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  1. I just encountered a similar thing at work using Photoshop. I had a smart layer, basically the same as Affinity Photo's image layer, and I tried to select part of it and delete it. When I pressed the delete key, Photoshop alerted me that I can do that to the current layer. Affinity Photo should do that!
  2. One of the things that bugs me and I've posted about it before, is that my view % doesn't stick after certain tasks. For instance, cropping or resizing. After doing either one of those, the zoom changes to fit the screen. It drives me nuts. I aways have to change it back to the zoom % I was on before. So I would ask for a setting to NOT auto-zoom in those cases as well.
  3. I wanted to use separated mode way back when starting out and switched back as soon as I realized the above behaviour.
  4. For the public, it's just 1.8.3 - the fourth digit is just during the beta process.
  5. There is no current beta for Designer. I believe you are using the publicly released 1.8.3.
  6. I can't find my forum post, but I think I reported something similar a couple months ago. One of the apps in the suite didn't have all the alignment and spacing buttons that the other 2 did.
  7. It doesn't work for me either with text. Other objects are fine. I reported it here already.
  8. Probably related to this issue. There is a workaround until the issue is fixed: This is a known issue that's already logged to be looked at. Another thing you can do to work around it is to merge all document windows going to menu Window > Merge All Windows while in Separated Mode.
  9. I didn't copy and paste text styles very often so it's not a deal breaker to me. But don't get me started on Swatches and Layers. They are 2 of the biggest shortcomings in the Affinity Suite, have been talked to death, and acknowledged by Serif.
  10. Ya, if it's not in the Keyboard Shortcuts section then you can't add a shortcut. I'm still InDesign at work and I use the keyboard shortcut for image fitting all the time. I would definitely submit that as a feature request. As for text attributes, the feature is already sort of there to copy and paste them, but it's on a per-box basis. Click to select the text box - not the text, the entire box - and copy it. Select the unformatted text box and go Edit > Paste Style.
  11. I think what Skaykay meant was the OP wasn't asking about zooming features, but hot keys to fit images in their containers. I agree about swatches. The current setup is confusing and needs to be rethought. It already been discussed many times before on this forum. I only have InDesign CS6 so can't help with IDML conversion if you were using CC.
  12. It's already done, but it was multiple pages so I was copying one page over at a time, ending up with a new style each time so I gave up and pasted over as plain text.
  13. I used to use Paths in Photoshop. You can get vector paths and shapes in Photo by using the Pen tool. They would just show up in the Layers panel. There is no specific Paths panel. Photoshop paths also have more functionality (that I can see) that possibly Serif could add down the road, like converting a path to a selection and vice versa.
  14. I was impressed by this too. But I noticed when I tried it that Publisher will create a second identical style the next time you paste the same style in from InDesign. Maybe this has changed over the last couple months though.
  15. There is no eyedropper tool, but you can get a limited version of this feature. Click to select the text box - not the text, the entire box - and copy it. Select the unformatted text box and go Edit > Paste Style. The obvious limitation is that it only works on entire text boxes, not specific text within it.
  16. If the apps are otherwise working I would then just ignore what the MAS says.
  17. Try signing out of your store account then back in - in the Store menu.
  18. I got an automated response to a thread I started awhile back which says if the issue still exists to report it again. Here it is again except I discovered something new since the initial report: - click on a photo layer - click the mask button in the layers panel - a new mask layer is created below the photo layer So what I originally thought was that I had to select the new mask layer in order to start painting on it. The problem is the new mask layer actually is selected already and I can use it immediately, it's just the Layers panel doesn't highlight it. So it's misleading and looks like it's not selected. If it's selected, it should be highlighted in the panel.
  19. Agreed fed101, that is strange and seems like it wasn't quite thought through.
  20. I've posted in the past about pasting effects and getting different results than the original but never got much response. So now I at least know what's going on, but it's not good if you ask me. I'm struggling to think why someone would want it to behave as it currently does.
  21. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but does it make a difference if the item is a picture or a picture that's in a frame? So if you are using a frame, the effect is attached to the frame and not the picture itself so in theory the resolution would not come into play?
  22. Agreed. I've posted about this before too. I still can't get used to it all these months later.
  23. The built-in mac screen recording feature saves it as h.264 into a MOV container. You can safely change the suffix to MP4. I've tried this in Catalina, and on an older mac running El Capitan. Found on the Apple Support forums: If the MOV file only contains MPEG-4/AAC or H.264/AAC content, then you can change the ".mov" file extension to ".mp4" and most files will work as if the MOV container was actually an MP4 container.
  24. If you mean the gradient feather then Publisher does not have this feature.
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