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  1. I agree with everything said in this thread. I wouldn't want all those styles by default, and a way to mass delete and replace etc. is essential.
  2. Jeremy Bohn

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    I highly doubt there is a copyright issue. It's just the wrong word. Even still, there are plenty of other words that could be used that InDesign doesn't use, and make more sense than Flow.
  3. Jeremy Bohn

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    I never understood that wording either and when I first started I had to come online to find out how to show/hide text boxes. I think it's completely the wrong name for what it actually does. Add my vote for requesting a more logical name!
  4. When you close an unsaved document, you're prompted to save. Click Save, and the document is saved but remains open. If a saved document is closed, then it closes as expected. I've personally seen this in Publisher, but others have reported seeing it in all 3 apps.  macOS Mojave.
  5. Interesting. I guess i just never encountered it until now. Have you made a thread about it? If not, I will.
  6. This question is asked over and over. Please read the pinned thread, 5th topic down from the top of this forum. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65038-how-can-i-open-indesign-indd-and-idml-files-in-publisher/
  7. This is already reported and listed as fixed in the newest beta released last Friday. The option you pick wasn't being saved before. Is it working for you in the latest beta?
  8. Similar topic here. I am asking for guides to be treated as objects so you can move them with arrow kids, copy and paste etc., just like InDesign. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/78641-nudge-guides-with-arrow-keys/
  9. That would be handy, or at least just remember the last settings you used regardless of the document, much how InDesign does it.
  10. I would expect it to be that way too, Peter.
  11. Jeremy Bohn

    Extra blank window

    Whatever it is, it's strange, maybe at least for Mac users. Even more so if the app opens by default with a blank window and you close that window, then open a document and continue working. Once you close that document (not with the close box) and you find the blank window that you just closed has returned, this would not be expected and rather pointless.
  12. Jeremy Bohn

    Extra blank window

    When I close all open documents, I'm left with one blank window with no open document, just like what you get when you first open the app. Even if I close that initial blank window and the open a bunch of files, once I close them there ends up being another blank window. Seems kind of strange to me! I'm seeing this in Photo and Publisher, but NOT Designer.
  13. Jeremy Bohn

    Extra blank window

    Hi, I've discovered what exactly is happening and in my mind it's consistently inconsistent. In all 3 Affinity apps, if I click the close button, the document closes and it leaves no blank window behind. If I go File > Close, the document closes and leaves the blank window behind. Now, I don't know why the blank window happens at all except that it apparently "as designed". However, why is clicking the close box a different, and actually my preferred, behaviour? The close box should be in essence a shortcut for the Close command. Likewise, if my hands are already on the keyboard and I need to close a window, I'm more likely to press command-w to close it, which leaves the blank window behind, which I don't want. macOS Mojave
  14. Just discovered this with the new beta... if I close an unsaved document, I'm prompted to save, so I click Save, and the document doesn't close. If I close a saved document, there is no problem. macOS Mojave.
  15. When this is enabled: View > Show Text Flow ... then when you scroll, the text frames disappear then reappear when you stop scrolling. It's a little jarring. I don't remember this happening in the previous build. macOS Mojave
  16. I haven't been able to test, but this might work. Right-click on your PDF file and choose Open With > ColorSync Utility. Once it's opened, at the bottom of the window there is a Filter popup menu. Pick "Create Generic PDFX-3 Document", then click apply. This is based on El Capitan, but hopefully it hasn't changed in Mojave. This supposedly will make it a CMYK PDF. I agree though, that this needs to work directly from Publisher and I can't consider it for press work until that kind of thing works properly.
  17. Did you try looking in the Resource Manager? It's in the Document menu.
  18. Jeremy Bohn

    Extra blank window

    I am running the latest betas for all 3 apps on macOS Mojave. I double checked the forums to make sure I hadn't missed an update. The thing is that what you call the "frame" doesn't look like a frame at all which is why I was calling it a window. It just looks like a document window but without a document. Creative Suite has a more logical frame - there is no document window, just the toolbar and panels and the desktop is blocked out.
  19. ISSUE 1: The increments used in the Table panel when using Picas is too large of an amount. Clicking the up and down arrows, the increments are 1 pica which is way too much. It should be p1, not 1p. I have set the nudge distance in Preferences to p1 and 1p with the modifier key but the Table panel ignores this and does basically the opposite: 1p and p1.2 with the modifier. When in inches, the increment is a lot smaller, more logical amount. ISSUE 2: In build 238, macOS Mojave, the little up and down arrows have stopped working correctly in the Table panel, as follows: INSETS: left and top up arrows do nothing when you click them, right and bottom up arrows work. Down arrows appear to work for all. CELL: width up arrow does nothing, height up arrow works. Down arrows work. Inset left and top up arrows don't work, right and bottom do work. So basically, all the ones on the left of that panel don't work, and the right ones do. And in general, ALL of the arrows in that panel require a lot more precise click than they did in the previous build. Even on the arrows that are working, I found I had to click more than once for it to register properly. ISSUE 3: Clicking and dragging to select the text in the measurement boxes is flakey if you drag right to left. For example, if you click and drag on on the text for Inset Left, drag from the left to the right and it selects the measurement text. But try dragging right to left and you get random, unexpected results, for any of the measurements in that panel. Sometimes it doesn't work the first time. Sometimes you have to click in the box first before dragging. Sometimes clicking in one box causes the adjacent one to highlight. In the cell width box, often dragging on that box causes the cell height box to highlight and drop to zero, only to return to normal once you let go. If you just keep randomly clicking and dragging in those boxes you might see what I'm seeing.
  20. I like how the guides work but also agree that true locking is needed, plus treating guides more like objects so you can move and transform them like any other shape or line.
  21. Jeremy Bohn

    Extra blank window

    I'm not talking about quitting the app, I'm just talking about closing documents. It doesn't make sense to have a blank, document-less window left behind once you close all others. This is especially strange if I close the initial blank window upon opening the app, only to find it back after I close my actual document. Also, I don't see this behaviour in Designer.
  22. The command-space shortcut for Spotlight for mac is a bother, however it doesn't interfere with command-space zooming in Adobe's apps. Spotlight just pops up for a moment then goes away when you start zooming. Actually, one of the first things I do when setting up a new computer is disabling Spotlight's shortcut.
  23. I'd like to see the ability to separate a tab from the rest of my open documents. Currently it appears you can only have one or the other - Separated Mode on or off. Separated Mode kind of messes with the UI so the ability to separate a tabbed document without changing with the UI would be great. This comes in handy to drag items from one document to another. I guess this is really a suggestion for all the Affinity apps, but I think it's in Photo that it would be most useful.
  24. Jeremy Bohn - Arrange Menu Items Greyed Out

    This behaviour stumped me as well and I had to Google search to find the answer. Actually, I thought the Flip commands would be in the Layer menu, seeing as the document equivalents are in the Document menu.
  25. Jeremy Bohn

    Replaced Photo Stretches

    I think I've seen a similar problem too. I couldn't get around it so I had to delete the photo and re-place it.