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  1. So there us basically no way to achieve what the shop wants from me then 😕 Also I just learned there are layers in AD. I didn't realize it was a thing since each object or group seems to be a layer anyway? So I'm not quite sure to even know the difference and/or utility of a layer as opposed to a group.
  2. So I am not able to see the file, as they open it over there at the shop (and frankly, I do not see why this shop insists on taking AI files and not EPS or SVG). I can show the PDF/AI file here, no issue, see attached. As far as I can tell, Affinity Designer is able to open the AI in two layers. cream cheese garlic single die-cut.ai
  3. I'm working with a printing shop that prints stickers and cuts the sticker outline using a laser rather than a die. They insist I have to provide them with an .AI file. Since this is not out a feature in Affinity Designer, I followed instructions I found to export as PDF and then rename the extension from .PDF to .AI. The shop claims my two layers (1. layer of image, and 2. layer of die cut) are not two layers but a single image when they open it on Adobe Illustrator. The solution, according to them, is that I should buy AI. 🙄 What's going on and what should I do?
  4. Gosh okay, the thumbnail. I clicked like a maniac on the name and nothing happened. Case closed.
  5. Yeah no that was my intuitive approach to this, I double-clicked already but nothing. Couldn't find any right-click option either.
  6. I am editing a layer with an adjustment (color balance in this case) but I am then unable to edit the adjustment afterwards.
  7. Hi, I am working on a set of 110 images, like cards, and I want to avoid having to multiply tasks by 110 every time I decide to change a common item for the whole set, like the border color for example. Is there, in Affinity Designer, a way to link a master image in multiple children? And changing the master image would impact all children?
  8. Oh! So that was it. Funnily I was mislead by the word "leading". Got it now. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I fail to see the live spacing attributes when adding text on AD for iPad. Where is it?
  10. Hi, I've setup my decent to millimeter as measuring unit but my stroke unit remains pt. Each time l need to edit my stroke, I need to re-select the millimeter unit at the stroke studio. That's really time consuming. What can be done?
  11. I'm working on a project for a client, but I am unable to complete it, as AD does not seem to support Thai script on iPad. I did not face this problem on the desktop version, but here the following problem occurs : Diacritics appear on the side of the parent letter instead of being on top of it. The dashed circle should be the position of the parent letter. Can this be fixed please? I need to complete my job soon. Thanks. PS: similar but not exactly the same problem as
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