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  1. I can replicate this endlessly. Crash Reports -> reports is empty Crash Reports -> Backtrace contains 5 new files after the crash 2nd screenshot is the XML of the -report.json Do you want them by PN?
  2. Hi, quick question: I am designing for packaging. During this, my client frequently gets samples to review. In Publisher -> Fields I have entered all the document information, along with a note "NOT FOR PRODUCTION". When I export to PDF, there is an option to "Include Document Information", but all it does is print the filename to the PDF. Is there a way, to display my custom document information as well, or am I stuck with entering it manually as text?
  3. Wow, that is everything I need, thank you. I had no idea about the macros, but your approach works beautifully. Dragging them directly to the Asets panel works in Windows too, I had no idea. I only ever added assets via the canvas and never thought of dropping them directly. Thanks to the both of you I have all the icons as named asets, how great is that? The ready assets if you want it: bootstrap_icons_19.zip
  4. I find it very strange too, since it happens in V1 as well. But here I can replicate it every time. Can you try with a Bootstrap icon, so we can that rule out please? 1-circle.svg 1-circle-fill.svg 1-square.svg
  5. Hi, try this: 1) drag&drop a graphic into Designer. I used a SVG from Bootstrap icons, but tried other SVGs too. It becomes an "embedded document". 2) Go to Ressource Manager, then Collect. 3) Choose a folder. I get a spinning wheel for a second, then Designer crashes every time I try it. By the way, the same happens in V1 I am on Win10, but installed AD regularly, not from the Windows Store. Edit: same thing happens in Publisher. I used a simple logo and some text this time. Collect -> spinning wheel -> crash.
  6. I was trying to have my Botostrap icons available as assets. But I run into problems: If I drag&drop icons to the canvas in Designer, it keeps the filename as layer name, which is good. But if I try to add one of those icons as an asset, I get "Assets can not contain embedded documents". The other way around is to open an icon as a document. This way it can be added as an asset, but has no layer name but "Curves". Same happens if I doubleclick on the "embedded dodument" from above. Renaming every single one of the currently 1800+ icons is not an option for me. Is there any way, that I can get all Bootstrap icons into assets while retaining the names without too much effort? OR did anybody make that already? I googled but did not find anything. Cheers.
  7. luckily, those are things I need very rarely if ever. So I guess using Publisher by default is the way for me. Thank you!
  8. I have a general question. Often I am working in Photo and would require a function from Designer, or the other way around. Using Publisher gives me all at once. I wonder, is there any downside or am I missing out on anything if I always start Publisher as default and then use the persona(s) I need?
  9. Yes, that works, thank you! It's a bit tiresome, but I only have to do it three times
  10. I know, but I read in one post that they are working on it and thought mybe the beta had it already.
  11. You mean the beta, right? Was it msix or exe? This might really be the problem here.
  12. In V1 I could drag and drop a file onto the respective Affinity icon on desktop to open the app with that file. As you would expect. This does not work with V2 anymore. Why?
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