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  1. Yes my as well, but those previews are limited to 500x500 pixels, way I suggest going to allow full-size previews There is no need to change affinity file format structure, the only change is to add a wrapper this is like a Christmas gift wrapped in a colorful paper, from outside you see the nice package, but inside it can contain anything There is no need to regenerate high-res preview during work, only when the user explicitly asks to save a file.
  2. am I the only one who needs to have high-resolution previews for source files...
  3. Affinity files have previews, those previews are limited to 512x512 what is, to tell the truth, is not enough, also those previews are not displayed by operation system by default. Some projects i'm working on (UI-design) have hundreds of source files, and it is impractical to recognize those files only by filename or even lo-res preview :( I really love approach Macromedia took with Fireworks file format, they made it so source-data appended to a png image file all image viewers and file browsers recognize it as a picture and show high-resolution preview, but editor knows that besides preview there is a source-data, and when you open that png in editor it is actually a vector source file To remove confusion which png file is a flat raster image and which is a source file, extension suffix can be used kind of .af.png A bit of technical details: This is possible because of the patent-free nature of the PNG format, and it's chunk-based storage layer structure. Data in png file is stored in "Chunks", chunks declare themselves as critical or ancillary, and a program encountering an ancillary chunk that it does not understand can safely ignore it. So it is possible to put native affinity source file data into such chunk. Png serves as a container with nice cover image. And what is the best part of this approach is this is very simple to implement - you get the best support by all image viewers, by simply gluing 2 files together.

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