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  1. A few bad apples don't necessarily ruin the whole basket. Besides, Rome wasn't built in a day, and that's why it's so beautiful. Good progress takes time.
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I posted a topic in the Tutorials section here. Well in the past, there have been a lot of discussions on animation such as requests, ideas, and even showcases. Well everyone has a different style, and so I thought I'd introduce my style. Something that I want to do is hopefully to one day bring back 2D animation. Now this is not a tutorial on animation itself, it is an explanation on how to set up your layers for animation. I start off with a simple example of Katie staring at a rabbit, and then I move into a much more complex example of a plant monster. Because in some examples, there are animations within animations. In other words, there could be an animation of a walk cycle whereas there is another animation of the person's facial expression. So this is a method to teach how you can set up all of this right in your layers in Affinity Designer. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.
  3. Do you mean the styles from objects themselves, or the styles in the Styles Studio? Because the styles on objects can easily be updated, but in the Styles Studio, you are correct; there is no way to update one. In that regard, you're probably best to "Add style from selection" and remove the one you don't need.
  4. Dang it. I wish I knew this earlier. I was following your steps because I too am looking into doing something similar. Before I updated, I backed up brushes and styles, and it looks like the shortcut keys backed up automatically when I updated, but I didn't know how to backup text. I knew that there was a folder location somewhere, but I didn't know where. Now, I went into that location, and I see only one file called Container.plist. That must be because the update refreshed the folder?
  5. Hi there. It will still be a while until version 2 comes out, because the features on the roadmap are for the 1.x range. And that's a good thing, because if you already paid for a previous retail version, then all of the 1.x updates are free. Affinity 2.0 will be the first paid update, and that won't happen until all the roadmap features are cleared.
  6. Bri-Toon

    Stroke drags after deletion

    Awesome! I look forward to it.
  7. Hi everyone, First of all, congrats on the first release candidate of Affinity Designer. Secondly, I've been facing a bug, and I think I finally identified the cause of it. The bug was that newly created strokes made with the Pencil Tool would drag, and it would take a long time for the stroke to match the mouse action. This is caused on complex files after a stroke is deleted. Then the next stroke made with the Pencil Tool will drag. Here is a video example. Drag on Stroke.mp4
  8. Bri-Toon

    Stop Frame Animation

    I've never used OpenToonz for myself, but I do like how they've come along over the years. I think that program was used for some Studio Ghibli films such as My Neighbor Totoro.
  9. Bri-Toon

    Stop Frame Animation

    I'm not really a fan of Gimp either to be honest. It's great for what it can do, but the UI for any program is the first thing that sticks out at me, and I am more of a vector nerd. I will say, however, I love the cage warp.
  10. In the Edit menu, you can paste styles, and this maintains things like color, line thickness, and gradients. You can do the same for pasting effects.
  11. I like this update. I see that the new functionalities are kind of like collaborating with each other. The selection of additional curves for the Pen Tool works in the benefit of the Node Tool's Transform mode. I see what you did there.
  12. True on that. Arrowheads and an Appearance panel did not release on the first couple of 1.7 betas. They came as an extra surprise later on.
  13. I thought that was great. The way you blended the dog's head to the bird's body made it look very believable. Pretty funny. I just had a hard time understanding how you knew what to mask in certain situations. I understood the first mask, but once you made a second, I got a little lost. It's just different from what I'm use to, so I'm wondering how you knew in that example.
  14. For this to happen, it would be a neat additional option for the Transform panel to be able to transform each object individually as well. Reading the earlier discussion on this topic, right now, it transforms the overall selection bounding box instead. So, I agree there should be a way to have each object meet the same dimensions at once rather than to do each individually.
  15. I see. Thanks for explaining. Haha. That's okay. I appreciate it. Good point.