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  1. But isn't there a huge price difference in the software you're talking about and Serif stuff?
  2. Well Assets take a lot of space vs. config/preference files and assets could be considered more 'private'.
  3. I would think simply logging into your Affinity account would serve the same purpose. But I welcome any solution.
  4. Wonder if this could be done using Affinity's new user account login functionality? If Affinity gave the option to store these settings/preferences in the, "cloud" that would certainly allow your request.
  5. Exporting a sequence of pages overwrites existing files without warning. When a user exports a sequence of pages there's currently no warning that it will overwrite files naming the sequence <filename>_{x}, where x is the page number. If files already exist with this filename they will be overwritten with no warning to the user. This is a problem as this could overwrite existing work/files. Proposed Solution: There should be some sort of preference to indicate whether a warning should be given on filename conflicts. ***NOTE: Also occurs in beta
  6. The minor fix would be when changing documents, auto-scroll to the current page selected in the, "Pages" panel.
  7. Here's the request screen recording. So the bug is when you change tabs/documents the scroll position in the, "Pages" panel resets to the top. Though minor it's a pain when you are copy/pasting between documents. Page Scroll Position_Publisher_Windows_Beta_1.9.0.798.mp4
  8. When switching between documents Designer loses the scroll position in the, 'Pages' panel. Occurs in v1.8.5.703 AND v1.9.0.742(BETA). Though a minor bug it makes it much more difficult when copy objects from one document to another as you constantly have to scroll back to the page(s) you want to work with.
  9. When I turn off guides I'm still able to click and move them. If you accidentally click where a guide is [though invisible] you can move it. You should not be able to.
  10. Don't see that option in Publisher [Windows] v1.8.2. Perhaps I'm missing it.
  11. Please add the ability to create a new document with the current size of the object on the clipboard. This could be added to all Affinity apps.
  12. In Publisher 1.8.0 [Windows) after using the, 'Templates' option if you cancel and pull up the New Document window and select, "Presets" the sub-menu choices no longer appear. To reproduce: File > New Templates Click the 'Cancel' button File > New Presets
  13. BTW: This seems to be working [better] in Photo v1.7.0.243 (Beta) [and in Publisher v1.7.0.238 (Beta). Thanks.
  14. Actually looking at it a bit further it seems to be related to the Primary monitor having Windows [10], "Display Settings > Scale and Layout" set to anything other then 100% (eg: 150% in my case). So set your Primary monitor to 150% and then start Affinity Photo v1.6 [or v1.7.x Beta], move the main window to a secondary monitor and toggle the, "View > Dock Tools". You should notice the main, "Tools" disappear. So the kind'a weird thing here is that the settings on the Primary monitor are effecting the secondary monitor(s). P.S. Let me know if this scenario is reproducible on your end ... if not I'll screen record.
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