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  1. I agree that the capability would be at a higher level with Affinity especially with the awesome idea of a single file format being used across several apps. I just think that even if you didn't have capability right away but had partially compatibility that will still be a massive step forward from where they are now. I would be more patient with Serif if it weren't for the fact that they are entering an area that is pretty mature. I would rather they spend the bulk of their time on emerging tech.
  2. Further more Serif only has compatibility with two apps and I know that the compatibility on the Adobe side is certainly way more then two. Adobe had an in road when they first competed with Quark in that apparently Quark had some problems at that point, but today Serif is going up against at least two good layout applications. That is going to be very hard to compete against. I just don't know how you are going to do that, I don't know how they are going to take on two Goliaths at the same time. Adobe has been getting around to fixing the long standing complaints with their InDesign. Serif need to use their time wisely.
  3. I not sure what compatibility you are referring to but I know that the compatibility between Adobe and Macromedia apps got way better during the CS3 and CS4 updates. This happened nearly a decade ago just to show how far the competition has to play catch up with making their programs work better together. There are certainly merges that can go out of control but no one here can honestly say that the Adobe-Aldus merge was a bad decision. Adobe needed a layout solution right away and merging made their product line up better in both the short term and the long term.
  4. Adobe's merges do several things; they kill off would be competitors, that is true, but doing this also makes their programs work better together. Many of Adobe's competitors seem to think that they can compete with Adobe with just one or two apps which is absurd. They don't need to be the size of Adobe but they certainly need more then two apps.
  5. Patrick, You are entering the layout field far too late. Practically everything I can think of wanting in a layout program is more a matter of tweaking the current features rather the rebuilding the whole program from the ground up. Very few people are going to wait 10 years for Serif to build an app that is on par with the current pro layout apps. It would make much more sense to do a Lightroom competitor that is still a pretty new type of software and actually has room for innovation. Adobe just came out with a new less feature rich Lightroom so trying to compete with that would be a lot more manageable. It would also make a Affinity Photo a more serious contender. A lot of what I want to see from Serif layout wise is to make Designer and Photo better at doing simple layouts like I was talking about in that post from about a year ago. Those programs still don't do some of the most basic layout functions.
  6. A few good merges would do wonders for Serif's placement against Adobe. Adobe's merges are one of the main reason they are in the position they are in. They went overboard merging with companies that they were much in direct competition with but Serif could certainly merge with companies that serve as compliments, it is necessary really.
  7. Has there been problem with FreeHand effects in the past?
  8. Can you tell me how to make attachments work in a private message? I only see a way to send you the attachments I have already uploaded.
  9. I think Adobe's recent releases have been dragging for a while. If competition plays their cards right they can leap in head of them I believe. Doing some merges would put them in a better position.
  10. Having the two products works together is something that we really help both companies greatly. Adobe can always say that their own products have tighter integration to sway people onto their side.
  11. It took Adobe even longer then six years to attain all the features of PageMaker, that is one reason PageMaker wasn't killed off the day ID 1.0 come out. That is why I was saying who knows how long it will take until after Publisher 1 comes out until the product is on the same level of the current industry standards. Certainly too long to wait.
  12. I should also point out Adobe bought Aldus so that they could have an immediate solution (PageMaker) and a long term solution that would eventually replace it (ID.) Serif needs to think in both the short term and long term. It took Adobe about a decade to replace PageMaker with ID.
  13. It is hard to know they will be a competitor when we have no product to compare it to. Native is essential since it lets you pick which layer you need to import; I have an Illustrator file logo file that has a color version, grayscale, one without gradients, a striped version for applications were even greyscale is too much information (printing the logo directly onto a coffee container.) I really don't want to have to keep going back to the illustrator file and exporting out each time I need a variation on the file. I just need to do a search for the logo and then select the specific layers needed; don't make this a ten step process, I don't have time for that. I should point out Adobe has had this feature for 10-15 years. I can't keep wanting however more years it will take Serif to come out with a product that is on par with ID/Quark. Serif themselves doesn't even know how long that will take.
  14. What would really hold me over until AP is released would be if the people at Serif could work with Quark so that Affinity files could open up natively in xPress. Being able to import files into a page layout program without first needing to export would be really nice and, I would think, minimal work on your behalf.
  15. I have a FH file that extensively uses the glow effect; I am wondering if AD can't open that? Another FH files without the effect appears to be able to open the file.