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    Another Crash on save

    Hi! I See! I'm using the latest Beta because I have a problem using textwrap (lags) with the Oficial version of Publish. I don´t know how these objects are into the frame! I remember that I copied the frame from another page, delete and delete these pinned images! Maybe Publisher dont erase it from frame, keep an instance or part of it. By the way, these linked files are from older versions of Affinity Photo, I hope that are from version 1.5. Because I using Affinity from the first versions, and I have some old files done into Affinity Family. I copied the frame to another new file and the not displayed objects are removed automatically and now works! I delete the frame from original file and save to another location, now is working! THANKS A LOT MAN! PS: Another chance of problem is: I'm working with all files, included the publisher files and linked files into synced Onedrive folder. It´s only a suspect that while onedrive is loading and synced a file with the cloud at same time that Affinity is writing into this file, cause an error. Maybe, I don´t know!
  2. Hi, I have crashes when try to save this file. It´s open right, but crashes on save! Sometimes crashes after a time working on it. I try to open it into Publisher for MAC too, same behaviour. I try to open without the linked files too, same crash. The file I upload is without the linked files, that doesn´t make any diferences for crashes it they exist or not. So, the problem is in TOC or Master Pages, I suspect. From now, I can´t work into this job! Thanks, WARPMB.afpub
  3. I´m renamed the folder that have all images linkeds. Open the publisher file, it´s alert about image resources. I'm ignored it and the file opens ok! Then I saved a copy into my desktop, renamed the folder with the previous name and open the publisher file again, now the linked files are restored! That´s work. I think that problem is hard to reproduce, but can be caused while the onedrive is syncing a image and you place it into document at same time, or place into document while the document instead are syncing! If I can reproduce step by step, I will post again! Thanks
  4. Yes! I renamed the folder with images and try open the publisher file again. Now opens, some latest images causes the crash. After deleted the images references, restore the previous name folder, save and open again the publisher file, no problems now! I suspect that the problem is working with onedrive, because all files are into onedrive synced folder!
  5. Are a lot of images! I cannot upload them! So, maybe it a problem with a linked image! I will see here!
  6. HI, I´m working into a big publisher file with lots of content. Yesterday I have linked some new images and editing text, then the file doesn´t open anymore! It´s bad! spaceships-aliens.afpub
  7. I have the same issue into publisher! My file crashes when I open the file, closing the program! Both publisher file and assets are into a local onedrive folder synced with the cloud!
  8. Hi, Turn OFF windows INK in Wacom Properties works as workaround for this issue! Thanks,
  9. Hi, Sometimes using a long time my wacom intuos with latest drive, I lost the action of select tool, I need to roll to select objects again, but I cannot scale they anymore! Then I close and open the file again to select work again! Workaround is using mouse only! Best!
  10. Hi, I use a Onedrive folder to backup my files. I work into documents on Publisher inside this folder and ondrive syncs it into cloud. For a first time I have the thumbnail of file into windows explorer, but work and do some syncs after, I lost the thumbnails replaced by the Affinity Publisher icon. So, this happens with all Affinity family. Best,
  11. Thanks Dave! Is this! I have a lot of group objects into document that cause the delay while editing text. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi all! Using the latest update of Publisher, I see a increase performance into both files that I´m using here, including the file sended! Some of lags now is into a complex document with lots of images! I suggest a view mode with low resolution like InDesign to work with complex documents! Thanks all,
  13. I have turn Off justification too! Doesn´t solve for me! So, make a long book will be impossible to work! Try to edit a long long linked text from several pages and edit it! Or, my system have some hardware not compatible with Affinity!
  14. Hi, I have several crashes when try to change column sizes of tables. Attached is a file that can be used to reproduce the crash. Sometimes no crashes occur, but when you try to change several times, the crash occur. The crash happens when I change the size of column using the mouse into division of columns at header of editing table (black selected header into attached image) Regards. tableCrash.afpub