again, it's not like Affinity apps came out yesterday, last week or even last year. These apps have been around FOR YEARS, and yet the feature set is not advancing in such a way to break more Adobe users away from the very subscription model they hate — they do hate it, if they admit the truth. Therefore, I must logically conclude that Serif is trying to forge its own path without thinking much of Adobe users, merely hoping that Affinity becomes so popular in the market that popularity alone will magnetically pull Adobe users toward Affinity apps. But if that is indeed the way they think (and I am not "100%" sure about that), Serif is deliberately overlooking the fact that to become big in this market, you must pull users away from Adobe. How does one pull users away from Adobe, you ask? Answer: COMPELLING FEATURES! That is the very heart of this thread and my other feature request threads. All said... Serif, please stop dilly-dallying and just implement "Set White Point, Photoshop-style." We want it. You know it would be great. Now be like Nike and JUST DO IT. THANK YOU!
  3. Better not talk about it too loudly or @fde101 will be telling you that "your expectations are not in line with reality." 🙂 The sad reality is that Serif really doesn't care. If they did, it would have been implemented by now or they would have cared enough to have one person from their company actually read this forum and chime in now and then. I am in the forums of other software where it's a night and day difference. Some developers care, while others don't.
  4. In the midst of a dark and dreary pandemic, I certainly appreciate a good laugh. The folk at Affinity knowing the word "soon"! LOL! (I started this thread on July 14, 2015.)
  5. @Ron P. Rather than waste so much effort getting argumentative with me, I think we would all be best served if you pitch that idea directly to Serif. But to answer your question, I would be able and willing to pay a fair value for Affinity software products if and only if they promise not to move to a subscription model. That’s the key for most people. Subscriptions make sense until you run out of money. That’s why I subscriptions are stupid in the long haul for consumers. And that my friend is precisely why Affinity products even have sales value and is why so many want to ditch Adobe.
  6. Mark, as you can see, this thread hasn't been updated since my last post in 2017. Serif has zero interest in making improvements that pertain to what this thread is about. As such, I shutter to think at just how long you may need to wait for a bug fix! Please try to email Serif directly, and then report back here to let us know if they actually respond. Thanks.
  7. I'm happy to hear it, because that is precisely what I have been trying to do, working here in Japan for a Japanese company. But despite my speaking in native English, my words in this forum are still largely ignored. No action by Serif on this or most of my other feature requests. It's very disappointing. It wouldn't be if I had only yesterday or last week made the request, but many things I have mentioned were years ago. 5 YEARS since the start of this thread! There's no excuse for not having implemented improvements to crop marks in that time. None whatsoever.
  8. Exactly what I have been saying, yet I am largely ignored by Serif. (I've lived continuously here in Japan for more than 25 years.)
  9. It's not a matter of "users thinking their favorite improvements are the most important ones." It's a matter of TIME combined with other people who chime in and agree that would be a major improvement too. I am of the strong opinion that time should slowly but surely bump up feature requests in terms of importance, such that they too ultimately get implemented. A 5 year wait is too long, especially since we are still waiting. I have yet to engage Serif in a conversation here in the forums about my feature requests. And yet, I engage the developers of other software products in their forums all the time. For example, Blocs is a web design app that I use, and I engage the developer, Norm, every few days. And since Serif is not the size of Adobe, it cannot be said "Serif is too big to care on that level." Prior to that, I used SoftPress Freeway, and I engaged the developers constantly, including the very engineers who wrote the program code. I also am on beta lists of various apps, which takes feedback to a whole different level. So it's not just me, some random guy on the internet, who posts a feature request last week and then gets upset it isn't yet implemented. I am a realist, but at the same time, I am aware that Serif really doesn't put a lot of effort into implementing significantly meaningful feature improvements that would have persuasive impact on Adobe app users. Rather than make excuses for the way things are, I'd like to see a more proactive approach on the part of Serif to engage people about features in the forum and start implementing old feature requests that have a lot of user support. Only that is going to make a difference in the mind of many users. Simply telling us about "the way things are" isn't reassuring at all.
  10. I reject that defense of the status quo insofar as my original post on the topic was July 2015. It is now almost April 2020. They've had plenty of time, and the fact they don't glean good ideas from us in the forum is a serious fault, not something worthy of defending. Some of the best software companies actually listen to their users and prove that by participating in forums. Serif merely has shown they actually don't listen to anyone other than their own inner circle of engineers and marketing managers. No wonder so many still stupidly pay for that Adobe subscription. Affinity apps still aren't appealing enough for those users to make the move over. It's terribly unfortunate, and I am not going to hide that sentiment, even if it ruffles some feathers here. The truth needs to be said in hopes that feathers at Serif will finally get ruffled enough that they'll start to see the importance of listening to our opinions and acting on them.
