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  1. I totally agree, this is probably the first I encounter something unintuitive in Affinity.
  2. Thank you toltec Couldn't have figured that out in a milion years. It's bad ux, no offence to such a beautiful app, but it still has some usability issues. Thanks again, very much appreciated
  3. HI, I have the same problem, only I want all the text to be inside a circle, but I always get one letter staying outside. I really don't understand how that's done. I attached the test file here, I'm trying to get the H next to the ELLO, but that seems impossible. Not sure this is not more intuitively, the whole app is so amazingly intuitively, but this section just doesn't make sense to me, and the help file didn't provide that much help in this situation. Please help. Thank you kindly text-on-path-INSIDE.afdesign
  4. chris.bannu

    BUG when duplicating with Alt

    Hey guys, When I wanna duplicate something I hit Ctrl and click, hold and drag. Everything is perfect. But when I use Alt instead of Ctrl, even if I have the "whole pixels" options enabled, when I duplicate the new object and drag it, I get decimals for X and Y. Cheers, Chris
  5. chris.bannu

    Prototyping soon?

    Hi guys, I read in an older topic that 1.6 would bring prototyping. Is that still the case? Any ETA on that? That would really be extremely helpful. And I'm not talking about invision type prototyping, which is very basic, I'm talking about real multi level prototyping, not just changing a screen, but hiding showing objects with gestures, adding layers to a screen prototype, manipulating layers instead of whole screens, etc. Please say it will happen soon
  6. Exactly. Decimals are added. Only when snapping to another object, not moving it in other ways, just by snapping it to an object 2 pixels away.
  7. If both shapes have their width, height, X and Y rounded numbers (I mean without decimals) why would there be a problem with both options being enabled? Because this is the case for me. Basically what happens is the opposite, it kills the numbers without decimals, and it turns them into numbers with decimals.
  8. Hey guys, I'm really having a tough time using snapping. It's like a cool feature that doesn't work for me. I can almost never get it to work properly, I have to adjust decilmals every time. For example in this scenario, there's a 0.5px gap between the two rectangles, when there shouldn't be any spacing between them. They have both rounded values for width/height, and even the "move by whole pixels" and "force pixel alignment" are turned on, but there's this 0.5 pixels gap, when in fact they should "stick" to one another. How do you use snapping? It's personally driving me insane, it could be such a time saver, but I can't get it to work properly. Thanks
  9. chris.bannu

    Select locked layer on stage

    Well, to me it makes sense that the locked layer would not be selectable by simply clicking on it. But a key+click would be perfect
  10. Hey guys, I was thinking of a pretty useful feature that I'd personally use a lot When you lock a layer, you can't select it unless you click on it in the layers panel. That's a bit time consuming since you can't press Ctrl+K to find it. How about a shortcut to select layers that are locked, directly on stage? For example you have a rectangle on stage, and you press S+Mouse_Button_Left to select a layer that's locked? That would be pretty awesome. Cheers
  11. chris.bannu

    CPU temperature kind of high, fans going crazy

    Yeah definitely, on my previous configuration, which was not as good as my current one, I didn't have this problem. edit: yeah, that works too Cycling between files I mean.
  12. Hey guys, This is a bug I found some time ago, and it happens from time to time. Basically, at some point the shortcuts such as Ctrl+1, Ctrl+S, or even the Tab key won't work at all, or they won't work properly. For instance, the Tab key is supposed to make the layers and tools panels dissapear, but when this bug occurs, all it does is highlight the main menu buttons. Ctrl+S, or anything Ctrl+[something] stop working altogether.
  13. chris.bannu

    CPU temperature kind of high, fans going crazy

    Went to almost 90%, it seems that if I work and I have several files opened in Affinity, the cpu goes wild. The work arouned suggested WhiteX didn't seem to work unfortunately So the problem is actually having several files opened in affinity for a period of time of over 20-30 minutes approximately.
  14. chris.bannu

    CPU temperature kind of high, fans going crazy

    Hi WhiteX, thanks for the tip. I switched to Nearest Neighbor, let's see what happens next Cheers
  15. Hey guys, Right now, if I select a word inside a text field and I wanna use the color picker to color only that specific word, it's not possible, as the whole text field changes the color I choose with the picker. It would be great to have the possibility of changing the color of only a portion of text with the color picker. Thanks