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  1. Dont know how to explain this but I'll try. I tried to make an asset of a grouped same symbol in a grid to use it as a template for a pattern. I've added it to asset pannel. Than I open a new document and insert the Asset I made and the grouped symbol is made into individual symbols under Symbol panel.
  2. Hi. I don't know if this is possible but is it possible to add custom DPI on some objects in the same file. For example i like the color noise effect but the noise grain depends on the files DPI. If i change that to make the grain bigger by lowering the DPI than images also lose resolution if the document DPI is changed. So maybe adding some custom setting for the noise grain size or DPI for custom objects. Thenk you.
  3. Designer crashes when you add Texture Line Style and change the stroke width to small and change Mitre to 1. I'm not shore but i think it doesn't crash if I disable my AMD graphic card under Device manager. I've noticed this while solving the problem with OBS screen recording. Am adding video to show the step of crash. 2019-10-24 11-02-07_Trim.mp4
  4. When you add a corner with Corner tool to the Shape tool (Diamond tool, Rectangle tool) it is ignored for snapping with the Point transform tool.
  5. If im not wrong, the bug is already in 1.73 version. Ive noticed it a few days ago.
  6. Yes it was imported from EPS file. I've posted this since many files are imported and worked on from other applications. One must be careful on every single thing when exporting. Its just a normal group and would not have thought that it would be rasterized. If a long document would be made it could be easily overseen in the process, because you would know its a vector shape. Maybe Serif can check on it and correct the process of export. THX for comments
  7. For some reason vector group is rasterized on expor to pdf. If i ungroup and group again it exports in vector. Am attaching files. UL100_FS_logoC_cmyk.afpub UL100_FS_logoC_cmyk.pdf UL100_FS_logoC_cmyk.afpub
  8. If you add Erase blend mode, it will nondestructive add contour of that shape inside the group. You can play a little with the gradient of the outline to achive some offsets. Am attaching my file. It would be cool to have same options on Outline as there are on Stroke. You could than add dashed line and change the corners from round to sharp and so on. Outline-Contour test.afdesign
  9. Guess that will do for now Its funny how many workarounds we find.
  10. You can do this by grouping two circles and going under Layer effects and apply outline.
  11. I would like to suggest that scale for printing should be separated into HEIGHT and WIDTH. Why? Well some printers are not calibrated that accurate and the prints are off by some %. Lets say an rectangle 10x10 would print 9.99x10.1. This would be impossible to scale it by the uniform scale that is now present in the printer settings. I loved that part in illustrator.
  12. Yes the document was made from new. Maybe I've scrolled by mistake to a different profile while working or making the file. This are the color profiles in AD. the Black scaled is listed.
  13. Have attached the files. Log.txt Color icc's.zip Hope I've done it correctly. Color icc's.zip

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