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    Import styles panel

    Hi Walt, thanks again .. and shame on me ... (my justification on that: The German translation says "prüfen" which means more "testing, verification" than "switch ON/OFF", but I could have tested in more in details before writing)
  2. Hi Walt, thanks for your helpfull reply. I'm struggling around finding things out, and you already got them all on your fingertips. From where you them all? *big smile*
  3. design punch

    Import styles panel

    Hi Walt, screenshot, I think now its clear ...
  4. Hi, another feature request on Importing styles panel. Would it be possible: - to be able to increase the panel size (maybe with "remember" last box size setting)? At the moment the shown styles-box contains rather less visible styles. - add "select all/deselect all" buttons? On picking up just a few styles from a long list of predefined styles needs a lot OFF-clicks, click by click.
  5. Hi, another 2 feature request on users word list 1. added users word will be saved in dictionary.propcol. But its not editable. I inserted some hundred specific words, but mistyped a few. They are now in forever. Import/export the .propcol wordlist (e.g. as .txt) and cleaning up the .propcol seems to be a necessary feature. 2. (Maybe a more complicated feature - for V 2 or 3, I guess) I producing a lot of medical books, mainly german & english. Many medical word differs only a bit (e.g. decubitus - Dekubitus). Our German authors always mixing them up. For spell checking it would be necessary to have different own defined word list to find them (text -> spelling -> spelling options), e.g. German medical, english medical etc. Idea: - text -> spelling -> spelling options: select a word list (dictionary.propcol), or - Character panel, language, selected word list
  6. Hi, in the text style panel, a new feature "show (highlight) unused styles" would be helpfull. Especially on many imported styles (from word, rtf etc.) it's helpfull to see, wether a style is completly replaced (e.g. by a hand job through the whole document) or some e. g. empty line with a wrong style are remained in the document (it's often a problem). Deleting all unused style would do that job, yes, but it would delete all predefined styles also, which might to be used later on working with the document,
  7. Hi, mostly on refining a document (escpecially on larger projects like books) just before finishing it, a .pdf is being created and checked, then bouncing back to publisher, correct something, making another .pdf etc. Doing that many times seems to be natural to me. It happens often, that I forget to close the last .pdf. Creating then a new .pdf (with same name) Publisher does the job, but recognize the open .pdf with the same name not before the end of that process - a saving denial occurs. A lot of time can be wasted especially on larger documents. Would ist be possible, that Publisher could check for an open .pdf file with the same name in the beginning of that proecess - or at least allow to change the .pdf-name at the end of the creating process?
  8. Hi, Exporting Panel - PDF I think, the more often used adjustment would be "all pages" rather than "all spreads". Even with document setting to "spreads" most printing companies require single pages, rather than spreads. In additon "home made" booklets will be displayed in Acrobat (double side view) side by side (2 pages) and not 2 spreads side by side. Therefore wouldn't it not be better, when using the export panel for pdf, that the preadjustment (which is determined by Affinity) starts with "all pages" rather than "all spreads"? I found that in 50% of the cases, I forget to adjust this feature, especially on quick testing cycles.
  9. design punch

    Wacom tablet problem publisher->photo

    Hi again, problem seems t be fixed with that solution! (called something like "use Windows freehand") .
  10. design punch

    Wacom tablet unstable

    Hi SrPX, looks like that was the problem (called something like "use Windows freehand") . Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi, Win 10/64, Pub V1.7.2.422, Wacom tablet Intuos 4 (newest driver) Happens extremly often (6x an hour and more): All keyboards functions are ok, but Pen doesn't react any longer. File can be saved (Str+S) without loosing content. Upto now I could not find any specific user-behavior or defined steps done before. - Often possible: using Str+W and then open recent (last) file - Sometimes necessary: Str-Q (exit), start Pub new - Rarely necessary: end Pub by Task manager - It happens too some times when using Alt+TAB for changing to another applicaton (e.g. Explorer) and next back to Pub (Alt+TAB) stable version 1.7.1 - the same behavior too
  12. Hi, Win10/64 bit, Pub V Panel table - cell width/height: all arrows increase the value, no decrease possible by using the arrows
  13. Win 10/64bit - Wacom Intous 4 (newest driver) - publ/photo/designer V When having an object (e. g. a picture) in publisher: -> edit Studio Photo: all ok -> edit Studio Designer: all ok -> file -> edit in Designer ( beta): all ok -> file -> edit in photo ( : photo (Beta) opens, only hand tool is available (and works) with pen. Pen doesn't react by clicking on any panel or tool. It is possible to move to another tool with keyboard shortcuts - e. g. V -, the pen reacts within a picture or object etc. according to the given tool. With keyboards shortcuts it is possible to return to publisher without an damage or crash. Changes are being taken over by publisher as well. (radial menue and precision mode are OFF in the preference panels).
  14. ADDITION: I just installed the newest beta - problem is solved with Beta ... thanks a lot!! Leading override set to "no changement" or "auto" now works correct! Hi, I'm struggling with this feature "leading overide" when using text styles cascades. I use a TEXT MASTER and Child groups & styles on Paragraphs, derive from this Master. I set the MASTER to e.g. Character=10pt, line width=12pt, "leading override"=12 pt (or Auto, or "no change" - it seems not to matter for the problem). On all other child groups and child paragraphs I use "leading override" to "auto," oder "no change". But all the time I look into it again, this value jumped back to 0! As long as I do insert the same value as the line width value in EVERY Paragraph style "leading override" box, it's ok, but this fixes that value. Now, if I change e.g. the Master line width to e.g. 20pt, nothing happens ... because "leading override" on any paragraph style is still fixed to 12pt. I would have to modify EACH paragraph style again (the leading correction to the new fixed value!!). If I'm usind leading override to "auto" or "no change" on all childs (which in my oppinion would be reasonable, but this let the value jump automatically to 0) .. and now changing the MASTERS linewidth to e.g. 20pt, what I'm get is completly nonsense. See picture below. I have tried all options, non seems to work as one would expect. Do I misunderstand something here?
  15. Hi again, Speeding up solution: the human mind is a somehow strange thing ... once it did something, it will continue to do the same thing again and again. So like the Alt-key feature .. after some hundreds books I made over the last 17 years .. its hard to change its behavior . But nevetheless I found - for the time being - a maybe strange way to overcome the "problem" in a rather good fashion now. Davinci Resolve (video editing) allows to move zoomed-in videos with the middle mouse button only. But my Wacom tablet doesn't have a middle mouse feature. I programmed the second Wacom key on the pen (commonly used for double click, which I do not use) as a middle mouse button for the Davinci Resolve application. So I am already being familar using dragging around in that way. Now I programmed this pen key for Publisher application with Esc+h. A very interesting behavior: when being in the text mode, clicking once I'm getting the hand tool instantly and can drag the spread/page around, clicking again I'm back instantly in text mode ... This is the fastest method at the moment ... only have to tell my mind: "remember it well ... not to forget, but forget the Alt-key-behavior, you bloody old punch!"