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  1. This happened today. I was editing several documents that have a similar design. I decided to copy the design elements from the master page from one document to the other. The app DIES instantly. I've attached the report from the crash handler. I tried copying several design elements from both pages on the master section and it DOES NOT work at all. Replicated this error 3 times. I've tried copying and pasting the elements on their own and it worked...but not when I try to copy and paste all the elements one by one. affinity.txt
  2. I hope this update fixes the pinned text bug that crashes the app every time I try to save.
  3. There is a very annoying bug that crashes the entire program. I´m creating a new text box over an existing one. Click on the second text box, then click on the "Float with text button". Proceed to clone the item (with alt). The second or third time you do this and try to clone that second text box to the other text box on the bottom it will crash. Just letting you know. I could not reproduce the exact same error, but I cought another little bug and made a gif. See the attached gif for more info
  4. That worked! Can't say the same for dotted outlines. No matter the size, those circles turn to shit hahaha.
  5. I was trying to do some line art and when I tried to expand the stroke I got some ugly results. It could be the scale. I'm working on a small size. But this is just wrong. I've arranged both elements so you can see the difference. On the left original vector element, on the right it's the expanded shape. The last image is a overimposed comparison. The same happened when I tried to expand a dotted line. See attached images.
  6. Ok, so trackpad it is...! thanks ben!
  7. Apparently the latest version of affinity has some wacom tablet issues. When approaching a handle to modify size, for example...the program does not recognize that I'm over the handle. So, I find myself moving things around or making random copies of layers instead of adjusting size. It's very annoying. It does not happen when I use the trackpad tho. So, i'm a little bit frustrated... My wacom tablet is the Bamboo pen and touch. I do have the latest drivers and I'm running Affinity designer 1.7 on a High Sierra (v10.13.6).
  8. Thanks for getting back at each comment! Your input was very useful! Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
  9. I'm loving the new software from affinity! specially because I downloaded the latest build of indesign before starting this project and I was really bummed out and overwhelmed by the bloated UI of recent Adobe products. All I can say is that working with publisher has been a breeze. Full disclosure: I'm a Affinity Designer and Photo evangelist, so my view of things might be a little tilted towards the folks at Serif. What I can say about this beta version is that is VERY stable. I could produce a production ready brochure and really fast. I've never used publisher, but the workflow and look-and-feel was familiar to me since I use designer almost every day. Being able to copy and paste from designer was the best thing ever (If Only I had this functionality in apple motion...I would be sooo happy). I've worked for 2 days straight and never got a single hang up. I did have a session reboot (an issue specific to my video display driver that sometimes drives me crazy) and this wonderful piece of software even managed to save and restore a copy. I was delighted. The response of the app overall is great. VERY fast compared to In Design (latest version). But since I'm working on a beta version I found some things that could be improved and I hope someone from the team takes notice. It's nothing to worry about actually...just a couple of quirks that (to the best of my knowledge) can be fixed relatively easy. Here's my list. Workspace configuration (sets?). It would be nice to save my panel configuration. Sometimes the cursor just does not pick up columns very well Baseline grids over-imposed. If you have baseline grids for the document and the activate the same option for the textbox (in case you need a different baseline grid for a specific text box, the result is a weird and indecipherable canopy of lines. Maybe there's a way to hide one or the other momentarily Some bugs while dragging image placeholders. The placeholder boxes would sometimes jump from one place to the other... Double click to drag inner photo is erratic. This behavior is not always consistent. There should be some option to configure the hypenation document wide. Doing it for every column is tyring. Sometimes I had to reset the hypenation language to get the words to cut correctly. Hypenation options should be grouped in a separate window...all of them together. Going back and forth between character and paragraph is messy. There should be some way yo move images inside placeholders faster and without double click. Maybe just clicking on a placeholder you could get a control to move stuff inside faster. Can’t Group select image placeholders sometimes. It was hard to replicate this...but finally I could. Would be nice to have placeholders show in preview mode as well to have some idea where items will be placed. Empty placeholder boxes dissapear in preview mode...sometimes when you have many grids and baseline guides...it becomes harder to spot them. If not..maybe a grey background color...that could help. On image placeholder image edit mode (double click action) if I accidentally rotate the image a little bit and then return to normal position, when trying to move the image the contour (blue lines) will appear rotated on the same angle I accidentally rotated before. Can we have CMD + Y to go to line mode activated please? thanks. Couldn't find a "links" window to check all my external images and files (maybe that's the asset window I didn't pay attention to). Is there like a text-only compose window? that would be very useful. Sometimes selecting text inside columns was erratic (with a wacom pen in my case) I would always end up selecting the text below or above what I wanted to choose. Keyboard shortcuts for column breaks would be appreciated I haven't seen this since the first release but I would love to have the option to create column layouts in master pages. I did it manually, but if I want to change the gutter I had to erase the reference boxes (red ones with a low opacity) and move all the guides one by one. This one for me is a deal breaker. I don't mind doing them by hand (I've done it before in designer, but it's nice to have that automated). No option to use a low resolution version of the images while working...that would make the app go 400% faster IMO. After all of this I still would choose this ß over Indesign over and over again. Great work by the guys in Serif. You've sold this to me. As soon as it's released...I'm buying. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I´ll post more stuff as I use it more and more. I've enclosed a sample of the brochure (it's in spanish...sorry non-spanish speakers) Thanks for taking the time to read this. brochure.pdf
  10. The people of School of motion are a big fan of affinity and today they posted this very detailed and wonderful tutorial on how to export from Affinity Designer® to Adobe® After Effects@. It may seem a little bit cumbersome, but I think it's worth it...specially if you try to avoid illustrator. The link: https://www.schoolofmotion.com/blog/save-affinity-designer-vector-files-after-effects Have a nice one! B.
  11. Thanks Chris_K! it worked perfectly. I'll update the title with the [SOLVED] tag. thanks again.
  12. In the latest version I'm getting an strange message. It used to be seamless, copy -> Paste and that was it. But now I'm getting this message: Is there that can be fixed in affinity? Pasting stuff finally works (it does paste and it's vector based and all...the thing is that this sign appears each time I paste something. If you have a lot of graphics you have to move from affinity to keynote...it's really annoying. Thanks for taking the time to read this. B.
  13. Have you guys tried Pages on Mac? it can do a pretty decent job. Specially the latest version. Give it a go.
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