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  1. Ahhh ok my mistake than. Thx for clarification. We are still learning
  2. When generated, the only field that is generated is the 9th field. Am attaching files. Thx Test data merge.afpub Seznam google.xlsx Test Generated DM.afpub
  3. Hi. Maybe add a mouse over function in the hyperlink menu, so the link show for fast preview. THX
  4. Did you try and delete the Slice name and just hit enter. So when its empty, it usually gets the name from layer than. The Slice can have its own name if entered.
  5. Than you. Did not know that one. 🙄 Nice to know that you can do that individually under appearance.
  6. Found a bug in symbol that has a second stroke under appearance. Its not scaling with the rest. You can see that the white Stroke stays the same size.
  7. Thx. I've tested it the moment 1.0 was out
  8. Hope there will be a sorting Layer function by Alphabet (Name of layer), Color, Size, ect. THX
  9. We need something like this. https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/
  10. Hope the free version will allow SVG export. Free — fully-featured but with restricted output options and its own file format. https://scene.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360005508318-Launch-and-Pricing
  11. Maybe for the time being use this programe. Its becoming very powerful. You can use duplicator function and make all kind of patterns. You can export to svg than and insert it in designer. Wish designer would be able to do some sort of Node action like this programe. https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/
  12. Hi. Is it normal that the Curve adjustment in CMYK is making the image darker when in this position. Because in RGB mode, it lightens the image. THX
  13. I've posted a similar problem way back. I think it has something to do with the blavk coler and only stroke with no fill. The workaroun is to add a nother blank stroke under apearences menue. I've tryed to add multiple lines with different arrow heads and vas not able to, because apearently the style is based of color and weight of the stroke. But I could be wrong.
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