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  1. As I said at the last localisation thread, those keyboard shortcuts won't work. A German keyboard look like this: You have to change shortcuts with <, >, [ and ] Not translated yet:
  2. The German keyboard shortcuts needs some love. Some are not translated yet like left, right, up and down. The bigger problem are the keys itself, for example it's not possible to change the object order with Strg + [ or Strg + ]. At a German keyboad layout left and right square bracket are at key 8 and 9 but Strg + 8 and Strg + 9 are already taken by zoom to real size (?) or pixel size. Maybe you can set Strg + Ö and Strg + Ä for back and front as a default like InDesign does. Change font size with Strg + > or Strg + < is strange too. <, > and | are at the same key. The menu says/displays to make font size bigger you have to press Strg + >. In fact you have to press Strg + Shift + > to achieve the effect.