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  1. That didn’t even occur to me. Thank you very much.
  2. When drawing two different paths with the Pencil Tool, joining them together results to large handles. See in the video. FullSizeRender.MOV
  3. StudioJason: From what I understand, this was already attempted. Bumblemeep: Did you originally download the trial of version 1, or did you purchase it? Because for me, I have both versions purchased, and I can still access both.
  4. Thank you for the steps, but I think we might be having a misunderstanding. I used pencil strokes, as oppose to actual shapes. I forgot to specify that. I was building shapes from open paths. The issue is that the stroke size increases, as if Scale With Object is on, but it's not. Here is a video that shows the steps more clearly. RPReplay_Final1669754739.MP4
  5. I am testing out the new Shape Builder Tool, and I love it! However, it seems to not recognize when “scale with object” is off. I switched it on to scale down my objects, and then I switched it off. But now when I add shapes, the stroke size increases, as if the switch is still on. Here are the steps to get that result. Overlap two shapes. Select both, and scale down with “scale with object” toggled on. Now toggle the switch off. Add a shape with the Shape Builder Tool, and the stroke size of that segment should increase. Let me know if anyone else experiences this.
  6. I find it helpful that it is in the menu of a long press tap gesture, but I like to learn a program’s interface before learning the shortcuts. Just like others, I too miss the trash icon. It seem that the only other ways is to delete through the Node Tool, or delete through the Layers panel.
  7. Shape Builder Tool — Add and subtract shapes and segments in an easy, interactive way. Simply drag to combine or hold to subtract.
  8. Well this is exciting. Site under maintenance, Affinity 2 forums being prepared, new icons, and we can the expect the BIG news today. This is suspenseful. I’m in bed and keep checking the news. Haha. Edit: It looks like I posted too late. Let me take a closer look at the updates.
  9. Something that I noticed with the iPad is that after changes are made on a file, returning to the Recents section is what saves them. It is like this with other applications as well. But just to stay on the safe side, each file thumbnail in Recents has a menu that has “Save” in it.
  10. Are you sure those are Roman numeral Is? It looks like 1.11 to me too.
  11. I think the Halloween candy is coming in a special package. How exciting.
  12. That’s a good point about Publisher on iPad. I wonder if we can expect something by the holidays, because that is when things go on sale. Also, do we know for sure that 2.0 is the actual huge update? Because I remember on the forum a moderator mentioned that there would be a 1.11, 1.12, and so on. Could this perhaps be a rumor only if nothing has been announced? Or did I fly by a post?
  13. Well everyone is different. I use Mac and iPad only, and only specific products.
  14. Seeing how there is talk about when this next huge update will launch, I am interested to see the competition compared to Belight products like Amadine and Swift Publisher. Amadine has really been advancing this year, so I am curious to see how Designer might compare when Affinity’s update is ready.
  15. Hi AGD, Just to be sure of the possibility, might you have purchased the program for desktop years back, and then hope to open the program on iPad? I ask only because there are different licenses for the different devices. Or, did you purchase the program for iPad originally?
  16. I'm sorry. I totally missed the date. I got an email notification of this thread, which is why I assumed it was active.
  17. I was thinking of suggesting what MEB suggested before he beat me to the punch, but as Walt.farrell pointed out, the goal may not be as clear as I may have thought. I am sorry you are frustrated. If you are still looking into solving the issue, then just to clarify, is this what you are trying to do? You are looking into having the bottom half of the female character smoothly fade out. Something like on a Star Wars cover. Is this correct first of all?
  18. Hi there, I was checking the forums, the online documentation, and official tutorial videos for the answer, but I cannot find the auto-scroll feature. I am looking into disabling auto-scroll, so when I click on an object, the nested layer location is not expanded. I like to have my layers nicely organized, so this is counter-intuitive for my style. Do bare with me, because I am still new to the iPad version, but so far, I think it's great.
  19. So you are trying to have the noise be maintained on export. What filetype are you trying to export your design as? And were there any other options that you toggled during export?
  20. It appears that you are outlining an image that was converted to a pixel layer. Pixels are expected to have bumpy edges with an outline effect. To resolve this, maybe you can trace a vector shape from behind (not visible), and outline that instead.
  21. Good old smarty pants of the forum. Haha. Nothing wrong with laughter. Well as long as there is no date as to when updates are expected, then we can assume that all are unexpected. And I respect your opinion. For me, when I realized that the latest commercial release did not bring any new features, I did notice that they heavily got involved with bug fixes. And I do recall that the amount of bugs were indeed frustrating. But I'm just telling you what I noticed. It's what ever works for you.
  22. I am certainly interested to see what progress Designer makes in future updates. In my opinion, Photo and Publisher have a lot more developed and seem to be more of a primary focus. And of course, I can understand that the suite as a whole can get piled up with other priorities. I get it. Just saying that as a lover of the first Affinity application, I can agree with the points in the original post, and I look forward to any unexpected surprises.
  23. If not paid careful attention to the settings of Flood Fill Tool before making flood fills, the program can take a long time to respond because of accidentally covering up the whole document. I had to force quit the program about 4 or 5 times. For example, there can be pixels very close together but with gap space you care barely notice. There can be a source setting saying "Current Layer" whereas I may forget to set it to "Layers Beneath." And I can some times be on the wrong layer. So if I overlook one of these options, the program stops responding, and then the next best thing to do is to restart it, and that can really get frustrating. And so an idea that I thought of is to have a dialogue that pops up that can detect how large the flood fill will be after an action is made, and it can say something like, "This action may take a long time for the program to respond. Do you wish to continue?" What do you think of this idea? Joke:
  24. My apologies. It appears that I am late to respond to this tag. So at the time of me posting that, that was originally the case. However, Designer 1.7 introduced the "Sculpt" mode for the Pencil Tool. This can do what you are requesting in suggestion 1 and 2. For 3, it is a little tricky since you do not close a path the same way as in Illustrator. You have to kind of redraw both ends as you connect them for them to close properly. And for 4, yes, I agree that can be frustrating. There may not be a way to reduce nodes in a fashion that does not reform the shape too much, but there are two things I can suggest. One: You can start off drawing the shapes with the brush stabilizers. They allow a drawing mode in which you pull on a string to reduce shaky hand movements. It may or may not give you the result you are looking for, but it does give more precision, which I like. Two: After the shapes are drawn, you can use the "Transform Mode" of the Node Tool to transform nodes; not shapes. This means resizing, skewing, repositioning, and rotating. I understand this does not reduce nodes, but what this can do is map out your ideal shape before you start removing them. Seeing how we are talking about the Pencil Tool, I hope it is not invading your topic to explain what I want. Something that I personally want more than anything for that tool is a way to toggle post-correction. I would like a feature that allows the user to decide how much a line is corrected after drawn or even have the ability to toggle it off.
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