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  1. Bri-Toon

    Bug with digital pen tablet. Brush/Eraser

    I use XP-Pen myself. Out of the three tablet manufactures I've used, they are the best in my opinion. I have the Artist 15.6, and I agree they are adorable.
  2. To throw my two cents in, I think it makes more sense to not change the hotkeys from what they were at start. I think it was wrong of Adobe in the first place. There is quick access and then there is recognizable access. As a product made for everyday work, customers need to be familiar with the routine of their workstation. Change can be bothersome for many people; including my former college professor who was teaching Adobe at the time.
  3. On top of what Dan said, you can also convert artistic text to frame text. To do that, highlight the text and copy it, and then use any other tool to paste it. That will maintain the size of the artistic text in a frame.
  4. Yeah, to get the brush preset you are looking for, you need to use the Paint Brush Tool.
  5. Bri-Toon

    Width tool

    Those tools have been requested several times before, but you never know what might show up. I think a width tool would work well, because with closed shapes, you can't really pinpoint the exact spot through the Pressure window.
  6. In the Affinity Designer beta, I noticed that it is no longer possible to Ctrl/Cmd + Click a layer thumbnail to get a pixel selection around the entire layer. I use this technique often for shading. Is there a new way to do this perhaps?
  7. I had a Huion tablet myself in the past, and that is what I had to do. I'm not saying it's definitely the drivers, but it can't hurt. https://www.huiontablet.com/support/ And I hope it's not the same case with you, but my experience with Huion wasn't too good. There were a lot of compatibility issues, and my tablet didn't even have a serial number. But hey, it might be different for you.
  8. When you reinstalled the drivers, did you originally download them from the manufacture website? The drivers on the tablet may not always be up to date with the OS like the ones that can be downloaded. If you have done this, then I'm sorry I don't know.
  9. I think your idea is more visually noticeable, though I do like the idea of an underline as well.
  10. Before Matt's update, I've been using the Pressure window. There's a neat little trick behind it. Arrow Heads with Pressure.mp4
  11. @MattP made a "leak" on Twitter, and I'm the one to spoil it. Haha. What he said was this. Heck yes!
  12. I agree that a Magic Wand Tool is easier to use. I just can't get a solid selection with the Brush Selection Tool no matter how I use it. I've been wanting it for a while now; a Magic Wand Tool that can select "All Layers" like the Brush Selection Tool does. To be fair, the program's purpose is vector drawing, but the Pixel Persona, in my opinion, is good for mockup. Before drawing something complex with vector, it benefits to sketch out the mechanics first, and selections are just something that completes that mockup. There is the plan to eventually have pixel selections convert to vector objects for tracing purposes, so I do wonder what is yet to come on the road.
  13. Take a look in the Layers panel. As long as the text is actually a text layer and not an image of text, you should be able to change it easily by selecting either the Artistic or Frame Text Tool. Highlight the menu and price items, and then your options will be on the Context Toolbar above.
  14. Bri-Toon

    Transforming Clipped Nodes

    That's probably the best thing to do.