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  1. This is still unfixed FEB 2021 and a right pain - it breaks the whole style system, I want a line the same colour/width but with and without arrow heads and no you can't do it - the only workaround is to add a category for one type of line cap and a different category for the other type of line cap so 'No Arrow' and 'Arrow' and then switch categories - which is just a bust. If you could merge style categories then you could again fix it but no you can't as the .astyles files are binary and importing styles doesn't merge them. It's these little seemingly trivial to fix but unfixed system breaking bugs that really annoy me about this product.
  2. If none of the Affinity Devs have checked out the background removal tool in Canva they really should. It masks out most photos even against a noisy background with a few clicks. It's much much faster and accurate than the current selection brush and mask layers. It's worth having a Canvas pro account just for this, that's how good it is. The holy grail of photo apps is masking and Canva are winning in this area.
  3. Yes that's part of the problem its actually actively keeping it off the boundary. For UI work it's nearly never a requirement. Illustration is different.
  4. Yes it's still too easy to get off the pixel grid. I would look at figma.com for website design and graphics it's free and doesn't have these problems.
  5. I had the same problem - locked up not responding lost 2 hours work, no autosave - generally its become a lot more unstable since the 1.8 upgrade
  6. Sure thing, I check the two dumps there in crash reports and they are dated 2019 - so looks like it didn't save anything for this case
  7. Unhandled exception at 0x00000000772EF232 (ntdll.dll) in Publisher.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted (parameters: 0x0000000077357C70). Windows 7, APub Just editing a fairly simple document - trying out how master templates works and changing paragraph styles Not easy to reproduce as a random crash - at the time I was changing a heading paragraph style I think Unhandled exception at 0x00000000772EF232 (ntdll.dll) in Publisher.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted (parameters: 0x0000000077357C70). occurred
  8. This doesn't work for a simple use case 1.8.2 windows. I change the master heading colour, migrate the page and the heading colour does not change. Why not?
  9. Another tip is to set the coordinate display to 3 decimal places in the settings - then you can at least spot the sub pixel trap
  10. Good post, but you are right it's ridiculous this is so easy to get wrong, just make artboard coordinates integral by default it's the 99.9% use case. If you want a non internal artboard you can then override the coordinates. This isn't a CAD system most outputs are rounded to integral pixels hence the problem. #smallThings #productExcellence
  11. Same here in 1.7 it doesn't make any sense text is unable to have fills/strokes added from Appearance panel Given that the stroke control has gone from the text properties bar its really unclear how to add a text stroke now
  12. in 1.7.1 the .appinfo files have moved to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release
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