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  1. Mensch Mesch

    Dodecahedron Calendar 2019 - Plot and print template

    If added a tutorial on my YouTube channel which demonstrates how to draw the dodecahedron with polygon shapes with five sides.
  2. With this Affinity Designer template you can create your own Dodecahedron 2019 Calendar. If you want to plot just the Dodecahedron you can export the plot data as a SVG-File only. (I use this template on a Brother ScanNCut Plotter thats the reason why I choose 96dpi as resolution.) If you want to use my calendar template you can print only the print data, which you will find in the layers Druckdaten and Plotmarken. (I use the plot marks to justify my plotter) You can download the template here: Affinity Designer – Dodecahedron Calendar 2019 Keep on drawin' Norbert
  3. Hey @Serge R, THX for your comment! I've just added a new version of my little SVG Calendar Generator. You can now copy the SVG Data direct to your clipboard and paste it direct into your Affinity application. Note! You should enable Copy items as SVG on the General tab in your Preferences in Affinity Designer. SVG-Calendar-Direct-copy-to-clipboard-3.mp4 Keep on drawin' Norbert
  4. I've just added a switch to change the start of the week from Sunday to Monday to my little free #SVG #calendartool. https://svg-tools.mensch-mesch.com/calendar Keep on drawin' and have fun to create your own calendars with your Affinity software! Norbert
  5. Hey @Serge R! Thanks for your reply. I'll keep this in mind. At this point in time I've no solutions but I wish to find one.
  6. I've added Dutch right now. Selection fixed! Thanks for your support! Keep on drawin' Norbert
  7. Hi Hans! You can send me the Dutch weekdays and month names and the name for color and I will add Dutch as a new language. Best wishes Norbert
  8. With my free SVG Calendar Tool (https://svg-tools.mensch-mesch.com/calendar/) you can create different types of SVG Calendar Templates (Scalable Vector Graphic) for all Affinity products. This tool is not perfect but it will possibly safe a lot of time. Hope you like this simple tool Keep on drawin' Norbert
  9. Mensch Mesch

    TOC Editing and Crash

    This behavior also exists on macOS.
  10. Hi @Petar Petrenko, thanks for your reply! If you just use the layer technique like in Affinity Designer you will not have the Picture Frame toolbar e.g. the Picture Frame Properties. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  11. You are absolutely right @aleale1. @IndigoMoon mentioned that too! Great function. Thank you very much! You never stop learning.
  12. You may have seen this video on YouTube about Affinity Publisher Beta v. Adobe InDesign. which is in my opinion a massive fail. Affinity Publisher isn't a copy of of InDesign. It's a different operation concept. Think different! I really like what I've seen and tested so far in APub - very good job! To solve the problem of the video I've nested picture frames inside the beautiful symbols and with one click you've added a picture to all linked triangles as shown in this demonstration: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1x5G9JD5bLlmhiIYhQWnAoigEL1Q7LhZx Keep on drawin' Norbert
  13. Fist of all... I'm am so happy that you have released the Beta of another great app, Affinity Publisher. You guys at Serif are so brilliant When I don't close the Opacity slider it stays on top of all other windows.
  14. Does anyone have an idea how to use the Liquify Persona non-destructively? Thanks Norbert