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  1. @Callum, thanks for your response. I’d like to continue this discussion. These comments describe behavior on my iPad after updating both Designer and Photo earlier today. I’d just like to note that when I built the file I uploaded, I was aware that the behavior might have been a consequence of something I did in building my brushes. That’s the reason I added the “Other Brushes” artboard. My question 1 - Scale with Object So could this be a bug? My question 2 - Transform vs drag node Ok, I can see that it’s reasonable to take the view that Transform change objec
  2. @Callum Thanks. I hope you have everything you need, but if not let me know. Regards
  3. Dear Serif, would you please take a look at this and report back on which behaviors are bugs, and which are blunders, please? Regards
  4. @firstdefence Thanks for taking the time to provide that feedback - I’m reassured by the fact that you were able to reproduce some of the behavior I encountered. I’m not sure I’ve completely absorbed it, and I’ll probably think of more questions as time goes by. Regards
  5. I’m having difficulty making custom vector brushes that behave the way I expect. I failed more often than I succeeded, so I decided to take a close look at this kind of brush. Looking back, I’ve learned some useful things, got some surprises, and found things that appear to be broken and need some attention from Serif/Affinity. I started by scouring the Help and the forums. I found several informative threads about making vector brushes, especially this one started by @AnnieW I learned a lot from this exercise and I hope this information will help others. I also found repea
  6. HI, I found this whilst looking for something else.... @AnnieW, thanks, this was illuminating. I tried your strategy of using 3 copies of the source and setting the Head and Tail Offsets accordingly. That made a dramatic difference for a brush that has been torturing me. But there seems to be another factor at play here (might just be my weird brush). I've attached a file with the brush source, and two test strokes. With Align set to centre the stroke on the underlying vector curve, the stroke is visible with no distortion my eyes can see (Screenshot Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at
  7. @G13RL Thanks for the detailed explanation, much appreciated. Regards
  8. @G13RL: Hi, your example is an effect I would like to use too. I can reproduce the effect on the right using layer effects, but the one I'd really like to use is the one on the left. Can you explain how you accomplished that, please? Hope you don't mind me showing up this late.... Regards and Thanks in advance
  9. @Paul Mudditt Thanks - using the option key does it! Appreciate your response very much, thank you. I was aware this was posted to the iPod forum, but because of how I came to be aware of the question I did not know if I should be posting somewhere else. Stay well!
  10. Dear Affinity, please can you respond? Regards
  11. I just did a little test. The difference in behaviour also happens with closed curves and shapes. See the attached screenshot. I understand that differences between Mac OS and iPadOS may dictate some difference in application behaviour, but it’s hard to believe this falls into that category. Regards
  12. This question is about a difference between MacBook and iPad versions of Affinity Designer, most current version in both cases, so I hope this forum is an appropriate venue. On the iPad, I can make the weight of a stroke different at the ends of an open curve using the Stroke Studio. However, that does not work on my MacBook; dragging either endpoint of the weight/pressure curve downward to decrease the weight of the stroke moves the opposing endpoint at the same time. Which behaviour is the intended one (I am assuming they’re supposed to be the same)? Is there an option that affec
  13. Paul, thanks for the information. It may well be an iPadOS/iOS limitation, and I was not aware of the technique you describe, very useful as usual. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks. I really hope the difference between the iPad and desktop apps goes away soon. Regards
  15. I’m probably missing something, but I can’t find a way to transfer a document that is open in Designer on iPad into Photo for further editing. I can do this on the MacBook, but can’t find the corresponding menu items on the iPad. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? I tried searching the forum, but did not find an answer.... Regards
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