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  1. Hi Pauls, ohh .. yes, you are right .. it is an index entry
  2. WIn 10 / Pub 663 Hi, I exported formatted text from Indesign into RTF files. The exported text did not contain linked paragraph formatting styles (paragraph formatting was detached before exporting). But character styles from INDD are exported. 1. After importing the RTF into Publisher (placing the RTF file), many words are doubled now !?! 2. Opening this RTF with Libri Office and save it again (without any changement) and place it into Puiblisher, doubling of words is gone? Rather strange !?! Attached the sample RTF file. laser test.rtf
  3. Thanks Andreas, that trick is helpfull - at least for a single instance (but not practical for a long list, e.g. picture in imprint as shown above). I got it in that way: 1. created a text frame on the page of the element, insert field "page number", formated right-aligned (e.g. on page 139) 2. created a second frame and linked it to the first frame 3. decreased width of frame 1 to almost 0, pinned it on to the element. Frame 2 (containing the visible page number now) then can be moved to anywhere 4. Frame 2 can be pinned on as well
  4. Hi, I think it can be usefull: Setting an anchor to an element (e.g. a picture) and insert on another page a hyperlink with just that anchor mark, which is showing the actual page number of the anchor mark dynamically. As a workaround I have tried to insert an (hidden) anchor with mark "PageNumber" into it (e.g. on a pic on page 34), but the hyperlink (e.g. in the imprint on page 2) understands not the result (e.g. "34"), but the mark "page number" itself. So it is displaying on page 2: "2" instead of the wanted "34". Maybe there is trick (insert a special code & the mark), but I couldn't find such ... ?!? Example: Imprint page (S. XX are the page numbers of the pics inside the document, they are changing if more pages are inserted):
  5. Hi, thanks you both for your answers ... A. resetting the formats is rather difficult, as the MASTER is changed (no reset possible) .. anyhow as it is a bug, it will be improved later .. I hope ... B. Yes, copying into a new frame solves the problem so far ...
  6. Newest beta .663, WIN 10 Hi, while working on an old brochure (36 pages A4), opened the IMDL in publisher, following failures appeared. (I could reduce the demo file content to minumum to show the effects easily. ) A. PARAGRAPH - TEXT STYLES PANEL 1. open "Test Brochure 2017.idml" in Publisher Its a complete emptied file (in INDD) with one .jpg embedded left 2. Import into the text style panel the file "new text styles.afpub" Its a set of new defined text styles in hierachical order (starting with BOOK), they are not applied to anything yet. PROBLEM: as long as this picture (looks like any picture !?) is in this file, all paragraph values of BOOK (and below) are changing wildly. E. G.: MASTER "BOOK" has a master definition of 10 pt, but is modified to 7,5 pt. "Space within paragraphs" are changing on some font styles from automatic (xx) to fix values Indent on list type paragrahs changing, e.g. 6/4mm lines to 3/4,5mm etc. B. TEXT FRAMES Here I was facing from around page 32 on wild variations in frame content (paragraps text size), I don' t no why? (I could reduce to a understandable part of this phenoma in the sample page attached) Please open file "sudden change in frames.afpub". The linked second frame is showing very small character size. You can move the size of the frames or delete frame 2 and replace it ... same problem. On the brochure itself, I got more wild things. Turning the content of second frame back (decreasing frame 2) , the small text (which is now back to frame 1), suddenly changing font size to 30 pt or more. Coming back to frame 2 again, the text in frame 2 is getting very small again (can't be seen in this example). (You can use "Back to Standard" on frame 2, but than all paragraph adjustments are gone, and problem coming back again if frame sizes are changed again) I have no idea, whats going on here?! Can you please check wether you facing the same phenomenas? new text styles.afpub sudden paragraph change in frames.afpub Test Brochure 2017.idml
  7. Sorry, no problem here (was my fault)
  8. Hi Sean, Yes I'm using Wacom Intuos 4. No, happens on every file type/size. Because you asked about Wacom, I made a number of new tests. I had Win freehand ON on Wacom, but OFF within Affinity (pressure was working under such conditions in previous versions). As the problem didn't happen with a external USB mouse, I un- and re-installed Wacom drivers .. no success. Then I checked OFF freehand within Wacom too, and it seems that this solves the problem. At least the starting problems are gone during the recent tests here. I hope that was all .. Thanks for you hints, that leaded to a successful solution ... (I hope)
  9. I prefer alt +1/2 ... right hand is bussy holding the graphic pen most of the time ... (*laugh*)
  10. Hi Wosven, I know, i did, but that doesn't work on designer and publisher either ... function is ok with photo only ... alt+1 and alt+2 seems to be the best solution for me ... once my mind got familiar to it ...
  11. Hi again, > Have you tried restarting Windows, to see if that resolves the issue? I have this problem since many weeks ... restarting win doesn't make it better ... > Also, rather than simply killing the application in the task manager, you could right-click on the application and choose Create Dump File. That file might help Serif diagnose the problem. I did't know that. Here is a link for downloading such a file file from my cloud ... (1.5 GB, zipped now 400 MB) .. this is by opening a designer file via explorer while designer was still closed. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsPouH4q0r7Inku8CB1i2rm0_Pjr?e=3Vz7IA By the way, same problem happens too after a while, when switching 2-3 times between 2 Apps (pub <> designer or designer<> snipping tool) by alt+tab.
  12. I tested again, changed to e.g. ctr+alt+8 ( = [ ). It worked suddenly, but only until I changed from brush to another tool, coming back to a brush, function is gone again. I tried Alt + / Alt - (on the right 10 block keyboard), but it Alt - doesn't react proper ... So I changed now all to alt+1 and alt+2 ... to avoid further problems. Hope that is stable ...
  13. Hi Walt, Yes, it is German, but it was working on all apps with V1.7 etc. (I hope I don't lie here, just having not recognized the fact before !?! ) But photo is using [ and ] , same a designer and publisher ... so it should not be the case about German key arrangement ... I have tried to re-modify it, instead of showing [, it is showing now (Str[Ctr]+Alt+8) etc, which is the long name for the key. But that doesn't help. It seems I have to modify to different keys short cuts from this version on ... Thanks ...
  14. Hi Win 10, actual beta as well as retail version .. mainly happens on designer and photo (about 70-80%) If you try to open designer or photo by the explorer (e.g. click on a .jpg an "open with affinity photo") - while the related Affinity app ist still closed: app opens but get stuck. Has to be killed by task manager. It happens very often again and again .. maybe its ok after 3-5 times trying. If the app is open already and you start a file opening by the explorer, its ok in approx. 80 %.
  15. Hi, WIN 10 on publisher & designer (retail and newest beta) - (photo still works correct) key short cuts on brush sizes (vector and paint brushes): Even preset is set to [ and ] ... brush sizes are not changed by [ ], instead layer selection is active ?!
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