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  1. The price for an upgrade is more than fair, but the problem is that it isn't much of an update. What is happening is that I now have to bloat my phone and computer with two versions (Photoshop I have 7 different versions for compatibility). Now all my workflow is broken to Spine in v2, and eventually Spine will break my v1 workflow to stay compatible. This shouldn't be a separate install. Secondly, how does the universal system work? With a login and IAP which is hugely buggy, and can cause big problems in the future if the company ever dissolves. This is also an Apple problem. What would I like? V2 updates in the existing app. I don't want two installs. I will pay gladly for this not to happen. As it stands now I'm uninstalling. It is hard to call continued development of a great product being ripped off, that's not the word, I'm being disrespected. My time and workflow are being shat on. Doesn't seem like there is a way to make this right. Serif has already committed to wasting my time and breaking compatibility permanently. It makes Adobe much more attractive again for a pro like me. I still subscribe to Adobe CS, but I think this is going to push me back to the Adobe way of doing things, and this won't end well. It sucks the App Store is terrible and stifles the idea of upgrades without making the total mess this is. I get it, you need money, and you deserve money, but this was...botched. Please at the very least provide bug fixes on v1 for a couple years. I don't need new features, but I do need my workflow unimpacted. That's the bare minimum of good faith here.
  2. I just discovered today there is no support for Hebrew/Yiddish. How hard is it to allow copy paste and the reverse all of the letters? Brute force this at least in an option. Come on now.
  3. Apple doesn't let you tweak the pressure curve on pencil because they make it a states rights issue and leave it to developers to implement. Fair play. However, the default pressure sensitivity really sucks, and may encourage people to damage their iPads by drawing too hard. The default setting needs to be about 8x as sensitive, but there is no way to adjust this now. We really need a pressure sensitivity adjustment slider for the desktop version.
  4. Bump. This absolutely needs to happen for Catalina too as you can't expect Apple to sort this out. You have to press way too hard by default. A simple slider to adjust sensitivity would be amazing. I would like to make it about 8x as sensitive.
  5. I just got done testing out Affinity Photo/Designer on a 10.5" iPad pro. It's a solid 2224x1668 display. However, the default normal size UI gets bumped to @2x for retina, which cuts that in half, and makes things unusable except in a pinch. 1112x834 is not good. I definitely wouldn't replace my cintiq because of this annoyance, even though I like the drawing experience on iPad. It would be nice to force affinity to display at native resolution, even if Apple is forcing Affinity into @2x. I tried a couple screen resolution changing apps, and the most popular paid solution, SwitchResX has already released a Catalina friendly beta version. Unfortunately, SIP locks it down, and I'm too lazy to test it now for custom resolutions, but I think that might be a work around. Having a toggle within Affinity though would be a better workaround. Super tiny UI is not a problem, lack of space is.
  6. Seems to be more stable! 1) On the brush UI, I think "More" should be moved to the next tab after you press the arrow. There is also no need to put "Stabilizer" on a tab by itself, and "Continue Last" and "Pick Color" on a third tab. "Pick Color" is by far the most important setting besides the brush size. It should be second, and arguably first. I have no idea why it is relegated to the last tab where nobody can find. You seldom need to go to the "More" menu, and if you are adding unwieldily arrows to break up the UI elements (spacing I guess), then "More" definitely shouldn't be on the first tab. I thought at first there was no included color picker. The color setting only opens the color wheel, which is fairly useless for art or photo work. I think you are using the picker much more often (photo and painting), and if you are not, you are typing in a hex value for a specific color (designers). Hitting the "I" key brings up a picker, but it doesn't change the color, only "Pick Color" works intuitively. 2) I am not sure if it worked before, can't remember, but brackets should change the brush size on the keyboard. The keyboard map is pretty illogical after using desktop version. It should just be the same. 3) I would add tool tips when pressing help for the three wet edges, pressure sensitivity, and alpha region icons on the brush (and to similar UI elements). It's not obvious what these icons mean if you have never used the app before.
