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  1. Yes that's part of the problem its actually actively keeping it off the boundary. For UI work it's nearly never a requirement. Illustration is different.
  2. Yes it's still too easy to get off the pixel grid. I would look at figma.com for website design and graphics it's free and doesn't have these problems.
  3. I had the same problem - locked up not responding lost 2 hours work, no autosave - generally its become a lot more unstable since the 1.8 upgrade
  4. Sure thing, I check the two dumps there in crash reports and they are dated 2019 - so looks like it didn't save anything for this case
  5. Unhandled exception at 0x00000000772EF232 (ntdll.dll) in Publisher.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted (parameters: 0x0000000077357C70). Windows 7, APub Just editing a fairly simple document - trying out how master templates works and changing paragraph styles Not easy to reproduce as a random crash - at the time I was changing a heading paragraph style I think Unhandled exception at 0x00000000772EF232 (ntdll.dll) in Publisher.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted (parameters: 0x0000000077357C70). occurred
  6. This doesn't work for a simple use case 1.8.2 windows. I change the master heading colour, migrate the page and the heading colour does not change. Why not?
  7. Another tip is to set the coordinate display to 3 decimal places in the settings - then you can at least spot the sub pixel trap
  8. Good post, but you are right it's ridiculous this is so easy to get wrong, just make artboard coordinates integral by default it's the 99.9% use case. If you want a non internal artboard you can then override the coordinates. This isn't a CAD system most outputs are rounded to integral pixels hence the problem. #smallThings #productExcellence
  9. Same here in 1.7 it doesn't make any sense text is unable to have fills/strokes added from Appearance panel Given that the stroke control has gone from the text properties bar its really unclear how to add a text stroke now
  10. I have an art board with a stack of 19 images all with sub-pixel heights & Y positions - I want to set an integral height of 102px and then butt all the images together so their Y are 102px increments from the First one which is on an integral Y position - creating a seamless stack down the artboard. Seems no may to do it except by hand and it takes ages (10+ minutes) to do one page of these and I have 30 artboards :// (5+ hours grind)
  11. I have the same problem with a specific image heavy PDF file which had been sliced up - Latest beta with snapping off seems to work as expected when I tested it. I enabled snapping to see if its causing slow down still and it had no effect so for my problem file the beta is a big improvement.
  12. Yep They need to realise this. Trouble is over precision in it's behaving like a cad tool not a screen design tool. They definitely need a stabilizing release. It's not hard to implement you just need a round() on the X/Y in that mode. I'm going to start a list like Arya Stark 1 Pixel forcing on artboards 2 Nested constraints What else? ...These have to be major face palms that break workflow not niggles.
  13. Its October 2018 and that example constraints file @rubs is still badly broken. The worst part is that turning the constraints off/on on the blue circle buttons causes the white chevrons to vanish or remove the anchor on the chevrons and they resize tiny. I use a lot of different tools such as Figma and Sketch which have much more complex constraint models they had problems and have been significantly improved within 6 months. There is no point is launching features that don't work reliably and at worse corrupt data in a tool marketed at design professionals as these things have an actual $ cost to us in time fixing it. If you do a lets launch and fix strategy then you need to fix them if your customers report serious bugs. Not addressing this in a year is not effective product management. Even if it is broken (in certain arrangements) there should be some guidance in the help/forum as to what those might be, so they can be avoided. Which seems to be the case as taking the buttons & chevrons out of their group and they seem to work again. On a positive note @rubs has just provided you with a good acceptance criteria test for your constraints feature when it does get fixed.
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