  11. But one thing you overlook is the power of the consumer. Apple is a success today only because the consumer has chosen to direct their money toward Apple. At those times when consumers withdrew their funding, products died. The G4 Cube was an amazing machine and I own two of them, yet it failed in the market. And that failure was not tied to bad engineering choices. It really wasn't when you consider that we Mac users buy Macs for different reasons than PC users buy Windows PCs. It all boiled down to what VALUE the consumer perceived in the product. I believe those Mac-loving consumers were wrong, just as you believe folks such as myself are wrong when we advise Serif a certain way and get the cold shoulder. I believe the G4 Cube is a wonderful machine that was greatly misunderstood. But what ultimately will work or fail in the market is not something completely controlled by Apple or by Serif. That success largely depends on what ALL buyers of Apple products or Serif software decides as a group. In some ways, you are like me back in the day loving the G4 Cube when most other people didn't. Now that's not to say I don't like Affinity apps. I do. But I am pointing out that they are considered to be still lacking key functionality in the minds of some users such as myself, and despite our having tried to point out those lacking areas in the forum through THE YEARS, our efforts to inform Serif appears to have been ignored. You call it a deliberate action on the part of Serif to make a "better choice." But Steve Jobs no doubt thought the design and price point of the G4 Cube was "the better choice" too. The G4 Cube is but one example of many. Apple has not had perfect success with every product as you well know. But they were are still are a much bigger and more diverse company than Serif, so their mistakes did not take down the entire company. If Serif's direction, however noble and righteous you may argue it is, is ultimately not embraced by paying customers, it will then have been done in vain. Even if the consumer is technically wrong, catering to their wants and needs still makes good business sense. It's a fine and delicate balance, but you must create your roadmap with consumer wants in mind. Companies that forget the importance of that across their entire product line never have long term success. And I say all of this wanting Serif to have long term success. Indeed, if I was utterly apathetic toward Affinity apps or even hate them, I would not make all the time I have made to write all these words in this forum, nor would I waste my time with feature requests through the years. I want the apps to become better, even if that deviates a bit from Serif's current plan. Even if some contend "it's not best to make the path easier for Adobe users because there is a better way," I still feel it is right because that potentially brings more paying customers into the fold. The lifeblood of any company is not a noble and righteous goal but filthy lucre. It's a cold, hard reality.
  12. I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but that is the old, tired excuse I've heard over the last few years. We are not talking in terms of "weeks" or "months" but YEARS. I am understanding when months go by and nothing substantial changes, but "years" is an altogether different matter. I appreciate the contributions you've made to this forum, R C-R. Indeed, I have more respect for you than Serif for your tireless efforts in helping others. Even when you could not find a solution for someone, you worked hard to help them find it, as you tried recently with me. With 14k+ posts to your name, you have not only become a very helpful contributor to this forum, for which Serif should be grateful, but you are also very much an apologist for the way things are. I don't say that to slight you, but I mention it only to say that you are a very upbeat and optimistic person. It's only natural someone like yourself would argue for the positives of the Affinity suite as it stands right now. You appear to see the good in all things. I'm afraid I do not. Even so, Serif could restore joy in my soul, should they wish to make a greater effort. You're right. Serif has done "a few things" to make the apps better. And no doubt their work on Affinity Publisher prevented them from making Designer and Photo better. They also have the iOS platform to deal with. I understand that. But those were choices they made. And on some level I think they are important things, especially if one is setting out to replace Adobe apps. You need a full suit of apps to do that. But rather than make further excuses for the status quo, I seek to set a higher standard. I want them to press forward even harder than they have been with Designer and Photo. There are so many great feature requests that have yet to be implemented. If they set their mind to it, they could implement a lot of those improvements which would further drive Adobe users to Serif software. That's good for Serif and great for us as end users. I want Serif to see long term success. And the best way to ensure that is to not only make existing users happy but continue to surprise and thrill them, all the while bringing in new users who stare in awe from the Adobe camp, wondering what all the fuss is about. I want even veteran Adobe app lovers to gasp in disbelief when they use the Affinity suite, crying: "OMG! This is so much better than I thought!" But right now, many Adobe users are still a tad disappointed, not because Affinity apps merely do things a different way, but because they feel some key functionality is missing. Again, that's where those creaky old feature requests come in. They have cob webs on them now they are so old, still waiting for some engineer to take the baton and run until that code is finally implemented. If the top guy at Serif said, "Team, we're going to do this," it would get done. Set a lofty goal. Then do everything possible to blow past that goal. Where there's a will, there's always a way.
  13. That pales in comparison to what Steve Jobs would tell them. I am an old softy in comparison. But they really do need a Steve Jobsian style tongue lashing. NO EXCUSES! I refuse to sympathize with engineers I've never met. I can only judge them by what they deliver and what they don't. Lastly, I absolutely POSITIVELY refuse to "bear in mind how LONG THIS TAKES." This has taken YEARS and still nothing. The more people tell me to be patience, the more upset I become. I've you want to calm me and the rest of the disgruntled users down, you need to start sympathizing with us rather than the engineers you too have never met. And if those engineers wish to defend themselves, the forum is here, waiting for them.
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