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  1. Same problem with Affinity Photo trying to resize both document and canvas in Win 10, Dark UI, .
  2. Sorry, @walt.farrellI could have sworn there was an option to choose the DPI, but I was wrong. I was probably messing with other software that does offer that option. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. In any case, it would be nice to be able to have the option to choose dpi/poi when exporting. Thank you very much for your attention and help.. Thank you too @rvst @Old Bruce
  3. I am using Affinity Photo. I want to export from a developed dng file to a jpeg file at 300 dpi, but I can't choose the dpi.
  4. To export with a specific print size/dpi, we have to set the image size/resolution before exporting and then accept the specified number of pixels in the export dialogue. I think it was easier to choose the image resolution at the time of export as in version 1.
  5. I just bought "Neptune Illustration Kit by Frankentoon" but I can't find the download links in my account. I have not received any confirmation email either.
  6. Thank you @Chris B! I just tested the new beta. I opened one of the files that was causing the problem and the issue has disappeared. Now I can expand group layers without Afinity crashing.
  7. I attach a crash report as Gabe has equested. Hope it will help 24131a6e-6c44-4624-8266-f74eda919ca8.dmp
  8. It always happens regardless of the type or size of the document. I'm working with win 10 PC and latest Affinity Photo beta.
  9. The program closes without warning when, in layers panel: I try to nest one layer into another and/or I click to expand the layer to show its contents.
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