  7. Delete key doesn’t work on the smart keyboard in iOS for this either.
  8. Seconded, but mainly for iOS. In iOS you can manipulate the histogram with Pixelmator in a similar way, though you wouldn't be able to automate it. It's a missing feature from every iOS app. In windows, just use Photoshop, even an old version. The word to describe this is normalization. It's very important to be able to do it by channel exactly when preparing for print. I need it for normalizing depth maps. Auto is a great place to start, but depending on the composition you might want to do manual slider adjustments.
  9. By the dyanmic range present. You can use the color picker to see the values. It will work the same in 16, 24, or 32 bit. Auto-level is normalizing the values of the image. Think of warping a sound in Ableton to fit the beat, or time stretching a clip in Final Cut Pro. These are using similar alogrithms. I was dissappointed today to find out Affinity doesn’t have a good way of adjusting levels mathematically like Photoshop. I paint depth maps, but it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to paint a depth map with the full dynamic range. You simply need colors relative to each other, and that is feel. For certain uses though, these relative values might only be 1/3 of the dynamic range possible, so being able to drag the levels around or hit auto for max range is very useful.
  10. I'm excited for the future, but the iPad version is really time consuming and annoying to use as an artist versus photoshop. Don't get me wrong, I was thankful to have it today flying for 32 hours, but it takes 3x as long to work versus the desktop version. 1) There in no keyboard shortcut for brush size. You have to use the slider, only the slider is not a slider but a weird circle that misbehaves. In addition to that there is currently a bug where if you change brushes it resets to the default size, forcing you to have to deal with the weird UI. 2) There is no keyboard shortcut for the color picker. You have to click around 3-4 times to get the color instead of just pressing alt and working from the painting so you never have to even go to a color wheel. This is a workflow killer, and makes you want to smash your iPad. The workaround for me was to just use less colors in the work today. It's definitely a creative bottleneck. 3) There's no easy way to cut to layer. This is also very time consuming to workaround. If you could just program shortcuts, then this would solve this issue. There doesn't need to be a specific UI element as long as you could do this. 4) No opacity shortcuts also waste a lot of time. Sigh. I really hope these keyboard shortcuts are added as soon as possible. I hope with everyone else to have custom shortcuts someday to, but the brush size/opacity/color UI looks pretty, but isn't very functional when you are used to being fast.
  11. Thanks! I participated in the AD beta for OSX, and that was much easier to distribute. I will look into this. Currently badly need AD for iPad as flying 20 hours, and Alienware + Cintiq takes a small nuclear reactor to power. The Windows version of AD and AP, and the iPad version of Affinity Designer is what got me to get an iPad Pro. I had to switch to Windows in 2015 since Apple refuses to make a laptop powerful enough for CC, ZBrush and Blendering. It's great to be back to the Affinity world!
  12. Are there any plans to offer a public beta before the official launch of AD? Is there a timeline for release as well? I am afraid it will coincide with whatever specification bump event Apple does next on the iPad.
  13. Your response is reasonable and logical. The hate needs to be on Apple for the way they do business and cripple their products. I have sold all my Apple gear because they don't make a computer fast enough to run Adobe's CC suite. Not even their $12,000 Mac Pro can beat a $1500 PC build. I was elated to find out Affinity had a windows build for Designer. I had my first vector project in ages and tried for two days to use AI, and it just sucks. I'm an expert at it, but I hate everything about AI, especially the lag on a very light design project when I have 4,000 cuda cores and an 8 core processor. Work completed today, and I actually enjoyed myself. As for licensing, if there is a way to trade platforms, I would love to do that. As far as I know from development for iOS, I don't think it is possible. The app store is terrible for everyone, but apple. I will happily pay the $50 to reward good development anyway. I think most professionals are moving away from apple these days, except for video editors who like FCPX, and musicians who like Logic. There are almost no reason to run OSX now besides a few edge cases.
  14. Animation is essential for most designers. This is another area where adobe really doesn't get it. There is a decent timeline feature in photoshop, but it is clunky compare to FCP. Being able to make vector animations down and dirty would be great. I think a pro version of AD with some animation features would be a great thing. I would love to see the affinity UI ported to more programs. Going from ZBrush, to Blender, to Affinity spins my head. I have to break up projects into separate days to let my brain reset. An export frame to FCPx might be just as useful. It's possible now with a few hotkeys, but something native would be amazing.
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