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  1. That might be why you aren't seeing any problems. I'm working on a roleplaying revision of my 2016 release that I did in Page Plus and it's massively more complex. The document sits around 700 pages & 300 megs at any given time and Affinity Publisher chokes randomly after 45 min to 2 hours. The program just crashes. I can usually recover most of the data with Affinity but it gets annoying to paranoia save the document constantly. Still, I wouldn't use anything else to create it. Love Affinity Pub.
  2. Patrick, I appreciate the response and the later assurances that things are being worked on behind the scenes. That's a relief for me. As to others on here, you know they release updates for all three products at the same time. So, if they're working on a mega update it won't be released until it's ready for the entire suite of apps. I think they collected a lot of information from all past beta waves and rather than releasing incremental packages I'm guessing they are doubling down on fixing as many issues as they can before the next release. I love the product, can't wait to see what they do with it.
  3. Is there any word on the next Beta release. It's been months and I haven't seen any progress toward elimination of current bugs or stability. The application still randomly crashes on me after 45 min to 2 hours. This happens on multiple systems, Intel, AMD, etc. Doesn't matter what I run it on. Then there are the little things like missing fonts and the program will not snap to the instances where they occur. The program will crash on creation of a Table of Contents or even while updating it. SO, hope they are still working on stability. I am periodically looking back here for updates, but nothing seems to be happening.
  4. You're not alone. I'm using an older beta thats essentially unstable. It crashes frequently. No threadripper but my 5600x with similar other hardware to you just destroys most programs. This one however... Runs like hot garbage on any of the newer releases. So I keep using older versions. I have a 735 page book and the earlier versions run if fine with no lag... Just some ctd. Every 2 hours or so. Love the software suite, just wish it wasn't an unstable mess. Page Plus was rock solid, even if it was showing its age. This is award winning software and sometimes I wonder how...
  5. Same here. Every version of this software has been unstable in some way. The current beta build I'm running crashes unexpectedly, but it's not slow like the recent betas and the "stable" release. I want to love this software but it seems like things are taking a step backward rather than forward.
  6. the program always seems to crash for me around 6-8 Gigs of memory usage. Sadly, it's not stable enough for my large projects. I have to save like a madman as always... still gonna sit on my old BETA version. It better (IIRC).
  7. The biggest issue I have with 1.9, other than the return of the lag (which happens over an hour), is that the text zoom is horrible. All my text is jagged and zooming out from documents produces barely legible documents. I can't stand it. Using Affinity has been a labor of frustration for me. It's still no where near as stable as Serif was, even though Serif was clunky with large documents... it was rock solid and never crashed. Ryzen 5 5600X, 32 Gb Ram, 2080Ti
  8. Great... It's back to BETA 874 for me then. Wonder what systems they are testing these releases on... Even 874 crashes, eventually, but its been the most stable in general for me. I am uninstalling 1.9 until they figure things out.
  9. Ok, this solution actually worked... nodeus Member Members 67 43 posts Locationperm, russia Report post Posted yesterday at 12:13 AM Well, I have a solution. go to %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\ and rename the "1.0" to "1.0 old ver" and restart Publisher. This is work for me.
  10. I have the same issue here. @NODEUS, that solution worked for me too! Thank god, I thought it was my AMD processor for a moment there.
  11. Something I noticed after BETA, was that my performance degraded overall. What I'm talking about is general navigation in the Publisher. Like when typing, especially. The cursor couldn't keep up and at times the program would seemingly pause my ability to type. I could keep typing and the program would eventually catch up but I found it to be unacceptable and I reverted to .874. No issues there at all. The Main 1.9 version seems like a nice upgrade over the old 1.8, however, some of that sluggishness is still there. My theories are sitting somewhere around my choice of processor in my PC. I'm running an AMD 5600, six core / twelve thread processor. I am wondering if the devs haven't optimized for AMD, or dropped the optimizations and focused on the Intel Platform. I saw issues like this when I first picked up Affinity Publisher, at launch, with my AMD 1700 8 Core / 16 Thread Processor. Experiencing an immediate uplift moving to an Intel i5 8600K. So, why is beta .874 (an old beta per se) so much more responsive than the official launch of 1.9? Is that BETA version that much ahead of the code they implemented into the main stream release? And why were later releases of the BETA worse than .874? Here is my system: ASUS TUF X570 Motherboard, 32 Gigs of DDR4 3800 MHz Memory (4 sticks of 8, configured to take full advantage of the AMD 5000 series... 4 in this case is better than 2 for how AMD addresses memory on the 5000 series), Water Cooled (280MM) AMD 5600 Processor running in performance mode (not overclocked), 2 TB M.2 3500 MB/s TLC SSD (brand new) boot and application drive, 1TB SSD as a swap drive, GeForce 2080Ti, Discrete 5 GB/s NIC, External Creative Labs X-Fi USB Audio. Works perfectly on .874. I have reverted to using the BETA once more.
  12. I think I finally got a handle on the missing fonts, I changed the odd font to completely obvious one and was able to locate it manually and change it. Been cleaning up the document ever since. I appreciate you help! I will use your suggestions in the future.
  13. I will work with that more. I am still having issues locating some of the fonts, is it possible some of these fonts aren't even in the document? What I have noticed is that I can snap to some and not others. I wonder if they are a "ghost" record of fonts that I have changed to others. Still at a bit of a loss, but I am learning and I thank you for your help and suggestions!
  14. That's what I do. But it's hit or miss. It only works for a couple fonts listed. Any of the "Missing Fonts" the Locate button does nothing. I am giving up for the morning. I appreciate the help tho!
  15. Ok, the file still keeps growing as I continue to compress more images. Still boggles my mind, it's now up from the 293 Megs after I compressed about 12 Megs of Images to 2 Megs. Doesn't make sense that the document is now 323 Megs, it's grown 33 megs since I continued to reduce the Image size. I have no idea what it's doing but I'm grateful that the file size is no longer approaching 700 Megs. Thank you for all your help, I am grateful. Have to take a victory where you can these days! This program is odd though. Final Size this morning is 339, 236 Kb after compressing 23 additional image files to either a 10th their size or more than 50% less. The file should have gone from 293 to like 270 but it keeps growing the more I shrink the files (and outright delete other images). Still happy it's much smaller but this program is crazy!
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