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  1. Think of the Break Curve option as "splitting" the curve. It breaks it into two (like cutting a film into segments). So the node in which you break the curve is where you split it. In the instructions MEB gave, he is saying to split the curve into three and delete the middle one, in which would create a gap between the first and third.
  2. I caught the issue! Oval must've been using the Pencil or Brush Tool while we were using the Pen Tool. If either of those tools are used first, then Oval's issue tends to happen when expanding strokes. But yet using the Pen Tool, that will not happen.
  3. Thank you for your response. I don't think it would matter, but these are all sketch layers. U-Man_Animation.afdesign
  4. Oh God, that doesn't look right. I don't face the issue with the node tool but definitely with the move tool.
  5. Thank you.
  6. I'm sorry you've been facing this issue for a while. Would you be able to make a recording of this? For me, no action is caused by double clicking a handle, so I'm wondering what you might be doing differently or if I'm misunderstanding the issue.
  7. Edit: Wait a minute! I didn't see that screenshot MEB attached as I totally missed I had a pixel layer hidden in there. If I delete the pixel and then change the color, it works fine. Oh dang. Thank you for your patience and assistance, guys. Some times, it can be tough seeing where an issue falls. Sorry for the confusion. Here is a clearer example of the comparison between 12 and 13. 20170915131647(1).mov Changing the color layer in 12 changes the color of the whole document, whereas changing the color layer of 13 changes the color of the layer. The result in 12 is the issue. Originally, I suspected that the pixel layer that was clipped in the Color layer of 12 may have been messing something up, so I decided to just delete it. However, it is still happening. The pixel layer in 13 was just a rough sketch for tracing over with the vector tools. I purposely did not clip that layer.
  8. I know that something similar happens in masks and that is by design, but in that first "Color" layer, I don't understand what might be causing that to happen. I have another file (13.afdesign) with the same setup, and changing the color of the Color layer changes only the layer. 13.afdesign
  9. Never mind. I realized I can't attach new files through messages. Here it is. 12.afdesign
  10. Sure thing. I'll send you a message. Thanks.
  11. In Designer Betas 9 and 10, there is an issue with adding slices. I wanted to export sketches of 31 different layers to later animate. In the Export Persona and in the Layers Panel, if I try to either slice all or several at once, the program crashes. It seems that I am only able to slice each layer individually. Does this occur to anyone else?
  12. Well that didn't take long. FYI, I noticed that there was a problem with growing and shrinking selections in Beta 9, but that's not the case here now.
  13. Hey Matt, Since you're happy for reports here, I guess I'll just report a bug I found here. Clicking the parent layer of nested objects changes the color of other parent layers underneath. I don't mean the nested objects; I mean all other layers under it. 20170914114833(1).mov Edit: Another strange little glitch. I think it might be related to clipping pixels. However, in this video, I deleted the pixel clip, and the problem still occurred. 20170914115755(1).mov
  14. To test this accordingly, where can I find Metal view mode? Something I did pickup on right away is that pixel selections have a slightly new look.
  15. This is news to me as well. I wondered about posting bugs in the beta topics verses the section itself, and it looks like I and many others didn't understand where to post them. OOPSIES!