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  1. Hallo @dainese, ich habe deinen Beitrag erst jetzt gesehen. Wenn das Tastaturkürzel ⇧⌘E nicht funktioniert versuche es doch bitte mal über das Menü: Ich habe dir hier mal ein Beispiel deiner Zeichnung mit Historie als AD-Datei angehängt: Arbeiten-mit-erweiterten-Konturen.afdesign Keep on drawin' Norbert
  2. Hey @Kaffeepause, I've just added a little example Affinity Photo file (Papierabriss.afphoto). Just play with the different layers and you will get the idea. The vector calendar is just the base for the rasterized pixel calendars. For the top and the bottom paper I've inverted the mask layer (⌘ i on a Mac). Keep on drawin' Norbert Papierabriss.afphoto
  3. In this short quick tip i'll demonstrate how to create simple parallel outlines with expand stroke and geometric functions in Affinity Designer. Parallele-Außenkonturen-720.mp4
  4. Mensch Mesch

    Forget me not - Focus combination (Stack)

    Hey John! Thanks for your comment. After several tests I would say it isn't necessary on this particular image to take 40 single images. In addition to many other parameters the aperture and focus difference in my OM-D has a huge impact on the amount of single frames. Norbert
  5. This image was stacked and edited in APh 1.6.7 out of 40 single photos.
  6. Simple colorized glass spheres created with Affinity Designer BETA Glaskugeln.mp4 You can download the sample file here. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  7. Mensch Mesch

    AD - Sketching a belt buckle

    A few lines and effects in Affinity Designer's Draw Persona, a few brush strokes with the @Frankentoon brushes in Pixel Persona and the idea for a belt buckle takes shape. There is still a little work on the pixel drawn belt buckle but I think for a first idea which takes only a few minutes it's okay. Gürtelschnalle.mp4
  8. TokyoCard-Symbols-AffinityDesigner.mp4
  9. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw psychedelic, checkered patterns in Affinity Designer 1.6.1 using the Geometric operations. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  10. Mensch Mesch

    Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile

    Just a sample on how to use the hatching styles. Beispiel-Twitter.mp4
  11. With these simple hatching styles you can hatch your vector objects in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. Affinity Publisher Beta seems not working yet (previews looks strange on my machine). DOWNLOAD: https://mensch-mesch.com/download/affinity-designer-schraffuren-hatchings/ With the red styles you can easily change the color of the hatching while using an adjusment layer recolor. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  12. Hallo @Eishle, wie von den anderen schon beschrieben kannst du bislang noch keine ai oder eps Pinsel importieren. Wenn du die eps jedoch öffnest kannst du natürlich selbst daraus neue Pinsel über den herkömmlichen Weg (Export als png) erstellen. Leider muss du dann natürlich sämtliche Einstellungen für die Pinsel selbst vornehmen. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  13. Mensch Mesch

    Dodecahedron Calendar 2019 - Plot and print template

    If added a tutorial on my YouTube channel which demonstrates how to draw the dodecahedron with polygon shapes with five sides.
  14. With this Affinity Designer template you can create your own Dodecahedron 2019 Calendar. If you want to plot just the Dodecahedron you can export the plot data as a SVG-File only. (I use this template on a Brother ScanNCut Plotter thats the reason why I choose 96dpi as resolution.) If you want to use my calendar template you can print only the print data, which you will find in the layers Druckdaten and Plotmarken. (I use the plot marks to justify my plotter) You can download the template here: Affinity Designer – Dodecahedron Calendar 2019 Keep on drawin' Norbert
  15. Hey @Serge R, THX for your comment! I've just added a new version of my little SVG Calendar Generator. You can now copy the SVG Data direct to your clipboard and paste it direct into your Affinity application. Note! You should enable Copy items as SVG on the General tab in your Preferences in Affinity Designer. SVG-Calendar-Direct-copy-to-clipboard-3.mp4 Keep on drawin' Norbert