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  1. Hi Dear ! well its actually depends on the kind of Job you are intended to do. When you read about Luminar they say it is not a Photo retouch software at the level of Photoshop nor APhoto that's the reason why even you ask a lot they will reply to you that they can't add tools that you enjoy using both with Ps and APhoto. So it is clear that Luminar 3 plays in another area and is not a challenger to APhoto, you can only compare it to Lightroom because they both plays in the same pool. APhoto is not only a Photo compositor but also a Photo Manipulation software which is intended to help you process in-depth pixel works of all kinds while Luminar can't do that. Believe me i use Luminar 3 and it is awesome a great software and i use it in my workflow for some precise task like sharpening, vibrance etc. (honestly Luminar does it much better than APhoto) but when it come to more elaborate stuffs like clarity or High Pass believe me APhoto does it even better. The only thing i believe Serif may copy or learn from Skylum are: Preset/Looks and the way Luminar handle its non-destructiveness. Well here there is need of a solution because the develop persona makes it all destructive which is ... kind of bad. But after all this is mentioned, just take note that Teaming Affinity Photo with Luminar 3 in the same workflow will make you increase fast and far better. i would finish by challenging you to try Movavi Photo Editor v5 (the last version should be 5.6) you will find it even easy and amazing but like Luminar 3 it is not intended for in-depth pixel works but Photo Retouching. Blessings !
  2. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hi @Wosven I like that. You just pointed In the center Thank you so much!
  3. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello @Andy Somerfield i was busy doing a quick design when i encountered a strange bug. Everything was fine until decide to add a Live Perspective filter 'cause i wanted to make my writings look like the one from "Fringe" but the second i put the filter the whole project became like you see in the screenshot. i closed, re-opened but nothing did, even tryed to open it with ADesigner and APub but stayed the same. So i don't know if you got this reported but here you find it. Note: i decided to use the destructive (non live) perspective filter tool to achieve the work as i wanted. Blessings !
  4. Hello @BluestarCK Happy to read your question ... didn't checked if it was on the right or the wrong thread but until the admin moves it if they have to, let me drop my input. if you want something that works, that is no expensive and does thing even better than LightRoom ... go for Luminar 3 from Skylum (Ex Macphun). They have released a version of Luminar that you can download and try for 30 days (fully no restrictions) from their website. Believe me you will like and enjoy it. i'm often adding Luminar to my Pixel workflow because it has the two amazing : Ai enhancer filter + Ai sky enhancer which makes things really easy so you can focus on the main work only. You can learn about Luminar by searching Photo Joseph on Youtube he is the best Luminar 3 teacher i've found on the internet up to now ! Blessings !
  5. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello dear Heroes ! i'm back here with this quick share. Just a fast design for church activities but the most important thing to note here is the teaming used to build it. Affinity Designer for Vectors Affinity Photo for everything Pixels Affinity Designer for the layout and the export (here i used the last published version of APub) Photo from Pixabay.com No major issues found and no crash ! As usual, please leave me your inputs telling what you would see changed or much better designed if it was You ! Blessings !
  6. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    it is okay but it is hidden thus making it not the first thing to think about ! What i ask is a more present thing something we have right before us and we can eassily remember about ! Thanks a lot for pointing to that as many will now know there is such a menu/tool and use less Adobe color stuff.
  7. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    The biggest challenge I had with this project was with complementary colors. We really need a tool that makes it easier to find or generate those and not strugglewith external tools from Adobe etc. Please team,build a dedicated tool that will manage colors in an assistant style so we can figure out but very easily what colors we can work with on a project and not do the Arc-en-Ciel thing !
  8. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello @Wosven really this is the kind of advice i'm looking for ! I'm okay with this and you are right, btw i will try it and see if i can update here. Well you are right here too and i will see how to fix this, the original picture that you see was taken from a phone by a young girl in her room then shared through Telegram messenger in compression mode ... it was 78.2kB only so just imagine how much details was lost. But, your comments make me think i need to organize another retouch and bring some softness in there. Blessings !
  9. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello everyone ! i'm back today with a quick one i wanted to share with you here ! Well it is something that only is concentrated on my pixel Technics learning process, i had an image before me and though i could use it to apply some of the nice Technics I've learned around the internet. i essentially used: * HSL adjustment layer * Lasso Tool * inPainting tool * Level adjustment layer * Clarity Live filter * High Pass Live filter The core layout was created unto Affinity Publisher Beta All Pixel works was done with Affinity Photo then placed into the project layout Everything Vector (fonts essentially) was done with Affinity Designer + the overlay heart stuffs was done using a vector brush which allowed me to paint it fast and easy. Tell me what you think about and what you think you could do to make it better ! I've also attached the original photo of the object used so you can compare and even get inspired. My Thanks to the Affinity Team. @MattP @Sean P as you can see this one was achieved with Beta version of the Affinity line of products, no stable version was used at all. Blessings !
  10. Hi @MattP @Sean P sorry if i ask this and it is in a wrong place but ... after looking around i simply realized this: 1- software icon is changed 2- many stuffs and tools have been upgraded/improved still the export persona have not seen visual improvement nor upgrade and none of the recent changelog have mentioned any thing to happen on that persona. Can we expect to see new stuffs in there too ?
  11. Hello @Bri-Toon find me happy to read from you and see you are still around. Watched your content and was a bit surprised but at least you are here and i feel better thinking that i will run the test same period as you will but i'm also thining about all the geeks around who are helping ADesigner to become even better. i too will wait until the next beta release to talk about what i find in there.
  12. Hello Everyone ! First of All Happy New year. ... This year starts with a great touhc of Creativity and some Fresh Air. This Beta Release just comes on time. @MattP @Sean P Thank you for this good one, i just Hope you had good Festive season with your family and friends. Promise you will see great stuffs created with Affinity Designer this year. Blessings !
  13. Hello everyone ! not sure this is the right place to post this but i found it to be the only place global suggestion goes and i take the opportunity to share my recent idea here. Well, i think it is time for Serif to develop a lace similar to Behance on its infrastructure. Designers, Photographs, illustrators and those working in the publishing industry using the Affinity range of products will be interested into this. it will also make it easier for those who have no knowledge or simply have no time of building their portfolio website/page to find a place where they feel at home. i know many will say : but why not just go on Behance or one of those shiny website out there and do the stuff ? My answer is : i just feel how much home alone you will feel when you see all peoples around you processing with the same software and sharing content that makes them be a family and you can't just use their content properly nor even share yours and they find it okay ! Better for now is Serif must develop such a platform, even making different level such as : Free (very simple) , Silver then Gold ! it will be place where people can just come browse and discover what is possible to be made with Affinity thus making the Forum a place for questions and answer. Yes we share content here, Yes it is helpful but all those good artist I've met here can't hide anymore behind a forum that no one can easily enjoy, it is time for Affinitizers to be openly revealed to the world. Serif is not playing a back court game nor a Toy story tales but a real stuffs that deserve visibility everywhere. Hope this will be of interest and not just forgotten. Blessings !
  14. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hi @Wosven coming back to your inputs, this is the really small changes i've made. unfortunately the requester loved it so much she took it already so i'm reviewing this on personal purposes and just hope she will ask me to send her the same stuffs so that will be the opportunity to send the improved one. Thank you so much for your precious inputs !