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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Honestly, I don't know how to go about it then, because there is a lot going on. The background layer, the adjustment layer, and the blend mode are all working in a network. (They're all supporting each other). So by making a simple change, you get that black and white result, which you don't want. Hopefully, someone can give you a better answer, because I just don't know. This is a very clever approach, however.
  2. When switching the UI style from dark to light, it appears that the "place arrow" and "swap arrow" icons do not change contrast. They're not visible unless selected.
  3. That would be neat to have an upgrade to the Slice Tool. Right now, it only exports image files but not yet html text or export for web. I'm down with this.
  4. It appears that the background layer and blend modes are what's supporting the recolor adjustment. If you hide the background layer, you get the same result as your second screenshot shows. Very tricky. Because normally, although adjustments can change the color of pixel layers, that does not include pixel brushes. The blend mode and the background colored object is what's exposing the color properties of the recolor adjustment. So instead, group everything, including the background layer, and then rasterize.
  5. I’m trying to follow what you did, and I’m a little lost on how to replicate it. What exactly did you do to create that design? The layers look different from the result.
  6. Is that so? I mean I heard that it didn’t sell, but I didn’t realize it was apparently awful. Good to know. Hopefully things have changed now, but I’m too attached to Affinity to try it out.
  7. I was not expecting CorelDraw to be released for the Mac, because I think at one point it was previously but didn't do too well. Anyway, I'm for the suggestion. I would have fun using it back when I used Illustrator.
  8. Yay! It's funny how such a little thing can make a huge difference in workflow.
  9. I have a question since there have been a lot of changes with the tools and reading that some options are temporally unavailable. Holding Cmd while the Pencil Tool is selected will temporally bring up the Node Tool, but I noticed it's no longer possible to add nodes or select other paths while it is in use. Was this intentionally changed? I ask because it is still possible to do both these things while holding Cmd for the Pen Tool.
  10. Oh. This quote below is what I originally meant to respond to: Anyway, I think we got off track. I am open to Patrick Conner's suggestion of starting a new thread.
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    Hi Astro1, All updates are free up until Affinity 2.x. We are currently on the beta of 1.7, and according to what an Affinity staff member has said, versions will go beyond 1.9, and all the features on the roadmap will be implemented in the 1.x range. So we still have a long way to go before the first paid update.
  12. Sorry. I meant to quote Jamesholden.
  13. That’s interesting. First time I heard of it.
  14. Hi there. If you copy an object or text, you can click Edit > Paste Style to maintain the properties. Or, are you looking into something a bit different?
  15. If you create anything of vector in Designer, and then click File > Edit in Photo, the strokes reset to zero. I was testing to see if the same thing occurs if I start a vector design in Photo or Publisher, and edit in Designer, but it appears that this problem only occurs if you start in Designer, and edit in Photo. I was looking to see if this bug has been reported yet, and I couldn't find a topic on it. Better safe than sorry.
  16. I don't see any reason for it to be dismissed. Who knows? We probably got an early build of the Appearance studio considering the roadmap feature. I recon that effects involve more code than strokes and fills, but we'll wait to see what happens.
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    Edit in Photo, from Designer (Bug)

    Thank you for informing me. And it looks like this issue has been resolved.
  18. Bri-Toon

    Edit in Photo, from Designer (Bug)

    I see. Sorry for the confusion.
  19. Bri-Toon

    Edit in Photo, from Designer (Bug)

    Thank you for your feedback. I understand that. However, this happened in the most recent version of Photo.
  20. I hate it when I have these dumb moments. That is impressive.
  21. Hey you can now have different size layer thumbnails. Or is this old news and I just caught on now?
  22. Hi MEB, I didn't realize that the personas in Publisher are ready, because I get a message when I click on one saying that the feature is disabled until later on in the beta. And I own both Designer and Photo, and I have the latest betas.
  23. 1.7 is getting some serious updates. That Appearance panel is going to come very handy.
  24. I was checking out the blend options as well hoping I could find something similar, but I'm not as familiar with them. Other members here could tell you more I'm sure. Now is it just Publisher you have? Because there is integration for all of the Affinity applications. You can open a file in Publisher, and then click File > Edit in Photo. Photo has a tool very similar to the magic wand tool; Flood Select Tool, for you to remove that white space. And we can expect some surprise in a later build of Publisher because of their personas.