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  1. When I use the crop tool in photo 1.8.4, and only cropping one side, it adds the amount I am cropping to the opposite side. I have done this repeatedly on separate files. I have even rasterized and trimmed the photo and it still happens. I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.5.
  2. Publisher is my least favorite app of the three. I'm most likely going back to InDesign . . .
  3. there is no tab ruler to show where tabs are located in AD and you have to enter numbers manually to set tabs. In AP there is a tab ruler where you can select the tab in the ruler and move it around and the text moves with the tab. Very intuitive for visually spacing text tabs rather than entering regular spacing increments. Every time you mess with tabs in AD the text jumps around and you can't create any accurate spacing . . .
  4. The tab feature in designer is pretty useless. Before I spend time doing this with a complicated tab setup, can I import tabbed text boxes from publisher into designer without tabs getting screwed up?. TIA
  5. then why does every other text-based program automatically have a default leading? Why does publisher automatically set solid all fonts? I have to manually go in every time to set the leading every time I add a new font . . . this should be an automatic setting like every other program. if you don't like the automatic setting THEN you can go in and alter manually or create a style. I don't feel that I should have to create styles every time I open a document, especially on new projects. I fool around with styles manually and then create a style sheet AFTER the project is finished so that other designers know what's going on.
  6. Indesign does nothing with text until you establish a style. I've gone into styles and they seem very similar to the way word is setup. I think that spacing before and after paragraphs already built in is an MS Word feature. Another issue with Adobe is that the same function has to be achieved different ways in two programs. Tabs in Designer are pretty much useless when creating graphs and charts. Why can't they bring the tab function from Publisher into Designer so we don't have to learn another way to do the same? I have been using these programs a lot lately and I'm starting to not like them. I have a lot of little features that just suddenly refuse to work until I restart the programs. Perhaps I should start maintaining a list . . . these are never repeatable and happen sporadically. Another issue is leading is frequently the same size as the chosen font. 12 pt type should be 12/14 or 12/15 by default. Same for all other font sizes; the type size + 3 points is standard leading for most programs. These apps are not growing up fast enough. I realize they are only $50 but I would pay more for all the exciting initial debut features these apps have and the adoption of the myriad of recommendations people have made. Sorry about the rant but these apps are starting to disappoint me the more I use them. And I don't really want to go back to Adobe
  7. I am a Quark and InDesign user and I think basing your text manipulation on MS Word is a HUUUUGE mistake. It's extremely unprofessional. I'm don't think I'm going to continue with publisher. Photo and Designer are great apps but I think this one is a complete failure . . . sorry. I'm going to purchase another computer so I can continue to use InDesign from CS6 . . .
  8. The "no break" was unchecked in the character panel. I checked it and then unchecked it and now it magically auto returns . . . go figure
  9. The problem is that sentences are not auto returning. I am a trained typographer and when documents are completed by the writer, we shape the right edging of sentences (in addition to many other things) for visual appeal, phrasing, and to ensure that two exact words are not above each other at the start and end of two sentences . . . InDesign operation cues should be used not MS Word . . .
  10. Why does text not auto return and go beyond the right edge of the textbox? It goes beyond the margin and into the "paste board" Also the automatic spacing by paragraph when returning a line is not a proper behavior. We return sentences much more frequently than creating new paragraphs. Your default return should be sentence-based and not paragraph spaced which is basically done with another sentence return. I don't like the adoption of MS Word techniques for text formatting as MS word is a secretary's tool for writing letters that they are trying to make into a publishing tool. It is not professional and you should get more design cues from InDesign. . .
  11. What I did to get it to work was to hide the locked layer . . . .
  12. and as soon as i post this it works perfectly, go figure
  13. I have eight "slats" that I want to distribute vertically. No matter whether I use the Layer > Alignment > Distribute Vertically or the symbol in the menu (auto distribute checked) I get this huge gap in the middle. Any ideas?
  14. Image 1 is exported at full size from AD and reduced in AP. Image 2 (all vectors) is reduced in AD and exported to png with no AP involved. Other examples are at https://www.facebook.com/Fly-in-the-Ointment-110710850419232/?modal=admin_todo_tour. I'm not promoting that stuff here but you can view many images. All of those images are 500x500 @ 300dpi and exported at full size from AD and reduced in AP because at 72 dpi the image quality is total crap. FB displays newsfeed images at 500 px wide so I believe they are shown full size. I consider them all to be soft.
  15. OK, I have a master file at 4500 px X 5400 px at 300 dpi in AD (all vector). When I export a png at 300 dpi to 500x500 (I change canvas size and add color background to square the image for this new format) there is a noticeable quality hit. When I used to use PShop I would have HUGE images at 72 dpi (enough to downsize an image at 300 dpi for print purposes) I never lost any image quality due to "apparent increased resolution" when downsizing (an optical property I was told). When I also downsize the png (from the master file size) in AP the image quality also suffers. I don't want to get into a discussion of pixels, dpi and resampling, I just know I never had any problems in PShop when resizing photos down. I always experienced "apparent increased resolution". Am I going to have to copy and resize the master file in AD for every new size format I encounter in order to export a sharp png file? Thanks
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