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  1. It's not the same as in Publisher, but I think the best alternative way is to convert a shape to a text frame. And what's good about it is that if you change the size of your image, you can still edit the shape of your text frame as well. Wrap_Text.mp4
  2. I assumed as much since I'm on YouTube a lot on my phone, and the view is in that same format. Yeah it's strange how that works, but I guess it makes sense since comments could go on forever. Therefor, it should be the last thing you see for any view.
  3. It looks like you have your window scaled very narrow. In a very tight view, the comments should be after the "Up Next" videos when the display is compacted like that.
  4. Aw bummer. I'm not sure then seeing how illustration is more of what I do, but if I get an idea, I'll let you know.
  5. Okay, I have a suggestion. The beta of Designer 1.7 introduced a new tool, the Point Transform Tool. I am aware of what it does, but I’m interested in learning its advantages. I’m interested in learning in what cases it can be used.
  6. Would it make sense to just lock the character layer?
  7. YES! I do a lot of character drawing, and I know that some programs like Moho has a linking option in which different parts of a character can be transformed at once. I would really like this.
  8. I think some tools like the Pencil was left out as a way to draw an equal comparison between the apps. Publisher, just being in beta, can already do a lot of the tasks Designer can do. To make proper use of those personas, Designer would need to feature some tools specifically for illustration. That how I perceive it anyway. But hey, don't be afraid to ask. Like Stokerg said, you could always put it as a feature request.
  9. Hi there. I'm guessing that you're using Affinity Photo since the default adjustment nesting is different in Designer. You can have adjustments nest within pixel layers by default if you'd like. To the right of the snapping options on the main toolbar is an icon that looks like a tuxedo, the Assistant Manager. Clicking that will open a list of options. Change the one that says "Add adjustment as new layer" to "Add adjustment as child layer." Cheers!
  10. Hi Matt, I don't know if it's a bug, but it can't hurt to bring it up. When I have a shape selected and then have the "Insert behind the selection" button enabled, using the Pencil or Brush Tool to start drawing from behind the shape and work my way out, the stroke does not work in real time (if that's the right term). In other words, the Pencil Tool and Brush Tool do not leave a stroke as I draw. The stroke appears after release. I tested the the other two buttons, and the Pencil and Brush Tool do work in real time. It's just that first button that results to that issue.
  11. I see. Because that was happening to me around 2016. I gave Zoho Mail a try, and notifications were never a problem again. But hey, what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone. I'm not sure why that problem occurred for me.
  12. Bri-Toon


    Don't worry about it. We're here to help you. Once a vector is saved as a PNG (raster), you cannot reverse the process. It's a one way conversion.
  13. Bri-Toon


    Oh well look at that, even the outline effect is. Okay, you win the cigar. Okay well then that is the problem. The Affinity effects are not for exporting purposes. They will give you the pixelated look you are getting. You mentioned that you're having a hard time getting the right color. Could you elaborate on that? Maybe we can help you with that part. If you mean separate parts of a group, you can hold Ctrl and click separate regions of a group. Is that what you mean?
  14. Bri-Toon


    I think you identified the problem. I forgot that most of the effects in Affinity are raster based. So if you add something like a gaussian blur our a bevel effect, then exporting the file to a SVG will pixelate those regions.
  15. Well since the topic is still going on, I just want to mention something to @PeanutsA over a concern from the previous page. When I first joined the forum, I was having a lot of issues getting notified as well while all of the notification settings were accurate. I don't know if you use Gmail or not, but I did find that it has a hard time adding email notifications for forum websites. I gave a different email provider a try for specific websites such as Affinity, and I no longer faced an issue. Just a thought.