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  1. InDesign will do this - with all the missing links selected in the Links panel, click the Link button which brings up the dialog box to find them. Find the first missing link and select it. InDesign then looks in that entire folder and if it finds the rest of them it fixes all the links for you automatically. I don't know how Publisher works as I haven't encountered this issue yet, but InDesign's way would be the way to go. Of course, this assumes that you keep all the links for that one project in the same directory, which is how I usually do it.
  2. Agreed. There should be separate Document Bleed settings and Export Bleed settings.
  3. I agree with this. While over all I prefer dark mode, the individual palettes kind of blur together and need better defined edges.
  4. I just did a quick test and Issues 2 and 3 appear to be gone, but Issue 1 is still there.
  5. When I first heard the name Affinity Publisher, my first thought was to the MS product. Also the term "publisher" on it's own is hard for me to take seriously, as "desktop publishing" is what grandma does to create her monthly newsletter. Real professionals are called Graphic Designers. Therefore I think the Designer name should have been used for Publisher, and the current Designer app shouldn't have had a different name. But I can get used to all of this.
  6. I agree with everything said in this thread. I wouldn't want all those styles by default, and a way to mass delete and replace etc. is essential.
  7. Jeremy Bohn

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    I highly doubt there is a copyright issue. It's just the wrong word. Even still, there are plenty of other words that could be used that InDesign doesn't use, and make more sense than Flow.
  8. Jeremy Bohn

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    I never understood that wording either and when I first started I had to come online to find out how to show/hide text boxes. I think it's completely the wrong name for what it actually does. Add my vote for requesting a more logical name!
  9. When you close an unsaved document, you're prompted to save. Click Save, and the document is saved but remains open. If a saved document is closed, then it closes as expected. I've personally seen this in Publisher, but others have reported seeing it in all 3 apps.  macOS Mojave.
  10. Interesting. I guess i just never encountered it until now. Have you made a thread about it? If not, I will.
  11. This question is asked over and over. Please read the pinned thread, 5th topic down from the top of this forum. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65038-how-can-i-open-indesign-indd-and-idml-files-in-publisher/
  12. This is already reported and listed as fixed in the newest beta released last Friday. The option you pick wasn't being saved before. Is it working for you in the latest beta?
  13. Similar topic here. I am asking for guides to be treated as objects so you can move them with arrow kids, copy and paste etc., just like InDesign. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/78641-nudge-guides-with-arrow-keys/
  14. That would be handy, or at least just remember the last settings you used regardless of the document, much how InDesign does it.