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  1. BUG: Ctrl stops working. I embedded another Affinity Designer document into a document, I presume that this has something to do with the bug.
  2. Hi guys, I have no idea how PDF works, but I'm trying to make a nice looking pdf for a presentation. So I used a usual website grid, expecting it naively to behave slightly similar to a website in size. Unfortunately, when I open the pdf in a browser, at 100% zoom it's huge, I think it's double the original size All the images of course look crappy, the text is huge, so the user has to zoom out until 75% to actually see the presentation the way I want him to see it. Again, I have no idea how PDF works, it's the first time I create one, is there a way to have it look normal at 100% size, because it looks perfect if I export it as a jpeg and view it in the browser at 100% zoom. Thank you
  3. chris.bannu

    Text export to PSD

    I'd rather tweak the friggin text a bit in photoshop directly, instead of exporting the text as pdf, opening it in illustrator, exporting it as an AI file, opening it in Fireworks, tweaking the text in FW, then importing it in Photoshop. This is the big picture, there are other details I didn't mention that take time. All of this because I hate Photoshop, and most UI designers do, that's why Sktch, Affinity and Figma are gaining so much notoriety. Well, mainly Sketch and Figma, none of my clients ever heard of Affinity unfortunately, and it's such a cool app. A bit buggy. but the other ones (except for Photoshop) are buggy too.
  4. Hi guys, So there's been many discussions about how exporting to photoshop is close to impossible, since it's a proprietary app an bla bla bla it's difficult and no one knows how. Not be an ass, but I don't believe that, I think this feature is not even on the to do list. This guy managed to do it https://www.photopea.com/ It's a free app, it's one guy behind it, and he managed to do it, and Serif can't?
  5. chris.bannu

    Many crashes lately in Affinity Designer

    I can't remember what I was doing, but two error reports were sent automatically, one didn't, it just froze and I had to end it.
  6. awesome, thanks a lot toltec
  7. Hi guys, If you select an object on stage, and you have a shitload of layers in the layers panel, you have to Ctrl+K in order to scroll to the selected layer. Is there a way to have this automatically, like in Photoshop? Thanks
  8. Hi, I Attached an Affinity file here. The layer FOOTER/Payment/1,2,3,4 are rasterized. If you try moving them or removing them it won't work. If you rasterize anything in this file, you won't be able to do anything with it, except for removing the parent layer. If there is no parent layer, the only thing you can do is turn it invisible, because you can't get rid of them. I am using Affinity Beta final-layered.afdesign
  9. It would be cool, also keeping the text horizontal would be better imo, so we don't have to turn our heads Personally I count the pixels, I stick one object to the other, and then count the pixels while moving the other object
  10. Hi, Affinity started crashing a lot lately. I experienced 2 crashes in the same day a few days ago, and the error got sent to the Affinity team, and today the app stopped responding out of the blue. I'm using Windows 10. Cheers, Chris
  11. chris.bannu

    Export text to PSD

    Not sure why they don't care, there is competition in the UI design industry, and most client have never heard of Affinity. Even though it's a great tool, until it gets more popular, I will switch to Sketch.
  12. Hi guys, Please add the feature which exports text as editable text to Photoshop, we really need it. This feature has been promised for such a long time, some of us rely on Affinity to export to PSD. I actually recreate the text in Photoshop, just so I don't have to work in Photoshop, which I absolutely hate. I'm pretty sure many ui.ux designers prefer Affinity simply because they hate Photoshop, but they need to deliver PSD files to their clients. Thanks
  13. chris.bannu

    Export in psd text

    We all need this feature To be honest I don't think that's gonna happen, so I guess we still need to use that piece of s@#$ photoshop as well.
  14. Hi guys, It would be awesome if you could add something similar to css3's spread radius for the drop shadow effect, it would really save us time Thank you, Chris