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  1. Where did you get this information? I just migrated to a new system and was able to re-download Photo and Design from the Apple Store, both are version 1.
  2. I don't have time to dig through all the threads and find the exact post where they said it was coming in 1.x, but this post here did say it was coming after the initial release:
  3. Yes this is very frustrating, especially since they told us in this forum that "global layers" or something would be coming before version 2.
  4. Agreed. And there are some dialogs where it would be helpful if the first field were selected my default. That way you can just tab through the fields, adjust the numbers, press return when you're done, without your hands leaving the keyboard. The Effects dialog is one that comes to mind but there are many more where this would save time.
  5. Should be this: defaults write com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow true killall SystemUIServer From MacWorld
  6. This happened to me recently. Delete the apps (not the betas) from the Applications folder, reinstall and launch each of them. At this point, the beta worked for me.
  7. Did you try the 1.9.1 update released today? The beta version is a completely separate app, including settings etc.
  8. Well that's for Serif to figure out and I'm sure they can and will. Designer has the artboard concept that's not in the other 2 apps, I think? At some point each of the apps needs to deviate in places. Why hold back one app feature just because the other 2 can't handle it?
  9. Yes, that! In my work, I often have the same layers but different content on each page. Each layer sort of works as a "category". For example, a background layer and a content layer, which I find really helpful to lock the background down when I need to focus on the content (text etc) or vice versa. Someone else said it here but I'll repeat it - it's about structure.
  10. Exactly. There's no reason to re-invent the wheel here. Most items in the Layers panel are technically not even layers - they are objects. Then when you create an actual layer (it starts off blank) that layer should be global, and appear on every page. Adobe apps go a step further and actually require that objects be bound to a layer, but I don't think it's necessary.
  11. You can turn off the setting for using the command key to rotate the artboard. Check Preferences.
  12. The "colour picker" in the colour panel is not a tool, it just shows you the color that you've picked.
  13. You don't appear to be clicking on the color picker tool, that's why. The tool is in the toolbar on the left, third from the top.
  14. I posted it regarding the Tabs studio because that's where I really started to notice the problem.
  15. Yes, please fix this. When I choose a zoom level, I expect the choice to stick. No tool or other operation should affect the zoom level EXCEPT when I change the zoom level myself.
  16. Day one of using Affinity Photo I looked for a setting to turn it off. It's super annoying. I posted here too.
  17. YES. I had recently posted a suggestion on that specific color tab issue. I tend to use swatches and don't need to mix new colors each time.
  18. This happened to me before. I had to delete the Affinity apps and re-download them from the App Store - not the betas, the released versions. Then open each one and close them. Make sure you keep them in their default locations. At this point, the beta versions stopped asking me for a product key.
  19. In the Account window, the following do nothing when I click the Affinity icon to open it in the web browser: - Free Macro Pack - JR Macros All others work correctly, linking to the website account.
  20. Thanks for that thomaso. That's basically what I've been seeing occasionally.
  21. Okay whoops, I see now that link was missing. As soon as I relinked it, the frame fitting worked. But it does seem odd to me that it couldn't figure things out when it appears that the photo was fine. So this has nothing to do with my original post.
  22. Hmmm even in last year's file I can no longer replicate the issue. But, I did find a possibly related issue with the Scale to Max Fit. The setting is not filling up the frame: Screen_Recording_2021-01-20_at_4_24.06_PM.mov
  23. Oddly, I can't replicate it now. I'm using the same file and trying the same batch of photos that I was using when I first posted. There must be some step that I'm missing. I have one more thing I can try - I really noticed this again when I was updating a photo collage for a calendar, changing 2020 to 2021 and dropping new photos over top the old ones. I can gain access to the 2020 file off my backup later today.
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