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  1. I wasn't thinking serif would do but a 3rd party. The ID one I was talking about is 3 party. Quark unfortunately doesn't have something like that which is surprising for how long it has been out.
  2. I would love to see a plug-in like Barcode maker that is on InDesign. I would like to pass off some of my barcode work to non-designers at my company but it's hard to justify them buying a copy of ID and Barcode Maker just so that they can do this one function. I wonder if there is a good solution to do this in Word? That way they could use a program that they are very familiar with.
  3. I am glad to hear Publisher is working right. I don't know enough about Word or using Word as a layout tool or tables inside of Word to know how things should work in that area. I am sure it would probably import better if it was just saved as plain text. I would think adding tables should be done with in the layout tool rather than the text file. That makes me think, with InDesign there is a way to strip out all (or nearly all) text formatting. Is that a feature that is available in publisher?
  4. There are already so many pro layout tools on the market at the moment. Would like to see them keeping breaking ground like personas before shipping the product. Lacking things like multiple files within one project file (like Quark) is too big of a step back in my opinion. That feature is really the way I use a layout tool.
  5. @Sean P I am not getting a nice laid out text like you have in your example. I sent you a screen shot of what I am getting on my end. I just sent it now.
  6. Ok, I uploaded both the Publisher file and the docx file. I am not sure how the docx was put together. It also looks like there was a table perhaps? It doesn't seem like the file needed a table though. I can't check it since I don't have Microsoft Word.
  7. Yes please, I would like the upload link or email.
  8. I dragged out a box and with the insertion point blinking and then went to import. Is that what you mean by having it selected or do I select the text box with the arrow tool?
  9. Upon restarting I am now able to import that document but the text isn't positioned the way I set up the text box. I had to go back and reposition the text box because it made it's own text box on import.
  10. I tried to import a .docx file and it locks up every time.
  11. Ok, that makes sense. I suppose that way you can you could see a preview image of each version in the Finder anyways. I'll just do it that way.
  12. I just noticed the clip feature which is a pretty neat function. I would like to make an unclipped version of the project I am working on and was wondering can I have both version in the same file? Do I make a duplicate of this file and have two separate files? When I make variations with Design and Publisher I do it within the same file.
  13. Exporting this file seems to be working a lot better in the recent build. My fan barely starts up now. Export felt like about five seconds.
  14. It seemed like they updated right after I saved. I should also mention they show up over 95% of the time. Nothing is disappearing at the moment. My other computer didn't have this problem (although I am not on that computer too much.) The file is 155MB, no where near 1.5GB. There are probably 30 layers including nested layers.
  15. Just to add to this bug I noticed that a group of images will disappear when I put them into a group. One time they reappeared right after I hit save.