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  1. Well I sure feel silly, though I'm relieved that's all it was. My mistake. Thanks.
  2. I am using Affinity Designer 1.6. In the Preferences and under User Interface, I had the Autoscroll option toggled off (towards the bottom). As I was making a tutorial video, I realized that turning it back on causes all of the icons to turn gray. Turning it back off does not resolve it. I can't get colored icons back.
  3. And I appreciate it. I recently started a new job, so I haven't had a lot of time to make more videos, but I decided on something. I will have two video playlists. This one here for tips and tricks will stay as non-verbal and have subtitles, but next in the series, the screen will pause as the subtitles are shown so people have time to read them. In the second playlist which will be "Easy Affinity Guide," each video will be longer, and I will be speaking giving a general overview of everything. That way, when people watch the second series, the first might make a bit more sense since I did move very fast without realizing.
  4. And just for future reference, Affinity's official YouTube channel is just called "Affinity," and they have two separate channels, "Affinity Designer" and "Affinity Photo." Though, they do have plenty more of tutorial videos on the site, Vimeo, if you ever decide to take a look. Their Vimeo channel is called "Affinity."
  5. I lie down my money for this.
  6. I'm glad it helps. I'll be making more.
  7. That's a good suggestion, but I don't think that's the case. This isn't the first time that happened. I wish I saved that file, so I could attach it here. If it happens again, I'll attach it as an example.
  8. I originally used Line Mode from the Pen Tool, and then later on, I tried continuing the line with Pen Mode, but I could not continue the path. So next, I made lines closing in a triangle shape making them look like they are connected. I selected all the lines, and clicked Join Curves, but they still wouldn't connect. Video.mp4
  9. Oh, well then I'm down. On the other part you said about perlin noise, I didn't understand that topic since I'm not as familiar with filters.
  10. I agree. I just wanted to point that out. If they follow a technique similar to the DrawPlus x8 approach of symbols and replicating, that would work much nicer.
  11. I appreciate everyone's feedback, and I respect the honest criticism. Now I know what to improve. For tutorial 9, I will be sure to slow things down and be more explanatory. I guess it's like taking a new job. The trainer who has been there for a while does not realize how much needs to be covered because he or she is so use to the system. It's no problem at all. Would people still prefer a text tutorial, or a verbal one?
  12. For this one, you can create patterns from bitmap images, but of course, they wouldn't be vector.
  13. Thank you for your feedback, and sure thing. In these videos, I was trying to keep them within a certain length and not to provide anything other than what was being covered in each, but someone else thought the same. So I know for future reference, which parts do you feel went too fast and needed more explanation?
  14. As far as I know, that's okay, since we are all just sharing ideas. That would come so useful for objects with furry textures and such, and I agree with that topic. My only concern is how that would affect the fills. Currently, if we add a custom vector brush with perhaps a zigzag shape, there are gaps between the stroke and fill. Not to just advertise my channel, but since we're talking about ideas, I came up with others. In another topic, someone mentioned the Adobe Illustrator plugin suite, Astute Graphics. I remember I used to use one of their products, DynamicSketch. The features in that plugin worked great at the time, and I think similar functions in Designer (without having to install a plugin) would really speed up workflow. This is my idea on how such tools could be implemented without hassle. (I know a vector eraser has been requested many times, but this function is a little different.)
  15. When the welcome screen pops up, there are three slides which are shown. Just to confirm, did you check all of them? For Designer, for example, the Claim Now button is on the third slide.