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  1. @MEB Oh good, I hope that has been fixed. One of my machines is still on Sierra was it also fixed on Sierra?
  2. Can you go into detail by what you mean when you say: "Fixed “Edit In..” Photos integration"? I have had a lot of problems getting changes in AP to get saved back to Photos, is that what this fixed?
  3. I just found out how to do clippings straight from within Quark: Quark FB group discussion about clipping Doing it this way might make the most sense since I would only have to use two apps in this workflow instead of three. I can do the basic editing in LR export, and clip in Quark rather then LR edit, Photoshop clipping path, and then import into Quark.
  4. Deleting the inverse selection should leave you with a checkered or white background. What we are trying to do is get rid of the background. This is a popular operation to do in Photoshop.
  5. Yes, that is enabled (I wasn't even aware of that option.) What I am trying to do is make it so the box around the object goes away. This way when you bring it into a layout app that box will not block the surrounding objects. As far as I can tell you need Photoshop to do this or you can do it straight within the layout tool. I tried doing it in ID once and wasn't very impressed with the result. Hopefully Quark can do this better.
  6. @dutchshader, What dialog box are you at in Quark? It looks like it is in German so I can't tell. I am not familiar with alpha channels in Quark. I just had a thought, I once heard that Quark has good drawing tools, can I use those tools to do the whole clipping path in Quark!? That would be really nice! @MikeW I made a clipping in Affinity so that I got the checkered background. When you say "delete the mask and remove the background" I don't understand that. Don't I need the mask to make the clipping work? I may be better for me to just use Photoshop for the time being (and maybe Quark for doing the clipping?)
  7. Ideally the way it should work (at least in Photoshop) is that the clipping should cut out the white or whatever background there is so that you can see other objects. I know how to cut out an object in Affinity so that I can see other objects below it in Affinity but the problem comes when I bring it into a layout app and expect the clipping to work there.
  8. I am trying to cut around an image and put into a layout program like I can do with Photoshop. Am I really not able to do this Affinity? When I exported it I said "save without background" but the white background still comes into Quark. Is there a way to do a clipping path like you can with Photoshop?
  9. I still haven't been able to get this to work but it could very likely be user error.
  10. I wonder, who specifically doubted if Serif was working on a layout tool? Serif has said that they are working on a DAM and even though I haven't seen it I have no good reason to think that isn't true.
  11. With a movie I tend to want to know as little as possible but just enough to know if I am interested in seeing it. At this point with Publisher I haven't seen anything much that would compel me to get it since I already have both ID and Quark that do the same things. Like I have pointed out extensively in other threads I feel that the development priority should be given to Photo and especially Designer. If you take the innovative features from those products and couple them with many of the catch up features we saw yesterday you would have an amazing competitor. Both products are still pretty mediocre at doing basic layouts (meaning one or two pages not books.) To see my thoughts on that see the other posts I made about a year ago on this.
  12. I don't care about working vs. non working as much as I do about innovative vs rehashing old ground.
  13. I really doubt there are people who didn't think this product existed and Serif was just lying to us. It seems like your bar for success is set pretty low.
  14. @R C-R I would expect them to show things other products can't do. What is the point of a product that just does all the same things? The earliest demos of Photo and Designer showed things that the competitors couldn't do so this unveiling was largely a disappointment.