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  1. Hi Chris, OMG, sorry about that, you're right. I didn't know about the snapping candidates, thank you so much And again, sorry about the missinformation. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi guys, I found a bug that involves snapping. Snapping two objects that are inside different layer groups don't snap. Either they are in the same layer group, or they are not part of a layer group, in order to be able to snap between one another. I also made a small example Cheers, Chris SNAP-TEST.afdesign
  3. Hi A_B_C, Oh man, thanks for the heads up, that's great
  5. Yeah I totally agree.
  6. Thanks, how the hell did i miss that? So, is it a bug, or does it needs to get clicked every time? Because once I deselect it, I have to click Reset Selection Box again to re-enable it.
  7. @v_kyr I did read it before posting I read it again, but I still can't find what I am looking for. I made screenshot, basically after rotating the object 90 degrees, the HEIGHT value in the Transform Panel will change the width, and the WIDTH value will change the height.
  8. Hey guys, So, when creating an object, the rotation handler is on the top of the object. If I rotate the object 90 degrees CW for example, the rotation handler will be on the left. Now if I want to change the height of the object, after the rotation, I will actually change the width of the object. Is there a way to reset the rotation handler to the top? Thank you
  9. @firstdefence Affinity took a lot of stuff from Fireworks and made it better :). But it's clear that Fireworks, among other apps, was a source of inspiration. Which is good, that's what evolution is all about: taking something good and making it better.
  10. I definitely agree with that, but for what I need, and comparing what other programs have, I'll stay with Affinity. It's not perfect (what is?...), it still has a lot of things that need improvement, but I feel that it's going in the right direction. Affinity for me (Windows) is far faster than Photoshop CS6 btw. It's still a bit laggy sometimes, but nowhere near as slow as PS. But like I said, I'm not a AP user, I don't work with images and stuff like that, I design for the web, so I only use geometry, text and effects, nothing else Also, of course I might be biased, I've been a Fireworks user for years, and Affinity actually has a lot in common with Fireworks, as far as workflow. It's basically a much improved version of Fireworks in a way. Much much improved.
  11. @Gear maker Exactly
  12. yup, it isn't the best idea
  13. @v_kyr I do agree about the habit to a certain extent. People can get used to any sort of crap, but it's still a crap Personally I never got passed the newbie stage at Photoshop, simply because it's a program that to me doesn't make sense, it's the most unintuitive and fuzzy program I've ever used. Not to mention that it's heavy and expensive. But I could overlook those last two. @firstdefence Well, all clients (absolutely all) ask for the PSD files. I make designs for websites and apps, so using PDF or EPS is a no-no In print it's ok, but in ui design, not so much. Plus I would lose all my clients if I couldn't provide PSD files. @R C-R Yes, I feel the same way to about Adobe. Plus, I'll never forgive them for killing Fireworks. But I have to say, I like Affinity a lot better than Fireworks. @MEB Thanks for the answer. Is there anything Photoshop can do? So Adobe killed the only good program that could export to psd, including text (Fireworks). Well done Adobe. I did find a workaround for exporting text from Affinity to Photoshop and keeping it editable. It's a stupid workaround, but it's probably the only one that exists. I export the text as pdf, then I open it with Illustrator, then save it as .AI, then open it with Fireworks, make the necessary adjustments, and there are quite a few adjustments (adding the line heights, recreating text fields that have more than one line, since the pdf will divide the text field into lines), and then finally export as PSD, and copy the text from the PSD file to the PSD file containing the graphics. Crazy days, huh And all that just to NOT use Photoshop. I pray for the update Affinity promised about export text as editable to PSD.