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  1. @Mensch Mesch @sfriedberg I use LaTeXiT and copy as PDF with outlined fonts. Once it’s pasted into affinity, I group all that stuff together and move it where it needs to go. This way, there’s no need to manage downloads. It’s simply copy and paste.
  2. So I revisited the beta before launch and it's looking great! I noticed that there's still this weird issue with superscript where it's very selective about what characters it'll superscript (or subscript) even on common fonts. I've attached a demonstration file to show what I mean. Fortunately, this seems to have an easy solution– my workaround has simply been to do the superscripting/subscripting in Affinity Designer before importing the text to Affinity Publisher where the format is preserved. In other words, just replace AP's superscript and subscript systems with those of Affinity Designer. I know it's not that easy, just wanted to try and offer a general direction to head in. Thanks! This issue was encountered on MacOS Mojave. noticeMeSenpai.afpub
  3. @Pauls Not sure how I'd be able to do that without causing some kind of system error. In any case, updating to Mojave fixed the issue, though I can't stay on this OS because it's disabled some of my other programs.
  4. @mac_heibu Still broken . It works in safe mode, but even with the cache cleared it crashes on startup once I restart. I have Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer already, and neither of them have this issue. @Pauls , was there anything else in the crash log that seemed off? Any custom fonts, for instance, that it's trying to load? I have a couple and tried disabling them to no effect. I've also uploaded the crash report on the new version, just in case. Updating OS to 10.11.6 did not help.
  5. @mac_heibu @A_B_C Thank you both for your suggestions. I tried both of them, but it's still crashing instantly. I think I'm going to have to accept that AP may not work for me until the next beta build at the very least.
  6. @Pauls For the program or the OS in general? AP always crashes before I can open Preferences. If so, what's the best way to clear the OS cache? Looking it up gives a lot of conflicting information and I don't want to lose my custom fonts
  7. @Pauls I finally managed to upload the .crash file. Can't wait to go back to making my labs with AP :D
  8. I just downloaded the latest version of the Beta and it crashes (or in OSX-speak, quits unexpectedly) whenever I try to open it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no dice. Here's some system info: Late 2012 retina mac El Capitan 10.11.5 10 GB free Please let me know if there's anything else I need to provide. Thanks!
  9. Nice, but it looks like they still haven't fixed the awful subscript/superscript issue. Try using them for yourself if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  10. Not sure if it happens to all text or just the fancy imported stuff, not tested.
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