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  1. Hi, I have some issues with performance on text editing on larger documents with photos and a long text. Plus, I see some problems with wacom tablet using two monitors, the wacom pen lost the drag action. Then I need to restart Publisher to solve! So, I´m using the mouse only! Keep the great work, Regards.
  2. I have problems displaying grids and object select controls! Both are invisibles. Running into a system with HD Graphics 630 latest drive.
  3. I see into Affinity Publisher settings for devices and constraints panel. Have Affinity Publisher target for digital publishing? I like to see features like inDesign to publish for mobile! I have a lot of projects that needs to be published for desktop, table and smartphones (like inDesign does)! No, pure HTML and WORDPRESS is not acceptable!
  4. I have the same issue. Attached is a test file! ebookOticas.afpub
  5. Hi, I have the same issue with my intuos pen small (latest driver). I need to close Affinity because it´s turned unused!
  6. VanHeber

    Thumbnail not displayed on OnDrive Folder

    Hi, step 1 fails! After Sync the file don´t display any thumbnail. 2. Change to default foto app from windows changes the icon, but not display thumbnail too. This reported issue is after windows 10 fall creator update and latest onedrive update. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi! I tryied here again! And the issue happens only when I using a file inside Onedrive folder. Maybe Onedrive causes this error!
  8. VanHeber

    Thumbnail not displayed on OnDrive Folder

    Hi! It`s about OneDrive Folder! I have the latest Windows 10 fall creators and Affinity Photo 1.6.0.
  9. Both in Photo and Designer: Create a new image with A4 size. Place an Affinity Photo image that have layers and effects into new image. Select the placed image. Now try to replace embed image with another using the replace document button into context bar. Affinity doesn´t display the new document. Only if you save an close and open again.
  10. When an affinity file, photo or designer, is inside an Ondrive folder it doesn´t display the thumbnail icon into windows explorer.
  11. VanHeber

    SVG import error

    Hi, It's on dropbox now ---> https://www.dropbox.com/s/4mnqj7kbokg5xrn/0001.svg?dl=0 Thanks!
  12. VanHeber

    SVG import error

    Hi, Affinity Designer can´t import svg files generated by Blender freestyle. See attached file. Other graphics programs and Chrome open it.
  13. Hi, Try to print this attached file causes a crash in Designer on Windows 10. Tks. propagandaInterna.afdesign
  14. Hi, I like to create a little magazine, some few pages. But, we don't haver Affinity Publisher yet! So, can I use Affinity Designer from now? Can I import then from Designer into Publisher when arrived? Thanks a lot,
  15. Hi. I have the Onedrive folder (with sync turned on) shared in Windows 10. Then mounted it on Mac (Sierra). I created a file in AF Designer with a single rectangle object, saved it to desktop, moved it to shared folder. When I try to open I receive this message: The file type is not supported. And I cannot delete it because is in use. I need to unmount and mount the shared folder to delete the file. So, after a time, when I repeat the process, no issues are reported. Maybe occur on starting mount shared folder. I hope! So, I cannot send the file because the file with this issue is saved with Zero Kb. Very Strange. Thanks.