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  1. Thanks god, I'm not the only one. This. First I think this behavior is a bug in Publisher, not a feature. It makes no sense at all.
  2. Well, while the missing parts are translated now some things hasn't change in 1.7.1 Ther are still the Mac modifier keys, the inconsistent syntax (Strg+ 2, Strg +3 etc, but Strg0, Strg1), Missing space characters (Strg+ vs. Strg +) and the broken keyboard shortcuts (Strg + > and Strg + < etc)
  3. Inconsistency: it has to be 12,5 – not 12.5
  4. My favorite topic, keyboard shortcuts - now Mac OSX edition. ;) Comma and semicolon are on the same button... so "Show Guides" does not work and open "Preferences". "Show Grid" (cmd + ') does nothing. Angle brackets are one the same button. So cmd + > and cmd + < are basically the same. ;) Right and left square bracket: ALT + 5 = [ ALT + 6 = ] There is no way to get square brackets to work as a keyboard shortcut.
  5. The textframe window opens still too narrow by default.
  6. Is it possible to pre-order a Windows and a Mac version? I use both platforms.
  7. Endkunden-Lizenzvereinbarung - a looooooong beautiful word only the German language can create And whatever the unreadable small text about Pantone have to say... The use of "Zyan" instead of "Cyan" is very uncommon. Missing translations: Maybe "Teiltonung" is better Window size - it's possible to make a window smaller than needed: Some words are too long (and one translation is missing): Keyboard shortcuts - as I mentioned two or three times before: < > | [ ] are never gonna work, no matter if I use a PC or a Mac. Please get yourself a German keyboard and test the shortcuts or "borrow" the shortcuts from InDesign...
  8. As I said at the last localisation thread, those keyboard shortcuts won't work. A German keyboard look like this: You have to change shortcuts with <, >, [ and ] Not translated yet:
  9. The German keyboard shortcuts needs some love. Some are not translated yet like left, right, up and down. The bigger problem are the keys itself, for example it's not possible to change the object order with Strg + [ or Strg + ]. At a German keyboad layout left and right square bracket are at key 8 and 9 but Strg + 8 and Strg + 9 are already taken by zoom to real size (?) or pixel size. Maybe you can set Strg + Ö and Strg + Ä for back and front as a default like InDesign does. Change font size with Strg + > or Strg + < is strange too. <, > and | are at the same key. The menu says/displays to make font size bigger you have to press Strg + >. In fact you have to press Strg + Shift + > to achieve the effect.

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