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  1. We're using a 20W Anker Nano Charger. If it actually charges at that speed, we don't know. Anyway, more information to give others.
  2. Turned off WiFi (in Settings, not the bogus swipe-down shutoff) and the problem still occurred, though it came & went, and took a bit longer to start. Still, rotating & pinching came to a complete stop for about 10 seconds, while opening & closing studios using keypad was unaffected. Had to restart iPad. (Well, maybe didn't have to, but the problem was still occurring after I unplugged it and I'm just too impatient otherwise.)
  3. Okay, we got it to happen again, this time using the new charger. It wouldn't happen at first, but the iPad was already at 100%, so we thought maybe it has to be actually trying to charge it up, so we unplugged it. Then after working for a while, running down the battery to 97%, we plugged it in again, but this time we were in AD. Maybe that's how it starts, by plugging in the charging cable while in an app. The non-responsiveness was almost immediate, seen primarily in attempts to zoom & rotate using two fingers. Switched to Apple Pages, had no issue, but you really can't do much the
  4. We haven't been able to test this again the past few days, as we're preparing on the Mac the files we'll be working with on the iPad. But this is what we can give you so far… When charging the iPad and the device becomes slow, do you notice the iPad is particularly warm/hot to the touch? iPad's on an aluminum laptop stand, and is covered across the back by a fairly thick case, so we wouldn't noticed that, but we'll check next time. As far as the surface, no one remembers it seeming particularly warm. Does this happen in any document, or only a certain document? It
  5. So far, AP 1.9.3 is rock solid! \0/ UPDATE: The problem seems to have gone away with 1.9.3. Yes, there's a bit of lag (not enough to seem unreasonable) with updating the thumbnails when first opened after restart, but the pages themselves show the linked Designer files file. Haven't locked up, haven't crashed, and we're just slapping Fate across the face by writing this, but we take our chances.
  6. First time I tried this and twice it happened. I needed to charge my iPad and while it was hooked up to standard outlet charger, I worked in AD for iPad. But then, after a while, the UI became slow and non-responsive. Two-finger tapping wouldn't Undo, two-finger rotate wouldn't rotate the canvas, pinch didn't zoom half the time. Buttons became non-responsive. Brush drawing lagged the pencil. Both times, I unhooked the lightning cable but the problems persisted. I then dumped AD from memory and started it again, but still a problem. I tried Procreate, but had no issues, though I didn't try
  7. AD 1.9.3. Example: Draw lines with a vector brush. Because Deselect is not working, many times end up with one of the lines selected when we switch to pencil tool. (Must switch to pointer/move tool and click in the background to deselect everything, another step added because of Deselect not working.) Make changes to pencil tool settings, to include adding color to the stroke. That color change gets applied to the last brush stroke. When we Undo this, the change back to the original color does not happen with one two-finger tap, but it instead steps its way through the entire drag of the
  8. Okay, sorry, don't know why I was thinking 1.9.4. You're right, it's 1.9.3. I think I got 1.94 from looking at my bank account yesterday.
  9. If you're using a Mac, we opened Activity Monitor and watched as Publisher ate up RAM. We could see what appeared to be a memory leak (opening a linked file for editing would not release the used RAM), but Publisher 1.9.4 apparently fixes some memory leak issue. Our problem might be unrelated to what they fixed, but it could've also been a knock-off effect. Anyway, it should tell you pretty quickly if Publisher is opening all 144 pages for each link, as that would really use up memory. Don't know how to do the same if you’re using Windows. If you haven't updated to Publisher 1.9
  10. We're not even worried about the crash. It was just another thing that happened and we want to provide all information we can. It's the redraw issue and the app locking up while updating links and getting stuck that we care about, as that happened more commonly. The reboot was just weird. Since updating to 1.9.4, we haven't had the issue (knock on bits), so we'll hold off to see it returns. Also, for added luck, we did the whole "duplicate the app to fix permissions" thing, which I don't know if it's even a problem with Publisher, but superstitions are cheap & effective. Problem
  11. It also reads as Put all blame and responsibility on the enduser.
  12. This would only make sense if my system ever rebooted on its own, which it never has. As for the second part — if it only happens when Publisher is running, then, by definition, Publisher is the problem. Publisher has some issues, clearly, and I'm aware of it. Just trying to give them any information that might help them track down the issues.
  13. Not ½ hour after writing previous post, found system rebooting itself. Had Publisher running along with Apple Pages & Mail. When opened my Publisher document, the blank pages returned. Quitting caused Publisher to become non-responsive and had to be Force Quit…ed(?) Found two things odd… 1) If I scrolled down the pages on the Page Panel and double-clicked a page, the document did not jump to that location as expected. Didn't move at all. I could scroll through the actual document, but other than the first two pages, no other pages showed the linked Designer documents. Now the first tw
  14. This problem appears to have gone away after a day, so not sure if it has to do with a new Publisher document "settling in," a hardware or system issue at the time, or maybe a separate task that was doing something else, like checking license with MAS that was having its own problem at the time.
  15. My current workaround, which seems to be working, thus I call it a workaround… Anyway, I created a sticky note asset in Publisher (which you can then copy in Designer if you want, where they don't have ability to color text frame backgrounds, but I'm getting sidetracked) and while all of our work is done in Designer (inking, panels, blah), we place sticky note comments on the tiers in the main Publisher document which collects them all together, which can then be searched (because Publisher won't search linked documents, which is a separate issue). Each sticky note is titled with TODO (fr
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