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  1. Aloha Alfred, thank you for helping out here - I restarted the whole shebang and it's all good now!!!! Thank you so much!!!
  2. My flood selection tool and background removal tool are not working at all? Of course it happens when I have a project - any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you so much, budaloco!!!
  4. Thanks a lot, ve2cjw - massive!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!
  5. Hello all, I still have the old welcome pages, but somehow found the yummy freebies in my account with the Affinity Store? So, I think I have them. Cheers everyone, thank you and Aloha!!!
  6. Aloha all, yes I updated myself to be an existing customer, and still no luck? I will try again in the AM - thank you so much, I really appreciate all this incredible help.
  7. Hello Fahad, Thank you so much for trying to solve this. I only get the old slides for the welcome screen, and there are only two - both for me to buy the apps - which I have?? Is there a link - you know, something simple. Thank you!!!!!!
  8. Aloha, I have tried everything I know how to do, and am still unable to access the new ACCESS screen. I bought both Affinity Designer, and Photo from the iTunes store last year; and also purchased the book from the Affinity store. I turned off my firewall, changed the language, and numerous restarts - I have updated everything and no luck getting the yummy, yummy (I'm sure) free content with the 1.6 update!!! :'( Any suggestions again, would be so appreciated! Thank YOU!!!!
  9. Aloha everyone, so excited about the update, but has anyone been able to download the free offer? I have done just about everything above, and no luck yet??? Thank you so much in anticipation.
  10. Is there a minimum and maximum filter as yet please. TY!
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