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  1. stewart_whaley

    Disappearing Tools palette

    BTW: This seems to be working [better] in Photo v1.7.0.243 (Beta) [and in Publisher v1.7.0.238 (Beta). Thanks.
  2. stewart_whaley

    Disappearing Tools palette

    Actually looking at it a bit further it seems to be related to the Primary monitor having Windows [10], "Display Settings > Scale and Layout" set to anything other then 100% (eg: 150% in my case). So set your Primary monitor to 150% and then start Affinity Photo v1.6 [or v1.7.x Beta], move the main window to a secondary monitor and toggle the, "View > Dock Tools". You should notice the main, "Tools" disappear. So the kind'a weird thing here is that the settings on the Primary monitor are effecting the secondary monitor(s). P.S. Let me know if this scenario is reproducible on your end ... if not I'll screen record.
  3. stewart_whaley

    Disappearing Tools palette

    It's not about the toolbar following ... it's about it disappearing when on the secondary monitor [and undocked].
  4. stewart_whaley

    Disappearing Tools palette

    Actually even easier to reproduce just start the application, move the main window to a secondary monitor and toggle the, "View > Dock Tools".
  5. When you undock the Tools palette and move the main application window to a secondary monitor the Tool palette disappears. Easy to reproduce in v1.6.5.123 and the beta version v1.7.0.188 1) Start the application 2) View > [Uncheck] Dock Tools ;Now you have a floating Tool bar. 3) Move the main application window to a secondary monitor. ;Notice the Toolbar moves appropriately with it. 4) Restart the application. 5) Notice the main Toolbar is no longer visible on any monitor. ;***BUG!!! P.S. If you move the Main application window back to the primary monitor and restart the application the Tool is visible again.
  6. stewart_whaley

    Smart Guides

    Then you use a regular guide. And if you happened to have used a proposed, "Smart Guide" and objects moved that you didn't want to when you moved the guide then CTRL-Z.
  7. stewart_whaley

    Smart Guides

    If you don't want the 'wrong' objects to move then you do not 'snap' them to the proposed, "Smart Guide".
  8. Allow the creation of what could be called, "Smart Guides". The difference with regular guides is iff something is 'snapped' to this new type of guide when the guide moves any snapped object(s) would move with the guide.
  9. Please add the ability to the, "Resize Document" and "Resize Canvas" using a percent (eg: 50%, etc.).