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  1. I agree tomaso. I think the keys are backwards as well. I found it frustrating that option-dragging to copy would ignore snapping and came to this forum to find out that I have to command-drag to copy and snap.
  2. The file hierarchy in the window title is a standard mac feature. The Affinity apps aren't using standard Mac windows, so you get the small font and the lack of the proxy icon / file hierarchy. For what it's worth, I agree that the font is too small and I'm only in my 40's. When I first started using the apps I couldn't believe how small the fonts were, was relieved when I saw the UI font setting, and disappointed that the "large" setting is still quite small. I think that setting should affect the document title font as well, and there should be at least one more larger font setting.
  3. Thank you! The snap while copying thing I'll have to get used to. I wish they had switched it the other way around: option to drag-copy-snap and command to drag-copy-snappless. I guess they did it just to bug the InDesigners. I had looked at the Snapping Options before and I had no idea what Candidates meant for some reason. Also because it says "Candidates: Candidates List" to me was confusing because of the duplicate word. Anyway, changing it to All Layers is what I want, and in general would mostly always want so I'd like to be able to change that default setting instead of changing it every time. EDIT > never mind, the setting seems to stick. Once I change it, existing and new files are set to All Layers.
  4. Object snapping doesn't seem to work in certain cases. I wonder if it's by design, and if so I find it highly frustrating. For instance: - option-drag to make a copy of an object. No snapping occurs. I first have to let go of the object and then when I drag it around again, the snapping returns. - snapping doesn't seem to occur when I create layers, I think. This one's a little less clear because I'm not exactly sure what's causing it, but I think when I create a new layer in the Layers panel and drag objects to it, they will only snap to objects in that same layer and ignore objects in another layer. This gets really frustrating if I create a layer for background objects and want to line up text frames I create in a different layer. Unless I'm missing something, maybe a setting somewhere?
  5. I could never figure out why the instructions didn't copy all my settings over from Beta to Retail. Now, I've installed Publisher on a new system and using the same instructions doesn't work either. It didn't work for Photo or Designer either the first time I did it, but the second time I tried it did. I've tried several times with Publisher with no luck.
  6. Yes please, those and more. Also double-click to select gaps in text. The tab key needs to be implemented everywhere as well, so as soon as a window opens, the first field is highlighted and tabbing goes to the next field. This works in so few places across all Affinity apps.
  7. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    I would never think to look there for an overflow view indicator, nor would I ever want to view the overflow, nor can I understand why anyone would want that (or need to know why). So I hastily deemed it irrelevant to me. I didn't know the feature existed so thanks for pointing that out. I know in the future that would drive me nuts so I'm glad to know it's there now and I can disable it (adding to a list of things by default I don't like). Glad to know this isn't a bug.
  8. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    I'm not looking at the indicators at all. IMO irrelevant. I'm saying there is text OUTSIDE of the text box that should be hidden because there's no more room in the frame. This shows up after one of the linked frames is deleted.
  9. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Walt, if you download the file and try what I tried in the video, you'll see it. The text flows from the first page (2 columns at top) to the second page and then to the lower frame (2 columns). When I delete the third frame, the text "Operating Specifications etc" from that is suddenly floating under the second frame. The selected second frame is showing the text overflow error, but it should be just that. Why is it also displaying the overflow text? A similar thing happens later in the recording when I delete the second text frame.
  10. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Please also look into why the text is flowing outside the frame when a linked frame is deleted (see the end of my recording).
  11. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Hi, there is definitely something going on there when you tinker with your text flow. But in that one heading if you click on the style again, it resets to the correct font size. That can't be intentional so Serif people please take a look at this. Also, look at how the text flow gets messed up when I start deleting text frames... everything is in this screen recording: Screen_Recording_2019-08-27_at_5_42.02_PM.mov
  12. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    If you post the file I could take a look later tonight. Maybe just even the one page and not the entire file.
  13. This is already possible with PDF and AI files. I'm not sure about other formats.
  14. Jeremy Bohn

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Do you have multiple styles applied to it? It looks like it's Heading 3 and something else, as evidenced by the "Heading 3 + ..." at the top of the Text Styles panel. It could be that this has messed up your style, but why that would happen when reflowing, I don't know.
  15. Jeremy Bohn


    Hello. Look a little bit further down the forum to find this topic being discussed...