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  1. Both affinity photo and designer of windows version and with a lot of fonts style, especially chinese fonts for design work.When changing fonts both photo and designer always freeze and CPU usage rise up to maximum. So affinity software do have some compatible problem with fonts and what kind of fonts are not well compatible with affinity? I will delete them to make affinity usable in text design.
  2. Just a guess, there will be a magical affinity video editor!
  3. If I upgrade my graphic card to pro cards like quadro and firepro, and upgrade my monitor to 10bit, will affinity softwares display in 10bit mode on windows platform, or they will just remain in 8bit mode?
  4. WOW, that's really magic! Hope affinity will make a video tutorial to demonstrate these very useful magic actions!
  5. Thanks a lot! That's really great help! I look through software's internal help contents but can't find that.
  6. What's the key combination to quickly change the size of paint brush in windows version affinity photo?
  7. Everyone who stuck in old welcome screen be aware: You will find the real solution here as followed !!! You can't meet new welcome screen because affinity softwares use IE browser cores to display welcome pages! And old IE cores are out of date and can't display welcome pages correctly. So you should update your IE browser to the latest version as IE11 for win7, IE12 for win10!!! Then your problem will be solved!!!