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  1. Thanks a lot @Pauls!!! You saved my day!
  2. Hey @Pauls I sent you a personal message because of the confidentiality.
  3. Thanks for your considerations Bruce. At this point in time I've a workaround. I don't use floating text in linked text frames and it seams to work.
  4. Hey @Old Bruce, thanks for your reply! Yes I've placed the text frames on individual pages. Created with the double-click on the little link triangle. I have no text frame on the master pages. Yes, the effect occurs also when I double-click on the page preview. I've already tested all settings (Software, OpenGL Basic, OpenGL and Metal) in the performance panel. Same behavior. Even opening the file, which is only 2.2 MB, from a local drive takes 10 seconds.
  5. Im working on a document in APub Beta on macOS 10.12.6 (16G2016). If I use floating text over 40 pages with multiple text frames and insert some pictures and graphics with custom wrappings APub slows down extremely and the fan of my iMac27 (4 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB) start to spin like crazy even if I only scroll. It seems to be caused by rendering the whole document on every event (scrolling, inserting text, etc.) I redesigned the document and use only text frames without floating from one page to the next. And behold... no time consuming rendering. Everything works fine. The slow document with floating text is appr. 2.2 MB the one that works fine is appr. 700 kB. All images/graphics are linked and not embedded. CPU in macs Activity Monitor App sometimes reaches over 500%. Another side effect is the slow rendering of the previews in the pages panels. Rendering-Problem.mp4 Any ideas how to use floating text without this side effect???
  6. As soon as I call the NIK plugins, the fonts are updated and Affinity Photo 1.7 needs to be quit without any way to save the former work. Any ideas?
  7. Hallo @dainese, ich habe deinen Beitrag erst jetzt gesehen. Wenn das Tastaturkürzel ⇧⌘E nicht funktioniert versuche es doch bitte mal über das Menü: Ich habe dir hier mal ein Beispiel deiner Zeichnung mit Historie als AD-Datei angehängt: Arbeiten-mit-erweiterten-Konturen.afdesign Keep on drawin' Norbert
  8. Hey @Kaffeepause, I've just added a little example Affinity Photo file (Papierabriss.afphoto). Just play with the different layers and you will get the idea. The vector calendar is just the base for the rasterized pixel calendars. For the top and the bottom paper I've inverted the mask layer (⌘ i on a Mac). Keep on drawin' Norbert Papierabriss.afphoto
  9. In this short quick tip i'll demonstrate how to create simple parallel outlines with expand stroke and geometric functions in Affinity Designer. Parallele-Außenkonturen-720.mp4
  10. Mensch Mesch

    Forget me not - Focus combination (Stack)

    Hey John! Thanks for your comment. After several tests I would say it isn't necessary on this particular image to take 40 single images. In addition to many other parameters the aperture and focus difference in my OM-D has a huge impact on the amount of single frames. Norbert
  11. This image was stacked and edited in APh 1.6.7 out of 40 single photos.
  12. Simple colorized glass spheres created with Affinity Designer BETA Glaskugeln.mp4 You can download the sample file here. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  13. Mensch Mesch

    AD - Sketching a belt buckle

    A few lines and effects in Affinity Designer's Draw Persona, a few brush strokes with the @Frankentoon brushes in Pixel Persona and the idea for a belt buckle takes shape. There is still a little work on the pixel drawn belt buckle but I think for a first idea which takes only a few minutes it's okay. Gürtelschnalle.mp4
  14. TokyoCard-Symbols-AffinityDesigner.mp4
  15. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw psychedelic, checkered patterns in Affinity Designer 1.6.1 using the Geometric operations. Keep on drawin' Norbert