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  1. Uncle Mez

    Linux Support

    Gents ! Couldn't rest enough so i googled and i think this maybe the beginning of a solution https://www.codeweavers.com/support/wiki/linux/linuxtutorial/unsupported_install_file Will try it myself and see how it works and if it does the Affinity Serif registration very well, this is important thing to not forget. In case i have enough time during the week, i will make a video tuto how to install affinity product (you choose which one) from start to end then see how to publish. But i know the mentality of Linux users (as one of them) i will only make it available online and here if crossover makes it possible for a user to properly register his product with an official serial. CrossOver cost is USD9.95 as a 1 TIME PURCHASE for a standard licence if you love Linux and Love Affinity (if it does work) then you should consider to Pay ! Blessings !
  2. Uncle Mez

    Meet the Chan - Smarty Studio Yt

    Hello Everyone ! Happy to be back on this topic today, I've been quite busy but in the same time got more contents on the Yt Chan but needed a lot of rest and sleep before i share it with you. Simply you can click the link bellow to be redirected to the Yt Chan so you can browse it all as you want. Attached you will find few of what i did but also the milestone i have achieved recently and how i have increased, I share this with you to really say thank you all ! Can't forget to mention that all thumbnails and covers are done with Affinity suite (ADesigner + APhoto + APub) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbrSmA90OQM8S9L-C6upZ4A?view_as=subscriber There is an outsider content coming today on the Chan that may make you happy. Any advices, comments, Like Share ? Anything you may want me to add as tuto or just a speedart? let me know by sending your message here. Blessings !
  3. Uncle Mez

    Linux Support

    I Will share a quick video tour of my KDE Neon desktop here as soon as I have Enough time To do that but before that Comes,enjoy your neon Life. Also There is an active community of Neon users on Telegram Messenger (in case you use it And seek for quick help)
  4. Uncle Mez

    Linux Support

    I invite you to try KDE Neon if you don't mind. It's Ubuntu Based and workS very well also it doesn't come tOne of stuffs you may not need at all, just the necessary from there You may experience something even new. I love Mint but ... It's Not what I would recommend these days, better go lightweight stuff that uses less Computer Resources. Happy to know you do Linux
  5. Uncle Mez

    Linux Support

    .... Guys, can we simply not fight or camp on our own arguments I Mean, as a Linux trainer I do understand quite a lot of things including the célébrissime frustration that people's encounter with Linux. Personally, I own a Mac and a PC but use each one for it's strength only. My Mac is where I do all design, videos etc it's production machine and my PC (laptop actually) is where I do all my admin stuffs (invoicing, YouTube contents uploading, task management, client support over IM and so much more) ... Believe it or not, all that productivity work is done under Linux (kde neon 5.14.3) and I'm really happy with it. I've tried to get the best from Windows but it's simply not working in my case but i will never ever say Windows sucks. The point here is,we should try to understand what kind of benefit users can get from having Affinity products officially ported on that system and if they are willing to pay and not claim the Free and Freedom thing that many don't even understand in its real sense. IBM is buying Redhat for billions and maybe it's a sign that the time have come when Linux will be financially profitable for all. On the other hand,around 80% of the internet is powered by Linux,so, can we drop our own frustrative or happily experience and try help Serif to understand better? We are for that I believe, if Serif the jump then a new category of people may become as creative as we are not trying to suck us into their sphere claiming it's the best places to be. The really Best place to be is where we produce and are creative with happiness added to it. Blessings y'all
  6. Uncle Mez

