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  1. Also we need the ability to switch to picas from the rulers. I realize this beta was probably rushed out and you intended to add these things later but I just thought I would make sure by pointing out that they still need to be added. Thanks!
  2. It seemed to me that you run the drawing and photo personas from within Publisher. Quark and ID have had limited drawing and photo editing tools so I think Affinity will one up the competitors by offering more then just very basic editing right from within the layout tool. If this is the way Affinity works with Designer and Photo I don't see why Publisher would be much different with personas.
  3. Nevermind, the latest beta fixed this . Affinity Suite still needs the ability to change naming and tags from the menu bar though.
  4. Publisher is the only app that is missing the tags field. Also it would be nice if all Affinity let you change file names and tags from the menu bar like other mac apps.
  5. Wow, I didn't know Publisher converted 3p6! Interesting, I haven't really been using Publisher much beyond the first week since I don't plan on it getting roughly where I want it to be in the near future. I might use it more in a year depending on much it advances.
  6. This works with Quark but currently it doesn't appear that you can use units of measurement that way in Publisher. This needs to be done as easily as Quark.
  7. And both the x and y at the same time. At one point I think InDesign only let you change one at a time.
  8. I wasn't aware of there being different kinds of picas. The important thing to me is to have 12 points per pica. Whatever that is.
  9. Who is saying we should get rid of the other units of measurement? We are talking about adding one not subtracting.
  10. Sometimes not using a computer for part of a project makes sense. A computer is just one tool available to you. Analogies don't always work since they are approximations by definition.
  11. @h_d It's not important that you understand all those different conversions on Wikipedia. Mainly you just need to know that 1 pica is 12 points.
  12. Right, for a house a would use the larger unit of measurement and for a billboard I would use a larger unit of measurement. If I person is only casually in this field I wouldn't expect them to know details like this but if it's their profession it would be a good thing to learn.
  13. Mike to go back to my dollar/cents example, you can use the dollar system for listing the price of a mansion or a pair of socks. The fact that one is of a vastly higher quantity doesn't mean that it can't be used. So yes, I could use picas for a letter piece of paper or poster or whatever large item you are designing on. But points (which Affinity currently supports) can become pretty high numbers when designing for a billboard. Yes douglasrthomson, while I have done large scale work (trade show displays) I haven't done it with piacs but I can image there would be a large enough size where that would be useful. It seems like I have done point type that is in the 500 ballpark.