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  1. @Johannes They did it with the other two apps so I would think it would work in a similar way with Publisher. I am actually more interested in the next Mac version. I hope a new version of that is right the corner. Even a bug release update would be very welcome.
  2. I only tested it on my 2020 MacBook Pro a little bit. I also have a 2017 iMac that I haven't had access to for a while but I am curious as to how performance will be different there.
  3. I haven't noticed much change on my Intel Mac but I am glad it works better for you.
  4. Many have pointed out that Apple is showing Affinity Publisher in it's ads for iPad Air 5. My guess is that this is where their attention is going at the moment. There is still one application in the lineup that hasn't been released even as a beta yet so it makes sense that this is their main focus.
  5. The already did this with Affinity 1.6 which largely didn't include many new features.
  6. Really?! Wow, I thought that was a standard feature now days.
  7. My screen brightness is usually turned pretty far up so these forums are hard to look at when they are that bright. I just haven't found the setting to switch it on.
  8. I switched to Capture One Pro I have been happy with the last two years of that. It's really caught up with nearly all the best features of Lightroom and I think is currently the best tool that does both cataloging and editing. Apple Photos extensions was an interesting idea but still think it's way behind Capture One. Also it will be on iPad now too.
  9. Affinity Photo on Mac is a stable product the only major bug for me is with extensions. The whole point of Apple's Photo app was to leave the more advanced features up to the 3rd party development and I find that component of the app still lacking. Other then Affinity being broken it takes far too many clicks to get in and out of 3rd party editing tools. I think most people where think that Photos could eventually work as a good replacement for Aperture that was released so long ago. I think you should expect more from Apple because I think Serif has been doing a much more solid job in the pro Photo area then Apple as of late. The rest of the tool works very well so I'm sure that is why is sells so good.
  10. Usually it takes them close to a year to put out a major feature product update and we are currently 4 months past 1.9 getting released. Publisher isn't going to go another 8 months before they put out multiple service releases. I don't think 1.10 would make sense for a release that is purely a bug fix release. Unless 1.10 ends up being a very minor feature update or is all about maintenance updates like 1.6. A lot of tech goes with "tick-tock-tick" release cycles alternating between major and minor updates. If 1.10 is a smaller release between major ones that would be fine by me.
  11. I have to wonder if Publisher won't continue with 1.9.x numbering scheme given that it is the one app that really has it's share of glitches yet to be fixed. I can't imagine them waiting until the next feature update of that product before issuing more bug fixes to the stable product. I also wonder if 1.10 will be as big of a feature release as 1.9 or if it will be something in between a smaller bug release and something like 1.9?
  12. Also Photo doesn't seem to have a ton of major bugs on my end so they might as well start adding features while software like Publisher keeps squashing bugs. The only major bug I have is that the Affinity Photos extension in the Apple Photos is still as broken as ever. I see this as being half Apple's fault. The two companies should be working together to fix that.
  13. Apple has had multiple versions of their beta products being developed at the same time recently. When MacOS 11.4 was a RC they were already onto the 11.5 beta.
  14. That's right, I always forget about that check box. I expect to see it in the main interface area instead of buried in preference box. I guess that is because I think of the change affecting a particular corresponding artboard and not be a document wide change.
  15. Is that under "document setup" or where do I find that? It looks like matte was set to none but it still comes out white.
  16. Also where is the option to make the white background not show for a png? I thought it was under the "more" section where it says "matte" but it isn't doing it.
  17. Oh whoops! At one point the blue used to be a spot color (when it was going to press) I don't know how I switched it over to cmyk. It was going to a cmyk printer at one point. That's probably the reason. Yes, as @Alfred said there is no need to log-in to Instagram. I am not sure why you are getting a log-in window instead the account page like he is but you probably don't need to see it at this point anyways.
  18. We have a logo that is a royal blue and it looks fine when I export it, meaning it looks like it does in the Affinity doc but it becomes a very light turquoise blue once I bring it into some other applications. I am exporting as a jpg since it is going to the web. Any idea on why I am getting this major color shift? To see a blue which is closer to what it should be you can see the icon on our Instagram. I set up the IG years ago so I don't know why that logo export worked and what I might have done differently. It should have been exported from designer as well. https://www.instagram.com/cascadeprecision/ It didn't really need to be that big but I couldn't find the buttons to easily make it smaller.
  19. Even MacOS 11 has been having some issues with downloading app updates.I don't know what is going on with the App Store.
  20. They did eventually download for me. I had to do the force quit and just wait a really long time. If it still takes that long in the future I probably have to try downloading it before going to bed at night.
  21. It only seems to be effecting the Affinity apps now. The force quit trick only fixed the other apps not made by Serif. Last week also had updates for Slack, Things, and Telegram. They all installed. Is it partly something Serif is doing that needs to be fixed?
  22. Yes and it looks like the trick fixed it. Thanks for the tip! I can't believe an app store can have service like that and still take a 30% cut of the profits.
  23. I have two Macs and MAS let get the updates on one but not on the other. I have been trying to download it for days now. I really wish I didn't get Affinity through the App Store now. Is there a way to fix an App Store that doesn't download? I need to stay up on bug fixes.
  24. I think they could, it is basically just a line drawing. So if the latest version can export as CS6 that would work. I have been wanting a document that explains the Illustrator / PDF connection so I will look that over.
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