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  1. When I turn off guides I'm still able to click and move them. If you accidentally click where a guide is [though invisible] you can move it. You should not be able to.
  2. Don't see that option in Publisher [Windows] v1.8.2. Perhaps I'm missing it.
  3. Please add the ability to create a new document with the current size of the object on the clipboard. This could be added to all Affinity apps.
  4. In Publisher 1.8.0 [Windows) after using the, 'Templates' option if you cancel and pull up the New Document window and select, "Presets" the sub-menu choices no longer appear. To reproduce: File > New Templates Click the 'Cancel' button File > New Presets
  5. Then you use a regular guide. And if you happened to have used a proposed, "Smart Guide" and objects moved that you didn't want to when you moved the guide then CTRL-Z.
  6. If you don't want the 'wrong' objects to move then you do not 'snap' them to the proposed, "Smart Guide".
  7. Allow the creation of what could be called, "Smart Guides". The difference with regular guides is iff something is 'snapped' to this new type of guide when the guide moves any snapped object(s) would move with the guide.
  8. Please add the ability to the, "Resize Document" and "Resize Canvas" using a percent (eg: 50%, etc.).
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