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  1. Hi, I have uploaded the actual book with all content as a publisher package (zipped) - (Titel LASERAKU). An original file ( e.g. V 1.8.x) doesn't exist anymore. I like to mention that this book was first made with Indesign in 2012. Nevertheless, all graphs where renewed in Afdesign, etc., The book itself was made new in puplisher, only the text content itself where copied in single pieces from the IDML files. Table of content and index where made completly new in Publisher etc. Thanks for taking the time and effort looking into it...
  2. V 1198, WIN 10 This as an older problem - it happened again. I made a book approx. 312 pages, containing a table of content (4 pages at the beginnng of the book) and an index (4 pages rather at the end of the book). The preflight says suddenly: index has to be actualized. After actualizing it (preflight or in the index panel) nothing is changed (because there wasn't anything which had to be changed in the index), but now the table of content is gone, instead in its text frames the index appears a second time!). The only thing I can say, that this book was originally made with an much older version of publisher (maybe 1.8.x) and be renewed with this latest version 1198. Is this problem known, does it still exist as an known bug, or does it only happen when an older version (like in this case) is used with 1198)?
  3. Hi Gabe, thanks, I was just going to start screen recording .. so one job less today for me ... :)
  4. Hi, V 1178 (I mentioned it already before on V 1167) When you place an image (or more images), they are labelled as "missing" - resource manager and preflight panel. Replace such images does the same. Only saving the file, close it and reopen it will correct it. See pic.
  5. Hi, I have a similar thing: all placed image in pub V 1167 appear - immediatly after placing it - as "missing" - in the preflight list and in the resources panel. After closing the pub file and reopen it, no failure is shown anymore. Seems to be just a little refresh problem inside pub ...
  6. Hi Gabe, Thanks for looking into it. Waiting for the next beta. Regarding letter spacing I could see now, that in 1.10, if letter spacing is approx. -1% 0% +1% (the rather usual values) its looks "normal". Problem for me: I have to rearrange all document (books) again. Right?
  7. Hi, I checked subset fonts ON and OFF without any good result ... The strange thing is here is (for me), - that the printer could print the books with that covers (8 different covers) without a problem - Acrobat, Libri etc. can handle the .pdf without problems - only reopen the .pdf in photo, designer, afpub does show such problem !?!? Nevertheless, I converted those covers in "rasterize all" to avoid further problems ... fortunatly I used this font on some book covers only ... Thanks for your answers.
  8. Hi LibreTraining, thanks for looking into it ... but your suggestion didn't changed the problem. > Then from that PDF I exported to a PNG - see image below. If you mean, you exported from a .pdf reader, same here, it is ok. But not, if the .pdf is reopened in Aff (pub, designer oder photo) The .pdf was created by Afpub. I investigated a bit more: a) yes, there are extra empty spaces and character spacing values (VA) going wild. b) I can save the .pdf as .jpg in Acrobat, I can open the .pdf as a picture in LibreOffice ... they all look fine. But not within Affinities !?! c) in Aff (after opening the .pdf) - removing the unwanted empty spaces and set VA overall to a new value (e.g. 0 °/oo) clears the rotten outline ... I hope, that only a few fonts will cause such problems ... at the moment hypatia is the only one, which I was facing such problems ..
  9. Hi Walt, I think I tried all possible options now, incl. V 1.9.2, V 1135, incl. different .pdfs settings ... no change ... Hypatia Sans Pro was delivered together with Adobe CS 3 (so far I remember) .. for testing I could send the fonts (but not via the public channel)
  10. Hi, WIN 10 ... This problem influences any publisher version, photo, designer ... 1.9.2+ I have several book covers which using Hypatia Sans Pro ... orginally made with Indesign, converted to Afpub ... Everything is ok, the created .pdfs are printed together with the books without problems. Now I wanted to create new pics from that covers - created a pdf ... opened in publisher, photo, designer, please see pic. A simple afpub file is attached here as well. a) capital letters gone ... b) character spacing, does not improve if I switch on capital letters by hand again ... Front panels says: "all fonts ok" (Only work around in that case: create .pdf with "rasterize all".) What could be the cause? Do some fonts make problems? Thanks for a helpful answer. Hypatia.afpub
  11. Hi Gabe, after 2x more tryings it worked .. I separated the files .. so 2x zip, 1x pdf
  12. Hi Gabe, I uploaded the zip file now .. Dropbox said 100% uploaded, but didn't end the transfer .. can you please check, wether you got the zip-file completly and can you open it ... ? Thanks
  13. Hi Gabe, thanks for your immediate response. I packed 2 complete books and a failure description, but the zip-file is 2.7 GB. Can you provide a link for the upload?
  14. I made now another test with a new document in V 1127, auto hyphenation = ON In this case long words are separated. Looks like, the problem exists only, when existing documents (1.9.2. or older versions) are been opened in V 1127 or 1.10 !?
  15. Hi Old Bruce, no ... both versions (I checked V 1127 beta & 1.9.2) using the same settings (auto hyphenation = ON). Additionally I inspected all fields in the character panel and in the paragraph panel, there is no differnece between both AFpub versions. And, all paragraphs in all books using defined text styles, they shouldn't change at all by using a newer Afpub-version ... but they do .. I made some tests now (see pic, I added some words before a long word, top 1.9.2, bottom v1127 - the dash is not the cause, I tried very long words w/o a dash as well ). Even so, all settings in the text styles are the same, 1.9.2. does separate a long word, 1127 doesn't do that anymore. The problem persists, even other fonts (like Arial) are used. And I started 1127 with ctrl and deleted all entries .. no change... renaming dictionary-propcol and programs\common\dictionary entries ... no change ...
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