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  1. Destructive / nondestructive work flow does not matter, It is a tool that should be implanted. It’s up to the user to use the tool or not. I got started in adobe photoshop 7 with no knowledge of how to use software at all. I followed a lot of online tutorials from old websites that are not even around anymore. Some of them used crop to selection which is how I found out about it. What I would do is duplicate the image before I did crop to selection so I had a copy. But my point is everybody has different work flows. Let’s give them the tools they need and feel the most comfortable with to better their work flow.
  2. Yo be honest it’s a feature a lot of us would like to see implemented. Hopefully it gets implemented and if it doesn’t then their is nothing we can do about it. For me crop to selection is apart of my workflow in every project. It’s just how I like to work and I would like to see it implemented.
  3. Dam that is sweet, now you make me want to buy it even more. I do create movie posters and album covers etc. would be great to use publisher to rearrange etc on the fly. Plus what if I wanted to do a book. So yeah thank you for the breakdown.
  4. ty for that information! Currently have no use for this program, but I might still get it just Incase things change in the future. We’ll see but thank you for the info!
  5. Just trying to figure out what is it exactly used for! I know about designer and photo but I never used indesign from adobe so I don’t know what affinity publisher is about and what exactly you can do with it. My guess it is like dream weaver where you build websites with. Any information clearly breaking down this program is much appreciated.
  6. oO5Dynasty

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    So the beta is gonna launch this year? How will we be able to use the beta also?
  7. This worked perfectly for me. I designed my logo on a huge canvas, because i didn't know how much room i would need etc. After i was done i wanted to crop the selection to export my logo out of affinity designer for use. So thank you for this information.
  8. That helped me out a lot, thank you very much.
  9. Thank you for the information. I welcome the kind gesture of spreading knowledge.
  10. I figured out how to accomplish this effect, in affinity designer. Instead of making a Marquee selection of my entire logo, I just went to to group folder which holds all of the shapes to my logo. Then I applied the stroke to that compound group layer, which i applied the dashed stroke to my logo. Now i can bring this into Affinity Photo and continue working on my website splash page background. If anybody does come up with other ways to produce this effect, please feel free to share thank you!
  11. I am trying to create a Marquee selection type stroke effect for my logo. I assumed only affinity designer has the option to apply a dotted or dash stroke effect for a Line. So I was trying to Stoke my Selection of my logo in the efforts to turn that stoke into a dashed line Marquee effect for my logo. Is this Possible to do in affinity?
  12. So in Photoshop you can free transform and image which you placed a single line marquee over and it created these awesome streaks. For the life of me i can not figure this out in Affinity Photo. Help Please
  13. oO5Dynasty

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Can i have a break down of what this app does. I never used an app like this before so some insight on it would be great. Seems to me like you can make website with it.
  14. I have sooooo many photoshop layer styles i would love to keep using in my projects. I just brought Affinity Photo and plan to get Affinity Designer real soon. I would love to bring along my Styles from photoshop.

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