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  1. Thank YOU!!!!
  2. Thanks a lot, ve2cjw - massive!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!
  3. Hello all, I still have the old welcome pages, but somehow found the yummy freebies in my account with the Affinity Store? So, I think I have them. Cheers everyone, thank you and Aloha!!!
  4. Aloha all, yes I updated myself to be an existing customer, and still no luck? I will try again in the AM - thank you so much, I really appreciate all this incredible help.
  5. Hello Fahad, Thank you so much for trying to solve this. I only get the old slides for the welcome screen, and there are only two - both for me to buy the apps - which I have?? Is there a link - you know, something simple. Thank you!!!!!!
  6. Aloha, I have tried everything I know how to do, and am still unable to access the new ACCESS screen. I bought both Affinity Designer, and Photo from the iTunes store last year; and also purchased the book from the Affinity store. I turned off my firewall, changed the language, and numerous restarts - I have updated everything and no luck getting the yummy, yummy (I'm sure) free content with the 1.6 update!!! :'( Any suggestions again, would be so appreciated! Thank YOU!!!!
  7. Aloha everyone, so excited about the update, but has anyone been able to download the free offer? I have done just about everything above, and no luck yet??? Thank you so much in anticipation.
  8. Thank you so much Stuart_R!!!
  9. Thank you so much!!!
  10. Is there a minimum and maximum filter as yet please. TY!
  11. Aloha, is there any progress on the Gradient Mesh?? Just asking. :) Happy 2017!!! :)
  12. Help, I am not finding this/these zip files!!