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  1. The bug is that you cant enter more than 100% when you edit text styles. But can in the character panel. The only way you can edit that valeu above 100% is by changeing some text and updateing text style and you can see that the value can be bove 100% but it cant be enterd manually.
  2. Cant change the value above 100% in Edit Text Style/Optical Alignment. In Character panel it can be changed above 100% as shown in the image. 120% can be added only by Updateing the text style from selected text frame.
  3. Hope soon some progress on this feature. I as well need this for annual reports that i make. But we will do the workarounds till than.
  4. The same goes for Nondestructive Compound. Accept the object cant be selected when in Outline mode. You need to remove the mask and edit and than reattach the mask. Here is a file. Group - NonD Compound - as mask -- No dropdown arrow.afdesign
  5. As you can see the objects are not selectable individually since the dropdown is missing. But if you go to Outline view mode and select one, than they appear.
  6. Adjustment layer inside symbol effects all objects. And Symbol as mask makes the object disappear. Not shore about this one since there is no shape to act as mask. Attached file. Symbol adjustment layer BUG.afdesign
  7. Have noticed that when you have a Constraint group, the live filters get disabled. Have attached file to see the diference. Constraints Group - Disables live filters.afpub
  8. It would be really good to se the curvature shape (the blue lines on the curve) of the curve like shown in this image for fine-tuning the curves and shapes. Don't know if there is a name for the feature.
  9. I think it would be good to add an option on export SVG for curves to be Expanded, so that the strokes are maintained in original files. Making icons for instance. Canva doesn't support strokes on SVG, only fill color can be changed. Probably it would come handy in some other situations. Mabey under PDF and EPS as well. THX
  10. I use live filters because its non destructive. Because you cant add them in Designer I shift to Photo to add them. Because it happend in Photo, I reported it here. Because the shadow effect is limited, I can make a custom shape with the help of the blur effects in Photo. The workaround was grouping the objest and changeing the opacity. Usualy a simple group layer saves me from bigs and glitches.
  11. I think im running on the latest win update. Have forgotten to update signature.
  12. Effect is used on a shape while in Artboard layer and if you change the shapes opacity, only part of the shape is effected. The video is below that shows the process. 2021-04-12 17-36-51_Trim.mp4 2021-04-12 17-36-51_Trim.mp4 2021-04-12 17-36-51_Trim.mp4 2021-04-12 17-36-51_Trim.mp4
  13. Some big problems with linked frames and pinned/inline objects. Impossible to work as the undo is ignored. The file was imported IDML. Here is a video. 2021-02-13 19-02-24.mp4
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