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  1. It's an old question at this point because of my delayed attention on this fabulous release, but I think this was done on purpose because the lasso selection is more focused on selecting nodes than it is on objects not selected. Hey I have a question. I noticed from a tutorial on the iPad version that the sculpt feature is a little different from the desktop version. For the desktop, the sculpt areas show the lineart first and then stroked region on release, whereas the iPad shows the stroke all the way through. Might this still be something being worked on for the desktop? Either way, I am thrilled with that new feature.
  2. Hey Matt, my man! It's been a while. I've been away and then come back to see this spectacular treat! Did Christmas come early this year? I am loving these new functions I am seeing. This version really stepped things up.
  3. Bri-Toon

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Sorry for the late reply. I've been away and then come to find I have 67 new emails. And yes, I'm taking a break for now while I need to work out some other things.
  4. I see. It would so helpful if the Flood Fill Tool and Flood Selection Tool had that All Layers option available.
  5. I wanted to do the same thing in the past as well. When you create your line art, is it vector line art or raster line art? Because if vector, something you could do is duplicate the layer, and then make the stroke size of the one underneath smaller, rasterize it, and then add your fills. I know it's not as convenient as the way you want, but still.
  6. Well I'll be double damned. With Publisher still in beta, I thought it would take more time than that. I look forward to seeing the newest updates.
  7. Bri-Toon

    Political cartoon

    Hands are not an easy thing to draw.
  8. Bri-Toon

    Political cartoon

    I didn't even pick up on that. How sad.
  9. Bri-Toon

    Political cartoon

    I like the humor.
  10. I assume Photo judging from the forum section, and I don't think it's the color picker Fantail is talking about. In other painting programs, there is an option to make bucket fills on layers separate from the line art layer. The bucket tool or selection tools would usually have an option that says, "All Layers," which means artists could color straight on top of empty layers using the closed-in areas from others currently displayed. Since Affinity does not have that option (except for the Selection Brush Tool), Fantail is switching back and forth from the different layers; making the selections and then coloring them in.
  11. Why would Abobe people be on an Adobe alternative forum? I think it's fine if you just post your idea here.
  12. Holding the shift key constrains the size for objects; not images. When you drag the corner for images, it is already being constrained without having to hold Shift - which makes sense since it would distort it. Is that what you're thinking? You must be on Windows, because when I hold Ctrl and resize, objects and images scale and rotate.
  13. This is very well thought out, and I experience the same problem. The only thing I question is that more complex objects would have dozens of nodes. So, the person won't count to compare how many he or she sees over what is actually there. But I would be open to maybe a color indicator if there are nodes or vertices overlapping on the same path.
  14. That's interesting. Normally, the "Insert Behind" button is automatically deselected right after you insert an object. That is what's happening to me anyway. At that time duration, there were no objects yet. For me, I need to already have an object selected, and then have that option turned on to insert another behind. I'm not sure why the option was shown selected in that video.
  15. You can do this in Document Setup. Under the Dimensions tab, there is a section that says "Objects will," and by default, "Anchor to page" is selected. Switch to "Rescale," and then add in your new dimensions above that. Rather than just change the artboard size, it will change the size of the vector objects inside as well.