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    Yes, we really need footnotes import!
  2. Font menu get under windows. See attached image.
  3. It would be nice to be able to make some objet ignored by text wrap.
  4. Not a copy, it's much better Faster, smoother, and you can copy-paste text from any document and it keeps all the italic, bold, fonts etc... I will get rid of my overpriced Adobe subscription
  5. I have many documents made with In-Design. I'd like to use Publisher instead and was happy to see that i can copy-paste my old In-Design pages inside Publisher. Everything stays in place, but there is one issue: instead on getting one text box, there is one text box for each sentence. This make the text impossible to edit. An even better feature would be to make Publisher compatible with In-Design. I include a screenshot. You can see all the text boxes around each sentences.
  6. I'm making books and magazines with In-Design and i'm about to leave the Adobe suite for the Affinity Suite. A very important feature you must include is the ability to import Microsoft Word DOC text and keep the Bold, italic etc from the original. Many authors give me Word document with Bold, italic, font size.... already formated. It is vey important to keep this when importing. Having the option to import only text without images if any are included inside the Word document would be nice too, because some authors leave images in their documents, but you don't want them to be imported. In-Design has this features, so Publisher can't be a good In-Desing replacement without this.