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  1. Thanks for the Edit detached. Have another question. Is there a way to change the orange line in Layer to a dashed line like in the image I'm attaching. With a right click or something. I know it changes if you place an image, but is there a just a click menu. Because when its dashed like this an image can be dragged inside without the Edit detached. THX
  2. The thing is i dont want it in master page. I know I can place an image with the place option in the File menu. But it seems impossible to do it with images already placed in on page or pasted images from clipboard.
  3. Doesn't give me that option for frames made in master pages. It only gives me that option when the frame is made directly on the page.
  4. Why isn't it possible to paste into picture frame that is added in master page and used as template. Or why isn't it possible to move the picture inside a frame from the layer panel. I can paste image with right click on frame that is made directly on page but cant do it on a frame from master page. THX
  5. Yes a lot of wired things happen when exporting to PDF. Live filters don't get exported and bleeds don't get exported or are offset to a different position. Live filter and bleed PDF.pdf Live filter and bleed PDF.afdesign
  6. I see you have the wrong fill selected. Go to the stroke and fill for cell of the table. You were at the frame fill. THX.
  7. Thanks for fixing
  8. If you go over the image with the eye-dropper. You can see that the color is not shown same in the table fill or stroke color. Am attaching an image . THX for the new app.
  9. Have found another bug where the bleeds dont work. Attached the files. If White Balance is added before the shape, it dose not export bleeds (TEST 1). But if you put in to the shape it exports bleeds (TEST 2). TEST 1 also takes longer to export than TEST 2. White balance BLEED PDF TEST 2.pdf White balance BLEED PDF TEST 1.afdesign White balance BLEED PDF TEST 1.pdf White balance BLEED PDF TEST 2.afdesign
  10. Hi, the bleeds dont export and the effect is also not exported. Have added a Gaussian Blur from APhoto on a shape. The result is that the bleed and effect are not exported in a PDF. Am adding the files. THX Untitled.pdf untitled.afdesign
  11. Makes no sense to use the Up or Down buttons if they only move by 0.0001 up or down with SHIFT or CTRL. If I want to move from 2.0000 to 3.0000. It only moves by 2.0010 with SHIFT. If set under settings for only 2 decimals (1.0). With shift it moves for 1.0 unit. If normal 0.1. CTRL 0.01 and so on. Depends on the Decimal Settings. THX 2019-06-12 08-44-20_Trim (2)_Trim.mp4
  12. As shown in image not all letters are effected when the buttons are used. When used from the menu it is ok. Or am I missing something and its suppose to be that way.
  13. If you have enabled decimals by lets say 6, than it moves up or down by the 5th decimal (0.000010). Other numbers like in transform menu move normal by one unit. Beta: .337
  14. Hmmm have tested other colors and are ok. Guess I've found a color that dose that.