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  1. In most other apps standard behavior is to: 1. Color the text, stroke the text 2. Color the entire text box background 3. Assign a stroke to the text box This way I don't have to create a second box, put it behind the text box in the exact position, and then group them to keep them together.
  2. Are we ever going to get the ability to assign a color to a text box that colors the text box and not the space in-between the letters? Also the ability to stroke the test box. I'm really getting frustrated with the lack of development of Affinity apps . . . Make some desperately needed changes and double the prices . . . k
  3. An online search, the help function, and search here in forums show nothing. Does Affinity Photo had a tab ruler to set tabs?
  4. I duplicated the layer and it somehow allowed the selection tool to now enable the Edit>Fil with primary color to appear and work. Don't know what duplicating the layer has to do with this, I was unable to use the fill command before the duplication as it was greyed out . . .
  5. I'm not finding any "lock alpha" anywhere. AP search reveals nothing either . . . only a "protect alpha" in the brush context menu at top which is unchecked. there is also no "edit " to uncheck in the channels panel . . . using AP v 1.10.5
  6. In photoshop an imported transparent png does not have an "object border". AP does and it prevents me from coloring the object. It is multiple colors and I want to fill it completely with black. When I try to color it the entire "border area" fills in with black and not the object of the transparent png. I can't find a way to accomplish this. Is there a way to eliminate this "border" that is defining what this image is?
  7. DOH! Placed the original. Funny how it can't stroke it's own product . . . Thanks for pointing that out
  8. When I place (link) photos into publisher, at times I cannot apply a stroke to the frame (not a picture frame). I just placed three photos, all jpgs, and I cannot apply a stroke to one of them. It does not show up in the submenu context bar . . .
  9. I have a 2012 iMac and the latest security update (Catalina 10.15.7) is playing havoc with Publisher. It is slow, freezes with and without showing a freeze in "Force quit". Changing tools sometimes temporarily restores working status. Place, and drag and drop into the document sometimes freeze. Sometimes saving cause a slowdown or freeze . . . any thoughts?
  10. affinity publisher, how do i select an invisible object? Object is in resource manager and says it is on a certain page When I go to that page it's not there. Toggling "Clip to Canvas" does nothing.
  11. I'm curious if anyone is using AD to output cut vinyl for stencils on a Mac? If so, what machines are you using?
  12. All of a sudden text is behaving weird in AP. Closing and reopening AP, reformatting, and assigning "No Style" to the text to repeat the following doesn't make a difference. I want to manually tab the first line of a sentence (one word only as a closing of a letter) to indent it. When I hit the tab button a second time the next line below (my name) automatically indents every time I hit the tab button. This also happens in regular paragraphs, any ideas?
  13. There used to be a chain of the link structure at the top of the page that showed you where you were in the forum. It's now gone . . . there also used to be a selection to view your posts at the top of the page. It's now gone, it's buried somewhere in that 3 Line menu. It used to say something like, "View all my posts".
  14. the forum reorganization is absolutely horrible. The verbiage used in the upper right dropdown menu IS NOT intuitive and the I am unable to find the original post so I'm reporting that you can transfer the Affinity apps from your laptop to your desktop (no internet at home now). Joke: Affinity forum now works like Apple's support website, almost totally useless . . .
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