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  1. KipV

    Looking for an Adobe Bridge replacement?

    Nice to know there is some good competition on both platforms! Serif is taking on the Adobe's graphics programs and we now have similar bridge products. In some ways they doing better then bridge since part of bridge died when Mini-Bridge inside of InDesign was killed.
  2. KipV

    Looking for an Adobe Bridge replacement?

    Update, the developer keeps putting out great updates in the betas since I wrote my initial post. Dark mode in Mojave has been wonderful. He also has another file navigation program called Tembo that hopefully should get updated soon as well.
  3. Something strange I noticed when I exported a simple two page layout recently. Publisher didn't export the file as it looks in the program currently but rather as an old version from several days ago. I have never seen anything like this as I exported files in the past. Has that happened to anyone else? I don't use Publisher a lot but I thought I would try it out with a simple layout.
  4. He is probably referring to the internal company betas which have been in worked on for the last year. I think when you are starting an entire suite from scratch (about 5 years ago) putting a year into developing a suite that has far tighter integration then the Adobe competition isn't strange at all. Not only has Serif developed a nice suite on computer but also has several apps on iPad which they are ahead of Adobe.
  5. KipV

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I am still getting this gap in the adjustment layer panel. Not sure if that was supposed to have a fix in this beta. A developer just reproduced this bug recently so a fix might have been planned for a future release, not sure.
  6. Sometimes I like to zoom out and look at one of my layouts but I noticed that with Publisher the pages are so close together that I can't just focus on one layout at a time. In this case I am designing a YouTube thumbnail so I want to see what it will look like reduced way down. With Designer I could just select the art board tool and space the art board apart but there doesn't seem to be a similar solution like this on designer. I would prefer to stay working in Publisher since it is a real design tool. Is there some option for selecting page spacing?
  7. KipV

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    @Patrick Connor Extensions seem to be working fine for me now. I can also export the photo from Photos to Affinity Photo, save changes and those changes come back into Apple Photos. Good to see that fixed, that hasn't been working too well for me even in the stable version.
  8. KipV

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I didn't remember that happening with 1.6 betas but I maybe I just forgot about it? Is anyone else having this problem with the customer beta?
  9. KipV

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I should also point out that the Pixelmator extensions in the screenshot are working fine.
  10. KipV

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    That is not the case with me. I shut everything off in 1.6 off and still get the error message. I used to be able to run stable and beta versions side by side also.
  11. It seems to be working from my laptop now (1.6) but I don't think it was working that way from my desktop last night. Anyways what should be important at this point is that it works in 1.7.
  12. Copy and paste is greyed out for me in 1.6. I wonder why? Is it grey out for other people in 1.6? That's pretty interesting, I didn't even think about Designer having adjustment layers since it doesn't have a tab in the sidebar. I will have to start working with those developer persona presets some more. It would be awesome to be able to see several photos and edit them at the same time like how you can see a line of photos in Lightroom and apply that same adjustment at once.
  13. I just noticed this feature in 1.7! I love doinh that in Lightroom so I am so excited that Affinity now does this! I checked to see if 1.6 could do this and it appears that it can not. This is very quick editing if you have a photo shoot all done in the same place and all photos in the shoot need to be adjusted by about the same amount.
  14. KipV

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I can't get the Affinity Photo 1.7 extensions to work in Apple Photos (1.6 works.) I assume this is a known bug? Just haven't heard anyone talk about it so I wanted to check.
  15. KipV

    Looking for an Adobe Bridge replacement?

    Here is the website for that the developer just sent out today. The beta is free for the next month or so. I would highly recommend checking it out. Just noticed my question above said "Where you" instead of "Were you." Who made those words so similar? lol