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  1. Hi, I believe this is a bug. If not please tell me what I am doing wrong. I was playing around with different Character Variants (Alternates). You can select a letter and then go through the Alternates to see what's best. Strangely, for some letters the preview shows them as "b" and don't let me change them. The font is called "Boston Angel", maybe there is something wrong or different about it? This is how it should work: But some letters show up wrong:
  2. I was looking for the very thing and found this thread. I do product design and on a sheet there is a lot of information only needed for commercial printing as well as some notes only for me. When I print locally, it would be great if I could set those elements to "no print". Its just a waste of toner otherwise. Even better if we could chose visibility between screen, print and export. Currently I set the visibility of unwanted layers manually, but it can get tiresome. Please add this, thanks!
  3. Thanks, that works perfectly, even still a little different than PS. There I can use it to fill the background of an empty document. In AP, I have to create a blank layer first, but close enough.
  4. There are two functions, I use all the time in Photoshop and I can't find a way to replicate them in AD. 1) CTRL-Backspace and ALT-Backspace to fill a layer with either the foreground- or background-color. 2) Make a selection with the Marquee tool, then CTRL-T to transform this selection. Also perspectively by holding CTRL. For the first one I have no idea how to do this in AD. For the second I tried to assign CTRL-T as a shortcut to the Perspective tool. But it does not let me use a modifier in this shortcut, always uses just "T" which clashes with the text tool. Also it does not work with a Marquee-selection, only with the whole image. Any ideas how to achieve both of them as near as possible to PS?
  5. Interesting. I just redownloaded the whole pack from the same link with the same filename as before. And you are right, they open perfectly in AD now. The individual icons also have slightly different filesizes than the ones I already had. So maybe the creators have fixed them or something. I still wonder though why they would not open before when still displaying in the browser. Problem solved in an unexpected way
  6. Bootstrap Icons are a relatively new addition to the framework. They come in SVG-format, but for some reason, I can't open them in AD (nor Inkscape, nor Xara). They DO however display perfectly in browsers. Sometimes I would like to modify or recolor them, what's wrong with them so they open in graphics software? I include two examples, full download at https://icons.getbootstrap.com/ Cheers arrow-down.svg exclamation-circle.svg
  7. Was this really the last one? I watched every single one of them and can't believe it would be over. Please continue this forever and ever ...
  8. Thank you for those great tips. What I was looking for though was a way like in the Isometric Panel. Set up the perspective, then use "Edit in Plane" and "Fit to Plane". Looks like that's not possible, at least not for the moment. Cheers
  9. I believe the Perspective Tool is only available in Photo? I'd like exactly that with Dual Plane, but in Designer and ideally working just like the Isometric Panel, with snapping and all.
  10. Hi, I've been playing around with the Isometric panel for a while and think it's a great tool. But is it possible to create this kind of 2-point perspective with it and if so, how? I can't figure it out. Please note: This is not my image, I am using it only to illustrate my question. The forum does not let me upload it for some reason, so here is a link:
  11. Yes you are right. But I definitely also had files that imported just blank. And the wrong positioning itself is a bug too.
  12. I am having trouble opening SVGs in AD. I am working with Xara Designer for way over 20 years and since I know my way around it I still prefer creating graphics with it. But often I will bring those graphics into AD later. But for some reason SVG as exported from Xara do not open in AD. Either they are just blank, or at least completely distorted. Strangely, those exported SVGs open perfectly in any other program that I own, just not in AD. I also often use SVGOMG (https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/) to make them smaller. The results also work in any other software but AD. Check the examples: svg_test_xara.svg: Simple graphic as exported from Xara svg_test_svgomg.svg: Same thing after SVGOMG treatment svg_test_inkscape.svg: Same thing opened in Inkscape and them exported from there. The Inkscape-export then opens perfectly in AD as well. As only AD does not open, it likely is a bug. Please check. svg_test_inkscape.svg svg_test_svgomg.svg svg_test_xara.svg
  13. This might be the same as my previous problem. Try going to Designer Persona and in the Stroke-Panel go to Properties and set pressure to "none". Also try setting "Align Stroke" to something different. If that helps, it should already be logged as a bug.
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