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  1. In a separate post I addressed my challenge in getting a style imported into my iPad, even though I was able to import the same style on my Mac. Looks like this is a known problem from long ago (2018). Seems like Affinity would make this fix a high priority if they want to keep their iPad users. Note: using my Mac is not something I do much of anymore, unless I’m in a much needed position. The Mac sits on the clock, and I sit waiting, whereas the iPad is responsive. Rob
  2. Update, after I unpacked the styles on my MAC I stored them in iCloud, and went back to the iPad to see if I could import them, as I could visually see the files in their unzipped format. I tried the import, but the styles are still ghosted and do not appear retrievable via import. This leads me to believe that the procedure, as I understand the import function, is not do-able on the iPad. A bug ? If anyone knows different I’d sure like to hear about it. My intent is to use the iPad, and not the MAC for most of my art creation, though I do find the MAC version of AD somehow
  3. Thanks Alfred. Do you know anything about adding or importing gradients to either the MAC or to the iPad ?
  4. When you say Gradient Tool, I see nonesuch on my iPad for AD. In the MAC version I see Gradient Map under layers. After seeing the Dream Styles / Affinity Resources website I was able to use their styles on my MAC (but not the iPad), and noticed they also have gradients available for download. How would I have AD (in the MAC, or the iPad, or both) access the Dream Styles gradients - can they be imported, or ??? Thanks much !!!
  5. I used my MAC to IMPORT the styles; worked like a charm. But (isn’t there always one...), I’d really like to use my iPad for this as my iPad is so much more responsive than my MAC (on the spinning beach ball too much). I answered my question in my prior post, the styles are now in the MAC version of AD, but not in the iPad (I didn’t really believe that magic would work). If anyone has some suggestions for using the iPad to import styles (other than those on page 4) I’d like to hear it. Thanks anyway.
  6. Reading the advice in page 4 of this thread.... I opened a Dropbox account, used FileBrowser to unzip, which created a file with the AFSTYLES suffix (insofar as I know the unzip worked). I then copied the AFSTYLES file to my new Dropbox account folder. I returned to AD, to IMPORT the styles from Dropbox. When I attempt this using DROPBOX, it looks the same as when I used G Drive (the AFSTYLES is ghosted and not selectable). The AFSTYLES file is 68 MB so I know there’s something there. Any clues ? From anyone ? If I go the MAC route to UNZIP, and IMPORT into AD, - will the styles be
  7. Thank you for sharing. I have FileBrowser, and downloaded one of the files. As far as I know, I have unzipped to Google Drive, into a Dream Organics folder. In AD I chose Import Style, and navigate to the folder, though it is ghosted and nothing happens when I try to select it. I’m in unfamiliar territory here; not completely sure that I’ve unzipped it, but when I OPEN the file I see a lot of content. I know you can’t see what I’m seeing, but does anyone have a clue ? Thanks much
  8. DM1, thanks for your help with this. Apparently I was either making the task too difficult, or going about it incorrectly as the fill did not work on my constructed rectangle. Thanks again.
  9. I used the pen tool to draw four straight lines to create a rectangle, then created a group of the four lines. I assume it is a closed shape as I can move the rectangle. I now want to fill the rectangle, and when I select the Fill Tool as a Solid nothing happens. The Color Studio shows blocked. How can I fill this shape with a solid color; I do not at this time want a gradient. Thanks
  10. Quite a chore to create... my inexperience slowed me down. I'm sure there are shortcuts. Question... The red (and blue) flower "petals"... I drew one and added a .5 stroke, then duplicated it all around the circle. Later I decided to change the stroke to 1 pt. I could not see a way to change the stroke on all eight petals, so I changed each separately. Is there a way to select multiple objects, then change the stroke on all ? So much to learn.... Thanks much.
  11. I've also been wondering about drawing straight lines, so this info has helped. Thanks
  12. Are they to be imported as Application, Document, or System Pallete ? Thanks much......
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