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  1. As a social and marketing psychologist, I just see, that you really don't know how people's minds work. Appreciation of loyality is the "magic" word. Most companies have grown on existing customers, not on new ones, so they deserve more appreciation...
  2. It's just the upgrade-policy that annoys the existing users. For example my authoring-software papyrus gives always a discount of about 40% for upgrades from last version, 30% from older versions. No discount for new users at introduction and about 10-20% on special occasions later. That shows a specific apprecation/regard to existing users...
  3. I bought it anyway about a hour ago. I like the new Universal-Licence-Thing. It's much easier to handle. Cheers
  4. I feel a little dissappointed too. I bought ALL V1 Apps on Desktop and on Ipad, additional to about 15-20 add-ons last year. These price politics are very annoying and V1-Users should at least get a Promocde. Affinity growth on existing users, not on new, that now get the same price... 😪
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