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  1. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello Guys ! Happu to be back in the Beta challenge. Thank you @Andy Somerfield & @MEB this is a so great pleasure for me ! Now, let's see what i can create with this new baby as long as beta cycle runs. Blessings !
  2. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Well, Well, Well ! Thank you so much everyone for your inputs ! and YES you are all right about the changes and ideas. But ... the client wanted it that way so i had to make necessary transformations to fits his demand. Thank you so much @Wosven you really know how French designs should be and your words are of great help ! Thank you @GarryP your input opened my eyes too. @Dazmondo77 Expect more inputs from you but i believe next one i publish you will tell openly what you think you could do to make it even better. Thanks to @Mark Ingram @MEB @Andy Somerfield and the whole Serif Affinity Team for this great Product ! Just now waiting for the next Beta cycle to start ! Blessings !
  3. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello Everyone ! it's been a long time since i came here and published some work ! So, i took it and decided to share my last project made 2 days before Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo goes Final Release. The whole thing was done teaming AfDesigner + AfPhoto + AfPublisher for an even happening in Paris France (i hope @Wosven) is arround and will appreciate and drop his comments. Since the software have gone Final, I've not made creative work yet but taking time to rest and remember the good days of the Beta Cycle, today i read Publisher is going to be release tomorrow so i decided: Let me Share this one here, because Publisher was the center in this Project. Hope you will like it and share your comments here to help me improve. NOW ! i wait for the next Beta Cycle from Serif because they're fun, exiting and open the mind and just ... bring us all together ! Blessings !
  4. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello @Wosven i am but they are still making their mind and i will start working on it when they all come together otherwise, time will be spent moving from this ot that one without any proper results. For this occasion i just made a text based design with common and known stuffs for them to have something they can look at. Your remark is welcome and just pointed the right thing, thank you for your kind words. Blessings.
  5. Hello @Andy Somerfield Thank you for this great release. 1- download was a bit slow but no cut no issues and came right. 2- install was fast, no issue 3- First launch was okay, second launch okay too, si the release works but ... now when you load a picture saved as PSD and to develop it ... the software just crash ! Iv'e tried couple of times but it is impossible to load a PSD on the develop persona, it simply crashes the software, the previous wasn't doing that ! Please Fix ! Blessings.
  6. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello People ! Back today with a really quick one, made for a friend of mine starting a SHEQ teaching business. This is really quick work made with AfPublisher with all pixels worked out with AfPhoto and Vectors with AfDesigner all 3 from the latest beta build (except AfPublisher because v.312 was not released yet). Tell me what you find and how you think you would improve this. Blessings.
  7. Hello @AdamW Thank you for this release. Download on my side was good, no stop, no real lag. no issue with installation, took around 3min (yes my mbp is not that recent) 1st launch was a bit slower than previous build, still no new splash screen there but the old black square thing ! loaded a project made with previous build version was quite fast no warning message, no lag. Did Export of that project made with previous build was fast for TIFF, better with PSD compared to previous build but i've noticed the software now open the exported document straight forward not giving us choice if we want it to load with default software or just save it and open later (maybe i'm missing something here,if so, please teach me how to fix). Also i've noticed the interface is more crisp and clear than previous version, in the same time i've noticed the change in the toogle preview mode button. the over all thing is Okay, even if i still need to give a serious try.
  8. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello @Andy Somerfield My side, download was okay no breaks but good speed. The install was fluid and no issue at all. First launch was Okay and everything was just there. So up to now, i'm enjoying this release and what it brings.
  9. Uncle Mez

    Luminosity Mask: AfPhoto 1.7 Beta ?

    Thank you so much ! i think it should be improved and made easier to do as per new comers and beginner designers. until then, Thank you so much !
  10. Thank you @MattP Giving it a download right in few minutes and will also give it a serious try today. Download worked a charm. installation went smooth, no error ! First Launch was a bit slow (no other software was launched but AfDesigner only): should be checked by AfDesigner Team. I like it when your team and you, take to make the pen tool so much friendly better. Blessings !
  11. Thank You Olivio, this was needed on this side of the world. BLessings
  12. Hello Team, Want to know if the add of Luminosity mask (Live) is planned for AfPhoto ? actually in beta cycle. Yes Luminosity masks will make life even better and easier for a lot of people, i've learned to use it and it makes a lot of things possible. I know people have said it is possible to mimic it but i'm actually asking about a native one and if it is planned to be implemented. Blessings !
  13. Hello everyone ! Well i will try to make it short, today ! With all recents improvements brought into Affinity line of product, i believe it is time for Serif to develop what i would call smart layers. Well this smart layers would be similar to what one have on photoshop (smart object) but will be more flexible and would allow users who convert from Adobe products to not lose it all: Smart layer would : a- bring more non destructive possibilities as when we uses the develop persona Case: i open a a photo and switch to develop persona then do my thing there, the minute i click Develop the software should actually not apply all those tuning liek it does now but instead convert the photo into a smart layer and embed all settings in there as sub Adjust. layers or Live Adjust.layer allowing us to fine tune it later if wanted. b- handle smart objects from PS and make it possible to fine tune them or even better convert them (only convertible functions) into what we actually have and use on AfPhoto then allow users to continu and finish their work started on PS with AfPhoto with ease. c- help us go beyond what we do and actually make it possible for AfPhoto users to create Dynamic Mockups that would be used among all 3 softwares and even exported for use with PS but discarding non compatible stuffs also allowing to open and process Mockups crreated with PS without losing anything. implementing Smart Layers would actually open to new possibilities and this is only a glimpse of what i think it could be, anyone here more talented or aware of stuffs then i do should had inputs here to help the Dev's to figure it out even better. Blessings
  14. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello Everyone ! Back today with only small stuff i've recently made. again that client of mine Perez Chapel Foucks for a quick Job (Yes they like quick stuffs !!!) A simple banner + Profile picture for their use. Hope you'll like it ! do not forget: Tell me what you think of it it was exclusively done with Affinity Designer Public Beta Yes it has been a long time since i started and finished a project on AfDesigner only, since AfPublisher my workflow have evolved a bit.