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  1. Hello Team ! Just wanted to know at some stage Affinity Photo will support Lens Profile for devices like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Pixel and Mi by Xiaomi ? IN fact, today there a lot of people are shooting with their mobile phone because it is what they own and like but those devices doesn't produce RAW file the same way big brand does but some will produce HEIC, JPEG and TIFF files. I know you focus on Pro and Expert but will it be possible for small creators to also be taken in consideration ? Blessings
  2. Because it is always better to have everything in one place. ONly they don't work as expected then one can search - find - install and use another one (more suitable to him) Less is more: less installed software on a laptop/mac is still more. Blessings.
  3. Hello Team ! i believe Affinity Publisher would do better job and be even competitive if you had a possibility to do OCR or Characters recognition on loaded PDF or scanned documents. in fact Publisher should be pair correctly with scanners and have Pro level scan functionalities to allow more Pro to converge or convert to it. There is a capture software called snagit who does that job so why not Publisher ? Hope this helps ! Blessings.
  4. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello @Andy Somerfield had some issues with the download of Affinity Photo, needed to retry again and again. install was slow for the very first time since beta cycle started launch was slow too but ended opening, now i simply need to give it serious try. Thanks for this update and hope another one with great features improvements like Content Aware or something simply Serif for the pleasure of everyone. Blessings !
  5. @AdamW thank you for this release and i'm just exited for the next coming version you said your team is cooking. My side the install was fluid no issue, only faced few drop with the download but not that much. The link to your S3 servers works very well for me so no complain. Blessings !
  6. Uncle Mez

    Bug: Mask and Quick Mask

    Hi @GabrielM thank you so much for this peaceful answer. Affinity Photo is getting serious and i too. Blessings !
  7. Thank You so much Olivio. Nice job, i just got mine right now. Blessings !
  8. Uncle Mez

    Bug: Mask and Quick Mask

    Hello Team Coming back for this one i'm facing. it is doing the same with AfPhoto beta 118 so no fix was brought to it. Attached you will see in video how it does on my side, hope a fix will come soon. Blessings ! AfPhoto Bug.mp4
  9. i had so much fun of the April Fool from Serif which made me laugh so loud until the level no sound in anymore. Would be great if Serif can simply make their software much intelligent than it is right now, i mean Affinity Suite have great potential but also need something that makes it stand out.
  10. Well it is simple ! I personally am amazed with the level of precision acquired by Adobe since they've implemented the Adobe Sensei technology. I recently was asking myself (now i ask to Serif) how fun and interesting would Affinity Photo (and maybe the two others) if Serif develop an intuitive and efficient intelligence that will power their software. not only Adobe but Skylum took the same path and powered their software with Artificial intelligence and now and they are getting very popular, not only that the tools are getting much better and really saves time for impressive results. Just put everything here and hope Devs and staffs will read and indicate us if something similar is coming to Affinity, if not then i tried and it was fun to try. Blessings.
  11. Hello ! this is not to mention a bug but more of a question and if it does not exist yet a suggestion. It is possible at this stage to draw a straight line with the pen tool then use some filter or options to create a Zig Zag from it ? Like one would do to make waves or to illustrate waters flowing/moving. i know it was possible with Ai but not yet tried to create it with Affinity Designer (Beta or Retail), so i ask. if it is not implemented (such a filter or a straight function to make zik zag of vector lines and smooth them or sharp them) then i would ask it (for both Windows and MacOS) because it is helpful and time saving and very useful for logos design. Blessings !
  12. Hello ! I've noticed there is a kind of bug when i work with mask ans quick mask, here is what i did. Loaded an image Made a selection of the subject (worked) Press Q to display quick mask (worked) Click the mask button close to the adjustment in order to mask unnecessary area ... ... Affinity Photo crashed ! Retry the same with rasterized image but the same result. Now when i apply mask with no quick mask displayed it works. Question: it should be okay to apply mask with quick mask displayed, ain't it ? Hope this will be corrected in coming Beta version. Blessings
  13. Hello @AdamW Well Congrats, this version is okay and few stuffs i noticed was a bit annoying your team have fixed it and it is great pleasure still the link was kind of busy thus making the download fail again and again, hopefully the retry function was not exceeded but i think you really need to inspect your link for downloading the software. Except that all went well, install was okay, launch was much faster, usage is kind of fluid and nice but i believe you can improve it even more. ... Thank you for the improvement made on the Pen tool, it is of great joy to use it now -this goes for all Affinity in this beta cycle). Blessings !
  14. Hello Team ! Can you please check on the Dehaze/Haze removal filter and make it more intelligent (because it does auto job after selected) but also make it less agressive ? I've been working on project with photos taken by fairly good device but noticed when i applied Dehaze/Haze removal on some photos the filter went crazy like punching the colors like does the color dodge blend mode (but not that strong too) i tried to play with the sliders but could not recover enough to say the level was good, i had to work it out with Luminar Dehaze/Haze removal filter which did a decent job on the same photos. Also implementing a live version version of that same filter or simply moving it from destructive to non destructive category is not a bad thing but will work for the good of the users and for better photography results. Hope this will be fixed and fine tuned sooner than later, every week i have to process 183 photos taken in different conditions and deliver them 48h after they reach my desk so, believe me when i say it is painful for a non-Pro like me to switch between software solution do to things i can do with one precise software. Until then, Blessings to y'All !
  15. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello everyone ! Back today with this very quick one. Did it for my Computer training business ... well you will notice i'm the principal Host for this workshop. Like before, please do your inputs that help me to make it better every new design. This is to go out in 7 hours from now, so you can still make it change for the good. Not a lot to say, except the fact that very soon i will stop posting my designs here as i think a forum is not a place where this should happen. Would be pleased if Serif puts in place something like Behance to help us showcase our work, subscribing to such service is not something i would refuse but until then just note i may stop at any time posting my works here. We are not there yet so for now, enjoy the linked stuffs ! The entire work was done with the recent Beta Release of Affinity line of Products. Blessings