    Linux Support

    I've found that Canonical the company behind Ubuntu offers a possibility to Snap a software to make it work on any Linux distro. Here a link i've found that may help https://docs.snapcraft.io/creating-a-snap/6799 Maybe one day Serif will think about and consider the move, Gravit and many apps that you can see on the Snap center are working very well so why not Affinity Product Line but as i said ... maybe one day.
  7. Hello @AdamW as promised here is my impressions on this release of APub. My experience in 12 steps : 1- APub .162 loads really faster than the previous builds which is better but i still think you can improve it even more. 2- I've loaded a project created with ADesigner weeks ago (business card project) and APub did the loading very fast even rendered the fonts, layers, blending, adjustment with ease and love 3- the pencil tool works well but I've found it lagging more than in previous version (here i did a test on empty project), please make smooth 4- The use of the sculpt tool is still a bit of misery while i know it"s of a good help, please share us a best practice video tuto so we can understand it. 5- But i noticed this when i check show bleeds then export the project in any format you may want it comes with a large squared white zone that i couldn't understand, my fix was to disabled show the bleed and un-check export with bleed for it to disappear; maybe i'm doing something wrong but i still need to figure it out. 6- I like the fact that the pages studio is hidden from loading the software it makes it better to the eyes and gives me choice to show or hide it only when I want. 7- APub is still lacking of a dedicated Export persona/Assistant and i have to go to the menu which is a lot of clicks if i compare with ADesigner and APhoto which makes it 1 click closer 8- APub still have the Margins checked by default when creating a new documents and it's set to 25mm, it's annoying because i then have to do another step to either remove it or set another margin, please fix it by disabling the default 25mm. 9- To me, there is no need of Ellipse frame tool in the toolbox, the squared frame tool corners can be rounded from the top menu if set to 50% rounding its become a circle/ellipse so ! 10- i really like the new tool that appears when placing an image into a picture frame, it's refined and works like a charm, very helpful; allow fast zooming 11- Picture frame tool is not yet content aware and main subject is not yet detectable when doing that which leaves it manual only, allow us to have it Auto subject fit then if we want to re-position or skip the subject then we can do it manually. 12- Now my best one, the snapping works much much much better, because i don't often use guides, snapping is actually what i rely on for perfect alignments.
  8. Hello @AdamW thank you for this update. Will download that new version as soon as I have free time. It looks better while .157 was already a good one. Blessings to Y'all
  9. Today i want to just share with you a quick video of what i believe and think Serif Team should take in consideration and make available into the Affinity Range. Well the product they will choose that will have this ... is something i can't point out now but with the coming kind of enforced collaboration between all three products i really believe we should be able to make this kind of things with ease and not jump to other software's just to generate it knowing the portability and sometime compatibility is not properly working. Less words, now check in 1min what i'am referring to ! Requested_functions1.mp4
  10. @AdamW i finally got the last APub update downloaded and installed on my Mac and it's simply okay by it's first run. 1- Takes less time to load 2- Find out the pencil tool is even fast and presents less lag when drawing with stabilizer activated 3- The Pen tool react like a charm, i never such feeling when using the same tool with ADesigner (on MacOS i'm still stuck on 1.6.1) 4- The Rubber band mode is getting better and makes life easier when using the Pen Tool 5- i've noticed the presence of the sculp tool as a subfunction of the pencil tool and really appreciate it (i asked for that one without even knowing what it was for ) 6- the interface is better than the previous one, much polished and refined, still using the same colors but when i looked twice i saw a difference in the polishment (Good job) i know APub is not dedicated to vector drawing but it has some capacities to do that and i really appreciate what you have put together here but still... 1- to me there is no need of rounded picture frame tool if i consider the fact that you made the squared one roundable (corners can be rounded easily) so i wouls say no to that onoe but another inventive tool instead. 2- Eye drop tool is still unable to select a full gradient but only a pixel composing that gradient which is ... 3- Why is the Offset tool only present in the tabbed Fx studio and not in the layer effect dialog box/window, personally i tend to make more use of the window that result from clicking on Fx than the tabbed Fx studio itself. that tool itself makes it easier to create better shadows. Maybe this is too much but didn't wanted to miss a thing, see you in the next Beta release. Blessings !
  11. Hello @AdamW thank you so much for this updated info. Previous version of Publisher beta (.145) was already a great tool on my side despite this or that i may wanted to see but it was so great. Now i'll download this one and give it a test run to see how it differs and better my workflow. Blessings !
  12. Uncle Mez

    Meet the Chan - Smarty Studio Yt

    Hello everyone, today i want to share this achieved milestone from my channel. After 2 published videos (short and really fast) you guys are still giving us your attention, so, THANK YOU so Much ! Also big thanks to Affinity Team @MattP @MEB @Patrick Connor and other guy from Serif. The Product you develop enabled me to reach this and make better stuffs: Snapping being the real deal that help me do great stuffs !
  13. Uncle Mez

    Meet the Chan - Smarty Studio Yt

    Hello dear Friends. After couple of days off i'm back with another New but fast vidéo. Now, showing simple Affinity photo moves..., 2 tools + 5 simple opérations/functions to make it 100% okay. Hope you will enjoy it. Do notre forget to like and subscribe as it will help but also i will upload more and more content, each one increasing in level of complexity and sophistication (can't believe i wrote this) Enough words now, content is here: -Elementary Strakes with Affinity Photo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWxwbY1tDrU
  14. Asked the same similar function in another thread ... i'm just happy to see that it's picking up. We shoudl be able to add our own subscriptions like pixabay etc or even other paid stock sites, i've tried the one proposed in ADesigner and they work very well and make it kind of fun. Serif Team should consider to make it possible for us to also register to those stocks sites as we all don't know them, we should be able throught an assistant to register and even pay (secure payment) and even buy or register Affinity from themselves because sometimes i personaly am lazy enough to open another page/tab on my web browser to do so ...
  15. Uncle Mez

    Photo - Architecture & Train station

    @Pattou one thing you may have noticed, even if Affinity staff doesn't reply nor say a word in a conversation, it doesn't mean they've not noticed the talk, nor even read it carefully. look above ... Matt dropped a Like; to me it's really a good thing and there is hope, why? because this guy has a team of genius and they will put it on the table (was actually thinking about the altar but ... ) and just fly us all at Cloud9 level of happiness with good fruit juice.