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  1. Hi Pman, thanks for testing ... This original document contains several sections. Some of them are showing this behaviour, some not. If this problem does not happen again on other documents (e.g. finished books, brochures), we may forget it. Maybe its only with this - often modified document - and nothing serious. My concern was more, if this is a serious problem and if it would affect many converted files (1.8 -> 1.9), then it would have been a problem generally. Upto now I coulnd't reproduce this on other - older - documents (books etc.).
  2. V 952 beta and 1.9 retail / Win 10 Hi, first it came to a "shock" to me, but after I found out: it's "only" a display problem. the attached afpub is a short excerpt from a larger personal training file on Affinity. It was originally made with 1.7 (so far I remember) and opened and modified a thousend times though all later versions. The excerpt here contains a text frame over some pages, while the last 2 pages contain this text frame too, but no content (yet). The text contains a lot of pinned on elements (screenshots, cut out by Windows cutting tool and copied into the text). Now on the newest beta I wanted to delete the last (empty) page of this specific text frame. After deleting that page all pinned object in the whole text frame where gone - please see pics1 & 2 attached. New inserted elements (by V 1.9) didn't disappear. This experience happens on several text frames within the whole document, not only once. While scrolling through the pages (Alt + page down) I could see the missing elements flickering shortly. At the end, I saved the file, reopened it and all elements appeared again. Looks like this problem occur only, when opening 1.8 (or older) files in V 1.9, but unfortunatly not once, it happens each time again even the file is saved several times in 1.9. Please have a look into it, wether you can reproduce this behaviour!? Additional Info: Each time you deleting a page (at least of this text frame) all missing elements are NOT any longer shown in the layer panel, until you restart that file again! Elements_disappearance.afpub
  3. Hi, no ... there is something else! You can reset the short cuts and all pre-defined shortcuts - Ctrl-+Shift+1 ... 9 are there. Even it you replace e.g. Ctrl-+Shift+1 with Ctrl-+Shift+1 (same entry), after you restart publisher all shortcuts fields 1-9 are empty (not only the modified one).
  4. Hi Jon, 1. Yes, they disappear completly 2. Have tried again now with 5 different studio settings on publisher. In the shortcuts menue I used then: Alt+Q, F 5, Ctrl+ü, ü, L Same .. all are disappeared as soon as publisher is restarted. The only thing I can mention (?) is, that I have imported in the beginning my previous shortcut list, next I inserted the new shortcuts and exported it again. But that shouldn't matter, because the new made shortcut entry for "Save as package" is memorized without loosing it again.
  5. Publisher, Designer, Photo - retail V 9 / WIN 10 Hi, I have defined some studio links (e.g. 1, 2, 3) as short cuts (e.g. Studio link 1 = F4 or = alt+Q etc.). Works well, but only as long as the program is open. If you close the program and restart it, all short cuts are gone .. they will not not memorized in the short cut menue. It doesn't matter, wether you have already defined a custom studio link or not ... I have tried other short cuts (like package save), they will be memorized as usual.
  6. Hi, low download speed Telekom(Germany)/S3.amazon seems to last forever .. 3-40 kb/s. I installed WINDSCRIBE (free) - https://deu.windscribe.com/ - as a Firefox extension ... 10-20 MB/s.
  7. Hi, Sean sorry for delay, I tested again with V and the problems didn't disappear. Now I installed newest V the problems are gone. Lower layers can be placed anywhere now (as it should be) and the crashes didn't happen again. Only minor thing which remains (use the afdesign-file above on V 891 now): In the layer panel you can not take any symbol out of the stack and move it to the very top (above all others). It does function correctly with normal layers (elements etc.), but not with this symbols. You have to place it on position 2 and next move the very top layer down to position 2. Thanks and regards
  8. Hi, - yesterday around midnigth I could download with approx. 200 kb/s, which means download time approx. 30 min. - Now, during the day, download rate is 3 kb/s to 30 kb/s = 3 hours to 7 days - Tested with Firefox and Edge, with and without virus protection Reference download: Davinci Resolve (2,3 GB) = 1 min 9 sec (> 20 MB/s)
  9. Hi, It's impossible to downlaod today's updates (same problems as well as with the updates last week), as s3.amazon down't work proper. (Germany). Download time should be a few seconds (high speed connection), but amazon needs approx. 4 hours up to 7 days ... !! Do you have another download source for it?? regards
  10. Win 10 / Beta Hi, attached a simple file with a symbol, copied a hundres times. If you try to move a layer (a symbol) from e.g. the middle (in the layer panel) up (direction to the top): - sometime it works (the first time you open the file) - sometimes (or from second time on trying again) it is not moveable (blue lines does not appear) here it seems, as long as you stay within the momentary visible field in the layer panel (moving up just 2,3 or 4 steps) it is ok. But as soon as the content of the layer panel itself is changing (running high to show higher layers now), the problem appears (blu line does not appear any longer). - sometimes the layers running wild (cursor postion to move up 2 oder 3 steps, but layers are running up by itself) - Setting the layer onto the top (first layer in stack), it's impossible (every time) On another test I grouped all symbols. After, when trying to select a layer (in the layer panel) Designer vanishes consistantly (the symbols had a child element underneath it in that case). This happend every time. Same file(s), made by retail version 1.8... do not show such failures. Layers test 19.afdesign
  11. Hi Walt, Yes, it is so ... and I said "all versions of publisher" Maybe lets call it a wish for improvements in the future instead of a bug ... :)
  12. all versions of publisher (WIN) Hi, a change of the text style in the text (without changing the content) e.g. on a header - example: Header X3 -> Header X2 - is not being recognized by the preflight panel. As long as the table of content (table of content panel) will not be refreshed, it - of course - keeps the old format.
  13. Hi, I'm just renewing an series of similar books and copied it from one to the next. This problem appeared only once, after changing several portions in the next copy of that book (and on the same book file as well), it didn't happen again. But I couldn't find out, what it was and why it was gone later. Nevertheless I still have a misleaded copy of this book file saved, if there would be any reason to look into it. So I have no idea, from which problem/failure etc. the problem derived. At least, I'm happy that it didn't happen again.
  14. Hi, I'm facing a bigger problem on V (as well as V beta) on WIN 10 After finishing (almost) a book (content and table are perfectly finished), I started to index the book. Suddenly I found that the table of content is gone, instead a copy of the index is displayed there (by refreshing both). I tried several things, included renewing the table of content, deleting all entry of the index, but I can't repair it. As soon as there is even one entry in the index, the problem appears again. I tried with new beta version and it seems ok, but after opening it again, same problem appears (as soon or latest as any change in the book is made !?!?) So: - table of content is repaired and visible (start on page 3) - table of index (rather at the end of the book) is there, visible and ok (no change in the text) - But the checklist tells me, that the index has to be refreshed - clicking on refresh, table of content turns into a copy of the index table (see pic) What to do? If you like to have a copy of the file, please return a download link (approx. 100 MB w/o resources)
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