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  1. I think its fixed in beta. But found another bug. If you use FX blur and Live filter blur. Something happens and clips object and dose not Blur. I know its not usable for the workflow but am just sharing the find. BlurFX BlurLF Effect.afdesign
  2. This is a beta for 2D animations. https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/ The way it works and connects manipulators, is weary nice to work with and create interesting shapes/things. Would be nice to have this type of workflow in ADesigner for patterns and other things created in AD. Hope when they release the final version it wont be a subscription. A collaboration with them would make an awesome animation software for Affinity Good luck
  3. Yes was just wondering if this got fixed and found out that its still there. Its not good that live filters cant be used for print production. Hope its gona be fixed soon since i love to use them on parts of photos in the layouts. Take care.
  4. Am attaching a video to show what i mean. When you click on a stile and slide clicked on some other, the click-off is shown in menu but it still uses the first style selected. Also is the right one when you click on text. Like i said a small bug. Maybe a style should be used where you last release the click and not where you click first. 2020-03-13 22-34-04_Trim.mp4
  5. Am attaching video. 2020-03-09 22-00-52_Trim.mp4 In the release version the live filter is shown on the other artboards if the object is bigger and crosses the artboard.
  6. If you use master pages and have a text style for titles set on both pages. If you apply a master page on one side(left) with the title that is used in TOC and another master page for just text(right). The other side that is hidden because of text master page is set to right side, the title there is added(from right side of master page with title) to the TOC, but it should not have, because the right side has other master page set. It should ignore all parts if the other side has some other master page applied to it. Hope I made it enough clear. Can provide the file if necessary for dev. THX
  7. Noticed a bug in symbol. When you ALT+subtract objects, it is not updated correctly on the other symbol. Am attaching files and its a reproducible bug. Symbol ALT-Subtract BUG.afdesign
  8. Thenk you for fixing Pinned Frames now use the location of their pin to influence the order of TOC entries And I must say that I like the new New Document dialog very much. THX Affinity team.
  9. I see that its not a problem of the program. Have used other language and it showed additional hyphenation. Thank you.
  10. The spelling doesn't effect that it can only break it 2 times. The settings don't give more than 2 breaks of the word. Yes, the word was missing an s. Ironic that it was in word Professional
  11. Don't know how much relevance this has, but a word gets only 2 hyphenations in multiple breaks. Not relevant if its used in a longer text, but if its used for one word design than it only shows 2 breaks. I know it can be made manually.
  12. When exported to PDF with artboards, the same elements in same symbol have different position on every artboard. And the last artboard has a slightly bigger size with crop marks. Am attaching the AP file and PDF for testing. PDF view - Fit one full page, to see a slight diference in positions of elements. Tablice KP1.afdesign Tablice KP1.pdf Tablice KP2.pdf
  13. Would it be possible to add minus value for INDENTS? Would be good for bullets to be outside of the frame so the text would stay aligned. Thank you.
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