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  1. Since the public release of 1.8.x is ready for Big Sur, I would say yes.
  2. Are you saying that you tried making a Postscript file via the Print Dialog and it wasn't good?
  3. I don't see a way to work with patterns except the pain brush. I'd actually find it useful if you could paste or capture something existing into a pattern or even clone from something else in the document. How about if you made a selection and when you choose New Pattern Layer it creates the pattern for you from the selection (a la Photoshop)?
  4. I'm aware of that. I am running 11.0.1 beta so that means the public of release of Big Sur is going to still say 10.16.
  5. FYI, the account page doesn't understand that macOS 10.16 is actually macOS 11.
  6. Yes, and the font manager should actually be able to replace fonts right from that window.
  7. Good idea, change the button to say Integrate! Sorry, but baked in is just wrong. Definition arguments aside, the phrase itself it marketing lingo and has no relation to design language. As a professional designer, it comes across as out of place or foreign. I know they'll never change it, just like many other things about the apps I disagree with, so I'll leave it at that.
  8. Good thoughts, especially that. If the color choices were in the New Document window and they stuck if you changed them, then that would work.
  9. To have something "baked in" means that it's built-in. In a sense, it means to include, but the nuance is that it means it's something integral that you've considered from the start, not something you've added afterwards. (I didn't make this up, I looked it up to verify.) Maybe it has a slightly different meaning in different parts of the world but to me, since the contour is an effect you add on to an object afterwards, it literally can't be baked in. Instead of "Expand Appearance" it could be outline or flatten.
  10. Am I doing something wrong or is this a beta thing? I click on an object and then shift click on a second object. The geometry icons in the toolbar are disabled (dimmed). But I can still use Layer > Geometry with no problem. Also instead of shift-clicking, if I click and drag the cursor to select the 2 objects or press Command-A (Select All) then the toolbar icons are enabled for use. Screen_Recording_2020-10-20_at_7_13.14_PM.mov
  11. Just playing with the contour tool. Very interesting. I'm thinking of ways I could use it. In the meantime, I noticed a couple fo things: - If my document is in inches, and I change it to something else, the Radius box stays with inches. This happens with any measurement unit change. The Radius box won't change units until you pick another tool and then reselect the Contour tool. - I'm not sure about the button named "Bake Appearance". I wasn't sure what it did until I clicked it. I certainly would never call it that, since we're not cooking here. What about Expand Appearance, which is what Illustrator would call it?
  12. Just noticed this... thanks for the small but helpful addition!
  13. Thanks. I deleted the 2 apps and re-downloaded from the App Store and opened/quit them both. The betas now open without issue. Very strange. I've never had that problem before and I never move the apps from their standard location or keep copies elsewhere. Running Big Sur beta 10.
  14. That would work too. I just thought that since many other settings are made default by using Edit > Defaults so why not the guide colors?
  15. When starting a new document I'm often faced with a blank window - no icons for all the page sizes. If I scroll down, then the icons are back. The next time I start a new document, the icons are there. But after awhile when I try again, the window is blank again.
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