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  1. When placing photos into Publisher, sometimes certain images are flipped the wrong way. Look at the attached screenshot with the current selection. The photo is upside down. The photo is right-side up in Finder, and even when I open the photo directly in the other Affinity apps, the photo is correctly rotated. My guess is that Publisher is ignoring the tag in the photo file that says how to rotate it. Hopefully this can be changed! macOS Mojave
  2. OOPS - never mind. I now see where it says the link has been modified. I couldn't see it before... I need to stop expecting things to be the InDesign way (in this case, a yellow alert symbol).
  3. Thanks. I hope it's high on the list because it seems like a basic and often used feature. I did a search to see if this had been discussed elsewhere but couldn't think of how to word the search and nothing came up.
  4. Is there an option somewhere to open or edit a linked file in it's original application, or at least show me the file in Finder? With InDesign I could option-double click on a photo or graphic to do that, or right-click and choose to Edit or Show in Finder. I don't see any options in the menus nor in the Resource Manager, meaning I have to find the graphic manually. macOS Mojave
  5. In the attached screen recording you can see as I nudge the scrolling down slowly, every nudge makes the text frame flicker. Screen Recording 2019-02-13 at 4.31.16 PM.mov
  6. Hi Sean, it's only with Text Flow on because it's those elements that are flickering. I'll try to get a movie of it shortly.
  7. I figured out what's happening and it's definitely a bug or not expected behaviour. If I switch the column guides to outlines and save the document, close it and reopen the document, the guides remain as outlines. However, if I close the document and then quit and relaunch Publisher, then reopen the same document, the guides are switched back to filled. They should stay as I had set them, even after quitting the app.
  8. So the bug is in High Sierra and later. And my suggestion, because most people wouldn't be able to tell that the symbols are Page Up/Down, is to write out the keyboard shortcut instead of using the symbols. So Command or cmd for short, Option and so forth. See how InDesign does it in the screenshot.
  9. Jeremy Bohn issues

    Hi Lord, I'll have to try this when I have a moment and see if I can replicate it. What I was seeing was trouble editing the table settings itself, in the Table panel, as mentioned here. I wonder if they are related?
  10. Hi Lord, I asked about inserting tables into text boxes to get them to "flow" just like that other program. It's not possible at the moment but on the list for the future. I miss it too!
  11. Anyone running High Sierra and/or Mojave and can report what they see?
  12. I agree - I'm so used to pressing it the other way around that I couldn't figure out why my Mac kept beeping.
  13. There is still the glitch of the wrong symbol showing up in the menu itself, at least on the Mac. It appears as a regular arrow there, which is wrong and which is what made me think the shortcut wasn't working in the first place.
  14. I think instead of some of those symbols it should SAY what they are, like Page Up, page Down, Tab etc. So if the developers are reading this, this is a sort of bug / suggestion.
  15. Thanks fde101, that's helpful. I wasn't getting that circle before - what I was doing was command-clicking on the frame which selected the photo. When I placed the cursor near the corner of the photo the cursor would change to the rotation cursor, but it wasn't consistent. Randomly I would not get them, even on the same photo. So your double-click method is another way to accomplish it. I'm also finding photos placed are often the wrong orientation. Looks like Publisher is not using the rotation metadata in a lot of photos. If I used my old method of command-clicking to select the photos, using the rotation toolbar button would rotate and squish the image in every time. Your new method doesn't squish it. Yay!