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  1. @fde101 Can you provide a link to this MacApp store app? I can't seem to find it in my App store.
  2. I would agree it's in a "questionable" state however A) It worked in v1.x and B) Though it might no longer be supported let's at least not crash.
  3. It's opening using WinZip [for Mac]. Like I mentioned this scenario worked in Publisher v1.x
  4. If you drag an image (eg: *.png) from a .ZIP file onto a document in Publisher v2.2.1 the application will crash. NOTE: Worked in v1.0. ***Also crashes in beta Publisher 2.30 (2114) MacOS: Sonoma v14.1.1 (23B81)
  5. As a work-around I use the, "Studio Presets" feature. This will save all your palette positions, etc.
  6. I'm with you, the bug is easily reproducible I hope they fix it.
  7. I've seen this bug as well. And yes the work-around is [as stated] just wait a moment and then it won't crash.
  8. Seems to happen often that Publisher [and all the Affinity apps] will randomly open on other monitors even if that monitor wasn't the 'main' and/or last monitor used for the application. Is there an option to hold a modifier key when launching the app to reset the windows/palette to open on the user's main monitor [or add this feature]?
  9. But isn't there a huge price difference in the software you're talking about and Serif stuff?
  10. Well Assets take a lot of space vs. config/preference files and assets could be considered more 'private'.
  11. I would think simply logging into your Affinity account would serve the same purpose. But I welcome any solution.
  12. Wonder if this could be done using Affinity's new user account login functionality? If Affinity gave the option to store these settings/preferences in the, "cloud" that would certainly allow your request.
  13. Exporting a sequence of pages overwrites existing files without warning. When a user exports a sequence of pages there's currently no warning that it will overwrite files naming the sequence <filename>_{x}, where x is the page number. If files already exist with this filename they will be overwritten with no warning to the user. This is a problem as this could overwrite existing work/files. Proposed Solution: There should be some sort of preference to indicate whether a warning should be given on filename conflicts. ***NOTE: Also occurs in beta
  14. The minor fix would be when changing documents, auto-scroll to the current page selected in the, "Pages" panel.
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