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  1. Nobody is talking about big icons. Time to catch up to 2012 high res monitor tech and now focus on issues that are worthy of discussion. Unsubscribed.
  2. People are way over thinking this stuff. Using an extra 1% of the screen isn't worthy of this much discussion. If that extra sliver of screen space is really that important then it's time to buy a bigger monitor. More important things to talk about.
  3. You can do two columns now. I generally don't use that format but it is currently available.
  4. And also it needs to be added in to the current version 1.7. High res monitors have been out for the better part of a decade.
  5. Doubling the size wouldn't be make them big though. It would make them go from microscopic sized to almost approaching medium size. When I read an article on the new Photoshop I saw that they were catching up with some of the exclusive Affinity features and also adding many options for change the size of icons so if this doesn't get addressed Serif might have some problems. The first retina display on a Mac came out about 6 to 7 years ago so this ultra high res tech is actually brand new at this point. I would have expected it many years ago. The current size is also wasteful on a 27" display. Nearly half of the toolbar is just blank so it would barely be taking up any more space!! The current amount of screen space is like what... maybe 2%? So doubling it would be going up from 2% to 3%?
  6. A good part of the release notes pointed out the changes being made to to the UI in 1.7. I sure hope the tiny icons on the left hand side of toolbar get doubled in size before 1.7 gets released. Programs like Graphic and Quark are much better sized.
  7. I must have forgotten about adding that shortcut. Going to the develop persona is usually the first thing I do so it made sense to set it up that way.
  8. If you type control+shift+R into the box I bet it will stop you in 1.7. It will probably work in 1.6
  9. It turns out something else is interfering which is what I would have guessed. Probably a new 1.7 feature has taken that shortcut. There might be some other shortcut for develop in 1.6 Windows since Windows doesn't have a command key.
  10. I used to use a shortcut to get into the develop persona (command+shift+d ?) but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Did that go away?
  11. This works too, I just need to find the texture to overlay the image with. I have heard photocopiers can be good to get this technique as well. Another student I was doing this assignment with used the photocopier to warp text by moving the text as it was copying. It was a pretty neat effect! I look into it. If I had a decent selection of filters to pick from I probably wouldn't need Photoshop any more. The nice thing about computers though is that they give you some control over to what degree you want to apply an effect which is nice. The old tech way I am sure could bring up different great results.
  12. I can see halftone being used at some point. I don't think I would describe the images as low quality in the same way a low res image would be. With this album cover you have the text that has been spray painted on top scratched at bottom with an image that is leaving out just the amount of detail that the designer decided on in a filter. I know I talked about newspaper in the title of this topic but I should have said I am trying to find an assortment of dirty looking filter / effects that can be combined in several collages across the project. Just wondering too, are there third filters available for Affinity?
  13. I wonder why that is? I would be nice to do more plug-in/filter work with Affinity. @GarryP That is a pretty neat magazine effect. The main look I am going is for a punk rock styled book (here is a few pages.) Basically I am just trying to make the images more rough looking whether that be through newsprint or other techniques.
  14. Are there instructions for how to properly install the PS filters into Affinity? I couldn’t find how to do that under preferences. I assume that is a way to search for Photoshops filter folder? I never knew you could get similar effects just by using adjustment layers! I’ll have to try experimenting with that. I am doing an assortment of collages using about five different filters. I wonder how much can be done with adjustment layers?
  15. It seems like there would just be a way to add filters in the menu? I noticed that at the bottom of the Filters menu is a menu item call plugins, I would think that is where you add additional filters that are not installed by default?