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  1. I tried in both my and English language. Its the same. Sentence Case.afpub 2021-02-19 21-13-04.mp4
  2. Having all Upper case words and changing it to Sentence case, the single letters stay in Upper case.
  3. Missing part of the shortcut in the Text style pane. Marked in Red. I know its based on space. Maybe shorten the Ctrl to Ct Alt - Al Shift - Sh . So Ctrl+Alt+1 is shown Ct+Al+1.
  4. When using Node tool and Evenly spacing point with Space icons under Align Shortcuts its possible. But the grouped shortcut is grayed out.
  5. I noticed that when using master pages, some things are blocked although they should editable. In text frame when you make an anchor it can not be deleted. When clicking on the trash can, the function is ignored. Same with tints. You cant use the function. But when you go in Detached mode in layers, it is than possible to do the things. This is what i found, but could be more of them. Amchur : Tint: Master Edit Detached:
  6. Some big problems with linked frames and pinned/inline objects. Impossible to work as the undo is ignored. The file was imported IDML. Here is a video. 2021-02-13 19-02-24.mp4
  7. Sometimes the Y position gets in some kind of a loop and keeps randomly spinning.
  8. I think it would be good to have two more options. On Odd Page and On Even Page. That way you could have lets say same titles style on one page left and right. Red on left page and blue on right page. This way the flow of tekst would not be broken.
  9. A suggestion to add more options to pick from where the decoration starts. Why from page or margin. If you have facing pages and the margins are not the same distance around the page, than the decoration can overflow to the opposite page.
  10. Make a tekst frame and paste an object and some text inside. Than resize the frame and the object should go crazy with position and scale. If all looks normal, than cut the frame and paste it and than resize it. And its gone 🤣 24093705003383365439337005559273779110100273420918790191061313402175488 mm Object in text frame.afpub
  11. Don't know where to report this if its a mistake. On APub pdf, the Picture frame tool is duplicated. I know there is a circle and a rectangle Picture frame, but it looks like a duplicated mistake. https://resources.serif.com/publisher/start_guide/Affinity+Publisher+Start+Guide.pdf
  12. Go to master page and If you double click on the gray rectangle in the image frame so its selected and you hit CTRL-X and click outside and than CTRL-V, AP will crashes. File: Crash Cut-Paste in Master Image frame.afpub CrashReports.rar THX
  13. The shortcut CTRL+0 doesn't fit the whole frame. It misses 1%. After second time it fits to frame. Depends on the size of frame. CTRL+1 CTRL+0 (1st time) CTRL+0 (2nd time)
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