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  1. My apologies. It appears that I am late to respond to this tag. So at the time of me posting that, that was originally the case. However, Designer 1.7 introduced the "Sculpt" mode for the Pencil Tool. This can do what you are requesting in suggestion 1 and 2. For 3, it is a little tricky since you do not close a path the same way as in Illustrator. You have to kind of redraw both ends as you connect them for them to close properly. And for 4, yes, I agree that can be frustrating. There may not be a way to reduce nodes in a fashion that does not reform the shape too much, but there are two things I can suggest. One: You can start off drawing the shapes with the brush stabilizers. They allow a drawing mode in which you pull on a string to reduce shaky hand movements. It may or may not give you the result you are looking for, but it does give more precision, which I like. Two: After the shapes are drawn, you can use the "Transform Mode" of the Node Tool to transform nodes; not shapes. This means resizing, skewing, repositioning, and rotating. I understand this does not reduce nodes, but what this can do is map out your ideal shape before you start removing them. Seeing how we are talking about the Pencil Tool, I hope it is not invading your topic to explain what I want. Something that I personally want more than anything for that tool is a way to toggle post-correction. I would like a feature that allows the user to decide how much a line is corrected after drawn or even have the ability to toggle it off.
  2. It's uncommon, but I personally find it very beneficial that way. I like to "start off" with the right size so I can see beforehand how it would match the design. But hey, everyone is different. 😊
  3. It sounds like you understand correctly. So if you are to Cmd/Ctrl click an object in a group, and then select each appearance and check/uncheck "Scale with object," then the "Select Same: feature could select all other appearances of that same style. The reason for this is because when resizing a grouped object with multiple stokes on each, the stroke size does not reserve unless "Scale with object" is selected for each. So I thought this could be a faster way to do it.
  4. Howdy! In a previous beta thread, there was a mention that if anyone has any requests for the "Select Same / Select Object functionality," it would be up for consideration. Well I have an idea I would like to share, and that idea is the ability to select object "appearances." So here is where I'm getting at. You can add multiple strokes to an existing object, but you have to check off "Scale with object" to each individual appearance if you want to resize. In a previous topic, there was discussion about this. Well seeing how there is this new "Select Object / Select Same" feature, maybe Affinity could incorporate a way to select all stroked appearances of a selected object/group. It would save time from having to go through each appearance. What do you think?
  5. Oh thanks for the tip. That makes sense. I was assuming that checking off that option would apply to the whole object but apparently each appearance. For some reason, that did not occur to me. Yeah I feel like some default or "Apply to all" feature would benefit in this case. A grouped object can have a lot to uncheck. But hey, I think this gives me an idea of what to request for in another topic for Designer's new "Select Object" and "Select All" feature; since the staff said they are open to requests in that area.
  6. I make my icons with two strokes. In the Appearance panel, the one on top is 0.5 (aligned to center), and the one below is 0.7 (aligned to outside). Now depending on the visual, I may have to enlarge or shrink the icons, and so I check off "Scale with object" to maintain the proper stroke ratio. However, this only affects the bottom stroke. The one that was 0.5 does not update visually. Additionally, the new line width of both strokes are not displayed in the Appearance panel even though the bottom does update in size. So one stroke updates visually, but neither updates as displayed in the panel.
  7. Ooooo thank you. I'm gonna be playing around with this feature.
  8. Which feature is this? Is this referring to the selection bounding box options?
  9. I'm not sure I fully understand the question, but if you're looking into getting started, there should be a website from the manufacture where you download the drivers for the type of tablet you have. Setting up the tablet and then downloading the drivers are usually the steps to start using it. Does downloading from the page help? https://www.xp-pen.com/download-58.html
  10. There are often many great ideas that come out, but that does not mean that those ideas will follow the original intention. Priorities often get overlooked as new plans go into action.
  11. Yeah it looks like the window that is shown are scan results. And good point on the scroll bars. I wonder if there is a present issue after all that it just not within scroll view like you said. I guess we'll wait to see what the OP has to say.
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