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  1. Hi guys, Is there a way to revet to the previous Beta version? Is there an archive where older Betas can be downloaded from? I really need it. Thank you, Chris
  2. I don't think I will use the Beta versions ever when the next stable version is released. I used the Beta version simply because the previous stable version was way too slow, but I keep downloading the latest beta version, and I keep getting into things I really don't like, and I make a living out of design and by using Affinity, I simply can't waste time with bugs and crashes. I'd rather pay 20-30 bucks/month for Affinity and have it stable, it's my main tool, and the Beta version is not an improvement for me. And I would gladly pay 20-30 bucks/month, I can't understand why you're selling this so cheap, it's one of the best tools available, and with the extra money you could hire testers, and not rely on the actual users. I don't mean to sound like a nag, but it's very frustrating, and even though there's a warning that the beta version should not be used for producing, you know we all use it for producing. 1. It crashed out of nowhere when trying to open a file (I wrote a crash report). No problem there, might be the amazing windows 10's fault, it's the worst os I've ever used so far. 2. Huge annoying bug: I have a text field, and I wanna change the color of a single word our of that text (artistic text), by pasting the hex value of the color. It used to work before, now it doesn't quite as before. I got it to work, but with workarounds. Still not sure why using the color picker is not possible when trying to change the color of a single word in a text field.. Anyway, I select the word, paste the hex code, and nothing. I click on the move tool, nothing. I click in another input field of the color chooser, and some weird color appears. I do this for 2-3 times before being able to actually change the color, and finally I manage to do that. What I'm trying to say is that if you want to change the color of a word by copy/pasting the hex value of a color, that should happen instantly after pasting the color, so you wouldn't have to click in another input box of the color chooser to make it happen. It used to work fine before
  3. chris.bannu

    First letter caps

    Hi guys, thanks for replying That's ok, I'l rewrite the text. Fireworks used to have this feature, pretty useful if you ask me, maybe a moderator could move this thread to Suggestions / Feature Request? Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi guys, Is there a way to have the first letetr of every word in a text capitalized, and the rest of the letters lowercase? Can't find such option in the Capitalization menu. Cheers, Chris
  5. well that was embarrassing
  6. Hi guys, It would be great if we could add colors to a favorite list, which would be present throughout the whole project in which we add them to favorites. That list could be visible in the color picker box. It would be cool if we could copy that list in different projects. Also, having an automatic list of the latest 15-ish used colors would be great too. that would improve work flow a lot. If you'd like, I could make a mockup of how I see that. Cheers, Chris
  7. chris.bannu

    Affinity Designer crashing a lot lately

    pretty sure it's the windows update, it didn't use to behave like this
  8. chris.bannu

    Affinity Designer crashing a lot lately

    Hi guys, Yeah, 1803 is the latest update. I also updated my graphics drivers, and now Assassin's Creed Unity runs like crap :)) Wtf is happening to these people, don't they test anything? Windows 10 for me is the most terrible experience, compared to a very satisfying experience with Windows 7, now nVidia is turning crazy too? @ PÅ¡enda : I don't have Duet Display, nto even sure what that is Cheers, Chris
  9. Hi guys, I'm using windows 10 (unfortunately), I am seriously thinking about reverting back to 7, never had a problem with 7 ever, it never crashed, it never behaved stupid, as opposed to windows 10 which is making me crazy, every day a surprise. Anyway, I think some idiotic windows 10 updates are making Affinity Designer crash very often, like once every two days. I am going to get a Mac this year, microsoft is making fun of its users.
  10. I totally agree, this is probably the first I encounter something unintuitive in Affinity.
  11. Thank you toltec Couldn't have figured that out in a milion years. It's bad ux, no offence to such a beautiful app, but it still has some usability issues. Thanks again, very much appreciated
  12. HI, I have the same problem, only I want all the text to be inside a circle, but I always get one letter staying outside. I really don't understand how that's done. I attached the test file here, I'm trying to get the H next to the ELLO, but that seems impossible. Not sure this is not more intuitively, the whole app is so amazingly intuitively, but this section just doesn't make sense to me, and the help file didn't provide that much help in this situation. Please help. Thank you kindly text-on-path-INSIDE.afdesign
  13. chris.bannu

    BUG when duplicating with Alt

    Hey guys, When I wanna duplicate something I hit Ctrl and click, hold and drag. Everything is perfect. But when I use Alt instead of Ctrl, even if I have the "whole pixels" options enabled, when I duplicate the new object and drag it, I get decimals for X and Y. Cheers, Chris
  14. Hi guys, I read in an older topic that 1.6 would bring prototyping. Is that still the case? Any ETA on that? That would really be extremely helpful. And I'm not talking about invision type prototyping, which is very basic, I'm talking about real multi level prototyping, not just changing a screen, but hiding showing objects with gestures, adding layers to a screen prototype, manipulating layers instead of whole screens, etc. Please say it will happen soon
  15. Exactly. Decimals are added. Only when snapping to another object, not moving it in other ways, just by snapping it to an object 2 pixels away.