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  1. Please imporove this filter, because its a mainfilter for our layout-business. We get tons of bad dark photos (from schools and some churches) which we pimp up easily with the equal filter in AdPhSh. In AdPhSh it takes 1 or 2 seconds to optimize and the quality/result is milestones better than in Affinity Photo 1.6/1.7.
  2. Its mandatory (for me) to have a quick escape from many functions. So in PS its possible to hit "escape" on the keyboard and the actual transformation/funtion is gone. But not so in affinity photo. :-( Edit: Its built in Filter/Distort/Perspective (translated from the german version), but its not in some other essentials like the named crop-function, mesh-transformation. Please build this nice little feature in all/most functions for the next release. Thank you!
  3. If would be nice, if AF photo displays the resolution of an image at a specific size like PS do it in the bottomleft of an imagewindow. So you can decide on one look if the image is printable. The image in the sample isnt (72dpi on imagesize 224 x 338 mm).
  4. this a very very important missing feature. Its necessary to work with AP - without importing PDF/interpreting embedded fonts its not useable in the daily workout.
  5. Importing a PDF or (the same file as) AI-File with some gradients bring a very disturbed result. Also the exported PDF looks like the preview on the screen. See attached screenshot. If I resave the .AI as EPS and import this to AP, the preview on the screen isnt very nice but close on the original - the exported PDF looks like it should. If someone of serif needs the .ai, please PM or answer on this thread.
  6. thanks for the review - it describes much and shows the advantages of APublisher.
  7. upload done - thanks for fixing that kind of failure.
  8. muelli75

    Data merge

    Please add data-merge - and do it more userfriendly than in in INDD. Maybe supporting Excel-Sheets instead of csv. Or at least the ability to reencode the csv at the import.
  9. GREP is a very import feature, please integrate as soon as possible. If it is missing, we cant switch from InDesign :-(
  10. Placed (not opened) a PDF on an empty page. Worked well, but Publisher replaced a font (CopperBlack, which is not installed on my system) by Lucida Grande without warning. If you need the original PDF to analyze, please PM.