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  1. I agree. While the UX of the app is really great, there are aspects that are not well thought out, and the colors is definitely the first on my list. Gradients too. I can't understand for example why we can't use the eye dropper tool with gradients, like select one of the gradient colors, then select the eye dropper, then click on the color we want. Doing that will change the gradient in a solid color, makes no sense whatsoever. I like the Adobe XD UX for colors, and even more, I like the colors UX of UXPin. Combining the hexadecimal code with the HUE type of box makes a lot more sense than combining the hex codes with rgb sliders, not sure how many UI/UX designers actually use that, personally I never did
  2. Hello, What would make Affinity a preferred app for developers as well would be the ability to export specs, like XD or Figma. Affinity is far better than both, and this little feature, which let's be serious is not too difficult to implement, would make Affinity a lot more popular among UI/UX designers and developers. Cheers, Chris
  3. chris.bannu

    Export to Adobe XD?

    that doesn't help much
  4. Hi, Any chance we'll see an option to export Affinity Designer files to Adobe XD? Thanks
  5. thanks v_kyr, didn't know that some attributes weren't supported.
  6. Hi guys, I'm using Affinity with Adobe XD, some clients refuse to work with Affinity, since no one knows what it is. I do convert some client to Affinity, but others dismiss it, so I have to either provide Photoshop, XD or Sketch files. XD is the fastest approach, because I can export the shapes to Photoshop and open them directly with XD, and I can export text to SVG and import it in XD. All cool, but the SVG text I export from Affinity loses all its meta, except for font. font size and color. Alignment is gone, character spacing is gone, line height (which is really important) is also missing. Is there a way to export text to SVG and keep all the meta intact? Thank you, Chris
  7. Thank you Mithferion Much appreciated
  8. Yeah the smaller rectangle makes a lot more sense. Why didn't I think of that? Still, a spread option would be a great benefit, no? Depending on the shape, this trick could not be bulletproof. Not to mention that it takes more time to create.
  9. You didn't use the drop shadow for that, right? You used a blur/size/color overlay? Also, how did you make the AD layout look like this?
  10. Nobody needs spread for the drop shadow? Is no one using Affinity for UI design?
  11. Hi guys, I have no idea how PDF works, but I'm trying to make a nice looking pdf for a presentation. So I used a usual website grid, expecting it naively to behave slightly similar to a website in size. Unfortunately, when I open the pdf in a browser, at 100% zoom it's huge, I think it's double the original size All the images of course look crappy, the text is huge, so the user has to zoom out until 75% to actually see the presentation the way I want him to see it. Again, I have no idea how PDF works, it's the first time I create one, is there a way to have it look normal at 100% size, because it looks perfect if I export it as a jpeg and view it in the browser at 100% zoom. Thank you
  12. chris.bannu

    Text export to PSD

    I'd rather tweak the friggin text a bit in photoshop directly, instead of exporting the text as pdf, opening it in illustrator, exporting it as an AI file, opening it in Fireworks, tweaking the text in FW, then importing it in Photoshop. This is the big picture, there are other details I didn't mention that take time. All of this because I hate Photoshop, and most UI designers do, that's why Sktch, Affinity and Figma are gaining so much notoriety. Well, mainly Sketch and Figma, none of my clients ever heard of Affinity unfortunately, and it's such a cool app. A bit buggy. but the other ones (except for Photoshop) are buggy too.
  13. Hi guys, So there's been many discussions about how exporting to photoshop is close to impossible, since it's a proprietary app an bla bla bla it's difficult and no one knows how. Not be an ass, but I don't believe that, I think this feature is not even on the to do list. This guy managed to do it https://www.photopea.com/ It's a free app, it's one guy behind it, and he managed to do it, and Serif can't?