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  1. For me all the fonts have worked fine until I load more fonts. Then no file will open because of the "permission denied" issue. I have to go back and unload fonts until I can get AD to work. This is a recent issue so I can't say what the issue is except for Mac OS X updates. This is a serious problem as I have to load and unload each project's font manually each time I work on a file.
  2. Mac issue: Has the number of installed fonts that prevents Designer from opening files been fixed yet? I cannot be constantly loading and unloading fonts in order to make the app work. Apparently the number of installed fonts causes a "permission denied" state when opening files. Have you pursued any additional contact with Extensis to allow their font manager to work with your apps?
  3. Good day all. In the attached photo (from AD) I would like to use the selected shape (group?) to remove the stars and parts of the circle lines behind it. I want to print this on a black coffee mug and do not want the black to be printed. I want the coffee mug to show through. When done, all the white will be transparent to show the black porcelain. I have tried all the overlap, minus, add, tools and they destroy the whole design (maybe things are "invisible " and I have to go back and assign colors and strokes) Thanks.
  4. It is really necessary to show the font column with the actual name and the display version? Why not just display the display version. If a typeface is not readable in the display version perhaps one shouldn't be using it?
  5. I really think you need to allow placed image treatment to be a preference so that all images are treated the same from the get go.. It is a major PITA to have to select embedded images and change to linked when you have 50 images in a document . . . publish and subscribe needs to be added, if not added already, as well as manually updating 50 images is also a pain
  6. Great idea! I emailed Extensis and made a request to adapt Suitcase Fusion to Affinity. I suggest other folks inquire as well. It's a great font manager
  7. I use Suitcase Fusion 6 (7 is out now) which will automatically activates fonts when an Adobe product opens a file that uses an unactivated font. Are you planning any compatibility? I have noticed that when I open a font with Fusion that AD updates the font menu without restarting it.
  8. Does a single purchase allow installation on my desktop and laptop?
  9. Hi gang, I'm new here and I am going through Aff. Photo (AP) videos right now and will get to the Aff. Designer ones in time. I am very impressed with what AP can do I can't wait to really get into it. I have used Illustrator for many years but mainly for logos and simple infographics. I never had the time to be a power user. I'm at a point where I need to learn how to manipulate line quality. So I guess brushes are in my future. Are there any other resources where I can learn what Aff. Designer can do in regards to line quality? Thanks in advance k