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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I noticed that too, but it slightly alters the line, which does not work for me. Thank you though.
  2. There are three lines I am trying to join, but when I press the join option, I get these giant handles. I noticed that this happens a lot. Please see the attached video. FullSizeRender.MOV
  3. So I wasn’t able to upgrade to Ventura, only Monterey. However, I have an update. The computer files that are not showing up on the iPad have a cloud icon next to them, whereas the others do not. As a test, I copied them, and made a new folder to put them in. They are not being detected through the iPad. What do those cloud icons mean?
  4. One of the requirements from that page is to have the latest Mac OS, so I am in the process of updating all the way from Mojavi! When I am done, I will come back here, and let you guys know if it worked.
  5. It appears that it is the iPad files that synced to iCloud.com, not the computer files. The Affinity files are saved, and I have plenty of cloud storage.
  6. Apparently, no. There are other apps that are not shown across other devices as well. I see that I have the same Apple ID, but I don’t know how to find out if iCloud is syncing. Another possibility could be different operating systems? I have the latest update for iPad, but I still have Mojave for Mac.
  7. It doesn’t seem that any of those match what I am looking for, but thanks for trying.
  8. Hi there, I was comparing the same file location (iCloud) on two different devices (iPad and Mac computer). There are files I made on iPad, and files I made on Mac. However, the iPad files were not showing up on my Mac device, and my Mac files were not showing up on my iPad device. I made sure that it is the same location, and it is. Does anyone know why this might be?
  9. That didn’t even occur to me. Thank you very much.
  10. When drawing two different paths with the Pencil Tool, joining them together results to large handles. See in the video. FullSizeRender.MOV
  11. StudioJason: From what I understand, this was already attempted. Bumblemeep: Did you originally download the trial of version 1, or did you purchase it? Because for me, I have both versions purchased, and I can still access both.
  12. Thank you for the steps, but I think we might be having a misunderstanding. I used pencil strokes, as oppose to actual shapes. I forgot to specify that. I was building shapes from open paths. The issue is that the stroke size increases, as if Scale With Object is on, but it's not. Here is a video that shows the steps more clearly. RPReplay_Final1669754739.MP4
  13. I am testing out the new Shape Builder Tool, and I love it! However, it seems to not recognize when “scale with object” is off. I switched it on to scale down my objects, and then I switched it off. But now when I add shapes, the stroke size increases, as if the switch is still on. Here are the steps to get that result. Overlap two shapes. Select both, and scale down with “scale with object” toggled on. Now toggle the switch off. Add a shape with the Shape Builder Tool, and the stroke size of that segment should increase. Let me know if anyone else experiences this.
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