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  1. I was saving this to Dropbox directly. I has always worked fine. But to confirm, resetting the options at the start seemed to have cleared the issue. It hasn't been freezing since. Thank you so much NathanC.
  2. This error happens every time. The first two times I try to export I always end up forcibly closing the app. It's really Annoying. I´ll try to reset the options....I´ll loose the settings I've configured but that's ok. Thanks! Specs below.
  3. This is an error that I get EVERY time. I've even created workflows to work around it. Every FIRST run of the program when I try to save with the export persona, the app crashes when opening the save dialog. I've recorded this on video (see attachment). Sometimes it will crash when creating a new folder. affinity-bug.mp4
  4. Thank you so much Walt! That was it. It was the goddamn sandboxing. I guess I´ll have to activate fonts as I go. Thanks heaps for your help mate. B.
  5. Photo and designer are from the App Store, Publisher is from the website. The fonts were installed and activated via FontExplorer®. Do you think that installing and activating a large number of fonts is a problem that can restrict my App store version of those programs?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I've checked and they all have "full disk access"
  7. Im getting this error on every file The file could not be opened because permission was denied. I try to open and I can't open or save any files on my hard drive. I've tried resetting PRAM, VRAM I've tried resetting permissions to the folder (via terminal and using Disk Utility and repairing disk permissions) I've tried modifying the permissions in the accessibility area to enable full disk access. I've checked the file / folder permissions in finder I'm losing my mind here. I don't know what I did to trigger this (except installing a bunch of fonts today). I could use it perfectly a couple of days ago. I'm an advanced OSX user and I've run out of options. Weird thing is that I CANT open them in affinity designer OR photo but I CAN open it on affinity publisher. My setup: Mac Osx Monterey 12.1 on an M1 Pro (MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021). I have dropbox running which has reported errors on OSX Monterey (maybe is that, but it's weird that only affected affinity products, I can open the same files (jpg or PNG) on photoshop and Illustrator)
  8. I've created this strokes with layer effects to achieve a 3d effect on my design but after using 3 of those the file becomes incredibly sluggish. I´ll include the file so you can test it. Don't worry about the fonts, the problem is on the strokes. Cheers! B. printed-ad-half-page.afdesign
  9. I will try to walk you through this one. I made a mural design in affinity designer. I had to split the wall in three, but I worked the file as a single artboard. Then I duplicated that artwork 2 times (with the same elements) and made each artwork the size of the piece of the wall Saved that affinity designer file. Then on affinity photo I PLACED all 3 artboards in their place and applied the perspective filter. I opened the designer file as an embed to edit the contents of the design while looking at the mockup using separate mode (my fav technique). BUT when I tried to save that affinity photo file I couldn't do it. I kept getting this message saying "can't write on this file". Tried to copy the embed contents to a new affinity designer file, but I could not for some reason. Tried to "SAVE AS" and I got the same error and then I got into a loop. Can't save so I'm asked to save as, save as doesn't work. Actually it does write a file but is 0 bytes. Tried to use the "edit in..." both times it failed (affinity photo and publisher) I had to click in "NO" and I couldn't save. I was fortunate enough to be able to copy as merged and keep a flat version of what I was working on. It's worth noting that I was working in a dropbox folder. I don't know if that affects anything, but I thought I should mention it. If you want to test it out I'm putting the dropbox links below. The way I broke it is I edited the embed version inside affinity photo. 0 bytes .afphoto file dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2j8pkyu4z1orpc/mockup-vw.afphoto?dl=0 Complex Affinity photo file (not the last version, the last version that I was able to save): https://www.dropbox.com/s/y44hki45tnmq5kc/mockup.afphoto?dl=0 Affinity designer file (just in case) https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xjhevzxnmb79t1/MURAL-IDEAS.afdesign?dl=0
  10. It's worth mentioning that the second artboard has a symbol with the perspective filter applied to it.
  11. Ive created two artboards for a regular set of signage design jobs. The first artboard is the design itself. The second one is a photo of the physical medium with the design on top as a mockup. When I zoom out the render view goes ballistic. If you want to play with the file, it's here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rs4rl0q5m5ofx6/zoe-dion-lowercase.afdesign?dl=0
  12. I'm using a xp pen tablet to design in afinitty and im getting this weird behaviours on some sliders. It seems that when I go to the next slider (in the colour panel for example) the cursor is still "holding" the previous slider. Quite annoying to be honest. Just in case I've submitted this bug in the XP pen forums too
  13. I still don't know what causes it. But for some reason the drag function in layers just stops working. I can't seem to be able to rename layer either. It would take me multiple restarts to get it going again. I've solved it by cutting and pasting and using the arrange function but it's really annoying. I'm using a XP pen tablet. But i've tried using the trackpad and it doesn't work either.
  14. When duplicating text objects with pinned images holding Option, the pinned object of the duplicated instance will move. Can be "fixed" by setting the offset to 0. See attached video. Bug.mp4
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