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  1. Hi, when I paint on iPad, I sometimes get strange blocky artifacts that disappear when I lift pencil but re-appear when I put it down again. What are those and how do I get rid of them? iPad Pro 12.9" 2018 See video: artifacts.mkv
  2. LostInTranslation

    Moving files between iPad and PC?

    Thanks, that seems to be the easiest version.
  3. Hi, I am sure this has been asked before, but the search did not give me any good results to my question. I like working on PC better than on iPad. But for instance delicate masks are easier to draw on iPad with pencil than with a mouse on the PC version. I have not found a good way to exchange files quick and effordlessly between devices. My current method is doing it over Dropbox, but it is still kind of painful. I can only "Save" files to "my iPad". then find them in Files and send them to Dropbox from there. For some reason the filename gets lost at Save and it's renamed to "untitled.afphoto" every time. I tried an app named Airdisk Pro, but for some reason it does not work. There must be an easier and better way to do this? If it has been answered already, please kindly point me to the respactive post. Thank you!
  4. I am creating a manual, that will be exported as PDF. Is there a way to insert a working weblink into the document, so it can be clicked inside the PDF?
  5. LostInTranslation

    Current sale on iPad until when?

    Woohoo, thank you so much. That will give me a chance to still buy for the sale price.
  6. Hi, I just saw that there is a sale on Designer/Photo on iPad. Currently I do have only an iPad Air1 which is not supported and also is on iOS9, so there is no way for me to buy it right now. Coming monday though, my brand new iPad Pro will arrive and those are the two apps I will want to buy immediately. Any chance that the sale lasts until then? Cheers
  7. LostInTranslation

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    So, ... IS there a video yet? Sounds interesting, but I can't really imagine how it would work.
  8. Interesting, I never knew about the section manager, have to check that out. In my case it makes sense to put the same header on every page, but in general you are right.
  9. That's a good workaround indeed. And totally doable in my case. But maybe it's a thing that could also be implemented as a feature. I guess it happens very often that sections span over multiple pages.
  10. I started creating a multipage manual with the latest beta, just to get to know the program better. So far, everything worked out fine and I found out everything I needed intuitively. Then I created a Table of Content for the document, listing all the H1 headlines. But what if one section spans over multiple pages, all having the same headline? Right now, the TOC lists every page in it's own line: Example: First Topic Page 2 Second Topic Page 3 Third Topic Page 4 Third Topic Page 5 Third Topic Page 6 Fourth Topic Page 7 Is it possible to change that, so it looks like this?: First Topic Page 2 Second Topic Page 3 Third Topic Page 4-6 Fourth Topic Page 7 or at least First Topic Page 2 Second Topic Page 3 Third Topic Page 4 Fourth Topic Page 7 And if so, how?
  11. @IndigoMoon Interesting, since this is practically the opposite of the answer I got from them. I wonder though, if the automated check when uploading a file is also ok with it. I can't have error messages pop up at my clients, even if it would work in the end. As soon as the final version of Publisher is available I might try it though. @mac_heibu I do have Acrobat 8 Pro, but I don't really use it other than sometimes checking files I get sent for dimensions, fonts and such. Also I'd rather not fiddle around with conversions and would much prefer the ability to directly export what I need. I respect Affinity's standpoint and of course the '2002 version is pretty much dated by now and has been replaced by better versions. But, as I explained above, it's sometimes out of my hand. In these cases I'd rather use my current software than Publisher.
  12. @mac_heibu What you say might all be true. Sadly it's out of my hands sometimes. I am actually using Onlineprinters too, but it depends on the client. If I already made a couple of catalogues or flyers for them and everything worked out fine at Flyeralarm (as it usually does) it can be hard to make them switch only because I suddenly have a problem with file formats. I only deliver the printready files according to the respective specifications and they simply have to work wherever they choose to go for their printing. I am recommending Onlineprinters to all new clients already, but for the foreseeable future I still have to be able to "work" with Flyeralarm too. By the way, Flyeralarm does not give a ยง$%& about this. I asked them if they would accept other PDF versions too and the only response I got was along the lines of "please make sure to deliver your files as PDF/X-3:2002 only".
  13. It's Flyeralarm, they are huge in Germany and Austria, and are working all over Europe. I have no idea how big of a player they are in other countries, but they have a UK-site too: https://www.flyeralarm.com/uk/content/index/open/id/1569/artwork-requirements.html#PDFDateien
  14. Thank you for the explanation. I have written to the printers and asked if they would accept -2003 too, but have not heard back but for an automated response. We have to major printservices here and everybody more or less uses one or the other. Both have the same requirements, PDF/X-3:2002 So it would be very helpful, if not necessary, to include them into the export formats.