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  1. thanks for the help guys Any idea how to break apart the text from the shape? Or, for example, how to achieve the same thing with an already existent text, without having to click inside the path, and copy/paste the text from anothre source, and then copy/paste the style from that source. It's more like a workaround than the way it should be
  2. Hey guys, When snapping is on, when you move an object, the distances between that speicifc object and the object around it appear. The problem is that if two object are too close, the distance is hidden by one of its handlers. Maybe move it a bit to the left or right so they don't overlap? I attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Thank you
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to get the text into a path, for example a circle. I can see how to to put the ON a path, but I can't figur our how to put it INSIDE it (in the most non-sexual way possible ) I attached a screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve, made with Fireworks. Thank you kindly
  4. Does anyone else have a problem reading the distances text?
  5. Hey guys, When viewing the distance between objects, on dark backgrounds the distance text is barely visible. I literally can't read it at all. I posted a screenshot. Thanks
  6. I use Affinity mainly because it makes sense as far as UX and I love the interface. PS is like scrathing my ear with my foot, and the interface is not friendly in my opinion. I did convince my colleagues at the current company I work for to use Affinity, but not sure it will work for all clients But maybe I will never leave this company and I will never need PS. I don't care much about cost, I would have happily paid a lot more for Affinity
  7. I think they will implement it eventually, in case it doesn't become the UI Design standard software meanwhile So basically it's either more advertising, so more developers learn about it, or this friggin text update, so we can provide developers with what they need. I'm pretty sure developers would rather use Affinity, it's way easier to use, and it's a lot faster to work with. You don't have to change 100 tools when viewing objects, a damn click is all it takes, so I'm pretty sure devs would be very happy with it, it would make the work flow faster. I learned Affinity in 3 days as a designer, I think a developer needs one hour tops to learn how to see object details
  8. Hey v_kyr, thanks for the answer, I will have a quick read when I finish work today What's funny is that IE can render the font just fine while FF and Chrome can't.
  9. Well, it's in Affinity's interest to do that. For example I love Affinity, I don't like PS, so I'd rather use Affinity for clients that need the PSD version of a file. Right now I don't need that, because I kind of convinced my developer colleagues to switch to Affinity, but in the future I will definitely need this And I don't think there are only few people that like Affinity a lot better than PS, but need PS because clients request the PSD files. And no, I don't think the fact that I'm begging will make a difference, but it was good for the dramatic effect.
  10. Hi guys, I have been exporting as svg with Affinity without a problem until today. I installed some new fonts today, and after exporting the svg and viwing it into the Firefox/Chrome, the fonts look different from the ones I used, even though if I inspect the text it's actually the correct font. This problem is only in browsers, if I open the svg with Affinity the font displays correctly. Is this a browser problem, a font problem, or an Affinity problem? Thank you, Chris
  11. Hey guys, When exporting to psd, the layers, if they are not named in Affinity, get export with the name Layer, followed by a number (Layer1, Layer2, etc) It would be great if the default layer names would actually get export as well. For example, if I don't name a layer that's a Curve, it would get exported with the name Curve, not Layer1. Thank you
  12. Please guys, pretty please give us the update that exports text as actual text to PSD. I'm literally begging
  13. Thank you for a wonderful product that keeps getting better and better.
  14. Thanks That would be a real time saver.