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  1. Publisher on Windows 11 Honestly, I would love to say that this feels like a finished product and it sort of did. For like the first 40 hours I was using it. Then the same crashes returned, just less frequent than V1. Open up text in a box and half the time the program can't render the text at anything faster than one letter every 7 seconds... Still seeing crashes related to fonts. The engine is starting to chug after adding more pages (something V1 didn't do...) adding a processing delay of up to a minute prior to the program responding. Saves intermittently lag to save and lock the program. MY GOD!!! How you can call this a new release is appalling. Might be a new code base or a cleaner one. But it's still plagued with bugs and issues that carried over from V1... So, I sincerely hope you fix this shit show of a product release I just paid more money for. I will not speak to the other two components of the suite as I barely utilize them. Honestly, I don't want to learn to use them given how terrible my experience has been with V1 and now V2. Fix your broken code, please. I am trying really hard to love this software. I'm invested in it and I have been beta testing it since the beginning. Page Plus was (and still is) bulletproof. What the hell is going on with this product?
  2. You are wonderful! I could not, for the life of me find how to do this in Publisher.
  3. I need to create hundreds of Text Fields in their own boxes and array them on the page. I was able to easily do this in page Plus X9, its seemingly impossible in the replacement software V1 or V2. For the love of god... I can download a program called NBOS that is no longer supported and do this (a character sheet generator for roleplaying games)... Not sure why I can't accomplish this simple task in Affinity Publisher.
  4. In Page Plus 9X this was a simple task... I simply Created a next text Box and clicked on "Line", in the "Fill, Line, Text Underline" toolbar, and Serif would instantly create a perfect little box for me to manipulate as I saw fit. In Affinity V1 and V2 ... I have no idea how to replicate the same effect. I can create a box but that box is not it's own manipulatable text box. FYI have used the Serif Page Plus Method to create all manner of forms in the past and I just don't know how to do the same in Publisher. Can anyone help?
  5. Honestly, I need the damn software to be stable and if the intro price here is the cost of that and continued updates, fine. I bit the bullet and bought it. It is EVERYTHING that V1 should have been. I was an early adopter of Affinity and came from the bulletproof Page Plus software. Affinity has been a buggy mess since it's release. But I have stuck with it, over the past couple years. I have sworn out loud so many times I cannot count, for all the times the software has crashed on me mid project.... Rant Done. V2 Looks Good, seems stable and is fast as hell. Loving it. As for the people that just bought the software recently, I would highly recommend you reach out to the Affinity Sales Team to see if there is something that can be done for you. You're not an early adopter like me, and you might be able to get them to bump you up to the latest version. Worth a shot.
  6. I'm guessing here but I was specifically told in the beta forums that "the big thing" they were working on was an ultimate patch for my version of the software (V1)... Or at least that is what they led us to believe (and I waited almost 6 months to find out it was "buy the new stuff"), For me, who has been onboard with them since Page Plus ... Publisher has never been stable and that makes very unhappy. Regardless, I bought the new suite. If 99 dollars is the price for stability and continued support, so be it. The V2 Publisher is fast, polished and stable as far as I can tell thus far. It's everything the V1 edition should have been. Looks like everyone is going to a 3 year replacement cycle or subscription basis for software support and advancements. It had to happen to Serif too... You can't survive against the bigger players without making money. If their software releases are supported forever... That's not good for them. I understand that. Hope V2 is everything I wanted V1 to be
  7. Yes, 5 years of an unstable Publisher that still barely functions for my needs. I sincerely hope V2 is better, otherwise I will not be purchasing their software again.
  8. They are saying what I was thinking. I bought the entire suite and it's never functioned flawlessly like their older products did. We have to pay 99 bucks for support now, after they dropped support on Gen 1
  9. Great Price on the software suite. But I've been operating on their V1 software and it's never been stable for me. If 99 bucks is the price of continued support... I will pay it. However, I'm not happy with the fact that their initial foray dropped support. Page Plus X9 was bulletproof... It never crashed now matter how big my documents were. Affinity Publisher has been an absolute shit show for me the entire time. I have been on it since it was in beta (and it remained in Beta as far as I can tell, from a certain point of view, the entire time).
  10. I'm curious, i have been waiting for months for an update to the original software that I purchased from Serif/Affinity and it's been broken the entire time I have used it. Random Crashes, CTD switching fonts, Accelerated Graphics issues, errors with nearly every feature of the interface. I have installed it on PC's from Intel to AMD with multiple Builds and OS'es. Does Affinity plan on supporting the old software or has it been dumped? Looks like the price for continued support is 99 Bucks for the updates I required for V1... Just seeing a lot of bugs in the release here on the forums that it makes me wonder if I'm just buying into the same issues again.
  11. I'm going to try that. It might be system specific issue. Because... I can see the cursor over the text on my personal laptop (though the cursor still doesn't scale with zoomed text). A giant Green text cursor sounds kinda wonderful to me after all the hair pulling I have been doing on my main PC.
  12. What I am saying is that I am writing a book, with a TON of text on screen. Whenever the Text selection tool hovers over the text it goes transparent, I want it to remain Black and visible at all times because I have to crunch through a LOT of stuff when editing a 700 Page 8x11" formatted book. In previous releases of the Publisher I don't recall having this issue at all. Even here as I type this the text selection cursor remains black as it hovers over text. I need to know if I can customize the tool to remain a solid color (don't care what color that is, so long as it's not white). I don't want to have to force a background color or parchment image into my master pages just to see the cursor as I edit the document.
  13. When I am editing documents in Publisher these days the Text Box Selection tool seems to go transparent (or white) when it moves. It is making it nearly impossible to to keep track of my/it's place on my screen. Is there a way to make the tool remain black? While inputting the message here the cursor is easily visible at all times, and this is a simple web interface. How can I change it in Affinity Publisher? I am using the latest build of the release software.
  14. That might be why you aren't seeing any problems. I'm working on a roleplaying revision of my 2016 release that I did in Page Plus and it's massively more complex. The document sits around 700 pages & 300 megs at any given time and Affinity Publisher chokes randomly after 45 min to 2 hours. The program just crashes. I can usually recover most of the data with Affinity but it gets annoying to paranoia save the document constantly. Still, I wouldn't use anything else to create it. Love Affinity Pub.
  15. Patrick, I appreciate the response and the later assurances that things are being worked on behind the scenes. That's a relief for me. As to others on here, you know they release updates for all three products at the same time. So, if they're working on a mega update it won't be released until it's ready for the entire suite of apps. I think they collected a lot of information from all past beta waves and rather than releasing incremental packages I'm guessing they are doubling down on fixing as many issues as they can before the next release. I love the product, can't wait to see what they do with it.
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