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  1. I'd love a feature that connects linework without using nodes like Procreate does. I'll attach a video link so you'll see what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwrVqHyuGgE at 7:51 he starts connecting the lines. Once he connects them he can drag/drop colors into each open space. When I try that with Designer, the color goes outside the lines. If these features are available, please let me know how and where.
  2. All will download. I just want to know if they're free? I only see 2 that are in the store. The rest just shows download.
  3. The new upgrade shows a 'my purchases' area. With various downloads. Are those all free downloads? I ask because I don't recall purchasing any of them.
  4. I tried text on a path. I want the sentence to stay, but the path line to vanish. How do I do that? I tried everything. All I want to do is arc my sentence. I have all 3 Affinity products. Yes, I tried watching the videos. His path line vanishes, mine doesn't.
  5. The logo is too small. Here, http://nobullhf.com . Top left corner.
  6. I received a logo, but it won't resize. I've stretched it, increased pixels, but it's still too small to make out on a website I'm doing. Suggestions? What am I forgetting? I use all 3 affinity products.
  7. Unfortunately, it won't let me rotate that single letter. Or is there something I'm not seeing in character panel?
  8. So I can't type the word, then "create outlines/ungroup" like in Adobe Illustrator?
  9. How do I create a slideshow gif that changes every few seconds? Which Affinity program would be best to do this? Thanks
  10. How do I separate a word so I can just work with one letter at a time?
  11. Where do I find what was updated? 1.7.2
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