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  1. Where do I find what was updated? 1.7.2
  2. Is there an alphabetize option on any of the Affinity products? Like list making?
  3. Thanks for the info. Something more to learn. Oh, I have all the Affinity products.
  4. I'm doing a shirt for a client. He want's the design to wrap from front to back (including sides). How the **** do I do that on Affinity programs???!
  5. I used PS forever. It has a sketch remove area for blue or red sketches. Does photo or designer? I didn't see it or overlooked it.
  6. I use CrazyTalk Animator and Filmora. Any chance the next product could be like these?
  7. I love the Designer and Photo persona switch on Publisher. I believe there was a missed opportunity though. Designer has the pixel persona. When switching to Designer from Publisher, how about adding a smaller button under the designer button for the pixel interface? Same for Photo button and the liquify, tone map, develop personas. Add small buttons under it when switched as well. Just a couple suggestions.
  8. I just updated the beta and now it won't open. Anyone else having problems like this for publisher?
  9. dmont76


    Thank you summersara.
  10. Does Photoshop brushes work with Affinity?
  11. Thank you. I found it after I posted. Appreciate it though.
  12. I'm very excited for Affinity Publisher. I do have one suggestion. I primarily work on comic books. All comics are drawn on front and back of a single page. Is there a way to integrate that easily? Like a button to push to flip the current page over and draw/place image on the backside and still be editable if need be? Thanks, Marty