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  1. I've added a shortcut to hide left or right side of panels. I hide them with CTRL+LEFT or RIGHT arrow key.
  2. This should be fixed for the Point Transform Tool too. The Corner Tool is also ignored.
  3. When working on a long document with 50+ pages, it would be good to have some sort of mark/indication and comment/notes option. Mark to mark a page as finished with green color or for some other workflow. Note/comment to keep yourself organized. And maybe some other features that i cannot think of right now. Made a mockup to show what i mean. Thank you.
  4. Don't know if possible. I would add an override Contour tool possibility to the Scale Override function. So it can scale with the object when resized. For now it stays the same contour distance. Thank you.
  5. Don't know how this happened, but some guidelines cant be deleted and cant be seen until dragging a selection. Am attaching the file and a screen shot so you can see what I'm talking about. If you select artboards with drag select, the guidelines appear. They are not visible in the Guidelines Menu. Hope I can explain or show in video the proces how to make them visible in the menu. GuideLine BUG.afdesign Im useing Shift+WINkey+S for selecting screen shot. The draged screen shot must be taken outside of the area where the art board are, all the way to the panel. I am on windows 10, AD 2.1. Guidelines BUG 2.mp4
  6. I see. So its only not working in this top menu. I've tried the color and swatches panel and it works there. Thank you for the info.
  7. I don't know if its a bug or by design. in attached image you can see the Global spot colors. If they are used in a gradient fill, you cant change their opacity. Global colors are ok.
  8. Its not about function. My thougt was on the UI design. The space betwean icons is missing and the lines are not clear or to thick. The Publisher icons are for comparrison how I think it should be.
  9. Don't know but these icons don't seem right. Don't know if their a different design or the size is off. The icons should be looking more like ones in publisher. I think the *Requires restart needs some space on the right side.
  10. Dont know if this is by design. But the Color Picker tool is duplicated in the Customize tools menue.
  11. Affinity products are great. The best thing for me is the workflow you can have and that the adobe products lack badly for me. Affinity is young and things will come in time. The tools that are not present in designer I can find them in other software that is free. Incscape for image trace and edit shape. And copy paste is all you need betwean the programmes. For creating patterns you can use the Cavlary app for animations that is more or less free. The tools are usualy only that powerfull as the person that uses it. If you need a hammer and dont have one, use a wrench insted. How many cars would a mechanic fix if he complained over every russted bolt and wait for the car industrie to start makeing them in stainless so that the problem would be solved.
  12. The bug is that you cant enter more than 100% when you edit text styles. But can in the character panel. The only way you can edit that valeu above 100% is by changeing some text and updateing text style and you can see that the value can be bove 100% but it cant be enterd manually.
  13. Cant change the value above 100% in Edit Text Style/Optical Alignment. In Character panel it can be changed above 100% as shown in the image. 120% can be added only by Updateing the text style from selected text frame.
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