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  1. Thank you. This is the same for Photo.
  2. The buttons on the main toolbar are pretty cramped together, so I'm trying to spread them out. But to make things easier, in the Customize Toolbar window, I clicked and dragged the default toolbar to get the default look, but it doesn't look like it reset as it was supposed to. A lot of the buttons now are cramped to the right. Is this supposed to happen? Weird.mp4
  3. I personally like the Magic Wand better as well. When I use the Selection Brush Tool, I seem to go off the boundaries quite a lot. Depending on how solid the lines of the draft are, it is very hard for that to happen with the Magic Wand. And who knows, maybe the tool is planned since it's in the iPad version.
  4. I have a Ugee pen tablet (UG-2150), and I'm pretty bummed with the issues I've been having with it. Yesterday, the pen stopped working all together. As I tried updating the drivers, I was told that there is no tablet connected. And this stinks, because I have a lot drawings I need to do. The monitor is working, but the pen is not. I finally decided to leave Ugee, and I am considering perhaps getting a Huion instead. For my workflow, I am interested in getting a pen tablet monitor, not a graphic tablet. Of course, I searched the forum for similar issues, but before considering this purchase, does any know how a Huion pen tablet monitor works with the Affinity products? Affinity Designer is the main program I use. It would be horrible to see if there are compatibility issues.
  5. The button should still be available. The selection would just close automatically with a straight line from the two endpoints.
  6. Only for people viewing my profile page, I will reveal my shop I had just opened before I release my first advertisement on YouTube and my blogs. These are my very first merchandises. Prevalent Arts is now becoming real. Yay! (The links on my website will link you to Redbubble, where the products can be purchased.

    Prevalent Arts: https://www.prevalent-arts.com/shop

    Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/Brian-LeDuc/shop?asc=u

    The shop is in its beginning stages, so if you are at all interested in what I'm selling, please feel free to send me any feedback; good or bad. If you like what you see, great. If it's not your thing, no worries. Let me know what you like, what can be improved, or anything. I am open to all feedback.

  7. Hi there, I'm working on different designs for T-shirts in Affinity Designer, and as I was exporting my different forms, I guess I forgot to re-save changes to my Affinity file. I've been going through all the different adjustment layers trying remember what I had previously done, but I don't remember and have given up after trying to figure it out for an hour. Can anyone please help me? Here is the file (Form 2) Skater Kids Product.afdesign And this is the variation I am trying to replicate.
  8. Thank you Firstdefense. I think this is probably the best alternative. Well that's odd. I'm glad you caught that. I'm gonna be reviewing all of the designs for mistakes like these before releasing anything.
  9. Thank you for the replies. And yes, I realized I made an error by adding an E in the word, “crowd.” The correction is in the Affinity file. And I want to say that I do remember testing the posterize adjustment, but the main thing I am trying to recollect is how to get the difference of the skin tone. The original difference of the skin color between the two boys was barely noticeable whereas that one setting blew it up. If you compare the example image with the Affinity file, there is a huge difference in the skin tone.
  10. First of all, welcome to the Affinity forum! I can see why this would be confusing for newcomers. I don't think too many new users would think to use the Pixel Tool as an eraser. I mean I can't compare to most, but I have to agree that this would be confusing. I mean a lot of key commands are shortcuts for other tools, whereas the Pixel Tool's erase mode is on its own. Or even a pixel mode for the Eraser Tool.
  11. Oh they are definitely aware of it, though I think it has more to do with the approach to bring in a new feature. They have mentioned how the Flood Tool in DrawPlus did not work the way they wanted it to because of the gap space it created. So I guess it has to do with implementing a tool right before they release it.
  12. Bri-Toon

    New Publisher Online Help is Grand!

    Oh nice! I didn't realize it has been updated already.
  13. Bri-Toon

    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    Looking back at the old Plus range icons (particular versions), I think I can see where Affinity is going with this. Both the shape and design are almost identical. Also, it's interesting seeing how the newer concepts are based off of the old.
  14. Thanks. Yeah I love it because there are so many variations of it.
  15. Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I posted a topic in the Tutorials section here. Well in the past, there have been a lot of discussions on animation such as requests, ideas, and even showcases. Well everyone has a different style, and so I thought I'd introduce my style. Something that I want to do is hopefully to one day bring back 2D animation. Now this is not a tutorial on animation itself, it is an explanation on how to set up your layers for animation. I start off with a simple example of Katie staring at a rabbit, and then I move into a much more complex example of a plant monster. Because in some examples, there are animations within animations. In other words, there could be an animation of a walk cycle whereas there is another animation of the person's facial expression. So this is a method to teach how you can set up all of this right in your layers in Affinity Designer. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.
  16. Sorry. I probably went through that too fast. Bring that shape just to the right of the photo layer's "thumbnail." There will be a vertical blue bar indicating where to place it.
  17. Not a problem. Here is a recording explaining it better, but it's what ever approach works for you. Recording.mp4
  18. Glicky, it's been forever since I used CorelDraw, and I am interested in a fill tool that works on shape intersections as well. So I ask, how would the flood fill affect intersections with strokes? Like in your third example, if you moved that middle object away after it was filled in, would the stroke then be part of that new fill?
  19. Maybe you could make a mask around the photo with slight slants on the edges. After you do that, click on the mask icon (not the layer icon, but mask icon), and then go into the FX menu and add a gaussian blur.
  20. A few bad apples don't necessarily ruin the whole basket. Besides, Rome wasn't built in a day, and that's why it's so beautiful. Good progress takes time.
  21. Do you mean the styles from objects themselves, or the styles in the Styles Studio? Because the styles on objects can easily be updated, but in the Styles Studio, you are correct; there is no way to update one. In that regard, you're probably best to "Add style from selection" and remove the one you don't need.
  22. Dang it. I wish I knew this earlier. I was following your steps because I too am looking into doing something similar. Before I updated, I backed up brushes and styles, and it looks like the shortcut keys backed up automatically when I updated, but I didn't know how to backup text. I knew that there was a folder location somewhere, but I didn't know where. Now, I went into that location, and I see only one file called Container.plist. That must be because the update refreshed the folder?
  23. Hi there. It will still be a while until version 2 comes out, because the features on the roadmap are for the 1.x range. And that's a good thing, because if you already paid for a previous retail version, then all of the 1.x updates are free. Affinity 2.0 will be the first paid update, and that won't happen until all the roadmap features are cleared.
  24. Bri-Toon

    Stroke drags after deletion

    Awesome! I look forward to it.
  25. Hi everyone, First of all, congrats on the first release candidate of Affinity Designer. Secondly, I've been facing a bug, and I think I finally identified the cause of it. The bug was that newly created strokes made with the Pencil Tool would drag, and it would take a long time for the stroke to match the mouse action. This is caused on complex files after a stroke is deleted. Then the next stroke made with the Pencil Tool will drag. Here is a video example. Drag on Stroke.mp4

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