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  1. 1. Launch Affinity PHOTO. 2. Open an image. 3. Layer (menu) > New Adjustment Layer > White Balance 4. You should now see the White Balance palette. Click the "Picker" button (there is no Eye Dropper). 5. You should now see crosshairs. Move those over a white portion of your image and click to set the White Balance. That's it. Alternatively, you could avoid digging down into the Layer menu by merely going to the right sidebar, then click on the icon that looks like this: White Balance is the second command down in that popup list.
  2. How long ago it was implemented is something I obviously do not know. But in terms of feature requests submitted that still haven't seen the light of day, I've got many going on 5 years now. Regardless, I refuse to argue about a matter now resolved. Thank you again for brining it to our attention. That brings this particular thread to a happy close! 🙂
  3. Very interesting how they slipped in that featured unnoticed by the rest of us in this thread. A simple, "hey guys, we listened, and here it is!" heads-up note in this thread would have be welcomed saved everyone a lot of trouble. But that is all moot now that it has been implemented. You were mildly condescending in tone (let's be honest), but your kind clarification of the new feature is nevertheless greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for having made the time to point it out to us. While there are many, MANY wanted features that remain unimplemented, the fact that this one made the cut does restore a tiny bit more faith in Serif. Great work!
  4. You missed my opening post on page 1 of this thread which explains it all in detail. And yes, as I later explained on page 1, having popup menu convenience for multiple anti-aliasing options is far more realistic and performance enhancing than curves, however powerful those curves may be. It's been almost exactly 6 years since my opening post, and thus far, no work has been done to address the core issue which I mentioned in my opening post. A lot of Affinity app users who are pleased with the status quo fail to understand that many Adobe app users HATE the Adobe subscription model and therefore would love to use Affinity apps full time, but they refuse to do so until certain key features are added. No, they aren't expecting a Photoshop or Illustrator clone. Affinity apps aren't even close to that. But what most hardcore Adobe app users want is just a little bit more. I recognized that 6 years ago. Serif still hasn't. That's it in an nutshell.
  5. Sorry to have to disagree with your 21,368 posts worth of experience, but Serif does NOT listen. Virtually none of the issues presented in my posts through the years have been addressed by Serif, and numerous other people share the same interest. "Obligation" means nothing. Yoda said it best... "Do or do not. There is no try." Whether Serif is under an obligation or not is irrelevant. They are not adequately engaging their own customer base, even after YEARS have passed. Ditto what I said previously. Many other software companies are active in their forums because they realize that's where their best feedback comes from. It therefore comes as no surprise that my most beloved software developers are the ones who do show clear signs that they listen, and help us, the little people, play proactive roles in moving the software forward. Excuses that praise the status quo do nothing to move the apps forward. All that does is just preach to the choir. I refuse to do that. If Steve Jobs had that yes-man personality, Apple itself wouldn't exist today. Thank you, @lastmartian for your post today. It reminded me that nothing has changed and kick-started my zeal to keep on Serif until they start to pay attention, for the good of all Affinity app users.
  6. It's been 6 years and plenty of time for any associated development cost to be a complete non-issue, especially so when you consider that a lot of Adobe app users want to make the transition to Serif apps but don't due to the lack of key features like the one being discussed.
  7. Insanity. Sheer insanity. Friend, we're talking about a Scissors tool to cut objects. That has nothing to do with quality. With the status quo of things, you have to do more operations to get the same result as less operations in Illustrator. Some hate to hear it, and go off on tangents trying to defend THE WAY THINGS ARE, but that is what I am talking about -- a tool that doesn't require you to "convert" anything and just cuts when you click once on the object.
  8. LOL. You'll be defending the status quo until your last breath. That's fine. But I will be defending change until mine. I'm happy to agree to disagree. I think it is possible to manipulate software to do just about anything. I think if there's a will, there's always a way. I think it could be changed to please both you and me. The secret? Vision and determination. That's it in a nutshell.
  9. LOL. Defending the status quo of doing something that takes longer is something only diehard fans could appreciate. I am totally open-minded when it comes to software. I hate the Adobe subscription model, but I prefer certain key features. And if on reads through these forums one sees I am not alone. This isn't about making Affinity a clone of Adobe apps, but rather adding something greater to an already great app. So no need to get feathers ruffled over somebody like me asking for the status quo to be disrupted for the sake of something faster. Many defended horses when cars came out. Sometimes, you need to go with what's faster, even if it pollutes more.
  10. The specific answer to your question is this: Print: RGB (for regular printing to something like an inkjet or even for use only on a computer) Press Ready: CMYK (primarily used for offset printing) You will not see a change in the right sidebar, in the Colour format popup, until you click on one of the presets like A4 paper.
  11. Perfect! Thank you! Perhaps you can help me understand one related thing. I went to a new document to test what you said but now I get "px" in that Stroke Width field rather than "mm". Can you tell me how to set it back to "mm"? Toggling "Show Lines in points" in the Prefs doesn't resolve that issue.
  12. Unfortunately, I am unable to repeat this using precise steps. I had been using Affinity Designer for about an hour on my MacOS High Sierra 5K iMac with 32GB RAM, mostly with FontAwesome font pack icons placed on a new document. I was using Layer > Geometry > Divide and Create/Release Compound manipulations mostly. When I then used the Corner Tool on a sharp edge on one of the parts of an icon, Designer suddenly crashed. Attached is the crash log. I relaunched Designer and tried to reproduce the crash in vain. CrashLog_March19-2021.txt
  13. I appreciate the above tip very much because it allows me to show the Stroke in millimeters to match my preference in Illustrator. However, the big problem is that Affinity Designer shows "0" for very thin Stroke widths, whereas Illustrator shows me exactly what I typed. For example, type in a Stroke width ("Weight") of 0.01mm in Illustrator and press Return, you will see 0.01mm in that field. That is intuitive and what you should get. Sadly, Affinity Designer shows only "0" in the field which is NOT correct. Hovering my arrow pointer over the field also shows an "unknown keyword" tooltip sometimes, despite the fact my having typed 0.01mm visually makes the line on the canvas thinner than say 0.1mm. It would therefore be appreciated if this bug in Designer can be fixed to show the exact value I typed, not some rounded down value that is absolutely wrong. 0 ≠ 0.01 Thank you.
  14. This is the unfortunate tragedy in not having a dedicated Scissors tool like Illustrator. It's not just the conflict with Illustrator muscle memory. Productivity drops tremendously. You see, in Illustrator, I can sketch a circle, then type C to select Scissors, then click on two points on the circle to cut it. No "Convert to Curves" required. It's fast and just works. That is what we all need in Affinity Designer, if we are truly honest. Bring on the Scissors tool!
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