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    Stop Frame Animation

    I've never used OpenToonz for myself, but I do like how they've come along over the years. I think that program was used for some Studio Ghibli films such as My Neighbor Totoro.
  2. Bri-Toon

    Stop Frame Animation

    I'm not really a fan of Gimp either to be honest. It's great for what it can do, but the UI for any program is the first thing that sticks out at me, and I am more of a vector nerd. I will say, however, I love the cage warp.
  3. In the Edit menu, you can paste styles, and this maintains things like color, line thickness, and gradients. You can do the same for pasting effects.
  4. I like this update. I see that the new functionalities are kind of like collaborating with each other. The selection of additional curves for the Pen Tool works in the benefit of the Node Tool's Transform mode. I see what you did there.
  5. True on that. Arrowheads and an Appearance panel did not release on the first couple of 1.7 betas. They came as an extra surprise later on.
  6. I thought that was great. The way you blended the dog's head to the bird's body made it look very believable. Pretty funny. I just had a hard time understanding how you knew what to mask in certain situations. I understood the first mask, but once you made a second, I got a little lost. It's just different from what I'm use to, so I'm wondering how you knew in that example.
  7. For this to happen, it would be a neat additional option for the Transform panel to be able to transform each object individually as well. Reading the earlier discussion on this topic, right now, it transforms the overall selection bounding box instead. So, I agree there should be a way to have each object meet the same dimensions at once rather than to do each individually.
  8. I was going to post this in the Designer beta section, but I thought it would make sense to post it here instead since it could apply to any Affinity product. I also think it will help plenty of others to know as well. So my question is, how do you go about transferring all preferences such as custom keyboard shortcuts, styles, brushes, fonts, workspace, and etc. from the previous commercial version to the current beta? When a new beta is released, all the preferences are set to default, and I recall there was a way to match your previous setup. I just don't remember it.
  9. I see. Thanks for explaining. Haha. That's okay. I appreciate it. Good point.
  10. Hi Casterle, thank you for your answer. And yes, there are settings hidden deep in the software folders of the operating system, but I like to stay extra cautious when working around them. I'm not too familiar with the settings, and a single slip-up can do a lot of damage. Anyway, you said that there are settings in the Affinity export functions that are not covered?
  11. Hi Walt, thank you for taking the time of figuring out the best approach for me. I like the idea of exporting and backing the different preferences. I never knew that was an option or for the keyboard shortcuts to export settings. I'm thinking I might do that. Thanks.
  12. This is a very strange bug. When I have different parent layers nested inside each other, and then expand and collapse certain ones, another parent layer disappears. This is triggered by just expanding and collapsing, and it triggers the layers to reappear as well. Brenda Comic Page 1.afdesign Here is a file in which this happens. Dang it! I wanted to hold off in showing this and share it later, but we gotta work out the issue, right? See from the video how this is caused. Video.mp4
  13. Bri-Toon

    Layers not Showing

    Thank you for your reply and compliment. That’s good to know that the issue doesn’t occur on Sierra. I did face this issue in the past as well before I upgraded to Mojavi, but I forget if it was on Sierra or High Sierra. By the way, I noticed when expanding a layer and then scrolling, the issue does not occur. If the section that would normally be blank is visible on the window, the layer does not disappear.
  14. Okay. I look forward to your answer.
  15. Does the same issue occur if you reset the studio? (Doing this will reset your workspace, so only try this if you want all the studios reset to their default location.) View > Studio > Reset studio.
  16. Debate aside, everyone is different. Everyone has different ways of completing tasks and different ways of learning. What works for me may not work for you or person X or person Y, so it all varies. It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with learning from someone else even if it's not the way we would do things. The part that matters is people still try to be helpful by offering what they know. With that said, I hope you find what you're looking for, Marcy.
  17. *Like* for that statement. That was my favorite time of design.
  18. It's not the same as in Publisher, but I think the best alternative way is to convert a shape to a text frame. And what's good about it is that if you change the size of your image, you can still edit the shape of your text frame as well. Wrap_Text.mp4
  19. I assumed as much since I'm on YouTube a lot on my phone, and the view is in that same format. Yeah it's strange how that works, but I guess it makes sense since comments could go on forever. Therefor, it should be the last thing you see for any view.
  20. It looks like you have your window scaled very narrow. In a very tight view, the comments should be after the "Up Next" videos when the display is compacted like that.
  21. Aw bummer. I'm not sure then seeing how illustration is more of what I do, but if I get an idea, I'll let you know.
  22. Okay, I have a suggestion. The beta of Designer 1.7 introduced a new tool, the Point Transform Tool. I am aware of what it does, but I’m interested in learning its advantages. I’m interested in learning in what cases it can be used.
  23. Would it make sense to just lock the character layer?
  24. YES! I do a lot of character drawing, and I know that some programs like Moho has a linking option in which different parts of a character can be transformed at once. I would really like this.