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  1. I don't have time to dig through all the threads and find the exact post where they said it was coming in 1.x, but this post here did say it was coming after the initial release:
  2. Yes this is very frustrating, especially since they told us in this forum that "global layers" or something would be coming before version 2.
  3. Should be this: defaults write com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow true killall SystemUIServer From MacWorld
  4. Did you try the 1.9.1 update released today? The beta version is a completely separate app, including settings etc.
  5. Well that's for Serif to figure out and I'm sure they can and will. Designer has the artboard concept that's not in the other 2 apps, I think? At some point each of the apps needs to deviate in places. Why hold back one app feature just because the other 2 can't handle it?
  6. Yes, that! In my work, I often have the same layers but different content on each page. Each layer sort of works as a "category". For example, a background layer and a content layer, which I find really helpful to lock the background down when I need to focus on the content (text etc) or vice versa. Someone else said it here but I'll repeat it - it's about structure.
  7. Exactly. There's no reason to re-invent the wheel here. Most items in the Layers panel are technically not even layers - they are objects. Then when you create an actual layer (it starts off blank) that layer should be global, and appear on every page. Adobe apps go a step further and actually require that objects be bound to a layer, but I don't think it's necessary.
  8. You can turn off the setting for using the command key to rotate the artboard. Check Preferences.
  9. I posted it regarding the Tabs studio because that's where I really started to notice the problem.
  10. Yes, please fix this. When I choose a zoom level, I expect the choice to stick. No tool or other operation should affect the zoom level EXCEPT when I change the zoom level myself.
  11. Day one of using Affinity Photo I looked for a setting to turn it off. It's super annoying. I posted here too.
  12. YES. I had recently posted a suggestion on that specific color tab issue. I tend to use swatches and don't need to mix new colors each time.
  13. Thank you so much for offering this! It's very generous and didn't need to be done but you did it anyway! I can't take advantage of the offer, but I've finally convinced my sister to purchase Publisher. She's re-doing/updating a family history book in digital form and I'm glad she got Affinity Publisher before getting any farther in creating the book with MS Publisher. Now she can share the file with me and I can make some design tweaks 😀
  14. Just a suggestion, but I find the highlight very difficult to see for the current selection "Scale to max Fit". That one and Stretch are hard to see but the other 2 are fine since they have black. Maybe the outline highlight can be made thicker? Or maybe a thicker black box around the thumbnails?
  15. I've also noticed in a few places you ONLY get the colors tab and no other tab. It's not consistent.
  16. This is rather annoying... in the Table panel every time I click a color swatch to change a stroke or fill, it ALWAYS defaults to the Color tab. I almost never use that Color tab so I always have to click Swatches. It would be great if Publisher remembered which tab you clicked last time and opened with that one selected instead of defaulting to Color every time. There's probably other places where this happens too.
  17. Unless I'm missing something, I'd like to see table and cell selection options added to Publisher just like InDesign. For instance, with InDesign there are menu commands for select row, select column, select table, and each has it's own keyboard shortcut. I don't see such a thing in Publisher. These commands, especially the keyboard shortcuts, can really speed things up.
  18. I'm missing this too. I assume it's just not implemented?
  19. Just adding my 2 cents. I also had to Google how to do this. For a very basic feature, this is not good.
  20. I just encountered a similar thing at work using Photoshop. I had a smart layer, basically the same as Affinity Photo's image layer, and I tried to select part of it and delete it. When I pressed the delete key, Photoshop alerted me that I can't do that to the current layer. Affinity Photo should do that!
  21. It doesn't work for me either with text. Other objects are fine. I reported it here already.
  22. I didn't copy and paste text styles very often so it's not a deal breaker to me. But don't get me started on Swatches and Layers. They are 2 of the biggest shortcomings in the Affinity Suite, have been talked to death, and acknowledged by Serif.
  23. Ya, if it's not in the Keyboard Shortcuts section then you can't add a shortcut. I'm still InDesign at work and I use the keyboard shortcut for image fitting all the time. I would definitely submit that as a feature request. As for text attributes, the feature is already sort of there to copy and paste them, but it's on a per-box basis. Click to select the text box - not the text, the entire box - and copy it. Select the unformatted text box and go Edit > Paste Style.
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