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  1. Yes! It´s related with Live Perspective Filters opened between Desinger and Photo!! Another issue is when you use effect like drop shadow, the shadow dont follow the perspective!!!
  2. Hi! I see some display artifacts over the working area. See attached screenshot!! fachada.afdesign
  3. Hi, I uploaded it as requested! However, I had to split the file in two to continue working on it! Another solution was to use flat files instead of affinity designer files. Still, Publisher suffers when opening files. After open the Parte1 file, go to Document -- Add pages from file... and choose the Parte2 file. You will see the messages above! I hope! My system is in the attached TXT file. Thanks a lot! DESKTOP-WEBER.txt
  4. After reboot the computer the Affinity opens the file! But, cannot save! It freezes every time! I need to kill the app! 16Gb of ram and Affinity cannot open a file with linked images? Aff!!
  5. Hi! I trying to open a publisher file with LINKED affinity designer and images files! But, I see this messages: Only Affinity apps opened! What this mean? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, now I upgrade to 1.8.3! I don't see for now in the current version! Maybe already fixed! But, I will keep my eyes into it!
  7. Hi, See in the attached screenshot that the mark around of selected object have is offset up right!
  8. Hi! Attached is the file that causes the crash! A note: This file have some SVG files placed! Affinity_Designer_2020-03-16_17-37-46.mp4 siteMave.afdesign
  9. Hi! Try to expand the line into the attached file. testeStroke.afdesign
  10. Great! Some files that doesn't open in release version, causing crash, now is open into this beta, without problems for me! Thanks! But, keep the eyes into stability over the new features ever!!
  11. I Agree! Not only Affinity Publisher, but Affinity Designer have big issues!!! Affinity Missed with this versions!
  12. The boolean tools is not working! How could it have been released like that?
  13. YES! Is this! I have done a boolean operation, using the corner tool display a incorrect result! Close the file and open again, the corner tools works correct! To reproduce: 1 - Create a solid circle 2 - Create a solid box and put it below the circle, like a lightbulb. 3 - Now go to Boolean ADD the both objects. 4 - Go to Corner tool and try to smooth the intersect, you will see the wrong result!
  14. Hi, Attached sample file! Best, crazycornertool.afdesign
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