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  1. This bug appears to have been fixed in Publisher. I tried to see if it was fixed in Designer but the window will not show up for me on the laptop. (I can see it in stage manager and expose only and probably on my large screen if I had access to it.) So right now I can't test that bug on Designer.
  2. There are many drop down options for betas and by their names it could easily fall under several of those categories.
  3. I've been away from my large screen for a week so I don't have my usual dual screen setup. As I tried opening the documents they don't come up in full screen. I can see a preview of them in Stage Manager and Expose. Their name is listed when I hold down on the Designer icon but when I select the file it never opens up to full screen. 2.1.1 works fine.
  4. I'm on Intel and its been a while since I've had to reset NVRAM so I'll have to look that up. I'll try restarting it now.
  5. This worked for me by making the toolbar clickable so I was able to drag it over to the studio display. Thankfully I didn't need the top part the window to show in order to drag it over like I do with many programs! That would have made things really difficult.
  6. I don't know when this problem started. The studio display is new and I haven't used Designer much after I got it about two months ago. As soon as I drag the pointer off of the toolbar area it is no longer there. I found there are several tool this happens for not just the node tool. It also effects artboard tool, Contour, Corner, Pen, Pencil. None of them show up when I drag them into the workspace. Other tools work just fine though. The vector brush and vector fill tools show up just fine.
  7. If I click on an object and select something with the invisible node pointer tool then the pointer shows up and I can select the objects. Of course it is very hard to select something when I can't see the pointer but it almost half works the right way. This is a very critical bug since I do most of my work on the large display.
  8. This is what I see on my laptop. I have a dual monitor display and try to open design on my big screen but it keeps opening on the small laptop screen. It just start doing this with the last beta and the current 1971. Designer 2.1 doesn't do this or the other Affinity apps.
  9. Nice, that worked really well. I didn't see the "missing fonts" section the first time I went through the dialog. I thought that the "all fonts" section would also contain the missing fonts too. That is a pretty nice feature especially for basic documents like mine that don't really require a lot of character style set up.
  10. I was wondering how to do it in find and replace but couldn't find where to change the font. Is that an option?
  11. I was trying to change it to Times New Roman in the Font Manager dialog but it doesn't seem like there is a way to do that? I didn't set up character styles since it is just the same badge style repeated over and over. I didn't see a need to change the font later down the road. Do I now need to select each font and switch them over?
  12. Yes I have both Times and Times New Roman installed. Here is the screenshot of my Font Book with those two fonts. Both of the fonts run fine in Apple Pages.
  13. Okay here is a file with some type from my document I have copied over. Different types of TImes Roman coming up wtih errors.afpub
  14. I am not sure if this is a bug. I have Times New Roman on my machine, I see it in Font Book, I can choose the font in Publisher and other apps but Publisher keeps telling me that it is a missing font. I don't think that is the case. Otherwise wouldn't it also be mentioned when I am in other apps? Even when I am in Publisher it doesn't seem to have a problem exporting the file with that font on it.
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